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Welcome back to Cryptozoros, I am George, we’re all George, so today i want to address retail interest. Is it dead for bitcoin I’m hearing a lot of people talk about how retail investors are no longer in bitcoin and how bitcoin buyers overall is gone? Why why? Well, today, I’m going to address this and let’s see where it goes so, thanks for tuning in as always smash up the like subscribe to the channel two streams almost every day, 11 30 and 8 30 p.m.

Central standard time so make sure you hit that notification bell and follow me on twitter, Facebook, Instagram and check out all the latest news articles and guides at cryptosros.com. Welcome. Welcome welcome! I know a lot of you guys are back from your vacations uh.


I could definitely see there’s more people tuning in today, so the start of the new year, and you know what let me change my screen here and unfortunately, bitcoin is still stuck where it is. It has not moved yet and because of this, it does seem like a lot of retail investors. A lot of average joes, a lot of people that family members and friends that may have been asking you about bitcoin a few months ago have all disappeared. So what is going on is bitcoin going to pick up again. Is retail interest going to pick up again and our buyers go and come back in?

Well, that’s what i want to discuss today. So, let’s start out with a couple of bearish indicators: bearish things or are they uh? First of all, look at fear and greed index today is at 29. So it’s still fear yesterday was fear and you could see last week a little bit better at 40, but then before uh extreme fear, if you extrapolate this you’ll see that bitcoin, starting from i would say mid-november to where we are now has been in a slump In terms of a lot of fear, just a lot of retail investors just overall just not liking what they’re seeing and that’s why you can see on the right side. We have this clump of fear right around the 20s very similar to when bitcoin fell to the 30.

Thousands earlier like mid 2021 right, you can see there’s a clump over here as well right. So the sentiment is the same bearishness. Okay, a lot of people just not trusting, what’s going on with bitcoin and overall, very fearful now this also, this is from sentiment, which measures social volume and also bitcoin’s social volume right now is very, very, very low. In fact, it’s even lower than when bitcoin fell down to 30 000

So think about that, so we had a couple of stints around 30 000 around 40 000 around right now, 47 000, where the sentiment is extremely bearish. But if you think about it, how could a sentiment at 47 be more bearish than 30.

That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense right, but this is how it is right now, retail investors just not liking what they’re seeing so there you go. There’S that also, what else is there? If you search for bitcoin on google google search trends, you could see that bitcoin is barely above its lows from 2020 2019 2018 right. We had a little bit of a spike back in march and april uh and may of 2021. But since then that’s just you know it just came down right.

So you can see that people that are searching for bitcoin on google, also just just flat and pretty low right. So all these things looks pretty bearish and here’s another. One even will comment. I was surprised by this will come out uh, which of course, a lot of you guys know, he’s a pretty well-known analyst on twitter and gone on a lot of podcasts. Well, look at this.

He declares just a few days before the end of the year that retail interest is gone, but how is he measuring this well he’s measuring him based on transaction fees and transaction volume, so take a look at transaction fees. Basically, since april uh it’s been flat. I know my camera is cutting off a little bit, but just know that it’s just going flat, so total transaction fees has gone flat, which means that not a whole lot of retail investors are using bitcoin or sending bitcoin and then here’s another one. That’S measuring volume breakdown by size which has been lower since april and here’s another one and then here’s another one right. So it’s all measuring total volume, how much volume there are and uh basically he’s saying the big boys are running shows and retail interest is gone.

Okay, so what does this mean exactly? Does this mean that we should be bearish on bitcoin? Does this mean that retail interest is gone, so we should all get out? My answer to that is: no. No and no retail investors.

Retail investors tend to chase the money; they don’t tend to invest for gains, they tend to chase. So for me, i’ve been in the space for four plus years now. It does not surprise me that when bitcoin goes through a slump that retail interest dies, it always does. In fact, retail interest tends to peak when bitcoin is going parabolic and when all coins are going parabolic. But when things are steady or there’s any kind of weakness, they tend to disappear really really quickly, except those of you guys are watching me and watching my show, and also i like to remind you guys, there’s a couple quotes from the famous warren buffett.

Even though he’s not a bitcoin guy, but he’s made tens of billions of dollars through buying and holding what he believes in and there’s a couple things i’d like to remind you guys, number one. According to him, the stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient. That’S exactly true and exactly true when it comes to bitcoin, because retail tends to chase long-term holders. Investors are the ones that do not have to chase. They wait until the retail investors sell off, they wait until the impatient basically sell off and the patient, which is you and i and other long-term holders they’re the ones.

That’S getting. You know receiving the gains long term right. So, yes, it’s a game of patience and most retail investors coming into this space do not have patience they’re very impatient. They come in, unfortunately, for the wrong reasons. They expect huge gains within a very short amount of times and if you catch the wave right, sometimes it works.

But whenever bitcoin goes through uh, you know a consolidation period where it just goes sideways or maybe even comes down a little bit. That’S where they get impatient and they sell off so they’ll, never achieve the life-changing wealth that you and i are building right. So number one and number two be fearful when others are greedy and greedy. When others are fearful. This is using again uh.

You know the the contrarian kind of viewpoint where hey. If everyone is greedy? Well, maybe you should take some profits, but when everyone else is fearful and when i say everyone, meaning the retail investors, when the retail investors are fearful and their interest is gone well, that’s when you should be greedy right. So i think these two points are very very important uh when it comes to crypto, even though we know that things can move very, very, very fast. You look at the performance of 2021, it’s better than anyone expected bitcoin, despite its rockiness the last few months of them.

The year still up 60 plus percent ethereum, still up to 300 percent and other l ones are up. Five hundred thousand ten thousand 000 2021 has been a fantastic year for everything. So just because retail interest is low right now doesn’t mean that bitcoin is dead. It just means that the inpatient have left the game right now, but they will come back. They won’t follow back when things pick up, but that’s that’s the difference between them and you right.

Those of you guys are here still watching still holding still learning you’re learning to be patient, and that is the biggest thing when it comes to investing in crypto. Right now, this is not all i wanted to share. Of course there are good stuff, but i want to lead with this somehow looking on twitter, matt damon is is trending and it’s for his crypto
Com ad, which has been out for a long time, so i don’t know why it’s trending right now i mean it’s been out for like weeks, if not a month, i’ve seen it in the movie theater i’ve seen it on tv and now somehow it’s trending. But here’s the thing you still have people and i don’t know who this person is carol supposedly she’s, a world-renowned journalist and look at her tweet. There isn’t enough yuck in the world to describe matt damon advertising a ponzi scheme.

I get if you don’t like matt damon sure you can make whatever opinion tweet you want, but this is calling bitcoin a ponzi scheme, so there are still people out there. That does not believe they just simply don’t believe, don’t understand and they continue to spread the flood, and unfortunately, during times like this, when retail interest is low, when the fear level is high well, this contributes to it right. So i just thought this was interesting, that there are still a lot of well-known world-renowned people out there that still doesn’t understand and here’s my argument to this for those that still think bitcoin is a ponzi. So if that’s the case, why is it that you have uh institutions? You have published trade companies.

You have funds that are all stocking up. Bitcoin, like no one’s business within a very short amount of time. Within a year you have 70 billion dollars worth of bitcoin bought by some of the well-known companies that you guys know of like microstrategy, tesla, uh, galaxy digital’s voyager square, and then you have coinbase marathon, hud, 8 right. The list goes on and on and on does this make sense? Does this make sense that all these companies are buying bitcoin as much as they can adding their balance sheet and creating services for bitcoin?

If it was really a ponzi, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but this is also reason why retail investors, unfortunately they don’t pay attention to this either they don’t pay attention that the big boys are buying up everything, while retail is being fearful and selling Out guess where that bitcoin is going to going to the patient such as these guys and then also you take a look at countries like turkey. Now that is rushing to recreate their economic model and rushing to embrace crypto right. Not only someone like turkey but, of course, el salvador already, did it and many others are looking at it. Well, they don’t view bitcoin as a ponzi. They view it as a better form of money, better form of wealth preservation right.

That’S why they’re turning to bitcoin! Well, this is all positive and of course, you have banks that concur they’re, saying that institutional investors are replacing gold with bitcoin. Why is this? Of course? It’S because bitcoin is a better store value compared to gold.

Gold was the only investment in 2021 that actually lost money. Gold was negative, seven percent for 2021

It didn’t even stay at zero, it didn’t even stay steady. It was negative seven percent versus s, ps, 20 versus bitcoin, 60 plus percent, right, of course, institutional investors and the public trade companies and countries around the world are going to be looking at replacing gold with bitcoin because it doesn’t make any sense. It’S not even a hedge against inflation anymore right, so there’s that and of course, if you look at the metrics, i’ve been concentrating on what’s really important in terms of liquid supply and reserves. Well, those things keep going up, for example, a liquid supply.

You could see despite the fact, there’s a lot of fear level right now at 47 000, and you could argue that fear level at 47, 000 bitcoin is less or is more than bitcoin. At 30 000

Well guess: what’s happening, the liquid supply, the number of bitcoins off the exchanges keeps rising up, with the exception of when it fell a little bit back in may it’s been going sky high and that’s because the big boys are accumulating behind the scenes. What retail are are panicking about 47 bitcoin? It just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Also take a look.

Bitcoin balances, it’s negative, 589. 000 bitcoin since march of 2020. Going to now the number of bitcoins have exited exchange. Almost 600 000 bitcoins. That’S a whole lot, and that concurs with this guess where it’s going to it’s going to holders wallets like you and i long-term holders and it’s going into the pockets of the institutions right.

This is what really matters. This is what really matters total supply is held by long-term holders. Right continues to grow up and continues to stay. Steady at interesting fact that right now, at 47, 000 right, there’s 10 percent more long-term holders than when bitcoin first hit 47 000 on the way up. So again, long-term holders are holding they’re buying and holding and, of course, the miners they continue to mine and they continue to hold too.

In fact, the hashrate just hit an all-time high for bitcoin, so obviously they’re not giving up they’re not selling off, and they continue to mine and mine, mine and everything that exited china. You know it’s all gone. The network is more healthy and more decentralized and none of the miners are selling off. So there you go. That’S the complete picture, guys retail, panicking retail fear level retail lack of volume.

You should not be paying attention to that. Okay, in my opinion, because when it comes to retail investors, they tend to chase, they tend not to be educated in this space, they tend to make rash decisions. Okay, what you should follow are the big boys, what the well-known investors, the what they have learned and what they have uh experience over many many many many years or decades right and they’re the ones that are buying they realize, what’s going on they’re late to the Game and they’re trying to play catch up. They realize that the bitcoin revolution has already started, and that is why they are accumulating and they realize that gold is just a really bad substitute for for a hedge against inflation right. So this is the reason why i’m in the game, i remain bullish, despite many people.

Turning very very bearish, i will remain bullish on bitcoin because all of these things, what adds to the fundamentals? What adds to the growth of bitcoin keeps rising right, and this is why i remain bullish and why, i think retail interest being dead or gone is actually a good thing for us long-term holders. Okay and lastly, i did want to mention. Of course, there are a lot of people, that’s also in to non-bitcoin right into all coins into l ones, and you could see that in 2020 the number of uh coins locked in the total value locked in went from basically 18 billion to 253 billion. So obviously, a lot of money is also in l1, and this is also very encouraging and positive, because you have this huge amount of money, that’s locked into these projects, because people believe in these projects – and they like earning interest by having these yields right within these Yield pools, so this is also part of the fundamentals that keep growing, and this is very, very, very, very positive.

Overall, all right guys, that’s pretty much it. Hopefully you guys uh. Hopefully, you guys are a little bit calmer, a little bit more or feeling easier and uh, and that’s it that’s it now, let’s do some q a uh hugh. I think that’s how you say you your name hugh. The amount of bitcoin is not available on exchanges.

Why is bdc keep dropping the two are irrelevant: you’re you’re, not really understanding the amount of bitcoin on exchange is being taken off so they’re being held in wallets and, if they’re sitting there not being traded. That has nothing to do with day-to-day volatility. What’S happening with the price right now is judged by the order books, which only represents about 16 percent in the entire supply, so 84 is held and not traded at all, while 16. That’S the price that you’re seeing and it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I mean it’s the only way to judge i get it but think about it.

With that 16 the market can be fragile, can be manipulated right, but the important thing is as more and more and more of bitcoins being removed for exchanges and into long-term holders hands less likely. People will do irrational things and sell off and panic sell and stuff. Like that, that’s what you need to pay attention to eric says ask her to explain what a ponzi scheme is, but i bet she can’t, i think you’re you’re referring to this. Yes, unfortunately, there are people that are still ignorant and uh. They refuse to to learn.

Um it just unfortunately, it happens and every time there is, you know, a certain fear level. All this fun comes out from prominent people that are spreading fud right, but that’s where you have to ignore and actually take advantage. If you can all right um, let’s see uh david, says social security’s, a ponzi. I mean that actually is a bigger ponzi. Yes, uh than bitcoin, because uh there’s threats of it running out of money.

I’Ve been hearing about that for quite some time. All right, um, crypto.com commercial trending again because there was a hidden qr message for nft hidden inside the ad. That’S interesting! Thank you for sharing, but you know on twitter this.

You know it’s trending, matt damon, not trending crypto.com, so you know scrolling through it just a whole bunch of negative comments toward this, and i i really i really don’t get it. I really don’t get it, although i will say that the ad itself, i thought it could be better. I mean i was talking about being bold right, but it really had nothing to do with crypto. I wish the ad had a bit more explanation of what bitcoin is or what crypto is right.

I think that would draw on more people, but overall um. Let’S see, oh no, i’m catching up here. Sorry, jeff, hey appreciate that big super sticker always appreciate your support. Man, um, let’s see, is why is rally struggling so much in your opinion. Uh rally is an interesting project.

I mean i have my george coin on there, but it seems like they’re. They had lack of focus. You know when, when i first approached them, they were very thrilled to work with me right, uh, because obviously uh my presence in the crypto space they’re very thrilled to work with me. But then the communication just stopped and they kept onboarding more and more and more people and a lot of them don’t contribute and it kind of seems like they. They start lacking focus.

They just want to onboard any kind of person or any influencer, and they were thinking that by doing that, it was just go really, you know, drive them upwards and now they’ve gone into nfts and they really didn’t communicate it at all. You know it would have been nice if they kind of communicate to people that have coins and like hey, we got ta have teas. How can we work together right so that that uh? I think that’s the reason why i think they became a little unfocused or they didn’t know the direction they wanted to go, but hopefully they could turn it around. The fact there’s a george coin is problematic.

No, because i’m not promising the coin to be an investment. I created it for george khan. I was going to use it for george cohn last year, but obviously that didn’t happen because of travel restrictions, stuff, which is still looking iffy for 2022. So it’s a utility coin that was meant to give benefits for holders with my conference, but obviously uh that didn’t happen and i’m still planning on it. But that’s the reason i didn’t create it to show.

I didn’t create it promising. Let’S go go to the moon or anything like that. Um. Oh, let’s see wolf. Capital says the musical glass half empty types.

Are the ones they’re likely to comment? Yes, you ever heard of that marketing thing where um. If you have one one, i guess let me let me think about how to say it like when it comes to marketing, if you have one negative customer, right or client or whatever they tend to share with 10 other people. But when you have a positive client or customer they’re, only uh they’re, it’s likely they’re only going to share with four other people. I i’ve i’ve seen the statistics, so people that are really down and negative.

They tend to share a lot. That’S why? Sometimes you look in a chat. You look in the comments, it’s nothing but negative comments because they feel bad. They feel fearful they feel miserable, so they want to bring others to their level.

Unfortunately, it works sometimes because others, there are question questioning. You know, um. What’S going on, they look at look at look at it and then they see nothing but negative comments and then they they they fall into that trap right. That’S why um! That’S why a lot of times you see that, and you know what i’m here to go against it.

I don’t like fodders, i don’t like people spreading fud and i remain bullish and hopefully help you guys remain bullish by showing you what’s really happening and why periods like this always comes and always goes, and retail will come in and and you know at first you Know at first glance it seems like everyone’s a genius everyone’s making money until they’re not and then they become impatient and they all leave right and uh. That’S the thing, but those of you guys that are patient and you know what’s really up well you’re, not going to be like that uh i’m fairly new in crypto is ravencoin, something i should be looking at. I’M roy welcome and ravencoin i’m not a fan of because it helps people create security, tokens, that’s the whole premise of the project and we know security. Tokens are iffy with the sec, so um anything that helps with the creation of a security token. I’M going to stay away from so there you go uh, i think that’s!

It is quanto over ledger solution. Yes, they’re really b2b it’s hard to keep up with what they’re doing, but right now, they’re just completely b2b like it seems like they’re, not really interested in b2c, which is consumer based, stuff right and that’s okay. If they continue to do well, they help onboard business customers and help them get involved with crypto. So that could be their whole thing and it could work out just fine uh henry asked about mutable x. Well, it’s the one of the latest l2s scaling solutions for ethereum and they’ve made some inroads.

You had some projects moved to it and there’s nft projects moved into it right, so they they’re doing okay, but there’s a lot of l2s out there and there’s a lot of alternative ones right. So you just got ta. Keep that in mind. Can they pull off? Like a lunar or avalanche sure, if they can bring a lot of dapps on board same thing like polygon, polygon and phantom, they start out as l2.

And now i don’t consider them l2s, because they’re so big that they stand on their own. So can mutablex do that sure, but it’s going to take some time. It’S going to take some time. My top l2, i mean right now, i’m not invested in any of the l2s, i’m more invested in the l ones right a lot of the l ones. I’Ve been talking about focusing on and they have made tremendous gains in 2021.

I think they’ll continue to do tremendous gains in 2022.

Oh by the way, just this morning, yahoo finance reached out to me saying: hey: can you get on our show and talk about 2022 and your predictions so i’ll be on yahoo finance at 1? 15.. So in about one hour from now, those of you guys are interested check me out on show finance it’ll be the second time i go on uh very uh very exciting, so i just want to throw that out there all right, guys, that’s pretty much it overall.

Hopefully i help calm, some of you guys down, retail interest might be low, might be dead and they might be gone right now, but they will come back. They always do they tend to chase, while the rest of us are not chasing we’re, investing and we’re being patient right and everyone else everything else i’ve shown you for bitcoin is still looking very, very positive thanks for tuning in, as always smash it. A like subscribe to the channel and i’ll see you guys tonight: 8 30 p.m. Central standard time all right take care guys, bye,

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