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Invest in These 7 Best Altcoins For 2022!!!

Hey welcome back everybody to altcoin daily let’stalk about cryptocurrency in the cryptocurrency market in 2022… Now people are split, whether2022 is going to be a good medium or bad yearfor, bitcoin and crypto, i’m pretty bullish. I think2022 will be a continuation of 2021 except biggerand better and in this video I’m going to giveyou my thoughts. What trends i’m following in 2022seven different alt coins that i’m bullish on andmake sure you subscribe to the channel because ina later video i’ll be dropping seven low cap altcoins that i’m bullish on in 2022.

Of course, thereason Why you subscribe is because, on a dailybasis we demystify the cryptocurrency market makethis whole space, easy to understand. So if you’reinterested in making money in cryptocurrencysmash the like button subscribe to the channelif, there is a crypto project that you’re bullishon that you think should be on this list. Letus know in the comments below i’ll be lookingat the comments i’ll be reading the comments andlet’s get into it. If 2021 was the year of ethereumand layer ones, i expect 2022 to be a continuationof that, but also i expect 2022 to be the year. Oflayer twos

Now, layer, twos that are currentlyworking and have tokens are few and far betweenat the moment. There’S optimism, there’s arbitrariumthey’re great. They don’t have tokens yet i thinkin 2022. They might launch a token they might doan airdrop. So maybe you want to start using thosebut right now.

A project a layer, 2, that’s workingand, seeing incredible metrics is matic, so maticmakes our list as number one for these reasonsmatic averages. Three hundred thousand daily activeusers ie sending addresses and has added more thantwo hundred thousand unique addresses in just thelast 13 consecutive weeks. Huge momentum going into2022 unprecedented traction for an emerging smartcontract platform. So why do i think polygon willcontinue to gain usership and continue to buildon its momentum in 2022? Well reason: numberone: the average transaction fee on matic isunder, two cents, with d5 transactions, costingless than 10 cents in nft transactions, costingless than 23 cents suggesting polygon is cheapenough to onboard mainstream users.

Reason, numbertwo web three and smart contracts are just gettingstarted. I think even the biggest bear can see thatnow. I think that web 3 and smart contractsare the future to some extent, so i’m prettybullish, but regardless look at the underlyingprotocol. Where is this all getting built? Wellin? The past week, 1

Million smart contractshave been deployed on matic by developerscompared to the 100 000 for ethereum suggestingpolygon is the preferred chain for web 3experimentation and what about nfts the killer, dapthe killer use case, bringing the mainstream publicin, seeing unprecedented use on the chains that Arenft capable and have flourishing Ecosystems welldid: You know that nfts on polygon are flourishing1.8 million. Nfts have been sold on openc polygonthis december, a monthly figure that keeps growingmonth after month after month, with over 800 000total users, interacting with the platform alltime suggesting matic, is quickly becoming an nfthub bullish on layer. Twos bullish on the metaversein 2022, I think metaverse hype and metaversefundamentals and metaverse interest are justgetting started and you can hit up the smallerchip protocols. Certainly a lot of opportunitythere

I think you’d be a fool to discount themetaverse blue chips. Number one decentralandluxury marketplace: unxd to host metaverse fashionweek in decentraland. Things like this are goingto happen more and more and metaverse and sandboxthey continue to partner with big brands, andbig events and just bring people in so luxurymarketplace unxd, which is built on the polygonnetwork, hello and decentraland. A virtual realityplatform built on the ethereum blockchain planto offer a metaverse fashion week with catwalkshows pop-up shops and after parties in marchfashion program. Decentralens first will take placemarch 24th through 27th

The show will allowusers to view fashion in a virtual environmentand purchase outfits for their online avatars Ina sunday, tweet decentraland called for designersbrands and fashionistas to have their virtualcollections ready to present in the metaverseso. Look forward to this. The sandbox blue chipmetaverse altcoin gaining huge momentum in 2022as. Well, what they’re doing cannot be discountedthey’re partnering with so many big brands, andbig players and so many big brands and big playersare choosing to opt in to the sandbox in this casebig

Four accounting company pricewaterhousecooperhong kong buys land in the sandbox. The details areas follows pricewaterhousecoopers: hong konghas purchased virtual land in the sandboxan ethereum based vr and metaverse platform. Thecompany joins the likes of adidas and other majorbrands in acquiring land and partnering withthe sandbox. The value of the purchase was notdisclosed quote from pricewaterhousecooper. Thisacquisition will create value through innovativebusiness models and introduce new ways to engagewith customers and communities.

This is the firstcycle where bitcoin and cryptocurrency has trulygone mainstream and its nfts and the metaversethat are truly bringing people in in this casesnoop dogg just one example: He continues to bragabout his land in the metaverse in this case tokevin hart watch this. Do you got any tease Doyou want something yeah. I got some nfts, i gotmy mind on my money and my money on my nfts ibuilt. The whole metaverse called uh

You knowwhat, i’m saying the sandbox hey, get him dawg bullish on metaverse in 2022, bullish on layertwos in 2022, but that’s not to discount layerones in 2022, because i’m also bullish on thoseand actually think we’ll be seeing a continuationof the success and of the trend that we Haveseen in 2021, meaning, i think, ethereum willcontinue – to lead the way. However, i think ethereumcompetitors and interoperators other layer twoswill continue to do really well especiallyif. They have these flourishing ecosystemsand, especially, you know in the more mature stagesof, a bitcoin and crypto bull market. It’S theretail who’s. Coming in and they don’t care, aboutthe ethos of decentralization, they want good ux, uithey want cheap fees, and i think we’ll be seeinglayer ones continue to gain.

Momentum in this casei want to point out phantom phantom ecosystemis over 200 plus projects now, and it is justthe, beginning solana, next coin, making our listtoday, i don’t know if you’ve ever used, solana’snative wallet phantom. The beta is available in iosapp store and it is fire really excited for thisto be publicly available. Super user-friendly, greatux ui and i think new people coming into the spacethey have a big nft ecosystem solana and youknow they’re, basically doing what ethereum’sdoing except they’re not trying to be ethereumand. I like that they do recognize they’re, not asdecentralized and they’re, gearing they’re tradingoff. For other things – and i think 2022 is going tobe a big year for them, especially with stufflike this now, that’s not to discount ethereummy friends, i’m hugely bullish.

I think ethereumwill stay number one for open source, dap platformsbecause. Just look at the metrics d5 protocols. Oneach have a combined 160 billion under managementno. Other chain has more than 18 billion in factall other chains combined, don’t have more totalvalue locked than ethereum and ethereum metricscontinue to climb higher number of non-zeroethereum addresses, hit record highs above 71million the explosion and popularity of nfts isplaying A large part. Don’T discount ethereum anddon’t discount bitcoin

I think bitcoin will staynumber one as far as market cap goes. I think youknow bitcoin is still of great value to the worldand. If you take a look at on chain, metrics thingsare going great bitcoin wallet addresses createdin november inched towards 1 million retailcould be right around the corner. Bitcoinwallet addresses shot up by almost 1 million innovember and i think bitcoin will stay number onelast coin. I want to put on your radartoday that i’m bullish on and againif there’s a coin that you think shouldmake the list that you’re bullish on in 2022comment that coin below subscribe to the channelin, the future i’ll be dropping a low cap versionof this list, but ave makes Our list todaybecause of stuff they’re, doing like thiscentrifuge announces real world asset marketson ave

So we remember a time where it’s you canborrow and land, your crypto on ave.. Well, now, youcan do it with real world assets. The rwa marketis intended to enable users to earn yield Againstnon-Crypto assets. The key takeaways are as followscentrifuges real world asset market is nowlive on ave. The rwa market is intended toallow users to earn yield against real-worldassets such as real estate.

Centrifuge has ahistory of bridging the defy space with realworld assets. That’S it for me today My friendssmash the likes subscribe to the channel and i’llsee you. Tomorrow, it’s going to be a great year.

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