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Tuesday, December 6, 2022


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. Eastern standard time today is Tuesday January. The 4th 73 degrees here was 80 degrees in Miami. It was freezing here yeah, oh man, we were killing it at the pool. The kids were at the pool the whole weekend.

Uh supposed to be back yesterday had a little problem with the flight fly, got canceled um, so I’m here now we had so many airport disasters uber disasters, but you know what it gives. The kids good stories to tell their kids one day, uh guys bitcoin, has never been more exciting than it is right. Now is it April fool’s day today i just had to say it um, so yeah bitcoin not doing uh super exciting things right now, but we’re going to tell you why could be doing something super exciting in the next six months? Who knows maybe been drinking gallons right, um and we’re gonna be taking a look at some uh grayscale, making some major moves today and some other things going on in the market if you guys notice every time i come back for a football game, my throat Is gone, i have noticed that it is. You would think i would learn after all these years, uh go dogs.

Am i right, go dog, sorry, michigan, sorry, michigan, all right guys, let’s go ahead and get started here. We got something very interesting going on right now, and this is one of the most interesting things i have seen in the crypto markets. I got to be honest with you. Okay, the market cap right now is coming in at 2.21 trillion dollars.

The volume is only at 84 billion the market cap, about the same as when i left bitcoin dominance at a new low 39.6. This is the lowest. We have seen bitcoin dominance in this entire cycle and this is insane it’s going to cost you uh some 62 paraguays. If you’re interested in seeing a transaction uh we’re going to look at that bitcoin dominance number in just a minute, but bitcoin coming in at 46.

5 ethereum at 37.55, um 24 hour volume or 24 hours down a percent for eth. Nothing really that sexy here, uh tara’s up a little bit biggest movers of the day vellus an old friend of the channel uh doing well secret. Doing well yearn finance, uh, didn’t bellis, have a big partnership. Some nft, i feel like i i’m not sure i don’t think i saw it last week hold on yeah.

Look that up look that up uh you’re in finance. Eight point: three: two percent phantom up today: six percent cosmos up five and a half percent we’ll be taking a look at both of those ferrari. They did a deal with ferrari, yeah, oh well, why was it miami? I thought there was a ferrari store in the mall. I went to the mall wow aventura mall, an absolutely pumping mall, i was going to say: do people still go to the mall?

I didn’t know. That was still a thing. Well, it’s like the mall. You know the mall, georgia still breaks it in well, yeah it basically like every talents where i got like one mall that does real. Well, not rakes it.

In i mean they have people there, but i remember a story. They were way in the hole and i think they were getting foreclosed on a couple years of georgia. All of america – oh mala, georgia yeah, the mall of georgia gotcha. Well, i’m just saying like every other mall around here, does terrible um town center mall. I grew up in right around the corner.

It’S depressed! That’S horrible uh, but you know uh aventura mall down in miami does real well. The mall of georgia here does really well. So i want to look at this guys. I really want to look at this now.

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There’S three dots, more actions, more options hit react and then, like this video, we see an instant, an instant increase in viewers. When you guys hit that like button for us number, one thing you can do to not only help a channel but also help crypto. So here’s what i wanted to look at here, because this is quite fascinating: okay, um! This is very bizarre. This is very bizarre here, uh.

What? Where is the ethereum line? Why is it showing the name coin and nova coin? This has got to be a glitch right. Why?

Why is this showing the this is so straight? Do you see what i’m talking about? Barely this is namecoin novacoin, bitcoin, litecoin, mincoin, teracoin, purecoin, feathercoin, freecoin, digitalcoin and others. This is like the bitcoin dominance chart from uh, 2000 and um and 14. I believe check the date range i said.

No, the date range is is good, that’s what sopas are wow like ethereum and xrp aren’t even on here right now. That’S so strange. It’S a glitch, there’s a glitch on coin market cap right now. So maybe they don’t want me to see this, maybe they’re trying to hide it. Let’S go to coin gecko and see if we can see something a little bit better there.

I don’t know where their dominance chart is, though um. Let’S see here dominance. Do they have a dominance? Chart yes right here, you can’t click on it wow. This is really bizarre.

I really want to show you guys this and i can’t maybe we’ll come back to it later, but basically here’s here’s the point here: okay, is the bitcoin dominance is going down. Okay, is that 39.4 percent? Now, what i really want to do was go back and look at what bitcoin dominance was doing during um uh, the last port, which you can see here. It fell off like a cliff right before the end of the cycle.

So it’s it. It hit a low right after the cycle. It also hit a low in the middle of the cycle, which is interesting. Um went back up and then dropped back down again. I want to show how this is comparing to ethereum, because here’s here’s the thing, okay, what we always see is when bitcoin dominance drops all coins pump, but we’re not seeing that right now, which is extremely strange.

We’Re not seeing ethereum moving up we’re, not seeing any other we’re seeing some a few coins pump, but you saw we showed the biggest winners of the day. Nothing moving very significantly and bitcoin dominance is dropping and the reason for that is because the volume is so low. It’S almost as if the institutions are not trading at all right now, it’s almost if they’ve been told to to freeze all of their of their trading and that’s why the volume is so extremely low and has been low for quite a while and now we’re seeing An effect of that on the bitcoin uh dominance chart, which is so interesting, yeah ready for some q, a let’s. Do it yeah the first one here, hey guys would do you think engine would perform better than ada this year. Um, i’m going to say no um.

Can eric can you have also give me another throaty, please uh, i’m going to say no and the reason for that is because i don’t think we’ve seen the biggest move for ada that we’re going to see um. I i mean guys, if you look at what’s going on with this market right now it to me, we still haven’t seen the top of this market. I i believe that i still believe in this hundred thousand dollar number did not go like we planned, obviously, but i still believe in a hundred thousand dollar number. I still believe in a parabolic altcoin season and cardano has not seen its biggest gains. It’S possible engine.

Hats, this engine already had a super explosive move. Uh during this bull run a few of them so um i think engine will still perform well. I think gaming coins are going to do very well, but i think cardona still has a lot of upside. I’M going to actually take the other side of that one uh, because i because what you said there at the end, i think gaming coins are going to do really well this year and engine’s well, positioned in that space. Also, a smaller market cap so easier to move up to maybe the level of a top 20 type project or top 10 type project.

So i mean i i agree with you. I think we haven’t seen it all for cardano yet, but if i had to pick one for 2022, i think i’d pick engine. Let’S, let’s see engine topped out at uh. Let’S go here: engine topped out at uh 468 right now, it’s at 283 about 50 percent of that um. The same thing that cardano is from it’s from its last all-time high, so um yeah, i’m, i i’m probably still going with cardano um, but engine definitely a lot of upside there.

You go yep um. Actually everything is frozen. On my end, right now i mean we’re still good. We’Re still live, but i can’t really see the chat um. So i can’t if sec wins, will xrp die, uh yeah, pretty much i mean if the sec were to win that case.

Uh the xrp token would die ripple ads already said: they’ll go on without it um but yeah. I don’t. I don’t see that happening but yeah. I think that if the case were to end and the sec wins, that’s really bad news for xrp and xrp holders, um she’s so fast with the throaty cody. Oh, this is interesting from crypto brenda.

Please tell me that ben hasn’t seen the updated image yet, and the answer is no. He hasn’t. Let’S see what it looks like wow yeah he’s working on uh a whole calendar he’s gon na. Do it he’s gon na do a bit boy calendar month by month, baby tj is still my favorite, though i got ta, say baby tj still, my favorite love baby, dj yeah, there’s a lot of baby tj in there yeah um. What are some of the trends?

You’Re watching for 2022 for new, like new or experienced people in crypto. What are some things to keep an eye out for this year? Okay, so this year we’re definitely looking at metaverse we’re looking at the continuation of nfts we’re looking at dowels we’re looking at gaming coins, we believe that those are oh god, baby, ben’s, making an appearance get that out of my face. We believe that those are the are probably the four main categories and smart contract platforms. It’S not a new trend, but they continue to do well.

So i think those are definitely things to uh to look out for in 2022.

All right, let’s look at some charts. Let’S do some charts, oh also real, quick, oh well! Actually i don’t have any of that. Never mind.

Go ahead. Oh somebody said zk roll ups, that’s also another one. People are talking about yeah, but that’s yeah projects with zk roll ups is something to look at um, yeah, yeah well and zk. Rollups is a project itself, but right yeah, anything using those. What is the other big one that uses it optimism right, there’s another one, there’s another really popular one other than optimism.

Doesn’T optimism use optimistic, roll-ups yeah, something like that. So that’s not the same thing as equivalents. You have two different kinds of roll-ups. There’S two different ways of matching a transaction: you got the zga roll ups and the optimistic roll-ups optimism i believe, uses the optimistic roll-ups cartesi uses the optimistic roll-ups zk roll ups uses uh uses zk roll ups, obviously, and then there’s another big one that uh that Uses it so um, oh loop ring there. It is somebody said it yeah, loopering they’re, the big one, the other big one that uses zk roll ups.

So, okay, all right. Let’S move on to the charts. You guys don’t forget to follow us on socials 1.44 million on youtube, we’re at 753 000 here on twitter 402k. We broke 400 on bit boy underscore crypto.

Is this to underscore and then dad jokes for the win? Here’S a picture of my family, my daughter, making a really crazy face, uh. That was us at the game uh, which is pretty cool so and don’t forget. Twitch we’ve got nine point: seven thousand followers trying to get to ten thousand. There two point: seven million on tick, tock uh.

By the way we also uh speaking of charts here, um, not sure if you guys know, but we did win the femax contest, vmax, training, competition. We ended up in uh eighth place. I tried to make a big hail mary at the end, to get us up in the top three and i got liquidated so that pushed us down a little bit. We were at number four, but there was no price difference in prizes from number four to number. Ten, so we did win uh as a team fourteen hundred and thirty seven dollars and get everybody for uh getting that competition, big news on trading content coming very soon: okay, all right!

So looking at the charts guys still here on the daily chart, nothing really nothing’s! Really changed other than we’re getting very close, extremely close to the end of uh. Basically, this i’m doing it uh convergence, not divergence, a convergence of this support line in this resistance line. We’Ve had these lines in place since the middle of november on the downside um on the level of support. This goes back much much much further.

You can see this as well on the weekly chart, um and it it is really rubber hits the road time. A lot of people are telling you that the price is going to go down to 42 to 40 thousand dollars somewhere in this range right here um, i don’t know: if it’s going to go there or not, we’ll have to see it’s definitely a possibility. The reason for that would be because we did see the wic go down there, obviously into that range um. But if it’s going to break up, it’s got to break up soon, and i will say today somebody said give me a hulls. I have holes in my pocket.

I don’t know why. I have a sore throat. Traveling gives me a sore throat. I believe the change in air always gives me every time. I travel i’ll come back with a sore throat yelling also at sports events yeah, but that was like days ago.

My voice was fine the day. Oh, that’s true, yeah anyways, hopefully better tomorrow, we’ll see what happens but um. What i was gon na say here is: is that today, for the first time in a while, like we seem to have some more legit news stories seems like the news cycle is coming back around hopefully, and we are going to see you know some movement here. Basically guys the institutions seem to have been on the sidelines for a while. Now, if you look at this range here, let me get rid of uh.

Let me get rid of this. Somebody said airplane air is dry af. I believe that yeah, it’s recycled so many times yeah. So if you look right here, if you look in this range, this is sideways action. It’S basically been sideways action for uh, quite a while.

I’M waiting on my hamburglar costume to get here. Cordova’S got ta, send it in uh, but we’ve been sideways. Basically, since um the beginning of december and at some point it’s got to break up or it’s got to break down and we’re very close to where it’s got, to make a decision and – and i still think it’s going to break up uh some people believe it’s Going to break down it could break down a little bit um and not dump completely, but guys. I still believe bitcoin is saying a hundred thousand dollars. I still believe that uh, whether or not it’s this month next month january june december of this year, whenever it is wow to see, i believe in the number and the number is very important uh to pay attention to.

So i know in the past i was saying: if it went below 40 we we may sell. I don’t know if we do that, i think. Maybe we just hold it till 800k yeah. That’S that’s what i was going to get into a little bit of kind of the way, we’re positioning the portfolio right now, because it has been sideways for so long and we’ve been watching this and kind of like he just said it could break up or break Down, we are looking watching that 39 40k number real closely, but what we’re starting to do is when we have big pumps on lower cap alts stash those normally we convert those to ethereum or bitcoin. Now we’re holding stable coins and slowly increasing these uh percentage of stables.

We hone and hold in our portfolio where, before we were almost 100 in some type of crypto, now we’re more like we’re working to get the portfolio to about 30 stable coins. So that way, even if it was to break down, we’ve got a lot on the sidelines to move into good entry points or we just hold it like you said: wait for it. You know, we’ve still got 60. You know ready for a big pump, so we’re kind of hedging our bets a little bit yeah. I think that’s a smart way to play it i mean, i think, for the year, that’s what everybody should be looking at is and something we’re going to be.

Very passionate about this year is we want every. We want everyone to move up financially, that watches this channel right. Every single person that watches this channel uh except the trolls they can go get out here. I don’t care what that happens to them, but everybody who watches this channel and believes in the message of crypto leads in the metro. The message of decentralization believes that you can find financial future freedom through crypto assets.

We want to help you get there, and so you know diversifying is definitely something that is a powerful tool that you can use. Of course, dollar cost averaging and some other tools and we’re going to spend a lot of time this year, showing you guys how to do that because here’s the truth, none of us right now, don’t don’t believe what you see. Don’T believe what you see. No one knows where we’re at in the cycle right now: some people might end up being proven to be true down the road. Almost everyone, including plan b with the most accurate chart ever, has been wrong.

Okay, so the fact is, we don’t know where we’re at. We very well could be in a bear market. I do not believe we’re in a bear market, but we very well could be. How can we help you, you single mothers who watch this show uh you dad’s, trying to take care of your family. You grandparents, who are at a point where you don’t have retirement, like you thought you would have.

We want to help you to get to where you want to be to live a comfortable life, so you can get out of the rat race. You can keep your job, that’s fine! If you have a job you like, but we want you to be comfortable, and so that’s one thing we’re going to focus on heavily this year is showing you guys how to get from that point, a to point b. So um single dogs is that what i said no, you said single mom, sorry, i said single dogs – oh my single dogs, well we’re out here for the single dogs too. You know everybody needs to get that yeah.

Well, i get a lot of messages from people that are just begging me to help them, and unfortunately i just can’t help everybody on a one-on-one situation, but i want to be able to help propel everyone that watches this channel to where you want to go and Where you want to be and we’re going to help you do that this year, that’s right or at least get on the right course. You may not, by the end of this year, be to financial freedom, but you’re gon na be on the right course and you’re gon na be heading in the right direction. Some of you will get there. Some of you got there last year. Some of you got there two years ago, but we want to make sure that everyone that watches this channel is on the right course all right speaking of right course, man, my voice, is so annoying today, i’m so annoyed by my voice today, because it was totally Fine the whole time i was gone, nexo’s co-founder bitcoin to reach 100k by the middle of 2022

Uh and anthony trenchev, co-founder of the crypto lending platform, nexo predicted that bitcoin will hit a price of 100k by mid-2022.

In his view, the leading digital asset is an inflation hedge to gold. Of course, we tell you that on this channel uh, that’s what this is. Uh bitcoin is digital gold for sure it is not. You know it’s not a currency like it was originally intended to be, but that doesn’t mean in the future. It’S not going to be that again right now, where it is, it is in um uh.

It is digital gold uh, despite increasing its usd value by over 60 in the last 12 months, bitcoin finished 2021 on a downtrend, as many experts expected the top asset to top the 100k milestone. Uh, almost everybody thought this guys. This is not. This is not an idea that was unique to this channel that bitcoin was going to pass over 100k. Almost all this could be worded better to say almost all, not just many experts.

In a recent interview, the co-founder of nexo said that this will happen over the next several months, i’m quite bullish on bitcoin. I think it’s going to reach 100k this year, probably by the middle of it. According to the 35 year old bulgarian, many leading companies are quietly filling up their treasuries with bitcoin, and i want to know what are these companies like or the ones we know of what about the other companies? We don’t know of right. That would really be much better to you know, find out what companies are buying, bitcoin that we don’t know.

First of all, it’s got to be a public company for us to be able to get the sec report that they bought bitcoin. If it’s private company, we don’t know that information um, but you know you also don’t find these out until the end of the quarter. So when did q4 reports come out? Do you know i have no idea? I don’t follow the traditional well because this is a this is a significant uh quarter.

Four earnings report calendar. Let’S see it’s company by company and some yeah, but most of them are industries or yeah. They’Ll have a lot of it’s january sure it’s probably all week. Yeah, you see a lot of them coming out this week. Um a lot well, a lot coming out yesterday, a lot coming today, a lot coming tomorrow.

I don’t recognize any of these companies uh this week, constellation brands coming out today. That’S a big one, walgreens a big one, uh wd-40 are we invested in that? No, we had so many cans of wd-40 here. At one point we might be a small stakeholder bed bath and beyond. Well is the beyond bitcoin.

I guess that’s the big question. I don’t think so. Yeah next week is the big week 461 coming out next week, including all of you here. It is jb, morgan, wells, fargo, blackrock tata, you love tatas, everybody loves tatas, blackrock, citigroup, uh, so next week’s the big week. So this is something to watch to see if we find more companies, because that would definitely fit that narrative.

But so far ever since quarter, one of last year, we’ve been disappointed that none of these companies have released uh outside of tesla and quarter, one that they had bought bitcoin. So i want to know what you guys think. Do you guys still believe that bitcoin’s going to a hundred thousand dollars, you can still believe it in the chat? Put it put a hashtag 100k or a hashtag no go. I want to know what you guys think so for 100k, for this year, for 2022

Yeah interesting, i can put a poll in uh youtube plant, a pole, tj okay drop a poll; okay, all right, so grayscale.

This is pretty interesting, stuff, grayscale removed, bancor network token. Now was it bancor that had all those problems a few years ago? I believe so like they got hacked and the founder of bancor is also, i think, the guy who was making that uh cell phone – oh we’re supposed to be using pre-search instead of google. Now do you know that? Yes, we have a partnership with pre-search, it’s a decentralized search engine.

Let’S try it. Let’S see what the results are uh. This is a decentralized search engine research is a crypto project, we’ll be telling you more about them down the road um, but uh. Let’S see founder, bancor network see if it’s the same guy founders. No, i don’t think it’s the same.

There was a different one. Does anybody remember what the other project was that got hacked that also started with a b? That was also a decentralized. It wasn’t the same one so anyways. The point here is this: grayscale is now um, making these new uh a new trust and getting rid of two tokens.

This to me communicates that you should probably and no offense to anyone who owns uma protocol or bank or network token. I think we have a little uma somewhere. This is probably a sign that i would get out of those personally. What do you think you agree with that? Uh yeah, i mean it’s, not a good sign.

Put it that way. I mean it’s not a good sign this. This indicates there could possibly be a regulatory problems right coming down the future yeah. According to a recent series of tweets posted by the company, this will be the first time amp token employed to collateralize. Payments on the flexa network has been included in grayscale’s investment portfolio.

So amp is the big news. Amp is now in yeah. That’S good. If you were not bullish on amp before this will give you a good reason to be bullish, we’re extremely bullish right, extremely bullish on amp, and we have been for a long time partially, because we were waiting for this to happen when we saw that they added It to their list grayscale we’re like okay, that’s worth while reason to look at amp. Then there was rumors of an amazon partnership with amp and a lot of positive tech things, and then all that comes together yeah, so they removed those two at an amp.

I think that’s very bullish for amp very bearish for uma um. Let’S see grayskill is the world’s biggest entity and, of course, the company that owns great skill as digital currency group has direct ties back to uh people high up in the chinese government, not good stuff. We’Ve exposed them before told you. We we’re going to do more of that in the future. In this year, we’re gon na be telling you about some of these companies that are bad actors.

However, swim with the whales right like you, can be very bearish on the actions of a company and you can still follow their investments and make money we want it. We wanted this year really aimed to show you guys how a lot of this vc money works and where it flows into, and how you can use that as an indicator to get into projects if you’re, using that as an indicator to get into projects. This would be a good indicator to get into amp, not financial advice, of course, to get into amp good indicator, get out of bank or get out of uma just if you’re, following what they’re doing, if you’re big fans of those projects, you believe in the long Term then your stay, but in the short term we definitely believe that uh. You know this is not a great sign for them. So um, let’s see anything else here about this nope, not really.

We go and move on to phantom and the results of that poll. Basically, 75 25 or 74 26 uh for yes, bitcoin will hit 100k in 2022.

Okay: let’s, let’s do this, i want an additional pull. Okay, let’s do, let’s do an additional pull. I want to know what rate how many pull options can we do four, i believe at least i might be able to do more.

Okay, i want to know what range you think bitcoin will top out at this year. Oh we! I guess we don’t need yeah. I guess we do uh put 40 to 60k 60 to 80k, 80 to 100k and then 100k plus, because i want to know the people that don’t think is going to hit 100k. I want to know where they kind of think that it will uh.

It will end at and we know, obviously it it can’t hop out less than 40k because it it’s there now right, so, okay be up in just a second. I want to know what these people think. I don’t know what my audience thinks. You know. I think that there’s a lot of value in that all right, phantom and near protocol uh skyrocket, 20 check that left side or it might be me no you’re good near and phantom on a roll most major uh.

Most larger cap alts have failed to produce any significant price gains lately once again interesting, since the bitcoin dominance is dropping ethereum as a prime example, is it traded above four thousand dollars roughly a weekly a week ago, however, it started to decline in value gradually and Now stands below 3 800 after another one percent drop since yesterday, finance coins, solana, cardano xrp, luna, avalanche, doe, sheba and matic. Also in the red, polka dot only exception uh. That’S all the pair chain hype. Has it moving the situation with the lower and mid cap? Altcoins somewhere different phantom and near protocol have stolen the show past 24 hours, with similar 20 price increases um.

So, let’s see here, bitcoin drops below 47k yadda yadda yadda uh wait. I thought there were two stories about this weren’t there, but the point here is is that phantom has been really big on the move here lately. If we go here to coin market cap is one of the few coins that has actually been on an uptrend. So if you look here, it’s all the way up to number 28. If you look at the year to date, it’s insane basically last uh last year, that’s year to oh that’s year to date for year to date, year to date, doesn’t make any sense.

Since january. 4Th i just realized yeah. I was about to do some really spectacular analysis there, okay, so when you’re looking here at phantom while the rest of the market has been going down, it has been absolutely crushing it and if you look at where it was uh, you know over over the summer. It did kind of the same thing. Everything else did it dropped had a big run-up popped out around the same day that bitcoin topped out it dropped back down, and now it’s basically at all-time highs again.

So, let’s see the top three dollars, it got up to 316

It’S only 16 cents, um uh, only 16 cents away from an all-time high, or, i guess 18 cents away at this point. So phantom is definitely a smart contract platform. That’S got a lot of good things about it. You know one thing i like about phantom: i’m i’m very bullish on the names of all the projects in their ecosystem, really there’s some they’re all like halloween ghost themed. Oh, that’s: fun, yeah, yeah, they’re, all like uh, let’s see if we can find some of the while you’re.

Looking at that. Speaking of wordplay radio face said you know you should never yell into a colander it’ll strain your voice. Oh i get it. I get it bad jokes for the win, yeah dad jokes for the win. Let’S see ecosystem see if it’s got any of the names of the project.

I can’t remember what any of them are called right now, let’s see, if we go to, let’s see, does it have a fanta, a phantom? It does not have a phantom platform. I’D love to see if we could find out what the phantom tokens are, because they have really cool names. Somebody can drop them in the chat. If you know what they are they’re really funny, we did a whole video on it.

So all right, let’s move on here, asic! Let’S talk about mining, asic maker, kanan signs, multiple deals for expansion into kazakhstan, so it looks like some people think it’ll top out between 60 and 80k yeah, it looks like we’ve got out of 1500 votes on the youtube poll. We’Ve got exactly 36 percent and 80 to 100, exactly 36 percent and 100k plus, then the other you know 28 yeah or in the lower category. I i think, if you think it’s going to go above 80, you probably think it’s going to go to 100 for the most part, one thing at least very close to it. Yeah we got a lot of 89s nine.

You know a lot of people feel like it’s going to go up towards 100 and then lose steam right when people you know, it’ll be a big sell-off right at 95. Something like that. Yeah 90 definitely could be. Evelyn could be uh, but but look the people watching this channel. You guys still believe it’s going to 100k and i think that’s good spirit swap and spooky swap those are two of the other ones.

Phantom grim reaper, spooky boo, it’s pretty funny stuff! Well, you’re, just reaper tomb: those are all tokens on fandom, isn’t halloween your favorite holiday. Well, i love christmas. I do love halloween. I think halloween is the coolest holiday to have your birthday near.

Oh, that’s, right! Yeah my son’s born on halloween and my birthday is almost halloween uh, the second number two. What would you say? Number two is for best holiday to have a birthday near yep, fourth of july, maybe yeah, absolutely yep good good one. There party definitely not christmas.

Definitely not thanksgiving no cause, then you just get forgotten. Yeah yeah, exactly no sense to my family members that do have birthdays yeah, because we didn’t save for my mom’s birthday. It’S almost it’s right between christmas and new year’s yeah. So shout out to the mother. All right, so we told you this before about how a lot of this the kazakhstan mining is directly from china.

When china put the ban on mining, they gave permission to a lot of their miners to move to kazakhstan and uzbekistan. Those are the two countries. So, look for uh look for uzbekistan to also kind of follow in the in the footprints of what kazakhstan is doing. Uh chinese crypto mining rig maker kanan entered into strategic collaborations with multiple mining firms in kazakhstan that looks to expand its presence in the central asian company huh. Interesting, isn’t it remember what i just told you or what i just told you chinese crypto mining rig maker kanan.

We are we’re already seeing the china tax. Are you seeing the china tags all right, tie-ins that is, as of december 31st kanan had 10 300 avalon miners um, it’s collaborating with local firms to form a joint mining business in kazakhstan, um it’s among the most preferred locations for mining firms, thanks to its abundance Of cheap electricity, however, the sudden influx of crypto miners last year overwhelmed parts of the country’s electoral program, and this is the the question. I would ask you the question i would ask you is: where do you think these miners are coming from? Where do you think they’re, if they’re not coming from china, where are they coming from coming from russia? Is that where they’re coming from could be, but we know they’re coming from china, they’re coming from china?

So – and i also told you remember how, when it came to this whole thing about the chinese mining ban, it was all a lot of hysteria because even if the hash rate leaves china, which it was actually the goal of, this move uh, you know by people That made this happen. The goal is to spread the hash rate out, but china still owns mining because they they create and manufacture almost all the mining rigs okay. So this is a way for them to kind of hide their hash rate, so they don’t get such uh. They don’t get targeted for having all this hash power of bitcoin. They move it to kazakhstan, and now they capitalize, with their miners, coming right behind them.

They’Re mining rigs right, so basically, it’s obvious before you could look at the on-chain analytics and it was very obvious that most of the mining was being done in china. Now it takes a little bit of a deeper understanding of the nuances to be able to tell now at surface level. It looks pretty balanced and spread out. But if you look beneath the surface and see like wait, who controls these things, who are making these chips? It’S clearly very much dominated by chinese control.

Absolutely uh, someone said we’re making this up, which part i’m sure they’re talking about moving chinese miners. Moving to kazakhstan, go look at the calendar. Go look at the timeline. Look at when kazakhstan all of a sudden shot up to the number three country right after the mining ban. It’S very easy!

Just look at the clues very easy! It’S like this comment here generally, china totally lets all their citizens just travel freely. There’S nothing to see here right, of course, which is when this band came out and they said they were going to let miners move. That was the exact point that we brought up yep, so somebody said: should i buy amp or dot sure i would say dot right now. I love amp, but i would say i think, dot’s about to get very hot very soon.

So look for that. What said a hot dot, speaking of hot cosmos-based exchange, osmosis crosses one billion in la in total, locked value. Uh tvl is a divine measurement of how much you know. Uh money in crypto is placed on these platforms osmosis the first decks on the cosmos network crossed one billion in total value locked on monday night, big number here, uh, you can see right there. There’S liquidity, osmo, osmosis tokens, osmo uh, surged 13.

I want to buy some of this. I didn’t realize. Osmo was the token for the uh for the polka dot decks. We love cosmos, decks. We love cosmos yeah.

I think that would be a good one to invest in reaching new eyes and crossing the november 21st. High of six dollars and 80 cents osmo holders can state their tokens to receive yields and rewards and participate in platform governance to suggest measures for growing the protocol osmosis relies on smart contracts inside of middlemen, uh guys here. Here’S what you should be taking away from this, the cosmos ecosystem is moving and it is doing big things. You know i had a. It was going to sound really weird, i’m just saying i had a dream: the cosmos was the number one smart contract platform.

I don’t know if you guys believe in dreams. I believe dreams are real. I’Ve had them before. Do you believe dreams are real. Yes, i’ve had them before as well.

Yes, i i think people do have dreams uh. I did have a dream a couple nights ago. The first, this is what i dream about. I dream about cosmos. You know crypto yeah.

I definitely dream about crypto every night, so um come here and look at what cosmos has been doing lately uh, you guys can see that uh cosmos all chart, let’s suck it in here osmo’s been killing it. We should definitely get some of that yeah. I agree. I agree so here’s the thing when you got a project that that’s not a top 20 project and it’s at all-time highs. It can keep moving um just to get some exposure.

I would be okay with that. If, let’s say polkadot was at an all-time high, i would probably wouldn’t want to get in right. The smaller the project, the better it is to get it at all-time months. Usually getting at all-time highs is not a good strategy for us. We look at coins.

We want exposure to period and we don’t necessarily care where they’re at for a project. That’S not a top 20 or top 50 coin. I don’t think it’s. What is it now? Do you know if you pulled it up osmosis yeah, it’s 2824

If it’s the right office, no, that’s not right!

It’S osmo, osmo yeah! That can’t be right. Why are there two of them yeah, there’s two and no. This is this. Is it right here, yeah you’re right holy crap yeah?

I think it’s good go buy this now. Yeah, damn i know damn everybody else goes and does it yeah uh yeah. I definitely want in on this, but i had a dream. Cosmos was the number one part look. Cosmos has a lot of stuff to like about it.

Mm-Hmm um. I i think that it’s it’s going to end up being the most interoperable of all projects. Uh, it’s got the tendermint um infrastructure, it’s built on. Nobody cares about that right, that’s watching, but the point is when you’re looking at smart contract platforms that are up and coming, i think cosmos has yet to have that run where it gets to the top ten look at avalanche. Look at solana.

Look at tezos! Look at obviously cardano um tara, luna. All these projects kind of end up making this run to the top ten, even al goran, i think, almost got there at some point and then they fall back. A lot of them do. Watch rico wants to be one of the next ones to get that run so all right.

Let’S moving on here square enix, ceo reveals plans for blockchain metaverse nfts uh yosuke matsuda draws a line between old school gaming, which he terms play for fun in next generation. Play to earn gaming, i think this is not what we’ve like we’ve not yet seen this transition between play for fun to play, play to earn right, we’re we’re seeing the uh. What could be the future, the foreshadowing of that coming. We haven’t seen it yet. It’S going to take a lot of people by surprise: uh, yasuke, matsuda, ceo of square enix, revealed the company’s intentions for blockchain and nft spheres.

His new year’s message on saturday in his letter matsuda begins with a discussion of the metaverse before noting that facebook’s renaming to meta is proved that the concept isn’t a passing fad, he expects 2022 to be a year of hype for the metaverse um. If you guys want more metaverse content, you guys make sure head on over to our youtube channel scroll down here, to featured and make sure to subscribe to new money, gang they’re, doing a lot of metaverse content there and also nft update as well uh. We also have a brand new hit music channel um that we haven’t really talked about yet so, oh they changed their logo good yeah. I did notice that well i i touched them too yeah i told them to. Yesterday i looked at it yesterday.

I was like, i can’t even see you can’t even read the nft part of that that new one looks way better yeah. I like that, a lot that looks cool yeah, so anyways you want more content, go, go check those out, um. Okay, i want to talk about this. Let’S move on our last story and i want to have a discussion with the bit squad here da vinci he’s one of the earliest investors in bitcoin that had a youtube channel. He was telling people to buy back in.

Is it 2011, i believe so um, let’s see if there’s any he’s kind of famous for that, but he’s a crypto youtuber. I know he’s been on my channel before i like davinci. Somebody here said: 2010

Yeah, i thought maybe it would have a link to that thing, but it doesn’t on here uh joined 2011. Maybe it was around. Then they made that video, not really sure, but the the point here is is he was one of the first people to be pointing at this and say i buy bitcoin by bitcoin and now he has made this really strange move.

A few days ago i sold my xrp to buy ship. I feel good about it. Now i will say this. I will say this. I ain’t selling my xrp.

I went to my you. You could not there’s nothing. You can do to pry my xrp for my hands. Okay would not sell it to buy anything. I want to more focus on the fact he sold xrp to buy ship, and is it time that we finally invest in shiba in you.

I wonder what bitcoin thinks about it, guys i’m starting to wonder. Okay, do you not think it’s weird that so many ethereum whales hold ship a lot, a big portion of it, so many of uh uh here’s this story right here: um 10 wallets hold 72 percent of uh, the shiba inu supply, who are they, and that sounds Really dangerous, and it is because they could dump the price in a second and they’ve done it before, but we’ve also got a lot of stories showing that many of the sheba is the number one most held coin by the top of the area. Mattresses. Is there something to this? Is there something to it?

Is there something if it’s dark and sinister? That’S fine, i’m not involved in it. I can make money on it right, yeah, the only i mean there is the angle of you know getting it sent to wallet. So it’s a marketing tactic right. They generate all these tokens they send when the tokens are at a low value, they send a lot to wallets like they did with uh vitalik.

You know he was one of the largest ethereum holders. They sends them to him yeah. They go down that list, do it with other major holders and they’re not paid that’s what they did. Yeah that’s what they did with vitalik and well. I know it’s what they do with vitality, but is that what they did with the other wallets, i’m not sure, but you’d have to go.

Will you find the answer that question? I think? That’S, i think. That’S where the the proof in the pudding, you know exists. Yeah but it’d be, i mean, obviously it’s a good tactic, you market around it i mean it is getting somewhat just from a tech.

If you look at the chart, i mean it’s getting back down to kind of exactly it. It seems like a good time to buy honestly if there is yeah the next time. There’S a big pump, it’ll probably pump pretty hard, but it’s i still put it in the extremely high risk category. Well, yeah, of course, like it’s, not really an investment, but but what other, but but what other coin that is in the top 20? Do you say that about?

Well, i mean i would put litecoin in a similar category like you, okay, so you put litecoin and shiba in you in the same category in a lot of ways, yeah completely, that’s interesting! It’S very interesting in the category of like not relevant other than could get hyped up and there’s enough people to move the price like what litecoin has is a lot of early huddlers that could move it. Litecoin to me has become almost completely irrelevant, um well, but it it. It just keeps getting listed like on paypal and yeah. You know, because of the because of the longevity, but it just slowly slides down.

The list is my point yeah. So that’s the only one. I know is not one that’s been sliding down the list slowly, you know i mean she was very volatile. More like a doge. I guess you could say yeah.

You know hype based and guys. I mean look here. Here’S the thing. It’S not like i’m putting all my money in sheba. No, that’s what i was trying to say.

It’S not like. I put all my money in it’s not like it’s going to change the rest of our portfolio drastically. I’M just saying. Maybe we want to buy 100k worth and just see what happens you know if it went down 50, then that’s a risk, i’m willing to take um. How far is it from the all-time high right now about 50 or or more about about that?

You’D have to no actually it’s no! It’S down about 70. It’S down about 70. I hate how low this mass is also going to say it depends on which direction you go bottom up, you know or top down yeah, so it was at 0.08 and it’s down at the peak and and it’s point – zero zero, zero.

Three, three one, seven! So it’s down about sixty percent. It looks like about sixty percent yeah. I’D put it like almo. Another category i put it in would be almost like an nft project that got real big, a lot of hype and then it’s retraced.

A ton they’ve lost a ton of value, is you know there may be promising all sorts of things? Will it recover? Will it not? Maybe maybe not? Maybe you get in on a down and ride the hype back up and sell the high.

But it’s still, you know high risk right. But if we’re talking about swimming with the whales – and we can confirm that these coins were not sent for free, like they were to vitality, which can easily be tracked yeah – that’s the big caveat, i think yeah so um. If you look at the pre, if you look at the chart here for sheba uh, which you know i’m going to bring on our ta guy, do some ta on this. But it looks very. This right here looks very similar to this, and if that were the case, then it would be sideways for a long time right, um, but i i don’t know if we’re gon na see that or not like.

Maybe it’s been sideways for a little bit uh. Maybe it goes sideways for a longer period of time, but if it goes sideways i mean that’s, not bad. If it’s going to eventually go up, you know i mean it would probably be a good time to get it so, and people are saying that people are um. You know sheba is developing stuff, so i’m certainly not selling my xrp to my ship, but for the first time for the first time i’m strongly considering like. Maybe we should get some cheap and see what happens and what i would say when people say they’re developing stuff, every crypto project that exists out there will come out and say they’re developing stuff.

It’S just a matter of how realistic that development is so yeah. There’S. Nobody there’s no project that exists. That says, like oh we’re not really doing anything i mean. Maybe there are, but those are dead projects zombie projects as we call them.

Anybody with funding is going to at least feign an attempt at developing some sort of product. So yeah, but i think i i think this i think now look i’m not a shiba expert by any stretchy imagination, but i do believe that there there are actual like examples of things that are developed. I don’t think it’s just like dogecoin development, like that’s just a general thing. Nobody knows what they’re actually doing they’re coming out with a swap a game different stuff, so we’ll have to see what happens with it if it works. What i’m saying is it depends on the rate and all that sort like there, there’s developers doing things, but how realistic that they’re going to hit their road map goals and all that sort of stuff is a lot harder, listen, listen.

This could become an example of a situation where basically, people kind of got lucky in the beginning, with sheba like nobody could have possibly imagined when this thing started, it would be where it’s at now. No anyone who tells you that they knew is lying. It could be a situation where now you’ve got all these people in shiba that have so much money that they actually have the money to take the project to a legit place. That’S definitely something to consider. We’Ve seen that before.

If you look at dash, for instance, go look at the beginnings of dash extremely sketchy, unbelievably sketchy. Actually, i would say very similar to the beginnings of what we’ve seen with sheba very similar. What they did is eventually they changed. They rebranded like three times they brought on legit developers and actually got dash where it’s a very respected project. It may not be doing great money wise, but it’s got great development, a great community, a great app, very fast.

It works. It’S got a good name in the space, not started out that way. Maybe we’re seeing something similar. So just something watch out, i’m not saying it’s gon na happen, i’m just asking the question like look. We’Ve seen this before.

Could that be the case here down the road potentially right, guys? Well, that’s all i got for today. Uh, maybe we’ll see what happens. Maybe my voice will be better tomorrow. It just this came all of a sudden.

So i know what everybody’s saying in the comments, but i don’t think it’s true all right guys. That’S all i got be blessed bye. You

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