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Litecoin LTC Price Prediction 2021

Litecoin (LTC) Price Prediction 2021, 2025, What is Litecoin? Litecoin was one of those projects, which was responsible for the blockchain revolution, which was 3rd most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and Ethereum. Litecoin is basically the payment open-source platform that claim to have almost zero transaction fees. Litecoin is always characterized as a math currency that has efficient storage efficiency with substantial network support for volume and liquidity. Litecoin was introduced in 2011 by Charlie Lee who is a former Google employee and engineer director of the 3rd largest exchange platform Coinbase.

Initially, Litecoin was based on a fork of the bitcoin core client that uses SHA0-256 for efficient mining and 2.5-minute blockchain generation time, this was the reason in 2017 there is an increase in the number of miners of LTC.

Litecoin was a tough competitor of Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2017 but because of having the same infrastructure as Bitcoin, Litecoin not able to capture more investors in early 2018.

Litecoin Price Prediction Month & Year LTC Price Prediction July 2021 $213 August 2021 $316 September 2021 $353 October 2021 $374 November 2021 $402 December 2021 $299 January 2022 $353 February 2022 $388 March 2022 $459 April 2022 $469 May 2022 $512 June 2022 $547 July 2022 $529 August 2022 $617 September 2022 $564 October 2022 $628 November 2022 $582 December 2022 $620 April 2023 $585 August 2023 $634 January 2025 $1,621 March 2025 $1,812 May 2025 $2,098 July 2025 $1,914 September 2025 $1,876 October 2025 $2,194 December 2025 $2,257 Litecoin Overview Project name Litecoin Ticker Symbol LTC Total Supply 84,000,000 Official website Litecoin.org Based on Bitcoin Core Launched year 2013 All-time high $375.29 USD Partners TokenPay, WEG Bank AG, The UFC, BlockCard, Cred, travala.com, the Miami Dolphins, Atari, Celsius Network, MeconCash, BlockFi, Miami Dolphins.

Litecoin crosses the $100 USD mark again in May 2019 and this milestone is remarkable because Litecoin is one of the tough competitors of Bitcoin, but now things are changed because Litecoin showing continuous growth in price since 11th December 2018, as on this day LTC was trading at $23.91 USD which was the lowest price observed since Rising of cryptocurrency, so looking at the current situation of the crypto market where many of top 100 highest market cap holder list showing inconsistent growth Litecoin is on another level because from $29 USD to $101 USD with a growth percentage of 244% in less than 5 months and this growth is really huge, because 2018 we have seen the dominance of cryptocurrency and also fall of cryptocurrency, as many of coins are still recovering from this but Litecoin is continuously working on better technology with this they working on mining and transaction time, the speed with security.

Litecoin Price Prediction Litecoins highest price till now is $366 USD which was achieved in December 2017 and after this, there is a huge loss in price because cryptocurrency crash happens but during this period litecoin showing some fight in February 2018 also LTC price was raised from $108 USD to $242 USD and then again in April 2018 price show unexpected growth from $114 USD to $170 USD, so after looking at this record we can surely in Crypto market Litecoin knows to survive and will be the great choice as an investment, as there was time Litecoin was in the top 3 highest market cap list, but due to price and less maximum supply of coins at one point transaction almost paused in that situation people are in the queue of buying Litecoin and there is no supply available, after Litecoin some new option was rising Ripple, so just because sudden growth in buyer Ripple prices started pumping and also Ripple price was below $1 USD, so again Ripple secure top 3 Spot and still ruling.

2019 is turning out to be the biggest year for Litecoin so far because they already show 200+% growth rate and the graph is showing always showing upward arrow and also as compare to the downward arrow which lasts for a maximum of 4 to 5 days, so with less worry they gaining lots of new partnership and continues to improve security, as many expert believe that this unreal growth is just because of mining reward from 12.5 to 25 LTC for miners, as mining was one of the trending topics in 2017, but after cryptocurrency crash, miners showing lesser interest and during this exciting offer of a reward is enough to get attention from an investor because 1 LTC worth more than $100 USD is huge and also mining time of each Litecoin Block is 30% faster than Bitcoin so this could be the biggest reason why LTC rocketing upward, now considering current growth rate and reward offer we have set some price prediction below.

2020 is really important year for cryptocurrency future and in that Litecoin will secure place in the top 3 highest market cap holder coins list and now talking about price prediction then at beginning of 2020 LTC Prices will cross $150 mark then continue to dominate because in less than 2 months again LTC will reach $200 USD mark and there will be pumping and dumping in price till the end of 2020 and during August to September 2020 again $250 USD will also be possible, so if you planning to Buy Litecoin at Price Below $80 USD then that will be a great deal for you, because after you buy at $80 USD and at some point Litecoin cross $200 USD mark then you will get 150% or more growth percentage in the cryptocurrency market. Conclusion Litecoin rapidly loses its position in the market cap volume after a lost battle with Ripple. Even, Litecoin still maintaining its market cap volume, the platform needs to bring more advanced technologies in the market just like Ethereum, Tron, and other main blockchain projects. The PoW is outdated know they should move on to Proof of Stake.

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