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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

MASSIVE NEWS for Bitcoin, Matic, and NFTs!!!!!

Heaps more massive news for the crypto currency industry. I’ve got big bitcoin news for you. I got big binnacle news for you. I got big polygon news for you and tons of big nft news today, my name’s lark everyday. I make videos talking about cryptocurrency in vesting, so if that’s something you like to learn about, then you should definitely tap on that thumbs up button for the YouTube algorithm.

Just to let YouTube and me know they do appreciate this kind of content by the way. Real quick before we dive into the news: if you haven’t, got your unstoppable domain net, then you need to check this out. These are nft based domain names, so you can get your personal domain johnsmith.bitcoin and they can give that out to people and they can send bitcoin or ethereum or whatever else to that domain address or you can go out and get beer.nft and try to flip that In the future for more money either way you want to play it link down below where you can get your nft.


Now, let’s talk about bitcoin first, i just want to share a quick chart with you. We’Re not going to do any real chart analysis stuff today. Just a quick chart bitcoin, it is still boring in case you hadn’t noticed you’re borrowing, bitcoin yaborin, currently hanging out above support here, which is nice, obviously good to be above support. We did have a little bit of a today, but we have not actually come back down to even test that support around 40 000. Yet, coming up close, obviously to our big downtrend line right here, still obviously ages away from either of the key moving averages that we want to see the price trading back above so yeah we’re just waiting for bitcoin to break out of this slump.

That is currently in not very much exciting price action-wise happening for the cryptocurrency markets. Okay, now, let’s go ahead and get into the bitcoin news. First off we have some mortgage-related news, which i think is just absolutely massive, so mortgage lender, milo to let bitcoin holders buy real estate with no dollar down deposits. Basically, what they’re, letting you do you bring in your bitcoin to use your bitcoin as collateral without having to sell your bitcoin, so this is obviously super awesome. I think the crossover between seeing crypto, and particularly the property markets coming together is going to be massive.

I think when we start having the ability to use crypto to buy or to use as collateral on a much broader sense for properties, it’s going to be freaking massive. Obviously, for me, i don’t plan on selling a bitcoin at any point in the near future. At least to let alone the future necessarily, but if i was to use my bitcoin for something look, i do currently use my bitcoin for things. I use my bitcoin, for example, in convex finance to do yield farming with which is pretty sweet. I got some my bitcoin over in celsius earning more bitcoin, also pretty gosh darn sweet, but i could definitely see using some bitcoin to buy property at some point in the future or using bitcoin particularly attractive as collateral, to buy some rental properties, for example.

So you get properties, you diversify your portfolio away from the crypto industry. You create cash income from your rental properties, basically winning all around so very, very cool story here, another bitcoin story for you intel the chipmaker they are set to reveal energy, efficient, bitcoin mining chip. So apparently, it’s an ultra low voltage, bitcoin mining chip, which is obviously a good thing, because we want to see less power being used by the bitcoin mining industry, awesome to see intel getting into the bitcoin mining chip game. We’Ve seen a lot of the big companies like samsung, for example, getting the bitcoin mining chip game, but uh really cool to see intel getting on board here. Obviously, the bitcoin mining industry is freaking massive, so it’s a good business play for them, they’re a chip maker.

So it’s it’s a logical step for them to move in this direction, but uh very cool. Nevertheless, to see such a brand name chip maker wading into the business here now, let’s move on to polygon news, so polygon has activated eip1559 so right now this upgrade is estimated to burn 0.27 of the total matic supply every year, not a massive amount by any Means but still burning still burning, so this upgrade what it does very similar to what have on ethereum. Basically, every transaction is going to burn a little bit of matic, which is a good thing. That means over time the supply of matic will slowly trend down.

Now, as the adoption rates of polygon pick up, we might see the estimated 0.27 percent go up to 0
5 percent, or maybe one percent of the total supply every year. That would be crazy man. We are seeing polygon absolutely explode in terms of um lots of metrics. We have very high total value locked in d5, we have daily active user, addresses very high total daily transactions like 3 million or something right now on polygon.

So if we continue to bring those numbers up, as we see more people coming to gaming and d5 and metaverse and all this stuff on polygon, that number may go up over time. So this is a positive development, a positive upgrade for the future of polygon and the future price potential of the matic asset. Anyway, let’s talk about nfts, nfts and fts. You know nfts have been going crazy again and i’m not surprised. To be honest, i really really think that, for most people, nfts are probably going to be their gateway drug in to crypto it’s going to be how they download a wallet for the first time.

It’S going to be why they buy matic tokens or binance tokens or solana, tokens or ethereum tokens or whatever else for the first time, because they need to do a transaction to sell the nft or to claim the nft or whatever it might be. Obviously, that’s why we see a lot of adoption happening on trains like polygon, because you can actually go and claim your ift sell. Your nft move your nft for fractions of a penny versus those three actions, probably costing 200 on aetherium on a good day more on a bad day because ethereum, you know that’s what’s going on right now, but we’re seeing massive nft adoption happening, and i think it’s Just a fantastic thing, because it’s going to bring so many people into crypto here we go nft platform open c hit a record 3.5 billion dollar monthly volume. That is massive, absolutely and we’re not done with the month yet in case you hadn’t noticed january is not yet finished.

So they’ve already hit the record 10 days ahead. 11. 12 days ago, i guess almost of the month ending massive news: massive news, 3.5 billion dollars on openc. That’S a lot of that’s a lot of jpegs changing hands right there guys that’s crazy!

We also see openc passing one million active user wallets. That is very, very big. Now you have to remember open c also works, for example, with polygons we’re seeing a lot of a lot of interest in nfts. For you know, polygon on open c, because again you can actually buy and sell those nfts without having to pay absurd fees in gas. Although top collections like board api club, for example, yeah people are paying crazy fees, but here’s here’s the deal if you can afford a board ape which uh they’re probably worth, i don’t know four or five hundred thousand dollars at a minimum right now, then you can Afford to pay the gas fees you know keep that in perspective.

If you can afford to spend a couple hundred grand on a picture of a monkey, you got money to afford to pay a hundred bucks or whatever to buy that on open c, but for all the regular people. Thank gosh. We have polygon where you can now uh work with openc as well, and obviously a million active user wallets massive massive growth for openc coinbase nft marketplace is going to support mastercard payments, also massive now coinbase when they announced their nft marketplace. They they got like a million people on the waitlist within like a day or two. It was really impressive, which obviously was more people than had ever used open c before now.

Obviously, open seas crossed over a million coinbase, though still has 30 40 50 million customers. Whatever the heck, they have massive amount of people who use coinbase. Now what they’re trying to do by teaming up with mastercard for payments here, they are trying to make nfts, go even more mainstream by reducing friction. So basically, people will just be able to come in swipe their credit card, get their ridiculously overpriced picture of a monkey. Just like that, nice and easy very quick way to onboard users instead of having to go into coinbase, buy your ethereum or whatever else your buyer usdc and then go over.

You know just it takes a few steps away just come in swipe that credit card get yourself a jpeg. I love it. I love it very good story for adoption and, yes, we are going to see mass adoption of nfts happening this decade. The thing is the thing you have to understand about nfts, it’s really important. We are just a tiny fraction.

Look at all the ft stories of all stuff, that’s happening, but nfts as an asset class they’re only worth like 12 15 billion dollars. Something like that right. The entire cryptocurrency industry, all the tokens and coins and stuff together, 2.4 trillion dollars, it’s a big difference. Nfts are still just babies, a lot of room to go for the entire nft space.

So it’s going to be very, very big, much bigger than it is right. Now, if you think you’re tired about you’re tired of hearing about nfts, now wait till 2030 wait till 2025

Nfts are going to be everywhere. It’S going to be crazy, also last story to share with you here today. Animal brands has led an eight million dollar funding round for nft platform built on solana called burnt finance. Now, burp finance is one that we have mentioned here on the channel before someone will mention again here on the channel too burnt finance launched by the people behind injective protocol.

We see them um coming out with their nft platform on solana. Now, currently, solana has been a very hot destination for people to buy and sell nfts, because again, the fees are super. Super low we’ve seen a lot of interesting nft collections come out on solana like a rory, for example, or the gecko collection stuff like this has done very, very well for early investors. I think we’ll see a lot of other great collections coming out and we’re starting to see a lot of platforms launching to try and cater to the growing nft market on solana. Well burnt finance is one of those, and it’s definitely one to keep your eye on.

They’Ve actually just opened up uh to the public as well, so you can now go over to burnt finance and buy and sell nfts on their platform, which is obviously a very, very cool thing. So exciting time for nfts for burnt finance for solana lots going on right now in the crypto space overall, but man nfts. I know they’re kind of crazy. I mean come on. People are buying pictures of monkeys for hundreds of thousands of dollars, but at the same time it’s pretty cool, that’s pretty cool.

I do like nfts, i like the ones that i have and i’m sure you guys, probably like the ones that you have. If, of course, you are buying nfts, but your question for today do you own any nfts and if so, what nfts do you own? Let me know down below in the comments section thanks much for watching today’s video and peace out till next time. You

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