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All right welcome back everybody to altcoin dailyit’s a great day to be involved in crypto currencyin crypto. If you miss a day, you miss alot, if you’re interested in making monkeying cryptocurrency make sure you subscribe to thischannel in today’s video we’re going over big newsinvolving, some of our favorite cryptocurrencies including cardano, including polka dotbitcoin, of course, so many others there’s somuch happening in cryptocurrency. If you wantto support the channel, take two seconds like thevideo, we’ll start with bitcoin, then go tab by tabinto. Lower cap alt coins then finish with some2022 predictions by some experts. A few of thesei put a lot of stock in and i’ll point out, toyou, which 2022 predictions, i think, will happenbitcoin 13 years old today, happy birthday, bitcointhe anniversary of the genesis block actuallyyesterday january 3rd anyways cryptocurrencysure is changing bitcoin now an angsty teenageri suppose, which actually Kind of fits keep inmind the us dollar and its current fiat formis just 50 years old, born in 1971.

Fiat seemingworse and worse to people as time goes on: bitcoinseeming, better and better and bitcoin is now morethan one-fourth as old as the current u.s dollarthe end of one era, the beginning of a new era, ifyou’re not paying attention to what’s going onin the world today, you Probably should be samsungto get exposure to cardano via a new partnershipcongratulations cardano holders. This is a bigdeal tech. Giant samsung will now have exposure tocardano via its recent partnership with blockchainplanting management system vera tree according toa tweet posted by cardano foundation, so whatdoes, samsung and veratree want to do. Exactlywell.


The american subsidiary of the south koreanbehemoth aims to tackle climate change by plantingtwo million mangrove trees in madagascar, anisland country located in east africa. So whatdoes cardano have to do with this. Well. Vera treesreforestation verification records will be storedon. The cardano blockchain big win the technologymakes it possible to verify data from plantingsites and link every individual donation to thearea of land.

It helped restore so cardano is goingto, be doing this. Last year, the cardano foundationlaunched, the very first initial tree, offering itotogether with vera tree users, were able to donateone ada token in order to receive one tree. Tokenthat represents one tree at press time. The itohas collected enough contributions to plant overhalf, a million trees tree planting sessions. Arescheduled to continue to the end of 2022 accordingto, a road map presented by veratri ultimatelyveratri plans to plant a billion trees by 2030.

o samsung. Getting exposure to cardano is a hugewin for telecommunication companies. Everywherehuge win for cryptocurrency protocols, everywhereand speaking of that big win for polka dot. Todaytelecom giant integrates with polka dot, blockchainecosystem, actually purchasing dot tokens. So let megive you the details.

German telecommunicationsgiant, deutsche telekom is teaming up withpolka dot and investing in the interoperabilityblockchain’s ecosystem by purchasing dot. Tokenstelecom recently announced subsidiary company tsystems mms plans to use telecoms infrastructureto participate in polka dots, public blockchainnetwork as a validator if you’re unfamiliar, withpolka dot. The polka dot network aims to connectmultiple blockchains into one unified networkallowing users on different blockchains to sendand, receive transfers of any type of data or assetthe dot. Token allows holders to participate, innetwork governance staking and bonding quote fromthe company regarding their investment into polkadot at deutsche telekom. We have always supportedthe collaboration of people and companies nowalso with decentralized technologies.

Polkadotis a heterogeneous multi-chain network, allowingvarious blockchains of different characteristicsto perform arbitrary cross-chain communicationunder shared security. By the way, this is nottelecom’s first foray into the cryptocurrencyworld. In june the telecommunications giantand andreessen horowitz announced that theyhad partnered to stake cielo tokens on thepublic blockchain network of global paymentinfrastructure platform, celo, so big win, forcardano big win for polka dot, big win, forprivacy og token monero. The irs has a 625cash bounty on whoever can crack monero xmr thefact that nobody’s been able to do this after twoplus years. Just goes to show you how valuablemonero is when it comes to privacy and howcensorship resistant different cryptocurrenciescan, be.

Let’S talk about chain link chain link. Iscertainly on a dip right now, but some experts aresaying that chain link is eyeing a possible bullrun hey. It can only go down for so long. Rightlynx historical price pattern since april 2018suggests, a possible uptrend on the horizon thekey takeaways, are this chain link is currentlydown almost 55 percent from all-time highs, but hastraded in a parallel channel since april of 2018.link is trading at critical support levels.

Thathistorically indicate a future uptrend link. Mustmaintain critical support above 17 on the lowerboundary of the parallel channel to validate thebullish thesis, so these coins can only go down. Ina downtrend for so long and some people are sayingchain link is ready to run speaking of trendsready to run. I am bullish on cryptocurrencygaming, yet have you noticed if you know any gamersor you’re on gaming, twitter or discord or whateverit seems regular gamers, the gaming communitythinks nfts are scams and you know what to methat equals opportunity. They said the same thingabout in-game currencies back in the day, so whatdoes this mean to us number one we are so earlyit hurts number two aaa gaming studios will beslow to adopt crypto and nfts and blockchaingaming due to sentiments from their communitiesnumber three.

It’S the crypto native game, studiosthe crypto companies that are likely to bein control as crypto gaming and nfts gainpopularity, and we’re at the forefront, ofthis we’re involved in this. Many people in thegaming community have written this off. Not uswe will continue to report to you. You knowas this develops, but i’m incredibly bullishin other news. Let’S look towards the future andrealize that there will come a day when everymajor nation replaces their cash with centralbank digital currencies and china is actuallyleading this charge.

China’S cbdc walletapp is set to be launched for both iosand android. In 2022, chinese citizens willbe some of the first citizens of a countryto be using a central bank, digital currency, witha blockchain based wallet and they’re launchingtheir app in 2022. It’S pretty interestingpretty telling we’ll keep you informed with thisthroughout the year and speaking of the futureattention crypto holders attention crypto tradersdo, you invest in crypto. Do you tradecrypto? If, yes, i have a major opportunitythat, i need to clue you into most people in cryptodo, not know that they can take advantage of thisyou should be investing.

You should be trading withchoice ira, app, a retirement account trade, investwith choice and you pay zero zero capital gainstax. They offer thousands of traditional assetsand tons of crypto assets. You can buy cryptowith choice, you can trade crypto with choicethese guys are a proud sponsor of our channelyou could hold your own keys if you want theirfees are low and highly competitive. The bottomline is, if you think, your bitcoin ethereum andcryptocurrency assets are going to be worth a lotof money in the long term. Why not put a portionof your stack in the choice app, so you won’t haveto pay any capital gains tax, your future selfwill.

Thank you. Take advantage of this use ourlink and receive 50 in free bitcoin when youset up an account. Take advantage of this. Let meknow, if you did, let me share with you some more2022 predictions, i think, are pretty interestingfrom experts. Now.

I really liked recently themissouri 2022 outlook. That’S not this today iwant to share with you larry cermak, who is thevp of research at the block. I think some of thesei think he’s pretty in tune with the space and icertainly think. A lot of these are possible. So2022 predictions arbitrage optimism, starknet andzk, sync all released their tokens in q1 2022and.

They will outperform similarly to layerones in 2021, so layer twos will outperformlike layer ones did in 2021 and by the wayarbitrary optimism. Many of these don’t havetokens yet and if they do something similarto like a uniswap, if you’re using these l2sright now without a token, then it’s very likelythat. They give you free tokens once they launchtheir tokens. We’Ve seen this time and time. Againtoken incentives will cause the layer.

2 ecosystemsto amass a large total value. Locked and cross l2liquidity bridge will make the disadvantages overmore centralized l1 more manageable. Optimisticroll-Ups will be adopted much faster, initially dueto, evm compatibility still, eventually composiblezk roll ups, spearheaded by starkware willbe the winner due to better optimization butadoption, will be slow due to a new programminglanguage stark net. Adoption will eventuallyfollow a similar path as solana’s a slow start, butexplosive growth. After that, the eth2 merge willfinally happen in 2022, but it will only be towardsthe end of the year, not in q1 2022 as initiallyanticipated d5 2
0 trends don’t sustain, but newmore creative token economic models will continueto develop.

Some d5 1.0 tokens will have a comebackafter. They revamp. Their economics similar to yficardano will continue to be underwhelming interms of d5 applications built on top of it. Andhype won’t be able to sustain the price ethereumwon’t flip bitcoin solana.

Won’T flip ethereumthere won’t be a prolonged bear market across theboard, but some tokens will drop over 90 percentcrypto as a whole will continue to becomeless correlated overall nfts will have anotherstrong year, but it won’t be as profilepicture pfps like punks, like ape heavyas in 2021. Open c. Will lose a lot of market shareas alternative as alternatives address its issuesand have a community oriented approachalong with the revenue sharing, tokensu.s securities exchange commission sec, willapprove, a futures-based ethereum etf, but willnot approve a spot bitcoin or etf. The sec willalso put pressure on lenient listing practicesfor.

Us-Based exchanges like coinbase anywayif, any of us, knew the future we’d all be richif. You are bullish on crypto. If you think yourcrypto is going to be worth a lot of money. Somedayyou ought to be deep into 2022 predictions bypeople, whose opinion you respect and be formingyour own. If you haven’t followed us on twitteryou, need to follow us we’re almost at 1 milliontwitter followers and uh.

That being said, as youcan tell this adoption just keeps continuinggrowth in crypto. Just keeps happening it’s goingto, be a great year. Do not sleep on 2022 crypto

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