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Is bitcoin Safe and Legal ?

Hello, guys welcome to the real knowledge, where and you meet Let’s talk about the truth of a story about reality. As soon as online money spread started on internet Bitcoin entered the market in 2008 the value of tab bitcoin was 0 & today at the end of 2020 1 bitcoin 22,792.70 dollars equals 17,36,651.93 Rupees hai Now what is Bitcoin?

Like every country, there is a currency Just like our as Rupees Likewise bitcoin is also a currency but not one country It is globally accepted, and it is a digital currency.

This is called cryptocurrency Any particular government on bitcoin, or Central Authority does not regulate Nor is there any middle man So how can you use bitcoins? So, as I said bitcoin is a cryptocurrency.

That we can buy It is a digital form instead of a physical in the wallet. We have to buy bitcoin and sell it too. Now because bitcoin is a limited supply. That’s why its demand is very high And the most important thing about Bitcoin is that During its take-off, we have the sender and receiver both details are not known to let’s start from the beginning Bitcoin was invented by an unknown person Or maybe a group who did Satoshi Nakamoto to use.

Basikali Satoshi Nakamoto a person was the one who brought the concept of bitcoin But in 2011, this man completely has disappeared since founder angle of bitcoin made of mystery, Bitcoin basically its a virtual mining system.

That anyone can decode When Mining Is Real LifeSo in a physical space After digging too muchWe get minerals from inside A virtual in the mining of bitcoin processes In which the coders need a mathematical equation to be cracked Whoever cracks this action gets bitcoin in reward This is how bitcoins are extracted.

Bitcoin ki is exponential growth treason h is Limited on Only 21 million bitcoins in the world can be extracted till now 18.5 million bitcoins are Extracted So the basic principle supply of the market if the supply works due to demand automatically increases Today’s time Bitcoin Assault CurrencyInstead of being, easy share market Used as an asset, and straightforward speaking in a language.

It is a speculative bet But because its value growth is so high, great businessmen and market Experts prefer to invest into post-2016 demonetisation through cryptocurrency in India So much was getting fraudulent.

In 2018, Indian Govt introduced Bitcoin And the rest of the cryptocurrencies were they all were made in India.

Then there is the same cryptocurrency exchange agencies became Supreme Court The Supreme Court appealed to be removedApproved in March 2020, That is, now Bitcoin in India to completely legal So if you want to buy bitcoins too So without any risk you can buy.


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