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MobiePay Merchant Overview

Ask any business owner and they’ll tell you, traditional merchant payment systems cost too much and it takes too long to receive funds, plus high merchant fees for credit cards and debit transactions usually get passed along to the consumer.

MobiePay is designed to change all of that, merchants will love MobiePay because it’s easy to use, distributes funds instantly, eliminates chargebacks and offers ultra-low transaction fees.

MobiePay allows any customer with a mobile wallet to pay instantly with their mobile phone.

MobiePay allows merchants to accept any form of major digital or fiat payment instantly in their local currency eliminating the volatility that may come from holding cryptocurrency payments, customers earn loyalty and rewards every time they buy, and merchants will have access to our proprietary data platform to fully optimize direct marketing and promotions for new and current customers.

Merchants can also earn affiliate rewards by referring to new users, it’s the payment system revolution, merchants have been waiting for. MobiePay for Merchants is powered by MobieCoin.

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