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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Most People Will Loose 95% of Their Crypto Assets

Today for the bitcoin price – and you are probably asking yourself – why is this weird guy here sitting in Germany almost on the floor in front of a of a fire talking about bitcoin well, this year might be one of the most important videos i have done so Far – and i will tell you exactly why it’s a very different video to usually because i just really feel like many people are missing the point right now. Yes, i was talking about approximately at 53 000. If we break below 42 000. I am expecting significant. More momentum towards the downside i was talking about the three peaks and domed house pattern, actually predicting a massive breakdown if we are going above below this specific threshold.

Yes, all of these things are true. Sometimes in bearish situations i can make bearish predictions. This doesn’t mean, however, that anything is changing about bitcoin. This doesn’t mean, however, that I’m like even touching any of my bitcoin, and i want to give you an understanding why i am so bullish on bitcoin and why these times are for me not times to sell bitcoin. Yes, maybe I’m stepping back from trading.

Maybe we have a good potential short trade here and there I’m not sure trading myself, but of course there are potential short trades, but the most important point is our huddling portfolio should never be touched, and i will not tell you exactly why bitcoin is in an 11 years, bull market now, 12 years, bull market and if you’re, just zooming out here, big shout out to Ivan on tech, he actually bought this uh. This nice chart here to me can see that on the fear and greed index. Actually, i mean just let’s just look at the last two years: every single time we went into this massive fearful territory of the retail investors like everything below 20. You can see it here on the downside, measured as extreme fear. We saw it in the end of 2018, beginning of the 19 with the 11 here well from there we saw only upside.

Then, let’s go to the black thursday in march 2020, with the nine on the fear and greed index from there we saw nothing but upside and even right there, with my worst case scenario at the 19, where i was predicting the 28 800 us dollar bottom for Bitcoin from there we didn’t see anything else, but upside and right now we are getting into this fearful territory again. What does this mean for bitcoin? Well, let me quickly turn around the camera. This just means that, of course not tomorrow, we are going to pump, but it means with a high degree of certainty as if there is a a lot, a huge amount of fear in the market. There’S almost nothing, not no one left to sell.

This is when the last week’s uh weekends are shaken out and, yes, i was talking about potential more downside for bitcoin watch the video from yesterday. What has to happen to know. Yes, we are going lower here towards the 30, thousands um for the bitcoin price. Please watch it. It just means time wise, almost all weekends are shaken out yet and within the next one, two maximum three weeks, we should historically see a reversal for bitcoin.

Let me know what you have, what you think about that and, of course, guys. This video is just meant here to to give you a little bit of hope when bitcoin goes down as it goes down right now. It’S not gon na go down forever and i feel like this is an important video to teach. Some of you guys not be shade not to be shaken out, i’m here in this space, for, like more than five years already, i’ve been holding bitcoin and i’m not regretting every single day ever since my prediction for bitcoin is still five million dollars and more per Bitcoin, however, it might take five or ten years if you are being shaken out on the way there you are going to be standing on the sidelines when the big moonshot comes. This is what i’ve been telling you since day one i opened this channel.

Thank you. So much for watching guys smash up the like button to a new all-time high and thank you so much for your support. You’Re on v-pad, i mean it’s absolutely crazy to see. Let me quickly go over um to v-pad how the volume is increasing and look at this massive bounce. Here at 1.

5, people were just jumping on the hype: train, buying, v-pad, back and well. Everyone who was selling was standing on the sidelines a little bit. In regret, of course, we just announced the new listing on buy, but people are going crazy about that. We have more free, ideal locations for the pet holders and stakers, i’m very proud to be here with you guys on this very important journey. Most importantly, also.

Never forget bitcoin is king. You don’t want to be a weekend. Thank you so much for watching. We are going to see you today soon at the next sort of emma crypto and as always guys as always bye, bye,

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