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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Most Crypto Investors Will Lose -90%!!!!

The majority of investors in crypto are probably going to lose it all. It’s a sad reality of these markets. Most investors will make truckloads of gains paper gains, give it all back to the market and actually end up realizing horrific losses or run around jumping from coin to coin, and then realize horrific losses. Buy high sell low, realize horrific losses, it’s a tough game, but here’s the thing that doesn’t need to be you. You don’t have to be another statistic that got smashed by the cryptocurrency markets.

There are some simple things you need to realize if you want to win at this game. So in today’s video i want to talk with you about those things. My name is lark everyday. I make videos talking about cryptocurrency investing. So if that’s topic you’d like to learn some more about, maybe to stay up to date with, you should definitely subscribe to the lark davis channel.


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For less than 10 bucks a week for bringing members or if you want to sign up for free, you can get our free version of the newsletter. Zero bucks free, absolutely free click down below. You can learn more about becoming a member today. Now, let’s go ahead and get into this topic so first, i would like to talk with you briefly about psychology, because psychology is one of those big things that really screws up most investors, most traders they get destroyed by themselves, you’re your own freaking, worst enemy. It’S true it’s true, so many people in the market fall into the trap of buying high selling low buying in the greed selling in the fear.

This is where the whales make their opportunity. The whales are selling into greed, buying into fear selling high buying low. That’S how winning is done, but your brain has a great way of screwing it all up for you. Markets are pumping, i’m a genius, i’m going to put all my money in at the top, because it’s going to keep going up things go down, i’m an idiot. I need to sell now get my money out before it goes down even farther you just sold the bottom markets bounce back up now you really feel like an idiot, so you chase again, you buy the tops again.

You sell the bottom again before you know it. You’Re totally freaking broke all your money’s gone. That, unfortunately, is what a lot of people do in the market and it’s a losing strategy. If you want to win, you have to think the opposite to the herd, and here for some perspective, for you look at this january 9th last year, bitcoin approximately the same price that it is today everybody’s screaming new paradigm of money. Only ever gon na go up billion dollar, bitcoin, soon, etc, etc.

You guys were here for that or if you weren’t that’s what happened today. Bitcoin the sentiment’s a bit different price is down 35 from the all-time highs. Bitcoins going to zero bitcoin is a big scam, sell now rebuy it ten thousand dollars in a month’s time or whatever. This is the sentiment now price is almost exactly the same. The only thing that’s changed is people’s perception of the asset me.

I still think bitcoin’s going to a million dollars, i’m a long-term investor, so i’m buying bitcoin now because hey, why not buy a bitcoin under 50k long term if it’s going to a million bucks, which i believe that it is sweet down markets are opportunity times. If you can program your mind to think like that, the fact that most people do the opposite is why most people will lose in the market. Now, let’s talk about the big picture, the big picture – and i think really just thinking long term, because most investors and i’ll tell you this right now. If you can be patient, if you can think long term, it’s basically a superpower in this market straight up because most investors they want to get rich quick overnight. If it takes more than a couple of days to see million percent gains, they panic sell, run away.

That was a big scam lost 20 percent of my money and that’s it. But you have to understand long-term thinking. This is where most investors have made most of the money in cryptos by long-term thinking, by looking at the big picture of, what’s going on and planning long-term investing into long-term assets and look not every coin you get in has to be a long-term hold. Believe me not every coin i get in is a long-term hold either, but there are definitely long-term holds in my portfolio and my portfolio is heavily weighted towards long-term hold coins. Now here’s some perspective for you, raul pal.

He was uh quoted the other day and we’ve mentioned his uh prediction before, but his quote. The other day is saying that the cryptocurrency market will hit 250 trillion dollars by 2030.

Well, if that is true, then we are all going to become richer than is sensible, because right now, the entire cryptocurrency market caps less than 2.5 trillion dollars. So that means the entire cryptocurrency market is going to 100x by 2030.

Think about that and look even if he’s half right when we get to 125 trillion dollar market cap 50x on the entire crypto market, life-changing gains beyond belief. What, if he’s only a quarter right 25x on the entire cryptocurrency market life, changing gains beyond belief by the way, if he’s only a quarter correct that gets us to a million dollar plus bitcoin food for thought. Right, very interesting. If you can have that long-term vision of your cryptocurrency investments and stop jumping from coin to coin and buying top selling lows panicking every time that the market goes down, a few percent you’re, probably gon na, do really really well and anybody who has thought long term. Anybody who bought bitcoin or any crypto well, not any crypto bitcoin five years ago, ethereum five years ago, top cryptos like chain link a few years ago.

Those people have done so well. You got ta, look for the strong coins and hold on to them for the long term. Now also ralph pal did comment on my post over here on twitter. He said 2 trillion to 250. Trillion is only an average of 70 increase in market cap per year, which is something like 60 percent per year, less than the last 10 years in crypto.

So if we underperform percentage-wise the last 10 years, then we’re still going to get to that insanely high number. So he’s talking about exponential mathematics here, it’s absolutely some crazy stuff, like i said, even if he’s half or a quarter right, this is the best chance in your lifetime for financial freedom, don’t mess it up by panicking all the time. That’S what will screw you up? Big time also another great chart here from rebel pal. This is probably the most important chart in crypto.

Look at this. This is crypto technology. Adoption curve. The white line is the internet. The orange line is crypto.

Basically, we have another 3.4 billion users coming into crypto by the end of the decade, massive massive mass, that’s based on current trajectories and again, let’s say that this is only half right. It is still life changing beyond belief. Are you telling me you can’t wait? Eight years in order to completely change your financial destiny and become probably wealthy beyond your wildest dreams and secure your financial freedom.

What else you doing what else you doing think long term? That is how winning is done in this market and if we take a step back as well, just i’m just going to share a few stories from the last week we’re not going to go into depth on these story just the headlines. Just to let you know the big picture of what is forming up here for the cryptocurrency market, so much adoption is happening. We are at the point now we’re about to go from here in terms of adoption up to here in terms of adoption. That’S what the next eight years is going to be, that is the moving 3
4 billion more people in it’s going to be everywhere and everything samsung has just announced they’re entering the metaverse opening up a store in decentraland.

We also had samsung this week saying that they are going to enable nft, buying selling and holding on the new versions of their tvs coming out in 2022. Absolutely massive massive news. Of course, we have square enix, one of the world’s big game developers saying that they’re going to focus on blockchain games play to contribute to trend, is here, and it’s going to be something they want to take part of, because, of course, crypto gaming is going to Be massive, we also have cardano massive amount of developing happening, which means developers are committing big time to the cryptocurrency space. So cardano was the most developed cryptocurrency project on github in 2021. We also had a polygon saying that they had 7 200 new developers coming in.

In in the month of december, to develop stuff on their chain, massive amounts of developers are flocking into the cryptocurrency market because they see where the trend is moving. They understand what is going to happen and how big the potential is for this technology csi and the new york digital investment group want to bring community bitcoin to community banks. So the new york digital investment group has nailed out a lot of partnerships like this. To allow for basically every community bank credit union regional bank, every financial institution, almost at this point in the united states, be able to start offering bitcoin now have they all done that yet no, but they will and the new york digital investment group they have built. The rails for this to happen, they’ve built the partnerships to make this happen.

We have seen a few take them up on the offer so far, but it always starts like this. It starts as a trickle. These guys come in, they build the rails and say: hey: we’ve got this beautiful railroad. Would anybody like to drive their train on it and you know one guy says well, i guess i’ll drive my train on that railroad and goes down and it’s okay and somebody else sitting there watching like yeah. Maybe i’ll go too and before you know it, everybody wants to put their trains on the tracks.

That’S exactly what is going to happen. So we’ve seen our first few banks take part in these relationships. We will see more banks come on. We also had this week not related to this, but a bank in italy come out and say that they’re going to start offering bitcoin to their clients, it’s a bank with 300 000 customers, 87 trillion in assets. So it’s kind of a private investment bank versus a a big commercial bank, but still they’re saying to their customers.

If you want to buy bitcoin, you can buy it with us. If you want to hold your bitcoin we’ll hold on to it for you, if you want to sell your bitcoin, just call up your bank and say hey matt like sell bitcoin, i have my account. It’S massive massive adoption happening again, big picture stuff right. It’S trickling in all the time and it’s easy to lose sight of all these stories and the massive importance of these stories any one of these stories like a couple years ago. We would go.

Oh, my god. This is the biggest thing ever now. It’S like multiple stories like this a week and everyone’s like okay, whatever i guess, crypto’s doing something. This is insanity. What is going on right now in the crypto industry we have the ceo of airbnb came out this week.

He said crypto payments, top user request for 2022 and that they’re looking at it all these big tech companies they’re going to start letting you pay for stuff in crypto. You know tesla’s going to come back on board with bitcoin for cars. They re-enabled bitcoin and i think dogecoin for buying tesla merch. But what was one for the cars right, airbnb they’re, going to bring in crypto um amc movies. You can pay with a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

Now lots of other services have come on board over the last few months, offering cryptocurrency payments, because crypto is becoming more and more ubiquitous, more of an everyday part of our lives. So, of course, these companies are gon na keep offering it. It’S all part of building the big picture of massive adoption. Then, of course, we have country level adoption el salvador issuing out bitcoin bonds to build their bitcoin city and, of course, the buy-up whole truckload of bitcoin, which will probably be a massively smart play. If you fast forward down the track to 2030, where we have 3.

billion more people coming into the market, where we have a market cap over 100 trillion dollars, maybe we get up to raul, pal’s mega bull target of 250 trillion dollars those bitcoin purchases that el Salvador is making right now giga level, smart stuff right here and then, of course, we have celebrity culture, just infiltrating crypto in all kinds of interesting ways. Eminem this week bought a board ape for 450 000. He is just one of many who have hopped on to the crypto train, particularly with nfts nfts and tanya. It’S the big red pill moment for a lot of regular people getting into these markets, so very, very cool stuff. We see going on here and the final final thing, so this is before we get to the final part.

I just want to just reiterate here what most investors are doing wrong psychologically: they’re screwing it up, because they’re going the exact opposite direction. They should be they’re, also failing to understand what they’re investing and they’re not seeing the big picture of cryptocurrencies. They are not understanding the adoption. That’S happening, they’re, not understanding the potential of the asset class zooming out right everyone’s trying to get rich overnight, and that’s just not what happens in crypto, oh sure, every once in a blue moon somebody. Basically, it’s a lottery ticket like crypto purchase and they put a thousand bucks into something: tomorrow’s worth: a million bucks.

It almost never happens. The real gains come 99.99 of the time from busting your butt researching. Taking your time doing your own research investing early when everybody says you’re an idiot for investing in that coin and then it goes up and then everybody wants to buy it at the top. You worked against the kurd you thought for yourself and took the risks, and that is rewarded in crypto and one final thought, which is why most people get screwed up in this market.

You might think this is counter to part of my message that i was just saying about think long term, 20, 30, everything’s gon na be crazy. You’Re gon na have trillions of trillion dollar mark cap, etcetera, etcetera, but you need to take profits along the way you do. You do look and i’m not saying that you have to take profits for everything. I’M not saying 100 exit your positions right by all means keep a moon bag. I usually keep moonbags some cryptos.

I will get big gains on i’ll, say. Thank you very much peace out and that’s fine, some kryptos. I will take profits on when they 10x and sega takes more profits than that 20x and then i’ll keep moonbag. And then you know maybe i’ll transfer it into something else. That’S fine!

It’S fine! You can take profits and you don’t need to sell everything. You can keep a moon bag now. There are some cryptos, though i’m talking about speculative altcoins here, you guys know what i’m talking about. Some of you guys have large percentages of your total net worth locked up in jpegs dog coins other crazy stuff that you’ve been buying, like you got to think about that, like if you’re up 100x on some dog coins, like maybe you should take a little bit Of profits, you know just just something to think about right, because the reality is that most people hand their gains back to the market.

Look at the history of altcoins. You have to understand this about all coins. These are startups in the traditional world, like 90 of startups, fail in crypto. The number is probably about the same or even slightly higher, so we’re talking like nine out of ten of the altcoins that you see in, like let’s say the top thousand top 500 top 100 even five years from now, they’re not gon na, be there there’s a Very, very high failure rate look the ones that go on to succeed, your your chain links and your polygons and stuff like that they’re going to succeed massively. Some of those, of course, are already up massively, but you guys know: there’s these speculative altcoins and when you’ve got these massive gains, you at least got to take some money off the table.

If you think it’s going to be the next big thing and it’s going to be really massive sure, let your moon bag run but don’t be afraid to take your capital out, don’t be afraid to take some profits and look, if you ever say you’re going to Take profits you’re going to be attacked online right, so just just take your profits and chill you know because, anytime i say i’m going to take. I took some profits on this. Oh you’re, an idiot lark. Why would you do that blah blah blah you’ll be attacked by the community right? So you need to think for yourself again think for yourself it’s one of the key things to get across here.

It’S your money! It’S your portfolio! It’S your chance for intergenerational financial freedom! For you and your family don’t screw it up, because somebody somewhere said: well, i’m not going to sell my bags because i’m going to hold forever and they hold to zero, secure profits and that doesn’t again that doesn’t mean selling everything. But you need to secure profits.

Now there are some cryptocurrencies you might just want to hold for a very very long time. I personally don’t take profits on bitcoin. I take profits in to bitcoin. So when i sell some of these speculative altcoin positions, i buy bitcoin with it buy some ethereum couple. Other things from time to time, but uh for the most part.

I push my high risk money from the specular vault coins into low risk money into bitcoin and a few other top coins. So you can do that as well. You don’t, of course, also have to put all your money back in the bank account you can actually take profits into stable coins, which is also something that i do quite frequently. So i take my profits. I put them into stable coins and i go far more coins to make more money or i lend those stable coins out to get great rates.

Passive income. It’S awesome and look. I just want to say this. This is something i shared in the newsletter. The other day, by the way, um this take profit reminder, i’m not saying, though, that it’s the perfect time to take profits right now, the market’s down.

Ideally, you want to wait and take profits when the market’s pumping again. This is just the reality that most people don’t most people in the market’s pumping they’re, not taking profits, they’re, not selling they’re buying, which is the exact opposite way to do it. When the market pumps remember this for the next market pump because there will be another market pump, trust me there’ll, be another market bump. When the next market pump comes just sit there and look at your portfolio and think am i overexposed on some of this stuff? Is there something here, maybe i could just shave a bit off of take a little bit of profits out on put it in a bitcoin or you know, put it in a stable coin.

Do some farming create some passive income for myself, because the reality is? Is that greed again we’re talking about psychology? Greed will screw you up so bad when you’re sitting on a big amount of unrealized paper gains and that greed screws your brain up and you get into a situation of inaction. You never click the sell button and then most people hand it all back to the market. You don’t need to perfectly time the top.

This is something you need to realize. You don’t need to perfect the time on top. Some traders will perfectly time the tops in the bottoms great for them most people 99 of people will not perfectly time the tops and bottoms, but you can catch the meat of the move right. You can catch the majority of that move. So if you got into something that’s up 100 x and you’re holding your entire bag going, you know it’s going to go 200 x, i’m going to double the money again.

Maybe you do? Maybe you don’t? Maybe you should just think about. Well, maybe i can just take some money off the table here and i can still hold on to a big moonbag, because i think it will go up. But if i’m wrong, i have secured my financial freedom.

Most people don’t do that, which is that most people end up losing in this market anyway, just some some thoughts for you, while the market’s down. I know a lot of people are questioning why the heck did i buy cryptocurrencies. This stuff is crazy man. Yes, volatility is the price that you pay for performance with crypto get used to it. It’S a volatile asset class but zoom out understand the big picture and you’re gon na be okay anyway, just my two satoshi’s for the day, your question: what is the one piece of advice you would give to somebody new to crypto?

Let us all know down below in the comments section thanks so much for watching today’s video and peace out till next time. You

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