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Tuesday, December 6, 2022


The market loved that inflation announcement and it looks like bitcoin, is way above the bottom now and it looks like we called the bottom perfectly and today the market is flying, bitcoin is now at 43, 900. and and and and if you look at our portfolio, our Portfolio is flying. Some of our tokens are 54 percent up 52 percent up 51 percent up 43 and a half percent up we’re going to look at why the market is flying today, we’re going to look at our portfolio and see if we need to make any adjustments today and Then we are going to decide whether there are some tokens that we should be buying today, and then we are going to talk about phantom, we’re going to talk about phantom talk about the ecosystem and how you can make money. It’S going to be one of the biggest shows we’ve ever done. We are late because the inflation number’s just broken.

We have to digest and process all of that, but we’re here now and we’re ready to get the show on the road he’s. What a great day to be doing a show guys what a great day to be doing a show, and let me tell you, i’m actually relieved to be here after yesterday’s pornhub incident, where kyle, who was supposed to black out the the thing didn’t and so the Result is that there was a big pornhub section in our picking bottoms and then we got emails from the fans uh. He says i find this inappropriate. However, i, like the show, i can’t take a chance to lose youtube kindly control. It’S not runs fault alone.

Just keep just keep next time in mind. It’S crypto family show thanks and then he sends a screenshot i’m going to open the screenshot, because the screenshot shows buttons because we’re talking about picking buttons, but then the funny part is. He puts his usdt’s soul address here and he puts his avax address yeah, basically, i’m not sure how to interpret, but when i woke up this morning so so i woke up this morning. Okay and using the first thing i do is i check the bitcoin price, but i woke up this morning at like five o’clock in the morning, and i checked my my phone and the first thing i did was. I checked the crypto banter youtube to make sure that we still had a youtube because the kind of stuff that came out over there it could have been really bad.

It could have been really bad woke up. We still, we have a youtube channel. We do have a youtube channel which, which is great, we do have a youtube channel. Okay, let’s talk about the big news of the day today. The big news of the day today is, of course, that bitcoin is flying.

We’Re gon na look at why bitcoin is flying, but the action is not actually with bitcoin, it’s actually with the old coins and if you look at the old coins and you look at our portfolio today – i’m going to make this slightly bigger. But boy, oh boy, have we called this right? Yesterday we told you guys to get into tomb finance, which is up 51.7, and you know i must say i did for a change, i’m going to say for a change, because this is not every time i get it right, but this time i think i called The bottom spot on, i think i called the bottom spot on. I called it on saturday night, at thirty, nine thousand thirty, nine thousand five hundred.

That’S when i i called the bottom. We also called the phantom january and also called the lunar december. So i think we are actually on a good wicket for a change. We really are on a good record for a change um, quick announcements before we get to the main show. First of all, if you’re not a subscriber to our channel, you cannot win the banter backs you.

You cannot win the banter bags. We are starting to give away the banter bags. I wanted to give away the banter bags on the show today, and i said that what i do is i would give it to somebody who went on to our crypto banter website problem is that you guys took it a bit too seriously and you absolutely destroyed You broke our website in fact, so much so that every time we try and get it up it just crashes again. So every time i try and sign in it crashes. Oh it’s back up again.

What do you know? Maybe it’ll maybe it’ll work, maybe it won’t, but what you guys are doing is you guys keep crashing the website so hopefully we’ll get enough service space to accommodate you guys and then what we’ll do is we’ll actually pick winners from the website. Uh for the banter back, so whether you’re on the banter. If you’re on the website you may win. If you’re, in the comments of the youtube you may win, if you’re in the comments or the live chat, you may win but we’re starting to give away the banter bags.

And let me tell you it’s a huge giveaway, because now those tokens are starting to increase in value. We’Ve got you guys, sin city tokens, since it is going to be amazing. It’S at one project where uh dokwan was an advisor. It’S an unbelievable, unbelievable game. We’Ve also got 2 000 to 24 times 100 dollar pre-ido tokens instant city, which i’m going to give away on the shows as well um.

All you need to do is like this content subscribe to our channel. Only subscribers come in like this content and today we’re going to give away 24 we’re going to give away 24 of those today. So when we get to 5 000 likes, we start those giveaways one last announcement before we get into what we actually came here to do uh and that is um the north american bitcoin conference, which is happening next week in miami 17th to 19th. In miami we gave away 750 tickets to crypto banter family members. If you didn’t get a ticket, but you do want to attend the party.

There is a link below to a form full in the form, but please guys do me a favor i’m trying to get you guys in right. Now the capacity is full. They have to move venues because of you only enter your name if you can definitely be in miami and then i’ll get you guys free tickets, but only if you can be in miami if you’re not going to be in miami or you think you may not Be in miami! Please do not put your name down, because if there’s too many tickets you actually may be taking away from from someone who who actually does want to be there and can be there um. Yes, we’re going to do giveaways we’re going to give away north american bitcoin conference.

Congratulations guys! You have managed to crash another website this time. It’S our website. As soon as we can get our website up, we will do it. One other plan that we are doing and i’d love to get your thoughts about it is we are creating crypto banter nfts, we are creating a hundred thousand crypto banter entities and we’re gon na give the nfts for free, because everything we do at crypto banter is Free will never charge you for anything, we’ll give those crypto banter nfts to a hundred thousand people.

So whether you’re on our telegram group on our twitter on our youtube channel here in the live chat, we’re gon na give you guys a hundred thousand free nfts. Then what we’re gon na do is we are going to post the live, show not on youtube. It’S going to be done on our website and the reason why we’re going to do that is because we’re so scared that one day youtube will just de-platform us for no reason which i’ve done to so many other channels. What we’re going to do is those nfts will be your entry ticket to watch the live, show on the website and then what we’ll do is we’ll post this. The non-live show an hour later on to youtube, so we’re going to be giving away those nfts to you guys.

Those nfts will also allow you entries into ideos into giveaways, but you got to have an nft and the nfts are going to be free. So you guys are all going to get crypto banter nfts for supporting us and those nfts are going to be free. If you do have nft – and i guarantee you that anyone that is here and watching this show today will get an nft, then you guys will be able to use that nft as the entry ticket to watch crypto, banter live and anyone who doesn’t have an entity Can wait for it to go into youtube and that will take an hour. So that’s coming! That’S coming pretty soon!

That’S coming pretty soon. Just we just need to get our website up. We just need to get our website up, let’s, let’s just let it get our website up once that’s done. That’S that’s. Gon na happen.

All right. 5. 000 likes. We get the show on the road, um yeah. Let’S do it.

Let’S do it. Let’S talk about the big story of the day and the big story of the day is the bitcoin price and what drove this bitcoin price. So what is it that actually drove this bitcoin price? Well, what drove bitcoin price was the inflation announcement, and we all know that. The reason why the markets were scared.

The markets were scared because they believed that the fed had lost control of inflation and if the fed did indeed lose control of inflation, the fed would have to do crazy things, aggressive things to bring inflation back things like increase interest rates up to four times this Year, um they would possibly have to stop putting money into the economy and they were actually even threatening taking money out of the economy and the market expected an inflation number and they expected the inflation number to be seven percent. So the market said look. This was this morning, um here we go here. We go says this. This came out from cnbc this morning said: december’s consumer prices are likely to be hot, but the peak should come soon.

Now the december numbers are um were expected at seven percent. It says the consumer price index is released by the labor department on wednesday and is expected to show a headline inflation that headline cpr inflation jumped by seven percent. That is what the market was expecting. Now there were three scenarios in terms of what could have happened. One scenario is that inflation could have come in at over seven percent and if inflation did come in at over seven percent, then it would mean that the fed would need to be more aggressive in cooling down the economy, which means more interest rate hikes and more Taking money, putting back uh taking money out of the economy as opposed to putting money back into the economy, if we got an inflation number be under 7, then we would have got the bull run of our labs because it would mean that the fed would not Be that aggressive in tapering off or cooling off this economy?

What we got is exactly what the market was expecting. The market was expecting seven percent and the market got seven percent, which is kind of confirmation that the fed is going to probably do three interest rate hikes this year. We are expecting three interest rate hikes this year and that they will start taking money out of the economy or what they call shrinking their balance sheet, and that’s probably going to happen sometime later in the year now it seems like the whales news yesterday i tweeted And i said that i think that the whales are front running the. I think that the whales are front running the cpi announcement, which is why the numbers started to go up. So if you look at this, the whales started buying a whole lot just before the cpi announcement and started to push the bitcoin price up, and my expectations were that the number would be actually below, and i thought that the market would explode.

But we got second best price, which is, i think, for me good enough. You see that’s the tweet where i tweeted yes, and i said i could see given the unchained data that was happening. I could see that it was wales buying, and i said that what was happening – and this was about 24 hours ago – is that the whales were front running the cpi announcement and it was starting to push the bitcoin price up. Then the market got exactly what the market expected. Look.

Morocco got exactly what they expected, they expected seven percent, they got seven percent, there were no negative surprises and because there were no negative surprises, well number go up and we saw bitcoin respond immediately. You can see that candle, that candle is the response that we got to the cpi numbers and it seems like basically full bull is now back. It seems like full bull is now back. There is one chart that we need to be looking at, and that is the bitcoin dominance chart and the reason why i’m bringing this chart up because sheldon said that what he expects is bitcoin to lead the rally. And if you look at this trend line, what you see is that bitcoin had the breakout, bitcoin dominance had the breakout, and now it’s re-testing this line.

Now it can either go up and if sheldon is correct, it will lead the bull run or it can break under, and then we can just continue the whole coin season, uh uh almost immediately. I also said that i think there’s going to be a short squeeze. I think that we are in for an imminent short squeeze, because what you can see is that the leverage is at an all-time high. Even even though we have um buttoned in terms of price that never got the leverage up, which means that the leverages is probably clusters of shorts and when those clusters of shorts start feeling the pain when they start feeling the squeeze the squeeze. And they will start feeding and squeeze then we’re going to start getting a whole lot of short cascades and liquidations.

I thought it was happening last night, but it wasn’t happening. They weren’t getting liquidated, so patients patients, patients, we will get there, they will get liquidated. Let’S look at the market: the market expected 7 inflation. The market got 7 inflation, so it got exactly what they expected, and what you realize is that when you talk about cpi the market – and specifically when i say the market bitcoin responds to the forecast versus the actual, that’s kind of like what it is. If the inflation numbers come out above what economists are forecasting, the market usually goes down.

If the inflation numbers come out below what economists are forecasting, the number goes up. That’S exactly what happens if the number goes equal. The number goes up and you can see that so altcoin pepe made this amazing chart well done really really good shot. But what are you showing here is look at number equal, num, green candle, equal green candle, equal green candle above forecast down four times forecast down. Uh one and a half times forecast up one lifetime’s forecast up equal to forecast up up up up what you’re seeing is that the market and specifically bitcoin responds to how inflation performs not on an absolute basis but rather relative to the forecast.

And today the forecast was seven percent. We got seven percent and therefore we are on the way up, and that is effectively saying no surprises. We’Re going to get three interest rate hikes powell said it. In fact, yesterday powell was what’s the word reconfirm, it’s not reconfirmed, re-elected reconfirm whatever. It is right so yesterday he he he.

He said a couple of things at his reconfirmation, so to speak, um, which are quite interesting, and i think we need to to to to read into these things. The first thing he said is the balance sheet is far above where it needs to be. What is he saying? He is effectively saying that there is too much money in the economy and the fed is holding too much corporate debt that they bought. Remember they bought this corporate debt and they paid with it with dollars and therefore they put more dollars into circulation.

But now he’s saying look the balance sheet is far above where it needs to be. We need to slow down. We haven’t made any decisions about when we’re going to slow it down. We are going. We will talk again about it at the end of january.

Now we thought that he would slow it down as early as march april, but in january they haven’t yet made the decision. They want to show that inflation is under control, and so i guess that they’ll talk about it now in january, and probably start in the middle and maybe even towards the later half of the year. He also said that big companies are raising prices because they can so what does that mean? It means that instead of saying look, we have an inflation problem because there’s so much money in the economy saying we have an inflation problem, because big companies are increasing prices because they can sounds like to me like he’s passing the buck. They’Re increasing prices because wage prices are going up because everything else is going up.

That’S why they’re increasing prices, but then the the big statement for me came. It was a statement that said stable coins could coexist with a central bank. Digital currency he’s basically now opened the door for these stable coins. He’S basically said: look we’re going to get these stable coins, we’re going to get usdt, uh, usdc and all those others, and they can coexist with the central bank digital currency, where, by the way, there is already a framework – and they already are hard at work. Almost bringing the central bank digital currency to life, so it does feel like they have conceded and that they’re now saying that look it’s we can have stable coins, usdt usdc, maybe even ust.

We can have all these table coins, but we will also have a cbdc, which is great because i’m not going to use a central bank digital currency which is centralized. You remember with a central bank, digital currency. It is a centralized crypto, which means that the government can effectively decide how much you spend where you spend. So imagine that governments went crazy and they said well. No, not that they went crazy.

Imagine that governments are already crazy because we know they are and they said, look if you’re unvaccinated, then you can’t spend money at a movie theater or you can’t spend money at a restaurant and if you use a cbdc, a central bank digital currency effectively. What happens? Is they control where you spend and how much you spend and effectively the government can say: look we don’t want run because he is unvaccinated. We don’t want him eating a restaurant. So therefore, his wallet address and the cbdc, the the currency that he has cannot be spent at any food institution or any uh nightclub or any strip club, which i mean that would be a disaster if they did that to me.

So that’s why i will still i’ll still be using ust i’ll still be using a ust when this happens. In fact, i’m moving all my money or lots of my money into ust. I don’t recommend that you do the same because i’m a djinn i like getting 20 on anchor and i’m happy and i trust the pig. But you know the ust pig may actually break. It may actually break at some point.

So that is what we got around powell now i said that i i for once for once i actually called the bottom. I picked the bottom. No, you know what we have to talk about this. We have to talk about this hold on a second. We have to talk about this.

I think i’m gon na fire, the social media guys i’m gon na fire, the social media guys i’ll, show you why, okay now i’ll ask you a question: luke you’re, a smart guy, wait hold on. Let me get luke here, maybe if you, if we made a it, seems like, i actually managed to pick a bottom, would you post it seems like i actually managed to pick the bottom, i’m not a good. Looking firearm firearm, hey i’m fine! Who does that? I have another, i think our social media team needs a complete rehaul.

I’M just saying i’m just saying that social media, i would have been fired immediately. I agree. I agree, i agree fridge. Should we fire them? Absolutely i mean wow, i’m speechless.

Second, second him. It’S done we’re going to do it, we’re going to do it anyway. Let’S carry another, show we’ll deal with our own internal politics later um all right. So i did tell you that i think that the market was at the bottom um. On saturday night i published my bias and i said, look it’s starting to feel like we’re bottoming uh.

I reaffirmed that we’re gon na bottom. I then said i think that we’re gon na get a strong run up and i think we’re gon na get a a big green candle when the shorts start to get uh whacked. I think we’re there. I think we’re there. I think if bitcoin can can give us another thousand dollars or so then i think we’re then i think we’re going to start getting that short squeeze um and that that could take us up to i mean i’m just trying to probably we could get a five Six: seven eight thousand dollar candle could take us back to 53 000.

Quite quickly. If my theory around the shorts is right – and i i think the last couple of weeks, even though we’ve been in the bear market, i think i’ve been a little bit more right than i’ve been wrong, which is great, i’m not claiming that i can call a Market because it’s very tough to call a market, but i think we have been good. You can see that will clemente said the same thing. He posted this chart called the uh the buy zone on dormancy flow, and i think that that’s got something to do with dormant coins or a dormancy flip and then suzu seems to have stolen from will clemente. Now i don’t know if it was suzu who stole from work.

Clementa will clemente style from so i looked at the time, looks like suzu stole from moon clemente. I think that they both should have just listened to me. I didn’t need charts at the meeting. I just it feels like a bottom. It just felt like the bottom.

It was the bottom, but there was data on chain that showed that whales were actually um certain that the bottom was in and that we would see higher prices. And that is because what you can see that the whales actually started buying like crazy and then massively took stuff off exchanges. Now, when that happened previously was here, and you can see what happened, it was a parabolic straight up again here, parabolic straight up again here, parabolic straight up and now we’re seeing that again, we haven’t seen it for a long time. What you should also notice is that the bitcoin reserves on exchanges are lower than they’ve, been in the last 18 months, so just like understand what that means lower than the last 18 months. That is.

That is crazy, so that unchained data reaffirmed to me yesterday that there was a a bounce imminent and that we were going to get the bounce and you compared that with the wells front, running the inflation day to overlap the two things and then bang plan b. Also says, finally: 12: three days after i said it. Four days after i said, plan b says the bounce will be epic. The bounce is epic, the bounce the bounce is epic, the bounce is epic okay, so the bounce will be epic. Portfolios are recovering.

If you look at our portfolio, you can clearly see a pattern of recovery. Um you can see manifold finance up 54 today manifold is that is, is a brilliant uh minor extractable value play um linked to sushi um. You’Ve got spirit swap up 50. In the day. Look at t-shirts 51.

Up on the day we had harry on the show for you guys. Yesterday we told you guys to be buying t-shirts. Today, we’ve got to spend some time on two men t-shirts and how to make money on two-minute t-shirts, because the thing with t-shirts is not only are you now making 51.7 for holding it? But if you look at grim, you are making another 600 by staking it.

So you’re making back six times your money by staking it, but also you are making 51 from yesterday. Then you got any swap, which is the cross chain um cross chain exchange. I think developer andre grenier very linked to the phantom ecosystem prism, which is one that we’ve been calling for a while 34, and you can see mainly these things are andre. Crania coins andrei cranier phantom coin, so spirit swap app um uh uh tomb app link to phantom any swap under a cranier project up 43 zoo coin, linked to phantom up thirty one percent uh two linked to phantom up twenty seven percent, keep andre cranier phantom. Twenty six and a half percent up and i haven’t gone into the phantom ecosystem.

In fact, we can probably get into the phantom ecosystem here um, but look at the phantom ecosystem. In the last 24 hours, phantom of 24.7 percent tomb up 45 um t-shares, 45. 2. 28 spooky swap 40 popsicle 30 guys finance up 70 today spirit swap 56
5 today, the phantom ecosystem is on fire and sheldon said that he he believes and what he saw, and i don’t know if you guys saw this it’s in the chat of the day on our website.

But what sheldon said this morning is he called the breakout of the d5 perpetual index. Let me quickly just make that bigger in the new studio. It’S much harder. I know you think i’m a but it’s much harder than it looks in this new studio. So what sheldon saw this morning, he called it quite right, he said: look, you’ve got the um, the d5 perpetual index completely completely completely breaking the trend, and he said that d5 was going to lead this breakout and if you take a look at what is driving D5 and you can pretty much look at d5 armor and you can see what is actually driving d5.

But what you can see is that, even though most ecosystems are down in the seven days in the total value – lock – maybe they’re up today, but they down in the total value locked the one ecosystem that is really up in the last seven days and up 22. In terms of tvl today is phantom and so fair to to assume that the reason for this whole d5 breakout a whole d5 breakout is because of one chain with a very small market cap relative to other chains. So you’re talking about a a chain which is amazing and in fact i did tweet this on the 28th 29th of just hold on a second. I’Ve got to try something: let us go to phantom usd ftm usd and let’s go to 28th of december. Let’S just see what the price was: okay, 28th of december.

We were here so we were somewhere here. Let’S talk about there, the price was two dollars and nine cents, and on the 28th of december i tweeted it’s going to be a phantom january. I saw all the signs that it’s going to be a phantom january was my second good call, because the month before i did call luna december and luna exploded, exploded, exploded in december hasakah trades very good account. Let me take a step back in the beginning of the year, i said to you that in 2021, making money in crypto was going to be easy. This year it’s going to be way harder.

It means you have to spend more time researching more time watching you have to be more refined about and more selective about where you are getting your info from, because it is going to get harder this year. But the trick is that if it gets harder but you’re getting smarter faster than it’s getting harder, then you will make much more money, because what happens is if you think about it. The majority of people aren’t getting smarter and you are getting smarter. It’S almost like the cream rising to the top. The majority of people aren’t going to get smarter, but if you’re getting smarter faster than the market is getting harder, then you’re going to make life-changing money and that’s exactly what’s happening.

If you follow the right people – and i must say, i followed husaka and he said – and this was october 25th october 25th – he said selena solunavax, then into phantom one near secret. What’S happened, phantom exploded, one’s exploded near is exploded. The information is there, the information is there, you just need to know where to get it. You just need to know where to get it, and you just need to know where to look. That’S it if you’re, getting smarter faster than the market is getting harder.

You’Re going to make a whole lot more money, that’s exactly what i want to show you guys today. So we look at phantom. In fact, let’s have a look here. Yeah. We even wrote an article about this on the website.

I can’t show it to you. We wrote an article about the three musketeers we said: harry andre, cronier and uh daniel sester, and if you listen, if you read the article, the article basically said: if you want to explode an ecosystem, you got to have four things, so you got to have great Technology you’ve got to have great community, you’ve got to have money and you’ve got to have incentives if you want to make an ecosystem work, have good tech, have good community, have money to venture capital funding and then have incentives for people to come onto your chain And it feels like phantom has everything going for it? Phantom has absolutely everything going for it. So the first thing is: if you look at the technology, phantom is evm compatible, which means it’s ethereum virtual machine compatible, which means that people who are writing and composing dapps in evm or for ethereum or for avalanche can use phantom, which is cheaper. It is decentralized.

It is scalable, it is fast, it has an unbelievable, develop developer fund. It has an amazing, very, very, very, very low community, it’s cheap and has high yields and, if you think, of the the the components to phantom, if i were to say to you, okay, we’ve got. Let’S say: we’ve got great technology. Let’S, let’s park great technology aside, it was built by andre kunia. Now, let me ask you a question: who is the best defy developer in the world today, who’s the best d5 developer in the world today?

Why, if i keep the who is the best defy developer in the world? I mean you can’t really argue that it’s unrequited. You can’t argue that that the best d5 developer in the world today is actually andre. Criner many projects, many successes, many more failures, many millionaires, many billionaires made, and so you have andrea grenier, backing phantom and teasing that he’s building something new in phantom. We’Re going to talk about that today, then, if i were to say to you who’s the best community builder in the world in crypto second to bitboy.

Obviously bitboy is the number one community builder in the world, but there must be a second community builder and daniel cester is a master community builder then you’ve got harry harry is he’s the money harry can bring money, he can raise money, he can create money. He can make money. You saw that you saw what he did. You saw what he did yesterday. So you’ve got this perfect combination of great technology, a great technologist, an amazing community builder.

A the frog guy is the amazing community builder and then you’ve got harry’s money and then the last thing that you need you need one more thing: you need incentives to bring people to the ecosystem and phantom has unbelievable, unbelievable, unbelievable incentives. I did some research for you guys today and i just want to show you what it looks like give you an example: if you go to territ.t.o and you want to stake, i’m giving you some examples, i’m not telling you to put your money in you want To stake one-sided phantom, so no impermanent loss you’re getting yields of um 23-24 on your phantom. So you scroll down here, you’ll see yeah 20 um.

Here we go um you’re getting yields. I was looking at earlier you’re getting yields of 20. If you go to tomb finance – and you want to be staking your phantom tomb and stuff like that you’re getting yeah, let’s have a look at what the lp tokens giving you today, you’re getting 152.88. If you’re, not recompounding your earnings.

If you are recompounding your earnings, you can get huge, i mean on t shares. You can get 600 percent on. Let’S just look at tomb and see what happens if tomb you can get 400 percent a year if you’re recompounding your earnings, so what you can see is phantom. Has this this um? What’S the word i’m looking for it has these incentives that are bringing people to the chain, and now we’ve got this new incentive.

We’Ve got andrea, criner and daniel sester teasing a new project and let’s quickly, look at what they’re talking talking about they’re talking about. If you’re asking me and andre are launching a new coin on phantom, it will start a phantom season. He was right that was on the 5th of january. We started here, it is natural. Now we come back to growth, the ecosystem and the tech that made me who i am today so he’s talking about he’s teasing about that you’ll be using phantom without knowing it without knowing you’re using it.

That’S how me and andre kunia will build d5 6.9 sexy, and then he starts talking about the tokenomics. What, if the team is an investor of its own protocol, isn’t that alignment and what he’s saying is in this token? In this token, the only way that you’re going to be able to earn tokens, there’s no private, sell. There’S no team, there’s no early contributors, there’s no seed round.

The only people that are going to get tokens are the community, and so what i think is happening here is people are saying: look phantom great technology, amazing phantom evm, compatible decentralized, amazing. It’S a it fits this narrative of east scaling, because what phantom really is because it’s evm compatible, it’s kind of like an east layer, too east doesn’t work. You’Ve built your dab on each well, you can deploy it on phantom as cheap as fast and it works. It’S evm compatible. Then you have high yields in tomb in in all those ones that i showed you and we’ll.

Actually, maybe tomorrow learn how to play tomb, t-shares and stuff, like that i’ll show you guys how you can make huge money uh on two main t-shirts and now you’ve got andre grenier saying: look just join the community. How they’re going to distribute this new token is, if you follow this tweet by jack nivolt, i think he’s also very good. He writes super super super stuff. He says andrew criner, daniel cester and phantom fdn have banded together to create a new secretive, highly highly secretive project. Here’S a third of everything you need to know and some speculation around the protocol.

The token currently referred to as v 3
3, it’s speculated below saying that it’ll be called solid. It’Ll use the same ve voting vote, escrow mechanic as protocols like convex and curve staking dilution the same as olympus dial voting escrow and he goes on and on and on, and he talks about this token. But what he says is: if you want to get this token, there’s actually only one way to get it buy the phantom buy phantom the whole phantom ecosystem will draw attention or ape into the top 20 protocols the only way to get indirect ownership. Of this token. For now is by buying into the top 20 protocols, so andre kunia said he’ll take the tokens.

He will give them the top 20 protocols and they can distribute it to their people, which is a novel way of actually distributing tokens. Go to the protocols that are building on the token, give it to them and say: look you guys have got distributed to your community kind of. Do it, how you want! So, that’s why i think this this um we’re getting a phantom january and all this tvl is going into january into phantom, and even even in a month in a week where the tvls of most protocols are down you’re, getting the tvl of phantom up six percent And you’re getting the tvl of um of uh uh phantom up 22.2.

So that’s what i think is happening, and so i’m not the only one who thinks that phantom is going to have an amazing journey. In fact, i managed to get hold of miles deutsche miles. Welcome my friend, hello good to be here. How are you, i think, you’re a bigger phantom fan than i am, and i was i mean full disclosure. I was an advisor to phantom when they launched.

I got a whole lot of free tokens in 2017 or 18 when they launched and i’ve been a supporter, obviously a phantom ever since ever since then, but i think you’re, actually your biggest you’re a bigger supporter than i am a phantom yeah. Well, as you said, it’s avm compatible um, it’s got the developers, it’s got the community, it’s got the ui, i mean what’s not to love it’s cheap, it’s fast and we’re just seeing explosive growth at the moment off the back of that. So i want to talk about andrea’s new project, but before we talk about andrea’s new project, what are the other things that are exciting on phantom? So when you, when you look at phantom, let’s remove the new project and without the new project, what is it that makes you so excited about phantom? Because i know you’ve been looking.

You’Ve been looking at avalanche, you’ve been looking at other protocols, you’re an avalanche degen too. So what is it about? So won’t? Actually, let me share my screen because it wants me to restart my computer, so i’ll just have to go up the top here, but i guess the massive explode um explosive growth scene, like on d5 armor through the tvl um, is a really good indicator that we’re Starting to get that liquidity shift across from avaps um, we’ve seen phantom we’re up 5.92 for the week against chains like seoul to down 16 um, which is indicating that we’re getting that flow of funds.

Um and phantom’s, really attracting new liquidity. And, as you said, with the new andre cronier project what’s happening, is people are actually buying into these top 20 projects in order to get exposure through governance um through rewards, so the tvl growth is a huge indicator to me, um that we’re actually seeing this shift. We’Re seeing this flow of funds – and i looked at some models today – um, which indicated that phantom is going to overtake solana by tvl by next month, um, if you actually flick on there’s a setting on d file – armor, it says 6.4 billion, but that’s not including The tomb finance uh funds, so the tvl right now is actually 8.49 billion, which puts us at a market cap tv of 0
85, so a market cap tvl of 0.

5 compared to celina of 4.59, i mean that’s just crazy growth. That means that phantom can hit close to 15, just based on today’s market cap tbl ratio and that’s just a direct comparison, so um in tvl terms. It’S looking absolutely crazy and then we’ve got a massive explosion uh once again it won’t. Let me show my screen here, but i just recently tweeted out my latest tweet with is that phantom has over triple the amount of daily transactions than avax now um.

So we’ve had 938 000 transactions today, because the thing with tvl is it is a really good indicator of liquidity um, but it doesn’t really paint the full story um, because if you just scroll down a little bit one more tweet down um, it doesn’t really paint The full story, because we want to look at the on chain data and right here you can see that phantom actually has triple the amount of daily transactions, yet it is triple undervalued compared to avax. So avax is valued three times more than phantom, even though phantom has three times the amount of transactions um and obviously we know with transactions that plays into the network effect. So if you don’t know what the network effect is, is the more transactions and value um on a chain, so the more uh a chain is being transacted on the more that network tends to attain in a value sense. But what we often see in crypto is the network effect kind of lags behind. So we get this discrepancy in transaction growth and then price growth um and we’re at the phase of the flow of funds cycle.

Now, where we’re seeing that price growth hasn’t quite set in for phantom, even though clearly we’re starting to get some of the on-chain metrics, come in and suggest that we’re set for some explosive growth. So those are just some of the metrics that i’m looking at at the moment that suggests we’re still undervalued, even though we’ve been pumping like crazy, okay, i want to play devil’s advocate, because i think we have to give it. We have to give a balanced view on the show and try not to just hype up as much as i i love phantom, i’m a huge investor in phantom. I was an advisor to them when they launched, but if i look at the the layout of the layer, one blockchains you’ve got solana solano’s amazing technology. They they have a technological breakthrough.

Um they have a market cap of 45 billion. You have binance binance coin. Is a tricky one? I don’t want to talk about it too much because it’s an exchange and it’s the smart chain which is a fork of ethereum. So, let’s not talk too much about binance karano, very, very, very smart technology, not many users, yet not many use cases yet.

Market cap 40 billion, okay, polkadot, incredible breakthrough in technology market cap 30 billion lunar terra, incredible breakthrough in technology built on tendermint market cap 30 billion avalanche, incredible breakthrough in technology, three chains beautifully coded by by by emin and his team. When i look at phantom phantom is lagging all the big boys, so i think the market cap of phantom is is seven billion. Do you think that could be because the market is skeptical of dag technology, they’re kind of going look, you know dags directed. Basically, crafts have been around for a long time. I guess the phantom innovation is the fact that it’s an evm compatible, dag which is cheap, but ultimately the market’s not rewarding dag protocols as much as it would be.

Rewarding blockchains i’ve actually got two reasons to justify. Why um why this is the case? The first is accessibility. Phantom, just simply doesn’t have the accessibility that other chains have. We didn’t get the coinbase listing and um yet and there’s really no way to buy the ecosystem tokens um on the market.

Unless you go through a dex, whereas avax has you know joe listed on gate kucoin, you can actually buy it. You can’t buy spooky. You can’t buy spirit through centralized exchanges. However, we obviously know harry is launching felix at the end of the month, which will be which will onboard a mass amount of users. So i think that’s the first issue.

Accessibility. Obviously felix is going to really help onboard new users. As now, we have a binance cloud-powered exchange where you can buy these tokens and the second issue you’re right. It’S centralization phantom only has 52 validators compared to avax and solana, which have hundreds right. So that is a genuine concern amongst investors, but there’s two kind of counterpoints i’d give to that.

Firstly, the market’s shown it doesn’t really care that much in solana’s early days. It was relatively centralized and the m, and it’s and the price growth was still pretty exponential. So the market doesn’t care, and the second reason i would counter the centralization thing is um. Phantom fdn foundation has stated that they want to onboard thousands of validators over the next couple years. But if you’re not familiar with what they’re developing at the moment, they need fvm phantom virtual machine to be able to scale and onboard those thousand validators.

So the decentralization is coming. It’S just gon na take time, um and i think it presents an opportunity, because those are some of the reasons why we’re lagging behind but um. If you get in now, then um. We stand to benefit long term. Once fvm comes out, there are sea opportunities, as i said right now, the first opportunity is there’s a massive air drop.

The air drops coming next, the snapshots being taken next week friday, so you’ve got time next week to be putting your phantom to work in the ecosystem. The top 20 ecosystem coins – if you don’t know where to get those you go to coingecko. So you got a d you got to defy lima, you said you take the snapshot off defile on it and you look at the ecosystem yeah and what you got to look at. Is you got to? If you want to stake your phantom, you got to participate in the top 20 uh protocols and that’s where he’s going to distribute the token.

So that’s the first opportunity is to buy phantom or or just participate in the ecosystem of the top 20 coins. The next opportunity is an opportunity which, which i think is one of the biggest opportunities out there and that is to buy tokens before they get listed on and if coinbase actually, and if you actually want to extrapolate that a whole lot further. What you say is you said it right avalanche for a while. The tokens were depressed because people couldn’t buy them and that only that changed when the big exchange and i think it was kucoin or which was one of them. Maybe it was binance that listed trader joe and i said to the banter community.

I said: that’s your sign that there’s about to be a whole lot of listings of avalanche of related tokens across a whole lot of exchanges. Because what happens is it’s very tricky and technical for a foreign exchange to integrate a new chain? So it’s like, why don’t we see cod on because it’s very hard for an exchange to take avalanche, which is a new technology, integrate the chain to start loading that the native tokens on their chain, but once they have the first breakthrough, then it’s just rinse and Repeat, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat so, the biggest opportunity, the third opportunity and probably the biggest opportunity, is to go to the top 10 phantom ecosystem coins. Look at the ones that you like and buy them and hold them, and the reason why you did it is because they don’t have massive exchange listings they’re not listed on binance. There’S one statistic that i wanted to pull up on a graph, but i can explain it.

Spooky swap actually had the third largest volume by dexas today, so it’s up there with uni update with pancake swap yet it has a under evaluation. Why don’t you tweet it or not? Tweet it or not, yeah i’ll retweet, it uh, yeah and i’ll call up your twitter. You know we’ll make a plan we’ll i’ll. Just we’ll make a plan sure um yeah, so just retweeted, so you can actually see that the phantom dexes are severely undervalued, um in terms of the amount of transactions that’s actually happening on them compared to their market cap.

So we can see. Spooky has a 19 under valuation um compared to trader joe of eight. So the rate the ratio is just crazy, um, so we’re still very early. Even with the market pumping i mean, spooky’s are top three decks. Now.

Spirits number eight um for volume for trading volume, which is just it just shows how many people actually using the phantom ecosystem right now. I just want to show i just want to show the banter fam um, how early you actually are um. If you just give me one second, i wan na try to find a somehow yeah. Let me show this to you guys. Um, i mean in the scheme of things we are very early because you’ve got spirit swap at a valuation of what 60 million um.

If that can become one of phantom’s top decks’s uh, like joe did and hitting around the billion dollar market cap, then you know spirit still has a you know: 10x growth potential just for one example, so um there’s still a huge runway for growth. Given the current market cap, so i still think we’re actually pretty early. Let’S look at it so market cap of 86 million dollars. Okay. The next question you ask is okay: if i want to buy, where do i buy?

Where can i buy a second? So you click on markets, spirit swap, and the only place that you can buy spirit is a spirit swap is on gate, dot io, it’s the only exchange that has it just got listed there as well, like just yes um. So but when you compare that – and i want to just show the banter fam when you compare that to, for example, a uni swap okay and you’re like okay. Well, if i want to buy unisop, which is the primary decks on ethereum, where do i buy that it’s pretty much bitfenix binance, crypto.com, coinbase, and so the opportunity is buy it now, because you believe in the phantom ecosystem hold it and when it does get all The when it does get all the listings, that’s when you cash in that’s when you’ve made when you’ve made the money we saw that with trader joe and avalanche.

We saw exactly what happened and now and now it’s playing out the same. I must say the other one that looks like like it may be. The same opportunity is, if you go to astroport, so astroport is the biggest uh or the it’s a great great, great, great great exchange built on luna. The prices crashed to 136 in this correction and 136 is actually the all-time low. So you look at it’s okay.

Well, where can i buy it nowhere? Nowhere yeah? So if you know where to buy that’s where you get the alpha net, i think that’s the same thing for the entire phantom ecosystem. It’S not available to buy anywhere and we’re getting felix at the end of the month, um, which will be a huge on-ramp for new users. So if you don’t know what felix is it’s a binance, um cloud-powered, centralized exchange so you’ll be able to go now onto a phantom.

Only phantom, only ecosystem exchange buy spirit swap buy tomb. I’M gon na i know harry and the team are working super hard on that and um. You know they might have an announcement coming on that very very soon, so um we had hurry on yesterday, yeah, okay, let’s quickly, we’ve got a five more minutes. Let’S talk about andre’s new project, um, absolutely which i mean. What do we do?

We call it? What do we call it? Do we call it by its code? Name uh, it’s actually called solid. Is it called?

I will not confirm, but i mean we got a pretty good guess right through the photo yeah there we go okay. What is it? What is it? What is solid? Look it’s pretty hard to explain because we don’t actually have all the details.

I released a video today which i broke down kind of in depth, what it is, but it’s pretty much going to operate um kind of like olympus dow, so it has the dilution, mechanics of olympus dow and it has the vote escrow mechanics of curve. So it’s pretty much merging those two protocols together, because andre kind of has this vision that he wants to incentivize fees and not liquidity um, because he sees there’s a bit of a problem with a lot of new token releases. They incentivize liquidity, but they emit. So many tokens um, so what they actually do is yeah. That’S the video there.

What they actually do is they emit, so their dilution rate is just crazy, so he wants to incentivize, locking up um. So there’s actually going to be an nft feature where you receive your rewards in nfts, which creates a secondary market um, which is really awesome. I think, because you’re able to keep your rewards liquid and then let’s go back because a lot of a lot of our a lot of our community, don’t know the basics here, so we think that it’s an amm dex. We think that yeah android, looking solid, is an amm dex and am dex is like uni, swap like um, these uh decentralized exchanges, which have automatic um, uh market makers and liquidity providers. Now it’s an yeah now andre believes that the current model is wrong and that he can make it better.

What does he believe is wrong with the current model. From from my understanding from the documents um, he believes there’s an issue with incentivizing liquidity and not incentivizing fees, so he wants to create a more efficient protocol where it incentivizes staking and not diluting the token um. Therefore, your your tokens more valuable over time, um, that’s pretty much the gist of it from what i’ve read um and it will kind of incentivize staking in a new way that doesn’t uh dilute the token supply uh. The same way like olympus dow would, for example, okay. So that’s my understanding of it.

If you want to get your hands on this token yeah, how do you do it? What do you do? Well, there’s two ways you can do it. The first way is by buying into one of the 20 top projects on phantom uh for tvl. So what’s actually going to happen, is those protocols are going to have a choice over their governance over how they distribute the token?

So let’s say you give the token andre drops the token to spooky swap spooky swap now sits back and they can say: okay, how are we going to reward this token to our holders? Um? My guess is that x, brew holders, so holders of boo um that hold their governance token will receive it in the form of staking rewards um, but every chain is going to have a vote on how they actually distribute the token. So you have to look into the different chain, the different protocols and how they’re actually going to distribute. But my best guess is holding the governance token for the top 20 chains.

Um and staking them directly would be the best way to like receive the airdrop or receive it through staking rewards option. Number two um, as jack niewald uh pointed out in his tweet, is actually to buy. I think it’s keeper, which is the andre cronier uh ethereum based um currency exchange, app, which pretty much he’s integrating the ve33 tokenomics into keeper, which will basically mean that um, it’s kind of like a test bed right um, because it can test the tokenomics on ethereum Um and eventually that protocol is actually coming over to phantom as well. So if you want exposure to this model, but you don’t want to buy um v33 directly, obviously, because you can’t you can get exposure to the model through keeper, which is the other option, so you’ve got two options and that’s why the prices exploded on keeper today Up like 50 percent people are realizing everything’s exploded, anything to do with what android knotted we had. I mean, let’s quickly, let’s look at it again.

You’Ve got uh any. These are tokens in output. Photo tomb shares any swap spirit swap exploded. Any swap is a token that i actually made a video about in november 2020 at two dollars, and i said i think it’s going to flatten it. We are here with still a 10x in this market.

Listen miles. We need to get you on more often. I don’t think there’s any other way around it um. I know you’ve got your own channel uh guys. If you don’t follow miles, is youtube channel uh jimmy.

Is there a link in the description below yeah youtube and twitter yeah put it in there put it in the description link, it’s all there and i think we’ll get you on more regularly. We should get a phantom update, i guess at least once a week. Maybe much more in january. What do you guys say you have to at the moment we have to both we’ll have to bro guys follow miles on twitter he’s the phantom man follow him on youtube. There are links below smash it, destroy it.

Make the man make give the man some banter love and, at the same time, grow your portfolios and make amazing money miles buddy. Thank you very much thanks for having me. Thank you very much that guy that guy, that guy is so smart he’s in that. In that league of, like will clemente sheldon uh that bit boy crypto they. He, though i mean those guys are in a league of their own right, all right, guys, um!

That’S all we have time for, and i must say i’ve enjoyed doing the show. In fact, i think it’s been one of the shows where you’ve got so much alpha or returns for every minute that you watched. I think it’s the best 58 minutes that you could have spent, which reminds me of hassle show yesterday. If you haven’t been watching hustle’s gaming show it’s in the game tonight, there’s another show it happens in about two or three hours. It is the best gaming show in terms of alpha per minute that you can ever have.

Usually, i listen to things in two speed because most most of stuff is garbage – and this i mean there’s some podcasts – that if i could listen to an eight speed, i listen to an eight speed. But when i was listening to hustle show yesterday, i actually turned it back down to like once, but i was like whoa whoa. I can’t listen this fast. I need to go slowly slowly slowly, that’s how good it is. If you are not watching hustles in the game, show trust me that that is the best outfit that you can get um per minute listened, and i think that today’s show here was the second that you could get per minute.

Listen anyway, guys i’m gon na go. I’M gon na see you guys again tomorrow or maybe later until then, if you’re trading happy january, my friends happy trading, see you soon. That was my first live experience ever so

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