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First, in the content is that Patreon please go check it out, I’m way more active over there, it’s relatively cheap – and you get to know about this and other gems first, so Katylo has been doing relatively well. These past couple of days, uh we’re currently at around 25 cents, with a circulating supply of around 8 million tokens that makes the market cap close to around 2 million 1.5 million somewhere in there, not exactly sure what the circulating supply is.

But I know it’s around 8 to 5 million tokens. So that’s absolutely great, but you might see these big contracts with 15 million tokens each in them. I wouldn’t worry. Those are going to be locked for four years and that’s a good sign because it means that they are looking far into the future and guys once you see this product, you are going to be shocked. Shocked like I was that it is this low of a market cap.

So if we look over here at catalogue, you can see that it is a no-code platform and you guys know my thoughts on no code. I am absolutely in love with no code. If you guys check out unit bright, I love Unibrite. It is one of my favourite, if not my favourite cryptocurrencies right now, and basically for the reason of it’s just a great idea. I think no code is a massive thing.

Solidity is a big problem that is keeping a lot of d5 from exploding into the mainstream, and I think catalogue could be a great solution to that. So before we get into the really exciting stuff, let’s go over the general product, so you can see the design is incredible. If we go down here, we can actually see the workflow and actions so the actual product that they’re going to be building. It’S pretty intricate and they have pretty detailed uh descriptions so, basically how it works. Are you see these blocks they’re actually represented by lines of code?

So when you’re choosing different blocks, it chooses different lines of code to run so so you’re, basically coding, but without actually having to code. So it’s really really cool ideas, so they have some of the use cases down here.

So real estate tokenization is pretty uh in demand, but I know that a lot of projects are actually tackling that the big ones, I think, are the service desk tool in the call centre slash delivery management. I could actually see those being used quite a good amount of documents. Verification, that’s probably more useful, it’s kind of like what the original trial is currently doing so GDPR, that’s going to be pretty important.

So basically, what that is is, let’s say, you’re an employee at a company and you need to access financial documents that would help you by only letting the employee access those financial documents. So I think that’s going to be really important legal case management.

That’S basically just building a database, which is a good use case, but I don’t think it has to be that niche. So if we go over to what I think is really exciting, we can see catalogue defy. I think this is really what’s going to push that price up insane amounts.

So if we go over here, we can check out. The team is non-anonymous, which is massive and they have a pretty good team, pretty good partnership. So let’s go over to the actual d5 project. So basically, I think if any of you have been in d5 for any amount of time, you’ll know how much d5 projects are copied and pasted by other d5 projects.

So if we have something where you can just sign up, get your d5 project out there as quick as possible, we’ll actually have more variability more unique and complex and secure projects developed all by Catilo.

That’S a really really massive market and I know people are paying these developers, thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars for relatively simple and copy and paste uh platforms for their d5 tokens. So this could be a massive massive market, so they are currently open. You can sign up, get your product read and actually be able to code your platform on top of Catilo without writing a single line of code. That is massive. So if we go over here we can see.

Eighty-Five percent of the total supply is locked for four years. So that’s basically what I was saying before quiddity locked for 12 months and it is live on the unit swap so they basically go more in-depth into the different d5 services that you can actually do.

Some more of them showing they’re, actually actual workflow, and if you guys didn’t hear me, say Unibright enough, this reminds me so much of early stage. Unibrite didn’t have a product. Let yet, and they didn’t even have this much of their workflow shown.

It was pretty basic back then, so this is incredibly cool and even back then I think Unibrite was at a ten or five million dollar market cap and incredibly undervalued. So you guys know how excited I am about this at a two mil market cap. So these are the current use cases that the catalogue offers for the d5 platforms guys if you weren’t already sold this will sell you, so they have payments staking product.

That is going to be absolutely massive, and I know a lot of platforms are going to want that internal liquidity, lending solutions, so basically something like ave or compound if they could have that across a ton of different, defy tokens and have that easily accessible. That would bring millions of dollars like not even kidding that is such a big audience of decentralized insurance products, so that is going to be absolutely massive if they were just making a decentralized insurance product.

Their market cap would already be something like 5 to 10 million dollars, but they aren’t doing that they’re selling the code for that which should be even more valuable than just having the product by itself. I don’t think a lot of people grasp how big this product could actually be in the short term.

A lot of products and a lot of companies in d5 would honestly pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for some of these products that they’re offering. So they go through the road map, not a ton more to talk about, but guys.

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