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MOST Bullish DeFi Project Possibly 500x

So you missed the last DeFi bull run or haven’t made crazy gains with Aave, Yearn Finance or Synthetix. You’re not the only one. The rally came out of nowhere and shocked the crypto space with its earth-shattering explosive parabolic moves. Some think it’s over DeFi. Although if you’re watching this channel, you know we ain’t stopping there. It’s time to unload the next DeFi gem for you.

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In today’s video, we’re going to take a look into the future of DeFi and explore a blue-chip that is backed by the same hedge funds supporting Aave, Yearn Finance and Synthetix. And just so everybody’s clear about this, I’ve never spoken to the team and this is in no way a sponsored video.

It’s just a super investigative piece about the next big thing. Centralized finance wants to be in charge of figuring out who rules the world and deciding who is rich, who’s richer and who’s destined to stay poor. Of course, it’s the majority. In crypto, we believe in decentralization. This means the community, the people, are in charge of our own future. Our own wealth.

Everyone saw GameStop flying through the roof. WallStreetBets, a Reddit community focused on investing in stonks, brought it to the attention of the space, as greedy institutional investors shorted the stock immensely, which, if successful, would have resulted in the complete destruction of GameStop. The Reddit vigilantes then repeated this with other stonks, like AMC, BlackBerry and others.

This is another example of CeFi deciding what lives and who gets BitConnected. WallStreetBets took it into their own hands and gave a strong push back into the current centralized finance structure. GameStop, of course, flew to Mars with the support of Elon Musk and other large media personalities who supported the rebellion. One can see now what a single group can achieve by striving toward one common goal— fighting centralized finance and catching them with their pants down. Ugly sight.

But wait, we’re in crypto, not decentralized finance world, right? Have you seen what the same group did with Dogecoin? They made it pump 10X, 1,000% in less than two days. Guess what, all the ones who made profit off of those sick gains are searching for the next big thing.

And I can tell you, they’re definitely looking toward DeFi. The success of Aave, Yearn Finance and Synthetix shows the interest of enterprises and retail investors in decentralized finance, and, well, that’s only the beginning. The rigged financial system is yearning to be replaced as soon as possible, and there’s many systems being built to do just that.

With all the economical and political drama going on, DeFi has been killing it the past 12 months. New groundbreaking protocols were built in the bear market and exploded even before the market sentiment turned bullish. The most outstanding ones, of course, are Aave and Synthetix.

Aave made an insane 260X! And Synthetix, an astronomical 407X in less than a year! This is DeFi, ladies and gentlemen, and this is only the pregame party. Let’s check DeFi Pulse stats. In one year, the total locked value went from $550 million to a whopping $37 billion, a 67X! Huge investment funds like Grayscale, NGC, Framework and Coinbase Ventures are betting big on DeFi as the leader in this bull run.

The trend is your friend. Remember that. The BitBoy Crypto research team, or that room you’ve seen from my screens called Super Secret Club, is tirelessly searching for the next parabolic mover, and, as we know, DeFi is a hot topic.

A few days ago, we came across a project which turned out to be the missing puzzle piece to the Yearn and Aave DeFi kingdom. It opens up the doors to yield farming for average investors and whales in just a few clicks, promising to make DeFi easy. It’s called APY Finance and the ticker, APY, a plug and play solution for investors which routes funds to the best yield farming strategies.

One won’t have to search for options himself and worry about changing yield aka returns. It’s all automated and is essentially an aggregator of DeFi. What’s more, this new project, APY Finance, is already connected to all the leading DeFi protocols such as Uniswap, SushiSwap, Aave, Compound, Curve, Yearn, Synthetix, dYdX and more. You deposit DAI, USDC or Tether stablecoins, and it finds the best risk-reward yield farming strategy options for you.

APY even spreads out the risk by routing your funds to multiple farms. This way, smart contract risk is way lower and the yield higher and more sustainable. The gas fees for transactions, pool deposits and withdrawals are seven times lower than at Compound, Curve and Yearn Finance, which, of course, is a game-changer as gas fees are skyrocketing on Ethereum. Now, on to the founder and the lead developer.

The founder and CEO, Will Shada, is an OG developer who has won multiple hackathons including Consensus Quorum, ConsenSys NYC Grants, ETHBoston, Uniswap Prize for HackMoney 2020 and more. He’s an experienced and skilled developer with some strong connections, which, of course, we’re going to discuss below.

The second lead developer of APY Finance, Chan-Ho Suh, has worked as a Capital One quant developer. Capital One aka the financial corporation with a revenue of $34 billion specializing in credit cards, auto loans, banking and savings accounts.

I can’t imagine better backgrounds for DeFi engineers. The project is also backed by well-known hedge fund whales such as CoinGecko– yes, the largest cryptocurrency ranking website after CoinMarketCap– Alameda Research– remember that one– Rarestone Capital, Cluster Capital, Arrington Capital, Vendetta Capital, DeltaHub, Master Ventures, WolfEdge Capital, BlackEdge Capital, The LAO, Genblock Capital, TRG Capital, Twelve Capital, White Palm Ventures– basically everybody else under the sun.

But I would be here listing them all day. They tried to hide it, but we found it all. Some of these venture capitals have a lot of connections that have a lot of voices in this space. And, of course, I don’t want to end up getting killed, so I’m not going to tell you who they are right now. But the thing is, is that these VCs are pushing a lot of projects. And I will say that all of these are betting on APY Finance, so I’m looking deeper into it.

The mainnet is launching anytime now. The team is even aiming for this quarter. Now, APY has a market cap of only $15 million with a token price of 90ยข, which is over 60X away from Yearn Finance’s market cap and an astonishing 407X away from Aave’s. According to the team, APY has a tier-1 listing ahead of it with its mainnet launch, which makes me even more bullish.

And it’s pretty easy to tell which CEX, or “CEX”, will most likely be first to list it— FTX Exchange, as it is tied to Sam, who’s behind Alameda Research, which is invested in APY, as we already mentioned. For anyone who doesn’t know who Sam is, he’s one of the most influential people in crypto and a self-made crypto magnate.

He’s even earned a spot at Forbes 30 Under 30 recently as well. Now, of course, I have not been contacted for the 38 Under 38. With such large backing, I have no doubt they will get a top tier exchange listing before you know it. Now, I also got a strong feeling that there’ll be an Aave and Yearn Finance scaling solution as investors seek the best yields and least risk, with importantly a solution that is easy to use.

Interestingly enough, Hacker Noon, a blog that is known for predicting upcoming trends, wrote a dedicated article on APY Finance and another article on yield aggregators being the next big thing in DeFi mentioning the project again. APY is still somewhat under the radar, but, of course, after this video, it won’t stay there for much longer. We see you, BitSquad.

DeFi is warming up for its second parabolic run, and the BitBoy Crypto team is striving to pick the winning horse before the race even get started. What do you think? Which projects will have the biggest potential to pull an Aave or Synthetix type run during this bull cycle? Make sure to drop your comments down below.

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