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Monday, October 3, 2022

Litecoin Technical Analysis

Taking a quick look at Litecoin now and as you can see, the chart does look very similar to bitcoins. It usually does it does kind of follow.

The same patterns also you’ll notice down here we have a little bit of bullish divergence, little hidden bullish divergence down here, developing on the MACD, which does insinuate that we may see this go higher, I’m going to turn my ema’s on and show that the 21 is coming in right.

Around 127 dollars. I do see us have a retry and a retest of that right there simply because um, a bitcoin Ethereum their move on the market, along with this hidden bullish divergence.

I also want to bring it down to the four hours and let you know that we have regained the 21 days moving average on the four-hour, which is nice. Now we’re going back up. At that 55 green here I do see us pushing up along back to the 136 range.

Our highest moving average on the four hours where we may see a pullback come in at around that range, but just something that.

You could get into making a trade on if you were able to catch this on the lower side at 106looking at 117, now 10 moves already and then when we reach up to the 127, then you’re looking at a 20move.

Hopefully, it reaches up there we’ll keep an eye on it, keeps track hope this helps.


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