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Welcome back to cryptozeros i am george or all george, so today i know there’s a lot of fear still out there about bitcoin and crypto about the fed about the fat minutes about what wall street is actually doing right now, so you guys could see in the Thumbnail hedge funds are selling tech at an insane pace. So is this a sign that bitcoin is in trouble? Well, that’s what i’m going to answer today. So thanks for tuning in as always smash the like subscribe to the channel two streams almost every day, 11 30 and 8 30 p.m.

Central standard time make sure you hit that notification bell and follow me on twitter, facebook, instagram and check out all the latest news. Article and guides at kryptos.com welcome, welcome. Welcome, hopefully you guys are hanging in there. I know it looks bleak.

It looks like bitcoin is, is in real trouble, so is it a sign that wall street is selling off tech right now right? So, let’s discuss let’s discuss. First of all, bitcoin is at 43 000.. It’S clinging on this 42-5 mark that you could see right here, and why is that important?

Well, if you take a look back in december, that’s when we had a flash crash from about 58 000 down to about this point about 42-5. So we have this double bottom. That’S going on right now, right and bitcoin is cling on. However, if you look at the fear well, it’s at 15

The same point as yesterday, but it’s go update and another six hours and this may drop even lower to maybe 10 or 12, and that is not unexpected because if you look at right now we’re still over here at very far right and you can see back In uh may june july, bitcoin certainly went lower at certain points went down to 10 and i remember there was a point where it was even below 10. It was at 8

So it’s feeling, like the same fear level as we had back uh last year.

Okay – and i do have some correlations about – what’s going on now versus that in a little bit, but first, let’s talk about what’s going on with the fed the fed minutes, with rate hikes with decreasing the balance sheet, you know obviously, last night i kind of explained It all, but today you’re still seeing that people are still trying to figure out what that means exactly. Okay, we’re we’re in a time where it’s very different than before. We never had this much printing, and you know a lot of people are looking at. You know some of these economic results or reports so next week will be interesting because that’s when cpi comes out that’s january 12th, so about a week last few months kept going up and up and up in december inflation rate was at 6.8 percent, which actually turned Out to be higher than expected, and in the previous month it was like low sixes or something.


So it’s expected that inflation will continue by another point: eight percent right, but who knows it might go even higher, so inflation every single month and cpi is not even a really good measurement of inflation. Um is going higher, so we’re going to be in the sevens. Possibly even eight percent okay, and that is far off from where powell wants, which is around two to three percent per year. So obviously, inflation is a real thing right and looking at this week, just paying attention to what’s going on, i think jobs, jobs report adb employment report will be well pretty telling story how good the the economy really is. I talked to a banker friend last night happens to be a neighbor.

I was asking him about what he thought about everything that was discussed in five minutes about reducing the balance sheet and increasing rates and he’s like well, it makes sense if inflation right keeps going up, because it shows that the economy is really robust. However, however, what may stall everything is number one jobs which is expected to go up okay, but if this employment report turns out to be absolutely horrendous and jobs didn’t really go up well, that is a sign that the economy is not as good as it seems. So that’s important and also what’s important, are q4 results from the companies. If q4 results are outstanding. Well, then shows the economy is really good right, but if q4 results are really bad well, then again it shows the economy is not as good as it seems right.

So i think, that’s very important if you look at those two elements, whether or not jobs and basically the earnings from the companies, whether or not they’re, good and that’ll, be a really telling sign of if the fed needs to accelerate their rate, hike and sell off The balance sheet, because they’re only doing that because they think the economy is doing too good, but the economy is not doing so good. Well, guess what those things could be delayed well into 2022 right, very interesting things. I think we’ll get some insight uh later this week and uh next week right so going forward. What else is there? Well, i saw you know a lot of stuff uh, for example, treasure treasury yield uh the 10 year at 1.

5, so obviously uh these. These uh treasury bonds are starting to go up and the funny thing is right: uh, when treasury bonds go up even by like 0.1 or 0.2, somehow it causes the hedge funds and vcs, and everyone else to just like really sell off tech really sell off aggressive Equities or investments and become more conservative and go into bonds or go into consumer products or anything that’s non-tech related right. It’S just it’s weird.

How just such a small percentage increase would cause them to do that. So that’s exactly what’s happening right now, which is why you’re seeing how nasdaq is just it just it got blown away yesterday today is not looking good either, and you can see that looking at this headline, uh hedge funds are selling off tech at uh at uh. At the fastest pace ever in the last decade right, so this is not not a good headline and not a good move right, and this is what wall street is doing right now: they’re being reactive, they’re, not being proactive, they’re being reactive, so you kind of figure That wall street and these big boys, the ones with billions upon billions or or trillions under asset, they kind of know, what’s going on and they’re, not really guessing, and they when they invest. It’S not really reactive, but that’s exactly what’s happening right now and to my to me, that’s exactly what’s happening: they’re, no smarter than an average retail investor they’re just going along because everyone else is thinking the same thing and they’re following the herd. But here’s the thing, though this is my argument to this.

You may be thinking well, what does it have to do with bitcoin, and is this a sign of trouble? Well, obviously, i’m talking about equities right now in tech stocks. You know, tech and bitcoin is related. The two are moving hand in hand, so it does not surprise me when text sells off that bitcoin sells off too right. So that’s why i’m correlating here and uh.

Of course, bitcoin is not only the greatest store of value ever in history of mankind, but also yes, it’s a technology and, of course, crypto all the l ones and everything are definitely technology. Part of the growing web 3
0 trend right, so i think, there’s a lot of relevance to this. However, my argument to this is you know what the hedge funds they’re reactive, they don’t know any better. In fact, i would argue that they’re behind the trend that you and i and everyone else is actually ahead of the curve and we’re actually smarter than they are here’s. The reason why you know how hedge funds, how they measure performance – you know they look at their year, end right.

They they close off their books year end and then they show how much they’ve gained uh within the year. That’S how they attract and and the the the thing that they have to show is well. If s p 500 grows this much, they have to be better than that. That’S how they show that they’re they’re actually legit. Otherwise, why would you be giving money to them to invest if you, if any average joe, could just invest in s p, 500 and outperform it wouldn’t make any sense right.

Well, take a look at this s. P 500 for 2021 gained about 27, which isn’t bad. If you just bought an etf that that tracked s p 500, you would have gained 27 percent guess what, when the hedge funds released their numbers for this year, this is all the major hedge funds in the us. You know how many actually outperformed the smp. You could count it one.

Two, three, four less than five hedge funds outperform the s p 500 in 2021.

I don’t know if you guys believe that many hedge funds actually was in the negative, including melvin capital, who tried to short amc and gme right. Think about that you have melvin, that’s negative 42, then you have all these guys. Negative. 25.22. 8. 7. 3. 1.2, it seems literally impossible to be down for the year in 2021, unless you’re very heavy in gold, then it makes sense. But it’s just it’s not possible and you look at everyone else here yeah. You may look at oh 5, 10, 15 and they all sound dandy. They sound good, but they all lost against an s p, 500 and you know who they really lost against bitcoin. They really lost against bitcoin, because bitcoin was up 60 percent in 2021.

Despite all the volatility, despite all the doom and gloom, bitcoin outperformed, the s p 500 by a wine margin, more than double and i’ll perform literally every single hedge fund out there, with the exception of one’s, invest, and that’s only because they decided to buy amc and Gme, that’s the only reason why they’re up but just buying bitcoin alone, as an average investor, you would outperform literally every single major hedge fund out on wall street. So are you smarter or are they smarter think about that right? Think about it? I would argue that, these days, with the amount of information out there right and what i show you guys about fundamentals and growing adoption these days, we have all the knowledge we’re ahead of the game. This is why right now, you’re hearing about hedge funds coming in and vcs coming in, and public trade companies coming in into bitcoin and into ethereum and into all these l1s right that are growing because they’re behind the trend you and i and everyone else that got In are ahead, we know, what’s coming they’re following right now, right and especially looking at their performance, it’s absolutely abysmal.

It’s horrendous! If i put money into any of these funds right, i would say give me my money back, but of course that’s not how it works. Right, but this shows you that yes, bitcoin being in bitcoin buying bitcoin is definitely the smartest move right now. All it takes is having patience, and even the smartest guys on wall street right now is changing their mind again. They’re behind the curve ray dalio is now recommending that hey everyone should have at least one to two percent of their portfolio in bitcoin.

He for a very long time. He always thought cash was trash, but never bought into bitcoin, never thought that it would be shut down. He didn’t trust it, but now he’s changed his mind and realized. Well, you can’t put money in gold anymore. What else are you gonna put it into well?

You’re gonna put it into bitcoin right, so even he has come around, so we are ahead of the game guys. We are ahead of the game so just because the hedge funds and wall street is being reactive to what may be coming right and making rash decisions right now. We should not be following that. We need to stay stronger continue our course continue to huddle and continue to dollar cost average and buy the debt, because that is the best move right now. The smartest move smartest move right there right now compared to any other kind of investment.

Uh, that’s out there right because, obviously looking at 2021, these guys don’t really know what’s going on they’re actually behind way behind the curve. All right now speaking about buy uh buying, bitcoin. Well, the third largest whale out there, who controls 5.2 billion dollars of the bitcoin continues to buy, continues just keeps buying he’s buying more and more bitcoin regardless, because he or she is a true holder, just like michael slayer – just go, keep buying because they know bitcoin Is only gon na go up in the future short term? Yes, they’re going to be volatility, long term, there’s nothing more scarce, there’s no harder asset than bitcoin right and here’s a good reminder.

Michael’S from michael saylor uh looked like he was a mcdonald’s manager back in 1992 and now he’s one of the richest men on earth and his company is arguably the the largest holder of bitcoin in terms of a public trade company. Right so goes to show you within a short amount of time since 1992 to 2022, that’s only 30 years to become a mcdonald’s store manager to a multi-billionaire all from bitcoin all from no not take that back he’s not all from bitcoin. He made some good money with tech too, but he made a lot with bitcoin. Okay, let’s just put it that way, all right, um last few things i just want to share with you guys: okay, to keep you guys level, headed uh right now. What we’re seeing?

I led the show saying that bitcoin is you know it’s low in terms of fear level right very similar to when we were 30 000, but take a look. Many people also think the same way. They’re, looking at ta looking at technical analysis and looking at the patterns that bitcoin went through back in April may and June right and correlating to what what’s happening right now and it just looks very similar, very, very similar, so pretty positive. If you’re looking at that way, right and even bob lucas also another ta guy also thinks that it’s tracking very very similar to what happened when we went uh when bitcoin went down to 28 000

However, he believes that bitcoins kind of reversal point at this point could be around 39 to 40, 000. Okay.

After that, then it could reverse that’s what he’s thinking, but a lot of people’s paying attention to what’s happening right now versus uh. What happened in April may of 2021 now? Lastly, lastly, some of you guys lived through that some of you guys didn’t. I think most of you guys watching live through that. But if you didn’t I’d like to remind you guys that, yes, i was streaming at that time and uh, and this was when bitcoin touched: 28.

000.. Okay touch: 28. 000, the fear level, just I’m not going to play the video but i’ll, show you fear levels at 10 right and it was very, very, very, very scary, more scary than now. You know why, because back, then you had a lot of fodders that would throw headlines and ta and whatever to make people think that bitcoin was going to fall to 13 000 right because everyone was getting bearish everyone except me, and everyone that that was watching me.

I told you guys to stay strong right. I told you guys to stay strong. We were in a three month, basically uh downtrend, right 28 and literally everyone was screaming that bitcoin was done. It was gon na go lower, it’s gon na go as low as ten thousand or thirteen thousand, and there was a whole lot of fear and guess what we wrote it out. Bitcoin recovered.

I helped you guys stay strong. I told you guys to stay strong and i’m telling you guys same thing. We will get through it, we will get through it. It’S only been about a month that we have been down right. We hit some of these marks that people are saying that we were going to hit around 42 000 right and the fundamental the bitcoin continues to be strong in adoption and awareness, and everything else is still growing.

So, in terms of my my stance, i remain bullish on bitcoin. I will continue to hold and i will continue to DCA whenever i can right and I’m gonna look more into uh more into defy as well. Yesterday, i showed you guys about me putting some money into anchor. I put a little more and that’s working like clockwork right, so i think there’s a lot of opportunities, also with d5, while you’re waiting, you can make some pretty good rewards with your crypto and with your stable coins too. So i’ll be covering more about that in the future uh.

But tonight i got a surprise for you guys tonight. I have something really good to share with you guys about l1. So you definitely don’t want to miss tonight’s show all right outside of that um. You know CMC still pretty ugly okay, but you could see that bitcoin dominance still has not gone up. Bitcoin dominance was above 40 percent climb below 30 40 percent, and it’s just staying there, but Ethereum is a little bit weaker.

Today you can see. Ethereum is double digits, which is surprising and most others are down. Yes, because bitcoin of what happened yesterday, so everything’s moving down in tandem but uh, the l ones and all coins are not being panic, sold uh more than bitcoin. So that is still very, very encouraging. All right, that’s pretty much it guys.

Now, let’s do some q, a Benjamin Jirabi asked. Can you share a portfolio that you built, i just dc8 into it last night um and it was still up 60 percent yesterday, let’s see i dc ate a little bit more. Yesterday and today, recalculating recalculating yeah 59.72 percent still up 60 percent, so it shows you the power of DCA and holding strong. I build this end of June until now, so it’s about only about six months, still up: 60 percent. I still outperformed all these hedge funds – okay, uh, every single one, with the exception of one that so kind of shows you again uh a lot of a lot of these companies on wall street they’re.

Behind the trend they’re playing catch-up. We are. We are a lot more advanced than they are right now, so interesting thought right, um all right scrolling up here. Let me see if i missed anything all right, uh, William thanks for analysis, appreciate that uh Bruce says i like big macs, all right um. Let’s see here, yeah people that think i got a new puppy knows my mom’s dog and she’s she’s fighting with my other dog.

They they tend to do that so they’re not actually looking to go out. Um uh, someone says your dog says: buy XRP. No, I’m sorry, not not a fan of XRP storm detector says you told us to hold on. We made a fortune, i like to think so a lot of people that listened and and bought and held yes, but i know there’s a lot of people new right. They don’t they’re not experienced, they don’t like it.

They they haven’t watched me for a long time. They may have bought a top, and i know whenever that happens. It sucks just like the previous top is 64 000. When bitcoin fell down to 28, it sucked, especially when you had headlines, saying that you know everything’s, going to go down to 13 000, but guess what we got through it. We got through.

It formed a new high we’re going through something similar, but we will get through it just like all previous times right. Um, let’s see oh looks like someone called me here: uh tech uh stands as tech. That’S likely target for the day. Now the cycle is about 81.63.

What are your thoughts agreed that? That’S that’s uh, that’s pretty high, of course it it can happen when it comes to l ones. It really depends on a few things. Number one is first of all: is their technology is a solid right and i think it just checks, uh the check mark and then uh check box i mean and then uh you got ta look at the team, the the the partnerships they have made right. More importantly, is the ecosystem growing and what’s coming right?

What’S gon na make people hold the tokens and that right now traditionally has been uh. D5 d5 has been making people hold tokens and that’s growing right. So all those are are being checked off right. So if it continues, you sure it could definitely go up there. Um anchor will make you a banker, so yeah anchor does give you the ability to create a lot of nodes and earn passive income, but you have to pay anchor for it.

It’S not free! That’S the only thing uh baba i asked if stock to flow is invalidated, coordinates according to plan b. It’S not it’s not invalidated and uh, and it’s just a little bit off a little bit off. But at some point we know that stock to flow will be invalidated at some point, but right now, it’s too early to make that call right and i think here’s, the kicker okay, i think, if stock to flow once it becomes invalidated. It won’t be because of external factors.

Let’s say: what’s going on with you know: geopolitical stuff, i think it’ll be invalidated due to the all coins due to the l ones, due to defy that’s ever growing, so i think once it becomes invalidated, it’s not a bad thing, not that you know something major Happened or a really bad happen. No, i think it’s a good thing. I think that’s when Ethereum and others and Solana and cardano and Tara and avalanche these guys will become much bigger, they’ll double triple quadruple tenfold their market cap right now and when that happens then stock to flow, i think, becomes invalidated because a lot of the money Will be going into uh these projects, so it won’t be as bad as people think uh zach. I would never get into that. Never ever i would never get into any project that he has started.

That’s my answer, um uh thoughts i like cro. I think i think crypto.com you just got to be patient with them. They rose up really fast. They have come down a little bit, but they have a lot of traction.

A lot of traction. I don’t like vvs, though you know people keep asking about vbs on chronos. I hate the token economics. I think that’s horrible token economics. I don’t know why they made it this way.

So i don’t like vbs for this. Look at the you know the denomination. First of all, look at the circling supply at two percent. Second ball. Third of all: look at the total supply right now versus the max supply.

I mean the token economics for this just looks horrendous. So, even though people are very uh excited about bvs and you can use it to make some good rewards uh on top of chronos, which will help crypto.com, but i hate the token economics of this project. So um do you stake seoul right now? I don’t.

Traditionally. I don’t stake much. I use some centralized services like block fi, you know with usdt, you get 9.5, that’s pretty much the best in the industry, so i’ve um, you know i’ve dabbed with them and uh. You know i have some in voyager right.

Voyager just automatically gives it to you, but very little amount, but recently i really went hard into uh anchor with tara usd because that that’s insane yields insane yields almost 20 percent. So i put a good chunk in there and i’m just going to earn passive income from it. Well, someone just asked about what’s luna’s future is like i think it’s very positive. The the way their economics is is built with terra, usd and luna. I think it’s a brilliant, it’s a brilliant mechanism.

I mean, if you, if you actually take some time to look at how they’ve formulated things it’s brilliant. In order to mint uh terra usd, you have to burn luna, right and um, and right now they give you a lot of reasons to mentor usd because you could simply stake an anchor for 20 and it’s been consistent all year and then people are asking well How did they give you know? How did they give 20 well? First of all, people borrow so there’s a higher interest and also um. They do have staking rewards too normal staking awards, which is about 10, so they use some of that to offset what they’re giving out right um and the thing is, it’s a it’s a it’s a cycle because people that earn more luna guess what they’re doing with It some hold, of course, and some stake, but a lot convert it back to it: terra usd and get 20.

So it’s like a it’s a really interesting circle, but it works, and that is why terra has blown up. Why terra usd has blown up, and i think they’ll continue to do well in the future, while they’re still growing their ecosystem? Their ecosystem is a little behind say like compared to solana, but they’re, really growing, they’re really growing, um [, Music ]. Why is everyone? Okay?

People from ponyo in you, okay, ponyo impact. You guys got ta, stop it. Okay. I there’s a lot of people. That’S trying to convince me that that’s a legit project and i think one of the leaders emailed me saying that they’re legit and they’re gon na help coral reefs and charity and all that stuff, and it sounds really good.

But deep in my heart. I don’t believe anyone that creates a charity project did it out of the goodness of their heart. They did it to make money and then they’re spitting it into uh into some kind of charity. Although that email i got from whoever was i don’t know, if he’s a founder or not did say that they don’t have any tokens that they bought it on the free market, just like everyone else. I get that, but still i have a hard time believing that is the real reason.

So if you guys are from the ponyo team or you’re telling ponyo guys to to super chat me please stop, because you may not like the answer that i give um. Could you uh share your thoughts on curve and his future? Considering 24 billion tvl curve has always been interesting. I never understood how how you know what’s the fascination with curve, because it’s a dex for stable points, mostly almost everything in there is stable coins. So it’s like stable coin pair, so it makes it really easy to change from one stable going to another and whenever there’s volatility, let’s say one is off by a percent or two.

So one becomes one dollar and three cents and one is one dollar. Then you could arbitrage and you know trade and make make money, but it is widely used in a lot of d5 projects um, especially to convert between tokens, but outside that. It’S not it’s not very promising. To me, it’s not very, not promising, not very interesting to me. I’D much rather put my money into l1s.

I don’t know too much about spell. I know it is some kind of yield project, but i don’t know too much about them. Let’s see uh [ Music ], i already talked about, and i talked about vbs. I did not trust them do not do not trust their token economics, um birds and bees. Yes, i was in bitboy’s channel just saying: hold strong everyone uh.

I watched an interesting video on stash’s channel. He was playing, live streaming, splinter land, guild battle, p2e, game kind of cool, that’s the idea i had is to kind of start playing some of these games and just showcasing and um. I think that’d be cool concept. It’s just that i don’t have a whole lot of time to do it right now, but I’m I may i may i may do that and if any of you guys, I’m just gonna throw this out there, if any of you guys, are really really really Knowledgeable with all the p2e games – and you know about it – you played it – you know the ins and outs of them right reach out to me. Maybe we can do something together.

Maybe i could have you as a host or do something together with it, because i know there’s just so many out there. I’ve heard of them, but i just don’t, have time to play with them, um, so just throwing that out there emailing email me if you are one of those guys um, let’s see spells on phantom okay, it does sound very it does sound very uh, familiar fracture Luke, i have no idea what that is no idea, fracture um decently big do something big 500 million. Let’s see, let’s take a look world’s first fractional algorithmic, stable coin uh, so it’s algorithmic stable coin. But it’s fractional why? Why do you need to oh okay?

Because it’s partially backed and partially algorithmic, okay, i don’t know if that’s necessary, i it’s just like stable coins as backed by gold. I don’t know if that’s necessary, um. Okay, it exists. I don’t know what dex who’s using it but exist. Not for me not for me, but if you could get some really good yield from it, then i would say it’s worth it, but i don’t know anything about it.

Uh pre-search pre-search is a decentralized search engine like google and they made some in-ways with with chrome and others. You can select it as a default browser um in Europe. No, i think it’s not not chrome with uh um with windows. You could use it as a default browser um, so it’s interesting, but i don’t think they ever got any real traction. Chrome dome all right appreciate that all right, guys I’ll, let you guys go overall.

You know what uh main theme for today is. Yes, there’s a lot of fear is something like this: where shows hedge funds wall street are selling off tech right? Is this a sign that bitcoin is in trouble? Well, my answer is no because my answer is uh hedge funds. Don’t know what the hell they’re doing.

They couldn’t most of them couldn’t even outperform an s, p 500 and almost none of them outperformed bitcoin. Only one got lucky in doing so right, so simply buying and holding bitcoin. You would have made a smarter investment than all almost every single hedge fund out there right so think about that for a second, we are ahead of the game, stay with what works stay with a growing, a growing asset that has amazing fundamentals and adoption keeps getting Bigger and better and just stay in the game guys stay in the game. Bitcoin will go through its times. You know times of volatility, times of fear right and just like back in April and Maine when bitcoin hit 30 000 and below same thing, a lot of fodders out there, and i tell you guys to stay strong stay in the game.

Stay focused, and that turns out to be the right move and it will continue to be the right move right. So stay strong. My friends smash it a like subscribe to the channel I’ll, see you guys tonight. 8 30 PM central standard time, all right, uh last question: unencrypt sleeping giant, b2b, shirts, profits through yeah, I’m not interested in b2b projects, really all right take care guys, bye, bye.

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