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Must Have Crypto Coins in 2021

Hello everyone, welcome back to the channel, we had great news yesterday All-time high from 2017. The question now is where will you continue? Now I want to give you For this video, the best cryptocurrency you guys need before the end of this year You need to have it for next year, and I’ll also review the reason behind the price Anticipation and why it should be in your wallet so let’s dive right now before I forget.

I’m Going Back to my daily cryptocurrency trading and price analysis, so don’t worry about that guys and over Next week I will post a video where I will cover the reason for PayPal vs square.

Why am I going to cover because they’re now the main player in the crypto space, so if you’re having fun? Now from that crazy pool, PayPal and Square probably have a very big influence on him and that is it. Something that you must discuss clearly to understand how the business model is how much you actually are Purchase, fees and all the rest.

We’ll start with Bitcoin so Bitcoin is currently in circulation. At a cost of nineteen thousand seven hundred eighty-seven dollars, we are now exactly the same price.

The earth that we came back to in 2017 in December now if you look back on what happened in the past seven days out of the last seven, Bitcoin is 16,000 and if you look at the last 13 days, 13,000 In the last 19 days we’re talking about 10,000 and the least in the last 52 weeks we’re talking about 4,000 It is now clear that.

Bitcoin may be the first but this investment will come with a lot of volatility Lots of ups and downs, so today you might buy nearly twenty thousand dollars in one month.

Time may be up to ten thousand and fifteen thousand dollars if you look at the long term In the long term, especially with the private half with more and more companies or make big statements saying or allocate $ 300 million coming like Grayscale has More than $ 10 billion in assets under management of bitcoin and more government or savings already.

Starting slowly and getting bitcoins, that’s a very good positive sign for you guys to look at Investing in Bitcoin, so when it comes to pricing, this has become very difficult Lots of people think bitcoin will run to around 100,000 or so $ 1 million per coin, but let’s be a little more realistic for next year so far Bitcoin is trading for nearly twenty thousand dollars, so if you were to become conservative.

So let’s say for the next few months a 25% profit or if you want to be in the mid-range Maybe you can conservatively say a gain of 50% or if you want to be truly optimistic and you really are I guess that’s it, you can also say it would be between $ 35K and $ 40K, so this is my price range.

Depending on how conservative or high you are for Bitcoin for the next year when you say so It is guaranteed that there will be some correction to some pricing if you are going to last for a long time Running will likely be in your favour, so let’s now look at Ethereum as opposed to Bitcoin.

Ethereum never adjusted again high we had more than 1,200 times in January 2018 So right now. Ethereum is trading over $ 600 now if you want to be conservative. We are likely looking at 900 to 1000 in the near future so in the next few months or so.

Ethereum will surpass its all-time high most likely to pass the question. When that is the case if you are conservative and looking at the probability that I would say 30% -50%. It is possible that Ethereum earning will be able to do it for you now the reason behind this ETH is so valuable since it starts from 2017 with all tokens marking the beginning.

Coins display where many projects were using Ethereum smart contract to be able to raise them funding the project now that was the catalyst for Ethereum that reached that price by a thousand Two hundred dollars now in 2020, we have the full movement of DEFI decentralized finance.

And also we have all this complexity, so with all these decentralized funds there was a need and most of it was built on the Ethereum ecosystem, and it has grown again.

The value of Ethereum is now another thing you should know which is also a plan for Ethereum 2.0 which will include. Staking will be launched this year all that extra reason. The information and tool you need to know to understand why Ethereum is so important to something else.

You should know that Ethereum was the first blockchain to implement a smart contract And everyone is looking to ETH to try to improve it or collaborate with it Success, it is clear that we will see the valuation go higher and higher than we are seeing right now.

More and more projects are investing in Ethereum or using the ecosystem to build some others The project that will increase the value of their project but also the Ethereum project so this is it.

Something you should also think about when it comes to Ethereum, well the third coin I would like Speaking of XRP now I have a lot of mixed messages regarding XRP now XRP back in January.

It’s $ 3 now will XRP reach that price again. Maybe yes maybe no But the question is How far can they go now to understand what the XRP price evaluation should be.

The XRP price evaluation has always been based on cooperation and the large organizations that use it and So the price has now gone up lately, and there was this article where it said it’s ripple They sell 33 shares of MoneyGram now.

This is the same company that helped them go that far Pricing a set price of more than three dollars now I’m not saying that’s the only reason XRP which would then be valued at 3 dollars was one of the catalysts now even today couldn’t use it on XRP platform, yes I know there are a lot of banks that use it, however, it has not been used by an individual or retail customers yet for this specific reason I am not removing XRP from wallet but I have to have a more conservative price assessment.

My estimate for XRP in the near or far future will be around $ 1 and I’m having a hard time with that To give it a price of over three dollars, okay, so please don’t hate me I’m just trying To look at it from a neutral perspective and there’s a long way to go for XRP to get to three Dollars and I see a lot of hurdles when it comes to it especially now when we all have it This stable coin that wasn’t there at the time when the XRP went to that price in 2018 to three Dollar.

So we now have a stable currency and we have many different instruments to compete with Or it might be better than XRP so the XRP’s price rating is roughly $1 So let’s talk about chainlink so chainlink should always be thought of in an if perspective Ethereum, their ecosystem fully grows and the DEFI ecosystem grows.

Chainlink will also grow the reason why Chainlink creates a service that helps with smart contracting External word connection with Oracle without chain and reliable source. They use most smart contract and DEFI will not be able to work Quite a bit and will run into a lot of issues, which is why Chainlink is valuable to Ethereum Ecosystem as well as for a smart contract.

So from a price perspective, e had A few weeks ago or in August, we had a chain link that touches roughly $ 20. Now chainlink is trading around nearly $ 15, and it’s fair to say Chainlink is likely. He’ll get that $ 20 back, but let’s look a little further so we’re very comfortable with this Ethereum.

We are seeing very much momentum in the DEFI world and all of these exchanges will grow if they are Uniswap, Curve and many more so that we can also set Chainlink’s price range for next year should be between $ 15 and $ 32, and that only depends if the Ethereum ecosystem is to grow.

You will see more and more successful projects on Ethereum being used and Growing, we must also increase the value and needs for Chainlink, so I never expect that again Crazy review I’m a little humble with chainlink so I’ll probably say $ 15-30.

We’re basically looking for 100% potential gains in the next few months or by next year all over again Discreet, I am not trying a ridiculous amount of money. I try to be conservative and realistic.

Now let’s talk about Cardano or Cardano has gone through a lot of ups and downs since All-time high in January 2008, prices are now worth the more than $ 1.2 they are today. About 17 cents, so we’re looking eight to nine times to try to regain an all-time high Now unlike at the time, Cardano has a lot of competition, so you have some kind of blockchain As Polkadots I will also compete.

We clearly have Ethereum. So Cardano has a long way to go Try to regain that height at all now by saying that there are very large communities surrounding it Cardano has done a lot of work behind the scenes and it looks like we’ll see. Some more price action but chances are it will return to an all-time high of 1.2.

It’s probably pretty low so in conservative terms I’d probably say about 30 cents to Cardano Next year on a moderately positive sell, drop 60 cents on surprisingly high, and know Cardano can.

Bring in a lot of institutions and great trust or use and similar DEFI or existence Used on Cardano, then I’ll be looking at around 90 cents, so that’s my price range for Cardano And again, the reason it’s in the wallet I’m covering is because there’s a file Large community and there is a buzz and there might be some price action with Cardano so you are You want to make sure it is on your radar and then we have Polkadot or Currency Point. Now that’s a brand new project and it’s trying to compete.

She already has a very good position In the market value of coins, this project has managed to attract a lot of developers around it. And start-up projects seem to be no big deal with retail there is more hype Regarding the developer community which is clearly a very good sign of something else I like Polkadot because it doesn’t have some crazy prize swings so the more you look polka-dot dot didn’t have a really crazy animation, so when it was listed we were looking.

At roughly three dollars and then we’re now looking at roughly five and a half dollars, so this is for It’s a good sign that this project is tailored to use case and there.

There is no price gouging, so I think Polkadot will be able to deliver a lot of great projects Moreover, the crazy price movement is probably not the most. People who likely Polka dot will hold because the developers build behind it and understand what they’re trying to do. Achievement and this is something because of this very specialized community that we see with doing.

I think it could really be a hit now being on the conservative side won’t say poker point It’ll be priced over ten dollars because we have a strong competitor that obviously has Cardano. We clearly have Ethereum, so Polkadot will really need to be able to deliver amazing content.

The project that will be built on top of them will be able to bring retail behind so we need to see a project that will really define Polkadot that we haven’t seen yet. still Big question mark but then again there’s a possibility, I would probably say up to ten dollars again I am conservative and have to wait and see now one of my favourite projects I really think can make a really big difference is REN.

So basically the REN has created An open protocol that clearly provides access to liquidity between our blockchain now. Some other projects like a cyber network where they tried to do that and even. Bancor but ren was Able to provide such an amazing infrastructure that has been listed and merged with many many platforms so we’re talking about zero x we talked about Uniswap, Loopring, Dex-ag, and Curve so we see that there is a lot of interest in regards to the REN infrastructure for that actually it does two things – one REN provides the ability to exchange your cryptocurrency.

Not native to Ethereum for other cryptocurrencies so they can do so with Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash, zcash on the Ethereum infrastructure, and also gives you the option to wrap your Bitcoin or something else cryptocurrency on the Ethereum smart contract which is a very cool thing.

Obviously, it helped extend all of the challenging moves, so this is something REN would probably be looking for I think Ren really has a lot of potentials, we’re now looking for thirty-three cents which she isn’t.

However, it returned to an all-time high in August, touching 53 cents So we can say with every such challenge move and assuming the price is higher and higher we are It can be said that Ren will also benefit from this price movement, and we will be looking at an increase of 40 percent Near future from 34 cents to 50 cents to 55 cents, and that will be when we’ll see Rin try to reach.

With a dollar, so the most expensive action I see for rent is probably between 200 to 300 percent The gain that will put the REN in price, at a price of one dollar, or about a billion dollars.

Now talking about DEFI, there’s another company that isn’t DEFI, it is the right company that raised money in 2018 and built a great system for enabling anyone to have access to cryptocurrency to deposit primarily cryptocurrency and the ability to withdraw.

Money in a few days In some cases within a few hours I’m talking about a company called NEXO and they have a code of their own, the nice thing about this project is that they are actually sharing and distribute their revenues and profits with their shareholder with the token holder.

With their native token called NEXO back in 2018, the NEXO was 38 cents now We’re actually looking to hit that high almost all the time so roughly two years later.

NEXO will Try again to regain that all-time high price now the only reason we should think about it next because if we believe that the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem will continue to grow it is.

You want to have an organized platform that they have the appropriate channel for distribution Profits and channel for almost anyone anywhere in the world to deposit cryptocurrencies. Withdraw an order and pay interest of course or even get paid from it so if you really are I want, in this case, let’s say I have a dollar and I don’t want to be in crypto.

Now I can lend that US dollar and get the interest or even I can lend the cryptocurrency. So it was given the power to people who do not want to trade and still want to be in this Industry but you want a more simple traditional platform or company Licensed, this is going to be a platform for you to consider right now I’m not an affiliate With NEXO.

So I clearly suggest you guys that look at it now from a price perspective NEXO likely won’t have a crazy career so I’m pretty discreet in saying now Its price is 33 and I’d probably say around 50 cents for the next few months if we had this.

The momentum of the cryptocurrency but perhaps not touching a dollar is the reason why it spreads Profit from NEXO or token holders, so here’s why if you’re looking for an It is clear that the continuous making money machine depends if people are using a platform Or lend cryptocurrency to the platform, you will obviously be able to make some of Profit, the more NEXO tokens you own, the more one side you can benefit from.

And if people want to pay off the benefits that they have already taken, they can, In fact, pay it with the original token, get a discount, so these are all my cryptocurrencies. Maybe you should consider buying it this year and again I haven’t given you guys crazy price speculation because I don’t do so I’m more realistic until next time Bye

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