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LitecoinCash (LCC) fork

Tap+hold your LTC wallet and select “Account details” at the top right corner of the screen. Select and copy its “Derivation path” Go back to the main screen, open the left side menu and select” +coins”.

Select “LitecoinCash” to start adding its wallet. Select “advanced settings” and paste the derivation path you copied. On the “password” field, input your password.

Select “Add” to confirm, and you’re done! You now have an LCC wallet with the entire LTC transaction history and balance you had at the time of the fork. Optionally, open the left side menu and select “+coins” again.

Select “LitecoinCash” again. This time don’t change any settings. Just confirm your password. Select “Add” to create a “default” LCC wallet. Swipe one screen to the left to get its “receive” address.

Use the “copy” button at the top right corner. Open the left side menu and open the “forked” wallet. Swipe one screen to the right to the “send” section. Paste the copied address on the “Pay to” field.

Select “LitecoinCash” from the list. Tap the “use all funds” button and send. Enter your password and confirm. Now you’ve successfully split the coins.

They are being sent to the default wallet. On the “default” wallet you should see the incoming transaction. After that transaction is confirmed, go back to the main screen.

Tap+hold the “forked” wallet and select the “trashcan” icon to delete it. Since you sent all the funds from this wallet, you won’t need it anymore.

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