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Tuesday, October 4, 2022


Welcome back to cryptozoros, i am George we’re all George. Is it time? Is it time to discuss whether or not this is the end for bitcoin and crypto? So many have exited the market completely in the and today it’s just absolute apocalypse when you look at what’s happening with stocks with the equity market and for all coins, so does that mean we need to have a serious conversation whether or not we are going to Go into a long, prolonged bare market for bitcoin and crypto. Well, I’m going to address that very question today.

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Welcome! Welcome guys a lot a lot, a lot of fear out there right now, but guess what guess? What bitcoin is crawling up? It is above 35, 000, now much better than this morning, when it flash crashed down to about 32 900. In fact, there was a scam wick right here that you can see.

I call it scam wick, because uh there was a sudden push up to about 38 000. Then it dipped down and then it continued to go down further. However, we’re starting to see some traction for bitcoin and all coins are still still not doing too good hasn’t flipped up or anything, but is it the end for bitcoin and crypto? Well, let’s take a look let’s before i get to answer that question. Let’s take a look what’s happening today: okay, today, it’s just a very, very, very bad day.

In fact, the dew was at negative 1 000, which we haven’t seen in a while, but what’s even worse, is nasdaq and negative 4 over 500 wiped out. That is normally something that you don’t see across the board on is such a big index like nasdaq, unless you have days like this, where there’s true panic from wall street really really really panicking about. What’S going to happen tomorrow and just take a look netflix down almost 10 percent, they are down close to 40 percent within a matter of days 40. That’S even worse than some of all coins out there, even tesla, which is going to report on wednesday down 8. Well, what about crypto companies like microstrategy, now down nine percent?

On top of all the downs that they’ve experienced recently coinbase down 11 and even riot, a mining company is down. Eight percent today is a total slaughterhouse. Okay, when it comes to stocks and crypto, the only thing you could do is laugh about it, because it’s a slaughterhouse, okay, there’s no other way to put it and, of course, uh. You know this is all anticipation of this. The fed meeting that’s go happen tomorrow and wednesday.

Many are still anticipating that chairman powell will be very hawkish very hawkish and talk about four rate hikes and the first one will start in march: go start buying less bonds, start selling off the balance sheet and basically liquidity into the market. It’S going to stop flowing and it’s all doom and gloom from there right. This is why wall street is panicking right now, in fact, you know i usually show you guys, like oversoul levels, rs high levels and stuff like that. Someone posted this. This is not a bitcoin; this is a nasdaq.

Nasdaq is so oversold right now it’s at the same point as 2009, so it’s been how many years 13 years nasdaq has not been this oversold since 2009, when we had that last recession. That shows you how much fear there is right now in the market – okay, 12 years, so think about that so yeah, there’s a lot of fear out there and what’s also contributing to this fear, is this and not a whole lot of people’s talking about it? Is that yeah russia has just deployed like a hundred thousand troops to the border us sent a ton of uh lethal aid? That’S what i was. I was told lethal aid.

I don’t know when we decided to call weapons lethal aid to ukraine, but this is also starting to escalate. Whether or not a peaceful resolution will be found or if there’s war coming right. So this is also coming, and this is not good. So you add, what’s going on with this, with the foc fomc meeting, let’s go start tomorrow, you know what it’s looking pretty darn bad right. This is why everyone is panicking why the markets are selling off and why so many people have exited the market.

However, does that mean the end is near today’s one of those days? It’S weird because you know a lot of crypto people tend to make fun of themselves, make fun of uh the new positions that they have right. For example, even president buchelli uh tweeted this that he is now working at mcdonald’s uh, michael saylor of course, said that he’s working at uh thai unis, which is a hibachi place right. Even plan b of all people plan b rather than post a stock to flow model, he posted this and we can’t argue with that. Right now can’t argue with that at all.

But uh does this mean that it’s all over for bitcoin and crypto right when everyone has lost it when everyone is so fearful and down? Does that mean it’s time to get out, get out of the market, cut your losses and forget about attaining life-changing wealth through crypto, because it was just a fantasy all along. Does it mean it’s time it’s time? Well, my answer is no. No, it’s not, and i have reasons to share why but one of the things i’ve been driving home for the last few days is when everyone is anticipating the worst news and everyone is bearish and everyone thinks it is over.

That’S when you want to get in. That’S when the real investors come in and pounce on the terrific and awesome sales that is going on and partly the reason why i think bitcoin is starting to come up, because we know bitcoin has been very, very, very oversold in fact this morning dropping to 9, Which some speculated needed to happen because we had an unfilled uh futures, uh gap and and people are still talking about that, but we filled that and since then, despite the overall market, getting worse, bitcoin is actually starting to come up. Can we see 36 000 by the end of this stream? Maybe maybe maybe some investors out there realize? Well, we should not be like wall street because they’re just being reactive, they don’t really believe in the first place.

Maybe wall street is completely out of crypto and bitcoin already and if that’s the case what’s left is the true holders, the holders that are holding on no matter what, and maybe we could start forming a base from here, okay, so uh. So that’s my opinion. Okay, when everyone literally everyone on planet earth, is fearful about what’s gon na be announced the next few days uh, you know what i think it’s a pretty good could be pretty good buying opportunity, and i have some some reasons for that number one is you know? I talked about liquidations a lot in the past right, a lot of people getting liquidated, getting wrecked a lot of people getting margin called under loans right. That’S one thing: i’ve always said: don’t invest more than what you can afford to lose.

Don’T take a loan against your bitcoin, i’m hearing that a lot of people that have taken their loans with their bitcoin or ethereum um on lending platforms like celsius, they’re, all getting margin called and some can’t pay it back so they’re being sold. So that’s also adding to it, but of course, we’ve seen many people get liquidated as well, because they’re just taking a risk right well uh, it seems like it seems like that’s starting to die down, because even on a day like today, when we had a pretty Big dip, you know the the leveraged longs started coming down nowhere as bad as the last last week. You could see that this morning about 150 to about 200 million overall, but you could definitely see that this is not nearly as bad as before. Right so again, the the leverage traders, greedy traders gone they’ve been wrecked right, the ones that may be liquidated or margin called through their loans. Well, maybe they’re starting to dissipate too um, and it does look like wall street has just gotten out right.

Besides the true holders like microstrategy and even you can include tesla in there and square and the miners and uh some of the bigger funds out there like grayscale and stuff. Those guys are not going to sell ever, but all the other ones. They seem to have sold off, they seem to have disappeared right, so these are good good signs, they’re good signs that we are forming that bottom, that we are building that base so that we can continue forward. Okay, so there’s a couple things i want to show you guys number one is. If you look at tvl today, tvl of all the d5 projects which did take a big dump, because when the underlying tokens that this is representing, is going down and have taken a dump, then of course tvl goes down right.

Seeing how much all coins have sold off recently, it makes sense, but you can see 24 hour change. 24 hour change actually went up four percent, which means that there’s more people right now taking advantage of d5, and this is what i’ve been suggesting too right. If you’re going to be a long-term holder, why would you not pour more into d5 products where you’re making interest you’re making rewards right? It just makes sense, and it does seem like people are taking advantage, they’re learning from that. That is why you have the tvl.

Actually going up five percent or close to five percent for today, something else i i just got to point out, not that i think it’s it’s. It’S go carry the market, but if you look at the nft market that ft market is up 18 today. So, despite the fact, you do think that hey everyone is being conservative right now and everyone’s leaving the market. Well, the nft market is still ongoing and blowing up so total volume about 17 billion, 16.5 billion, but 24 hour change up 18.

So these are encouraging. Metrics people that are staking and earning rewards, meaning that they are in for the long haul, they’re not exiting the market, and you stab people that are speculating on nfts, because there’s still a lot of nfcs coming out. A lot of hyped up. Brands that are coming in right there’s a lot of stuff going on, so these two are important metrics. Also, if you’re just looking from a technical perspective, this is one from tech dev, which shows that bitcoin is is oversold at the same point.

This is not a weekly scale. The the rsi is getting the same point same point as when bitcoin touched 3 800 back in 2020, not 30 000 from last year. We’Re at the same point as when big one was down to 3 800 and also the same point close to it when bitcoin fell down to 3 000 back in 2019 right. So this does show you from a technical standpoint that bitcoin is extremely extremely oversold. Even the person that invented bollard, your bands is coming out and tweeting how we should start thinking about a bottom in crypto bitcoin has been on a if you look at it.

Bowler demand. I don’t have an example today, but it is on the very low side outside the range of boulder bands. So even the guy who invented bulger bands thinks that hey. We should start thinking about a bottom and, what’s funny, is he hashtag litecoin in here, and people are asking if litecoin is still relevant today, so i’m glad to see that i’m not the only one that feels the same way about litecoin, but just to show you That there are some people that are thinking about it. Thinking about how there’s so much fear and panic going on.

Maybe is start to think about where that bottom is starting to take advantage of our situation rather than think about selling out now, which many people have done so right. Even some of the big influencers have done so recently, because they’re so fearful, they’re thinking that the market could continue to go down and get worse and worse and worse, which it can’t right but think about it, we’re all off more than 50 already for bitcoin right. The downside is more limited than the upside right now, although some haters will say no, the downside is to zero. No bitcoin is not going to zero right, so panic selling now trying to cut your losses now. Just is not a smart thing if you held on all this time, continue to hold right, continue to hold, have that patience and think about taking advantage.

If you can, because that is what the smart investors do, they take advantage when others are fearful like right. Now, all right now, besides this other things that support this case well, a liquid supply for bitcoin continues to go up. This is the ultimate measure of whether or not bitcoin is being deposited into exchanges and being liquidated, and the answer is no. No, it’s not. So all this price action that’s happening right now is basically within the bitcoins on the exchanges.

This is not bitcoin being deposited by the miners not being deposited by michael saylor or any other large whale. All that’s happening right now is happening within exchanges. The liquid supply, which measures bitcoin off the exchanges, continue to rise it doesn’t it didn’t get affected at all? It didn’t go down nearly at all versus the price action, so this is also very, very, very encouraging, and i did talk about this already um. Oh no.

This one is talking about yeah filling that gap, but what’s interesting out of here is the number of bitcoins that has not been moved for at least 12 months hit. Sixty percent so again adds to that liquid supply adds to the fact that holders will continue to hold no matter what and what we’re waiting for is wall street right now that have gotten in in 2021 that are panic, selling and retail investors that simply don’t have The patience to hold we’re waiting for them to get out, but i honestly feel we’re close we’re we’re very close to that point, because the holders continue to believe continue to dca continue to buy and continue to hold all so, there’s no reason why that that we Have any fear that the remaining 60 right is going to drop, because basically, these are the holders, long time holders and miners and the people that truly believe in bitcoin long haul? Okay, so there you go um i’ll, tell you that that’s pretty much it right! Now. What we’re seeing is bitcoin having a pretty good run up above 35 000, which is interesting.

The big question mark, i think a lot of you guys are asking about, is whether or not this will stay. Whether or not this is just another fake out to make you think that we are heading up, but it’s go reverse down. That could be a possibility. Just look at this big scam wick this morning right when bitcoin rallied 37 000 could have been a short squeeze right to liquidate the shorts uh, because that wouldn’t look with a lot of shorts also. But we are basically right back to the point, at least for bitcoin at the same point as we were last night, we didn’t go any lower.

Now the all coins did sell off tremendously, okay because of fear, because of a lot of fear. So if you’re, looking at 24 hours on cmc, you cannotice, that bitcoin is actually it might even flip it to the green. But today, if you’re thinking about dca man, there are a lot of bargains right now, if you’re looking at all coins, because even ethereum went down four percent finance coin, five percent solana down a staggering 10 today, luna barely moved right. I told you guys, i think tara is going to flip solana. It might happen today there’s only a 700 million separating the two, but uh solana might be pushed out to number nine pretty soon if they continue this horrendous sell-off and that’s due to a couple reasons: the continues continuous network outages and the number of vcs holding.

I think that’s crucial the number of vc’s holding they might be just like getting out right now. Right could be why they have been so weak but tara because of terra usd man that is really really carrying them right now, but you have other ones that sold off quite a bit too like avalanche. So so, but still i think, they’re terrific play uh polygon went off big today, down 10, really, no reason for that other than fear, cosmos, look at cosmos, cosmos says screw it we’re not going down. Cosmos is actually up four percent today, that’s fantastic, and that’s really amazing, if you think about the number of the the the fear level today right. So that’s actually really really amazing, but then you also have others like algorand.

I think it’s a good, buy uh chain link, also biggest oracle out. There today is bargains bargains, bargain bargain hunting, day or dca day right v chain uh over 10. Today, uh even uh, you know hedera um, there’s several others in here right today is a good good dca day, if i say so myself, but it’s very very encouraging that bitcoin look at it, i said: can we see 36 000 by the end of this stream? Maybe we are definitely seeing some momentum here if you’re looking at the volume one that wondering whether or not this is legit well, the volume is actually picking up versus you know yesterday, so we’re seeing some good volume into bitcoin right now. Can we actually see green for bitcoin today with the market not doing so well?

Well, that would be pretty encouraging right. This is what we want to see. This is what we want to see in a good way where bitcoin is decoupling from nasdaq, which we know right now, very, very coupled mostly because of wall street, because they’re equating they bought in bitcoin in 2021, and possibly several all coins in 2021 and they’re selling Off because they’re selling off their tech stock and they’re kind of equating the two being the same. But we know they’re not the same, especially when we’re talking about bitcoin. But it’s very encouraging that we’re seeing bitcoin coming up and all coins starting to come up.

A little bit yet the overall market is still being down very, very encouraging. Like i said what everyone is a hundred percent fearful, you know that’s when you may want to go against the hurt right, the herd, mentality, uh. You know what this is. Why i say: do the opposite? Do the opposite, don’t be fearful and don’t follow her all right, um yeah!

I think that’s it uh. That’S it! Don’T the only two other things before q a is. I didn’t want to announce my partner, i trust capital. So if you are thinking about dca, i trust capital allows you to buy crypto utilizing your retirement funds in 401k, and i know many of you guys have taken advantage.

So you don’t have to worry about tax. You don’t have to worry about taxes of capital gains right, so they just added avalanche today. So that’s a pretty big one, but they already have many others. Basically, every single one anything you could think of: bitcoin ethereum, polygon, cardano, solana, avalanche now and even some meme coins. So they did add that and then one other thing i want to show you guys – and this is from my new partner and it’s very important because right now i’ve been talking about dca right and some of you guys may not understand what dca means or how To do it, but basically you’re just setting yourself for schedule right, you’re, setting yourself on a schedule to either buy the dip based on some criteria like a percentage or you’re, going by some time frame, weekly monthly bi-weekly, whatever you may be right.

So that is something i will show you guys with vault, which is one of my new partners. They give you terrific rates just by leaving your crypto in their wallet, so they are one of the latest lending plays out there. However, they also allow you to buy and what they have is called aip, which is basically dcang, and what i like about this is how simple it is. It’S really simple, so you could see you could buy the dip right here. You could set by the dip and what percentage you want if the price goes down by 10, you want to buy the dip okay, if you don’t want to buy the dip, and you want to follow by a daily schedule, weekly schedule, monthly schedule right and you Could set one month three months, six months whatever it may be, you could do so as well right, so that is dca scheduling based on either a time scale or by some kind of criteria like five percent.

Ten percent two percent is way too aggressive, but like ten percent, that’s a pretty good one, but many people wait even longer fifteen twenty percent, whatever right, but just want to show you what you guys, what it’s all about and vault can help you with that and Not only that you can also get some terrific rates with bdc and stable coins, especially with stable coins and many others like ethereum and even xrp, and bad and stellar, and many other cryptos that you guys are familiar with all right. That’S pretty much it! You know what oh we’re almost back to 36 000

This is looking real. This is looking pretty real all right. Let’S do some q a bdc pump faking more than bun rothberger.

Maybe, but let’s, let’s keep an eye. Let’S keep an eye on the volume right here, because volume you could see is starting to pick up right. You can see when we’ve done from 36 over here 36
5 down you look at the volume look at how low the volume is compared to now, so the volume is definitely picking up. It’S picking them in a big way in a good way too so and if you’re looking at like whether or not bitcoin is oversold right now, you can see on the one hour time frame, macd below just flipped to the green uh rsi touched the bottom. When we hit about 33 000 this today, it’s starting to come back up right and if you’re, looking at four hour well, four hour, macd flipped to the green, also hit that bottom this morning and stochastic rsi, which was actually coming down, is starting to come back Up and if you look at the daily man daily shows, we are extremely oversold: macd has not flipped yet, but our size at 25 and stochastic is about to flip up.

So i mean from a technical standpoint. Bitcoin is extremely oversold. We know that we already knew that right, but uh what’s going on right now is maybe people are starting to recognize that bitcoin is too oversold and we need to get in and we need to go against the herd, mentality or maybe they’re, realizing that there is No better buy to hedge against inflation than bitcoin or there’s a third theory i saw someone say in the chat, maybe because ukraine and ukraine, citizens are starting to buy bitcoin to get their wealth out, get their money out of ukraine. If this escalates, which is an interesting theory, i saw someone mention it. That could also be the case too.

So that’s actually pretty interesting, but we’ll see we’ll see where this goes. While i do q a um all right scrolling up here, real raid bosses. This is one of your best streams ever i appreciate that i do put a lot of thought and heart into these streams. You know – sometimes i i you know it really gets to me, but um, but you know i continue forward because i i want you guys to not do irrational things that make the same mistakes that i made over the last few years. I’Ve made so many of them, so many of them, tomorrow’s fed meeting, won’t affect prices much tomorrow.

Won’T it’s wednesday wednesday is when powell actually comes out and announces what they decided. So we have to wait until wednesday to see alexander said. I will wait until the powell meeting then proceeded by it’s illogical do so because the selloff currently might be far far from the bottom now. No, i don’t agree with that. I, if you’re trying to trade if you’re trying to be a trader, that’s what you would do, traders look for confirmations they get in and out of the market right and some, i would say many that come into the market.

Think they’re traders! That’S why robin hood is so so uh. You know so widely used by the millennials right, why it got popular, because everyone thinks they could time the market. Everyone thinks that that they could get in on the bottom and get out on the top and most people that try to be traders get wrecked and they lose money because you just don’t know you got to think about it. Everyone knows that the meeting is coming out on wednesday right, so everyone already knows that look at this we’re at 36.

2. Now everyone knows the meeting meetings go come out tomorrow, two days and everyone right now is anticipating that it’s gon na be super super hawkish, which means it’s gon na, be super super bearish for the market. But that’s what everyone thinks, and is everyone really right? All the time, in most cases, no the herd mentality is usually wrong. Right, that’s where the smart investor will say.

Well, maybe they are wrong. So i’m going to hedge against what everyone else is saying: i’m going to dca, i’m going to buy a little bit doesn’t mean that you buy all in right. You buy a little bit in case. Everyone else is wrong and i become right and i profit from that right, but nevertheless, again going back to this trader mentality, don’t try to trade, be an investor be in it for the long haul, because that’s what you need to be. You need to be investor.

Basically, to make money, and – and i don’t – i could argue – that with crypto with stocks with anything, you want to be investor, not a trader. And yes, you could argue some traders successful, but i would argue the most successful people when it comes to investing, is all from from holding and buying and buying low and holding and being an investor, not a trader, all right, uh, let’s see here leo okay, i Appreciate that um rude tv says you’re the best crypto therapist. I appreciate that, what’s your uh mark outlast as you’re the best. What’S your opinion on woo network and wu token, i’ve never been big into the the project, but i heard they they got bought out or they have some big partnership with some other firm um. I forgot who, but it’s just a project.

I never got really involved with, so i can’t really answer that. I i just remember very early on. I hated their. I hated their marketing slogan on their um web page, but they’re they’re, a terminal that helps people to trade and i think they’re really involved with uh algorithmic trading and um and um. What do you call it?

I forgot but yeah it’s for traders um. I think you were wrong about d5 chain the other day. It’S not based on ease it’s a separate blockchain based on opt or optimize for d5. Well, then, what chain is it based on? Is it a zone chain um i’ve heard some people talk about d5 chain.

Sorry, i just didn’t: uh didn’t uh didn’t get a chance to to uh to properly look at it. Uh your event, uh joseph says your video on luna earning help me earn a lot. Am i luna onenote? You can use spectrum protocol to auto compound your anker, ust liquidity pool, interesting see. The thing is, i don’t, like anker hasn’t been doing that.

Well, so, in terms of using liquidity pools, i would not use anchor slash ust. I would much rather use luna ust or some kind of pair against ust or some other pair with luna, not anchor selfies anchor itself has not been doing that well, but what is doing well right now is bitcoin. Volume is still holding it’s very encouraging. Let’S see, let’s see where this goes. If, if somehow right, you could see local local top recently has been about 36 five, which we’re not too far from off.

So you can see right here and then we had over here. 36. 5. 36. 6.

If we could actually smash through that get above 37 and actually hold it and utilize it as a support again like before, that would be fantastic. If we could see that happen, that would be fantastic. I don’t think that’s going to happen during the stream, but we will see we’ll see jelly bean. I appreciate that um phantom is pumping well phantom. I i mean i just did a video on phantom yesterday and phantom’s tvl is like blowing up like crazy.

So, where is phantom right now? Phantom is at number 28 they’re in the green. It’S very encouraging that today i mean look at cosmos. I don’t know what’s going on with cosmos right now, but cosmos is defying all all the fun right now up. Nine percent today they’re actually getting pretty close their all-time high.

So remember for months, i’ve been telling you guys to hold cosmos, it’s undervalued right and it’s defying all odds right now and and having a huge day on a day like today. Imagine when we actually do have green days uh, it’s looking very promising right and tara is still holding strong, barely down today, right um, this flip with with solana. I think that could happen like either today or tomorrow. Um. I think that’s that’s for sure.

Gon na happen, uh all right. Let’S see here, uh alameda research equals market maker, equal market manipulation. I don’t know if they’re a market maker, they’re, more investor they’re, they they’ve invested in every single nft project, metaverse project, so they’re definitely investor they get in very early. They invest seed round strategic rounds of basically every single nft project that has any kind of promise so they’re. The reason why they’ve they’ve gotten that huge evaluation recently is because all their investments into the smaller projects, so i don’t consider them a market maker.

I concerned i’m, you know just like a vc of crypto um. Theoretically franco asks. Can i exchange to list bitcoin, so all coins be bought only with stable coins. Of course, of course, that’s theoretically possible. Will they ever do that?

That would be really stupid of them, because there’s still so many people that trade with bitcoin there’s still so many trading pairs with bitcoin. So can they do so? Yes, it’ll be stupid if they did um what if wall street keeps tanking well you’re talking about what? If nasdaq keeps tanking right, what, if the entire market keeps tanking well, it could but their grasp over not grass, but their their control over bitcoin goes as far as the number they hold right and if they’re already dumping, bitcoin, they’re, already selling off bitcoin and and They’Re trying to prepare for the worst right then at some point you think that well, their control is going to lessened or loosened, because they’ve already sold out right, they can play, they can still buy bitcoin, futures and stuff, but futures have an indirect correlation with bitcoin. I mean future is based on cash and there’s no etf in the u.

, so they could be buying the etf from canada. Maybe panic selling that, but if they buy into a great scale, bitcoin trust share. It just cause grayscale to buy more bitcoin that never gets released back into the market, so uh to answer your question. Eventually we’re gon na see if wall street continues his path of just selling off talk. I i believe we’re gon na see that that inflection point where basically there’s no more to be sold by them and that’s when we can truly recover.

You know it’s a different thing, and i’ve made mention of this. 2021 is different for bitcoin, because, honestly, it was led by institutional investors and wall street. We never had that before we had very. We had four year cycles where it was driven by retail, maybe some manipulation by the whales, but it was primarily driven by retail right now. What we’re seeing is driven by institutions of wall street right, but during this time many many many people have um really come to basically just trading bitcoin as a store of value instead of a tradable asset.

Many are just viewing as as a as asset you just hold right, which is why the liquid supply is high, why the number of holders is high and many that want to trade or make money have moved to the l1 and d5 and nfts right. So i i think from that perspective, it’s also retail. I guess retail consumption of bitcoin has changed in 2021, 2022 versus all previous cycles before all right, let’s see here, my chat is like my chat. Is all screwy guys. So if i miss some of your super chats, i apologize it’s like it’s like getting frozen and stuff, and i have to like refresh uh when you found out.

Salah’S was mania held by vcs. It changed my mind towards that. Unfortunately, uh thanks for sharing that with us yeah. You know, unfortunately, it’s one of those things when it was pumpy. You could argue that the vcs involved they helped it.

They helped it pump. Not only did they not sell, but they probably bought a lot while it was going up right and one of the reasons why i i got involved with solana and bought it. Myself is because i found out how well-backed it was by sam bankman freida of ftx. He really really really really loves solana. He put a lot of money in his lana and solana based project, but recently he’s been diversifying he’s been putting more money into phantom and some of the other projects like alameda, research and stuff like that right.

So but now yeah to answer your question now: it’s kind of reversed some of the vcs got like fearful and i’m pretty sure, they’re they’re selling um tesla 888 885 now tesla well, it seems like the market is starting to come up a little bit. Well: negative: 790: negative 405

Yeah, it started coming a little bit, but i mean if you’re a stock investor too. You know not just crypto. If you’re a stock investor today is pretty pretty horrific day, but also you know good time to dca in into stocks. I mean especially some of these.

Some of these uh sold off crypto stocks right, like microstrategy microstrategy. I mean they’re they’re in a weird spot, because even when bitcoin was really pumping and overall market was doing good, you know it seemed like wall street did not like microstrategy. They kind of just like kept it, you know at a ceiling and they would not let it go, but others started to do well, like coinbase started, doing really well ride and the the the mining company started doing well and they’re they’re, just showing weakness now, but Uh they have some tremendous movement in 2021, so it’ll be interesting to see if they continue to get plummeted by wall street, or they will also find that base just like bitcoin and continue further. I think i think it’s the latter. I think this ladder icp all-time low, is the worst speculator.

I know i think, there’s much better projects to speculate on than icp uh. If we’re looking at like what what’s like the most oversold today, let’s just take a look, since we have time what what’s the most oversold project today that i still believe in i still like uh solada is one of them, but i did warn you guys yesterday And we’ll keep closer eye on them, not only because they’re vc involvement, but the endless network outages and it caused a lot of people to get liquidated with their d5 um with certain d5 projects and that offered leveraging and collateral so um. So, even though i support them, i’m gon na go a little bit less aggressive with them with solana, but i will keep a closer eye on them, but others uh, you know cardano dropped below a dollar. I thought that was a pretty good pickup even at 105. I think it’s pretty good avalanche, i think, is a great pickup.

I you guys know me. I skipped over tara, but i really really really like tara. I really like tara cosmos. I’Ve been telling you guys about how undervalued it is so it’s today. Unfortunately, it’s not red, but if it was deep in the red i would definitely say: go go cosmos as well, but you know some of the other ones like chain link is always a staple and then phantom.

I really like phantom. Their tv has blown up like crazy recently, so unfortunately they’re not in the red, but still, i think, a good pick up for last seven days, they’re still down 25 percent uh. You look at some of the other ones yeah. Well, it looks like uh matter versus got destroyed today. Right, i think metaverses will come back, better versus will come back uh.

The hype is not over, nfts are not over, so i think decentralized, sandbox, they’re gon na come back v chain still have big hope for them for 2022 because of d5 uh, pretty good dca you can see sandboxes down. Elrond is another promising one elrond tezos harmony, especially harmony harmony, sold off like crazy, recently, 43 last seven days, jewel also sold off crazily from d5 kingdoms. I think they’re really good pickups right now, because we know harmony is doing the same thing. The other l1s are doing they’re growing and defy kingdoms, which is the most popular decks and game on harmony. I think they’re gon na continue forward they’re gon na open up on avalanche soon.

So i think their prime prime pickup right now as a dca candidate and there’s many others in here. Uh quite surprised that neo neo is holding is up here, but you know some uh, some other ones like engine because their new infinity chain kucoin, because their exchange, i think they are terrific, buys um yeah. There’S a lot of hype about oasis recently. I think, because they’re partnering up with uh facebook with the metaverse, i think that has driven them up quite a bit, but yeah they’ve been sold off a lot like. Are we for decentralized storage play pretty good pickup kadena up below five dollars?

I think they’re gon na be terrific. I think they’re gon na have a very bright future, so i think they’re, a good pickup and then uh rounding out the list – that’s about it, but these are just ones off of my top. My head, real, quick there’s. So many other ones right now, so many other ones right now, where’s bitcoin bitcoin is still holding 35.8 um.

Let’S see here dan i already mentioned about ukraine and russia. Uh i’ll have to agree with david saying: lakers are trash right now i not something that i look forward to in terms of watching their games. It just seems like they have no clue. What’S going on, frank vogel will be gone. They’Re gon na need to bring someone else in to take control.

Uh randy says god margin called and lost more than i wanted to say. I’M i’m i’m sorry to hear that this is the reason why, when you know earlier in 2021, when everything was looking cheery, you had you know michael saylor come out and say: hey, you know what everyone should just take a loan against their bitcoin rather than sell It take a loan and utilize that right he was directing that more toward the miners, and many miners have adopted it right and uh and if you could afford to do so, then great, but unfortunately we get. We go through volatility uh. You know volatile times right and bitcoin has fallen below. Fifty percent ethereum definitely has fallen below fifty 50 and when you get margin called you got to put in more, if you don’t, they just go liquidate your position right and many people recently have been liquidated not from leverage but from taking a loan against their their.

You know crypto and i’ve always advised against it. I’Ve always said: don’t do it, because there is a risk. There is a risk. So i even heard like rob from digital asset news, that he got margin called two, but i saw his latest video where he said he put it more collateral right. So it seems like he’s.

Okay, but many others have experienced that pain as well. So that’s not helping the overall market right now either uh. Do i like gala, i do like gala. I think ola is good. It’S good good good hold all right anything else.

Young millionaire says i took a loan against my bitcoin to 62 000

Well, you still got a few thousand to go. Hopefully we don’t go below 30 000, but uh. It does show you right. Um, you just got ta, be you got ta, be careful. You got ta, be careful with your money.

So if you’re gon na get in the game right, don’t invest more than what you can afford to lose, be an investor be in the long haul. Dca in two things, don’t go all in into things right and just don’t don’t don’t risk you know. Buying crypto is already risky enough. Don’T risk don’t increase the risk even more by playing with leverage or by borrowing against your bitcoin, because if you do that, you’re basically saying you can’t afford it, so don’t do it right, don’t play with leverage or borrowing, because unless you’re a miner, that’s different uh. If you need to pay for operations, it’s different, but here’s an interesting thought.

Those miners that also borrowed against their bitcoin to buy their mining machines. Wonder if they’re having the same issue right now too zack i just answered about kadena. No, i don’t think they’re dead and and to be honest, asking a question like that serves no purpose. It’S like asking is bitcoin dead. Do you really think i’m gon na say is bitcoin dead?

Is kadena dead? No, it’s not so uh! Yes, thanos is right. Uh, can you talk about cbdc’s and how this will affect bitcoin in the future? No, it doesn’t affect bitcoin at all.

Zero cbdc’s is just replacing the dollar to be digital dollar. Nothing changes, it will still be inflated, it’ll still be controlled by central bank. So it does not change things, it will affect crypto. That’S in the payment system. You know payment space, but bitcoin is a store value.

In my opinion, many bitcoin maxis will still say: bitcoin should be a payment system, something that you use lies like say, lightning, network and use it day-to-day. You know – and you could definitely use that like that, but with something like bitcoin, which has volatility and you’re rewarded for holding it, because it just keeps going up, it keeps appreciating it. It is a store value to me. So cbdc’s, in my opinion, does not affect bitcoin at all. It’S not a bitcoin killer, zero chance, all right i’ll.

Let you guys go uh. I’M gon na grab some lunch and you guys should too, but it’s very good. It’S very good to pick one. It’S actually coming up and maybe in the green suit right and we do have good volume, so it does show that there is some legs behind this rally and not just a fake out where we could go down. I mean it could, of course excuse me.

It still could, but this is concurrently encouraging. But overall, my point of this video is: is this the end for bitcoin and crypto when everyone is predicting doom and gloom when the equities market is selling off like there’s no tomorrow and other people, prominent people that have said i’ve sold out, i’m done we’re gon Na go down much further right when everyone is looking super bearish. That’S when i say you go against the herd. Okay, you don’t follow what everyone else is doing. If everyone else is jumping off a bridge does not mean that you should follow with them right, maybe take a parachute before you jump off and uh.

So that’s why i would argue that hey. Maybe this is a good time to be dca, buy a little buy. The dip right take advantage of the bargains that are out there. You never know you never know things could go down, but that’s when you dc a little more right. That’S where you just got to make sure that you have.

First of all, you don’t panic. Second of all, you stay patient third you’re, treating bitcoin and crypto as investment and fourth right, if you have the ability dca what others are fearful. That’S my strategy. That’S my game plan and i’m going to stick to that. So you decide what you want to do.

Thanks for tuning in smash a like subscribe to the channel, i will see you guys tonight. 8 30 p.m. Central standard time, all right take care, guys, bye! You

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