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Is Ethereum About to Skyrocket in Price

Ethereum has always been the number two cryptocurrency sitting behind bitcoin. Even though cryptos like makers have had a higher price. Ethereum has been a user favourite. Recently we’ve seen bitcoin increase in price pretty consistently along with the speculation of all major cryptocurrencies spiking in 202.

People are more excited than ever about cryptocurrency. One thing to ask yourself, is if Ethereum will see this spike before any of the other cryptos? Over the past year, Ethereum has been trialling a new software to update their network. This could help drive the price going forward.

This update will be a massive step forward for their developer platform that companies like Microsoft use. This update will be the Ethereum 2.0 genesis. The trial that has just happened was referred to as Zinken and has been very positively received.

This could mean that Ethereum 2.0 genesis will go ahead and this could be seen as early as December. If you hold Ethereum or thinking of getting into it. How will this affect you?

This is big news as the Ethereum network is about to get an overhaul which will make it easier and more accessible plus it will be great for big businesses who use it. This will make Ethereum’s worth skyrocket along with its price.

Currently, Ethereum’s price is 579AUD. Looking back at the graph which shows its price throughout the years of 2020. It has risen consistently this reliability combined with the release of the new update could see the Ethereum price spike as early as December.

Earlier this month we published a blog which outlined what the future would hold for bitcoin in the years going forward. Those predictions showed Ethereum would spikes well around 2021. now any predictions about cryptocurrencies should be taken with a grain of salt as crypto is notorious for being volatile.

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