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Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Leaked 125 Trillion Dollar XRP Document

Today I want to talk about the 125 trillion dollar small and medium business enterprise cross-border payments market. Everyone knows that ripple and XRP are going after the over 50 trillion dollars cross-border payment market for banks and large financial institutions.

What most people that are invested in XRP, don’t know is that they’re also going after the growth in the business-to-business cross-border payments market with the market exceeding 125 trillion dollars and they’re? Also going after the quadrillion dollar derivatives and bond market guys, we could see quadrillions of dollars going through XRP, but today we’re going to keep it quiet conservative and just talk about the 125 trillion dollars. That’S going to flow through XRP, it’s going to be the biggest wealth transfer anyone’s ever seen.

We’Re gonna be oligarchs, we’re gonna be rich and it’s gonna be awesome. Okay. So this is a special document for you guys exclusively on mightygtv, so make sure you subscribe for that make sure you smash the like button and leave some comments. So everyone knows to push this out to more average peasants, small and medium-sized enterprises. SMEs are a dynamic force in the global economy today and a growing source of cross-border payments.

This is especially true for emerging markets, where small and medium enterprises account for sixty percent of the employment and forty percent of the national income. Although the risking trend in emerging markets has hampered international finance, new payments technologies are increasingly providing small and medium enterprises with opportunities to source talent and supplies abroad and expand into foreign markets, not surprisingly, we’re seeing notable growth in the business to business cross-border payments market.

With the market exceeding 125 trillion dollars in 2017, according to McKinsey and Company, the firm estimates revenues from this market will surge another nine percent by 2022, reaching almost three trillion dollars. That nine percent is probably the inflation on the money supply. I expect the money supply to inflate at least 10 percent per annum for at least the next 10 years.

They’Re gonna pretend it’s two percent, don’t tell anyone, it’s more than two percent, but I believe this can be much much much much higher than two percent. Just like McKinsey and company. The people that found out that 125 trillion dollars are going to flow through XRP small-medium enterprises. Cross-Border payments are a significant portion of this market with at least 10 to 15 trillion annually. It’S composed of roughly half and a half between accounts payable and marketplace payouts.

So not all of these payments are cross-border payments, but the actual payments is 125 trillion dollars. I don’t believe they’re gonna actually capture the entire 125 trillion dollars. There’S gonna be other companies that want to capture it as well, but I believe when ripple and XRP are paraded out in the mainstream media every single day as the solution to every single one of their problems, I believe they’re gonna they’re gonna take Up most of all, this, it’s composed of roughly half and a half between accounts payable and marketplace payouts.

It’s also worth noting that small, medium enterprise business to business markets are outpacing consumer to business, business to consumer, and consumer to consumer remittances markets growing faster than c to c and b to c at five to ten percent per year. Financial institutions stand to gain a lot from tapping into this SME business of business cross-border payments market, who do you think, is going to help the financial institutions tap into this market?

Do you think it’s going to be a ripple, or do you think it’s going to be doggy coin the opportunity in small-medium enterprises, business to business cross-border payments is especially strong in emergency markets. About two-thirds of these payments are from developed countries, while profitability and growth are twice as high in emerging markets. As in the developed world.

SME cross-border payments revenues as emerging markets have reached as much as 100 to 150 billion annually, according to ripple’s analysis and data from FXC intelligence and Capron Asia. The majority of this revenue is an opportunity found in Asia, the Pacific, and eastern Europe ripple is helping with the cross-border payments worldwide in the highest margin, emerging markets, and more we’re talking trillions of dollars.

Look at all these countries where the ripple is targeting for all this. We’Re talking Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia and Malaysia. And more, can you imagine your bank account when we tap into all these markets and go live in the quadrillions of dollars? SMEs needs are specialized and largely unmet by traditional systems, we’re going to replace the traditional system with the brand new XRP end game. Despite recent growth, the SME b2b cross-border payments market is stunted by the lack of traditional financial services.

Look at this guy does he deserve poverty, he’s trying to run his business just like you. Why is it that you can get paid and not have to pay exorbitant fees, but people like him can’t this is the financial system that allowed people in developed countries to get ahead through work that they didn’t even do just because of the muggings of the old Financial system, do you want a level playing field in which you win because of your own achievements?

Or do you want this imbalanced playing field in which you win because of the country you were born in and how the economy has prospered because of the mugging off of the cross-border payments markets? I love to win, but you know, what’s even better than winning legitimately winning on a level playing field, winning because you’re the best, not because of circumstances outside of your control. I want this guy to win.

I don’t want him to get mugged off in the cross-border payment scam and neither do ripple we’re gonna send XRP to the stratosphere and then we’re gonna come in offering the fake solution. When we’re already rich, I mean it will be a solution. They’Ll start to get ahead, but they’ll only get ahead against the non-XRP investors, all the XRP investors, man we’re talking two-tier society really in your face. Despite recent growth, the SME business-to-business cross-border payments market is stunted by the lack of traditional financial services. Fees for international payments are extremely high and in some regions, cross-border payments services aren’t even readily available.

Yet SMEs are increasingly reliant on cross-border payments for growth, both to access new customers and to tap suppliers and outsource employees with fewer banks extending capital to SME. Since the 2008 financial crisis, which was an engineered event to take everyone’s money, just like this XRP new world order will be an engineered event to take everyone’s money, but at least we’ll have the financial system on a level playing field. At least these poor countries will be able to receive payments without getting shafted hard. These businesses have trouble getting credit to supplement their already limited working capital. Around 70 percent of SMEs in emerging markets lack access to credit according to the world bank.

Further traditional global payment systems involve a lot of intermediaries. Not only does this slow down payments, but also introduces more margin for error and more margin for all these intermediaries. Stealing your funds any lag between the vag between paying these suppliers and employees really impacts SMEs ability to maintain their business and growing skill to compete. SMEs need to be able to focus on their business, not on whether their supplier receives payment. Imagine a small clothing manufacturer in Thailand that needs to import raw materials and fabrics.

The timing of payments is crucial without a lot of working capital. The business depends on fast-moving payments to keep the goods flowing. Why are we allowed these fast-moving payments in other countries, but not in Thailand? Why the Thai people get mugged off? Is it because we’re scared if they had a level playing field that they would beat us that they’re harder working than us that they’re more successful than us deep down inside them?

I believe that when the shackles are lifted from their businesses, they’re gonna thrive like never before that we’re gonna see economic growth in these countries like never before and there are to be certain people that are still working that want to capitalize on all this new Opportunity and there’s going to be the old money, people that have been benefiting from this old financial system that will decade by decade by decade finally start to fall apart unless they can increase their work rate and stop mugging people off in scams like this. So the timing of payments is incredibly crucial for small businesses. This is one of the reasons that these countries can’t thrive. This is one of the huge issues ripple or solving. This is one of the huge issues that’s going to make us millionaires.

This impacts the business owners’ ability to build trust with suppliers, outsource talent and banks that might extend them credit because they can’t receive payments on time. The banks are unsure about their financial position and won’t give them credit. It’s not just a couple of whammies. This has a ripple effect on every aspect of their life. Their business being less successful because of the old financial system is affecting every aspect of their life.

Who are we to slow down these people when we have a solution? The government wants to slow down these people the sec wants to slow down these people. They know that they’re breathing right down their neck, that guys like this. If they just had a level playing field, could become a millionaire. They know too many people like this are going to become a millionaire on a level playing field.

That’S why they’ve been mugged off this entire time. It’S absolutely criminal, the things that are going on in the financial markets, and there are so many people that are successful – that aren’t really successful, and this needs to change. I believe the new financial system will ensure decade by decade century by century the playing field becomes more and more level and more people who deserve to be millionaires because their businesses are amazing, we’ll actually get to become millionaires because they’re going to receive instant cross-border payments. We’Re going to see people in Thailand selling their products directly to people all over the world instantly right now. They need to wait days right now.

Those days are costing them the whole opportunity of being in business. There are people that should be in business right now that can’t be in business just because of the cost of borders to border cross-border payments. Can you imagine it look at this 30 to 100 cost per transaction just because you’re unlucky enough to be born in the wrong country? That’S sickening! These people are disgusting.

The p, because we’ve had a solution for this for the last 30 years. Let’S not get this twisted. We’Ve knew about this distributed ledger technology for the last 20 30 years, but it’s not been implemented. Why? Because these people are four scumbags, a six percent international payment error rate, so imagine that you’re getting your payment you’re, paying 100 bucks just to get your payment takes two to five days and you only actually receive that payment 95 of the time on average.

That’S disgusting! These! This old financial system is disgusting, ripple and XRP aren’t just some bankers. Coin: scam, they’re, actually changing the world. So anyone that’s any sends this video to anyone that says it’s just some criminal banker scam we’re actually changing the world, we’re actually changing their cross-border payments.

Landscape. For hundreds of trillions of dollars and if your moral compass is stopping you from investing in something it’s going to make you millions, I think you’re stupid. I think you’re so stupid. If you want to learn more about how this new technology can bring better services to SMEs, make sure you’re subscribed make sure you tune input the alarm bell on for the next video because the rest of this article is absolutely sinister. You need to see it guys.

I might love all. You guys share this video with a bitcoin maximized, loser that doesn’t understand how the financial system actually works, because they’re gonna start to learn here on my GTP guys. I love you guys, have an amazing day catch you guys next time,

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