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Sunday, September 25, 2022


That is the ethereum candle, the same ethereum candle that we promised you, because if you didn’t listen to our shows on thursday and friday we said, ethereum was gon na break three thousand fred. Third, three thousand eighty sheldon said three thousand two hundred and that’s the candle that we promised you so welcome back guys, unscheduled weekend stream um, you can see sheldon. The sniper is in his dungeon because you know this slave is not allowed out of the dungeon he’s.

Not louder than that hashtag free, sheldon, hashtag, free sheldon, yeah from friday to sundays, um, i’m stuck yeah all right, so guys welcome back! Welcome back if you’re new to our channel welcome to crypto banter. This is uh. We give you two give you three shows every single day: uh we’re launching four shows every single day next week. We want to be in a position where we give you a one channel that you can tune into 24 7 365 and get live streaming.

Crypto content and that’s why we decided to come to you guys on a weekend, because when the market runs, even though we are uh taking time off, but if the market runs, we need to help you guys. We need to tell you guys what to do. We need to tell you guys what we’re buying, what we’re selling and so that’s how we decided to come to you guys today. So if you’re new to our channel subscribe much honor for those who subscribe much or not, you can see. There are 330 168 of you, but i want to watch you guys subscribing.

I want to watch you guys subscribing. I want to see the counter go up, make make kanta go up. Men who subscribe make kanta go up also like the stream, because that’s how we tell people that we are on today, because we, oh one man, subscribed much honor. Two men subscribe much much gratitude. Three men subscribed: four men subscribed: five men subscribed, six men subscribed; seven men subscribed much honor much gratitude.

Oh one man, unsubscribed, two men, unsubscribed everyone’s very much shut off then honor alrighty welcome back. Let’S get straight into the charts, and what’s going on on the eve of this um, i think as well why it’s so important today ron is the news buddy? What are you feeling? What are you feeling for tonight? What what is, i think, that’s the main reason we also yeah today is because i think this is huge.

This is uh. It’S a big deal. It’S a big big big deal. You’Re talking about this uh infrastructure bill. This infrastructure build is very, very, very serious.

I don’t think people understand if the wrong infrastructure bill is implemented. I don’t. I don’t think that people understand exactly what it does to d5 and to bitcoin in the united states. I just don’t think that you understand it and i think in two minutes around what are they basically doing? Okay, so there you go, there is an infrastructure bill in the united states, it’s a 550 billion, almost one trillion dollar infrastructurable and what they do with infrastructure bills in the united states.

Is they lamp laws together? So they say things like um? It’S an infrastructurable, we’ll build bridges, we’ll we’ll expand this we’ll we’ll decrease that and they are regulating cryptocurrency in the same bill. The problem is that the people that are regulating the cryptocurrency or proposing the bill aren’t cryptocurrency experts, and so the bill is not very well thought out and actually puts the usa out of out of favor, and i want to play you this because i see we Do have a lot more subscribers, much honor and much gratitude um. I do want to play this from cassie wood because i think she summarizes it quite well um.

Let me play this for you guys uh, but it was hung up. Interestingly, uh by some controversy around crypto uh how to um pay for some of the infrastructure bill with uh taxes on crypto currencies and crypto assets and uh. We believe that behind the scenes. So just so you hear what she’s saying here she said to fund all this amazing infrastructure. So it’s almost like the senators go and say: look.

We want to build this amazing infrastructure, but to fund this infrastructure. We need to find money. So where are they going to find money? Well, they decided they’re going to tax cryptocurrencies and that’s where it gets interesting. So, let’s, let’s, let’s carry on means, there’s fierce lobbying taking place uh.

We do believe that the financial services lobby is particularly strong and has the ear, especially after the crisis in 0809, has the ear of a lot of politicians, and so we believe that the the tax that they’re trying to uh enact here um would really uh harm. The evolution of d5 decentralized finance uh, which is based primarily on the ethereum network, uh so uh as opposed to bitcoin um. Now we’re not happy about this uh at all and, in fact uh. We. We worry that our legislators could, with an act like this chase away technology from our shores.

Already the u.s has um has had a a a terrible reputation in terms of regulation around crypto uh crypto assets, partly because there are so many regulators and they don’t agree with one another on even what uh, what these uh crypto assets are um. We believe they’re a new asset class but uh. I i think our regulators have been trying to put them into an existing asset class and treat them accordingly. We are hoping that that they, they will be getting a lot of pushback.

In fact, we are hearing they’re getting a lot of pushback with voicemail who use who uses voicemail anymore, but voice. So that is what cassiewood has to say about. I mean this. You can go and listen to it. It’S called the china infrastructure bill on her channel, but if you haven’t called your senator yet this is a great time to call your senator.

If you’re, based in the united states, call your senator the numbers that are provided that are provided all over the internet and call your senator and tell your senator that they mustn’t back this bill, they must back the amended bill which is embeddable sheldon. What i’m not sure about is why the market is not responding to this so you’re. Getting you have this overhang, which threatens effectively to take united states out of defy and to put a lot of restrictions in the united states, a lot serious restrictions, um and the market’s not responding the market is saying we’re going one way and that’s up. I can’t hear you and it’s not, i don’t think it’s cause you’re on mute, let’s see if we can get sheldino back. Let me know, can you hear me you’re back sorry, it’s just little um, yeah and – and you know, what’s weird ryan – is the the charts have been showing up on for a while and now?

Obviously we it’s a bit confusing, but we’re at literally at such a key level in the market. Right now, where we have two big scenarios, we have a scenario where, if we break through these next levels, the pump’s gon na be huge and there’s a scenario where we have a pullback in the market now, and i think that’s gon na play very much tonight. I love how the charts, without any uh, emotion behind it, it’s showing us that there is a move coming and if it is go wrong. You know there is a pullback, but to be honest, whether where the charts before i get into it, where the charts are showing me, it doesn’t seem like a long-term pullback. It seems like a pullback in the market that might shake everyone a bit but long term.

The charts are still looking amazing long term and especially our ethereum is absolutely just destroyed. So if we want to go through, we can go through no problem. Just go through your charts, uh i’ll. Let you drive because uh i know you don’t have you only have one screen with you in the dungeon: it’s a icon in the dungeon yeah. We don’t have much plugs here, um.

So looking at, i wouldn’t allow you out on the weekends i mean. That’S not. I’M not i’m not lying out on the weekend, that’s part of being a slave yeah. I know i know we signed the deal. I know um.

So the big thing, obviously, that we’ve been talking about is this 200-day moving average we’ve been talking bitcoin, this 200 moving average, for you know the last week or two, and we have literally basically just touched it. Maybe it’s just maybe a hundred dollars off from the the actual um 200 moving average, so it was showing us that we needed to have a push there remember we were talking about this big cross of death and all of these things and we did drop the 200 – and it makes sense whatever you drop, you always need to come back and test, but now this obviously becomes a very. We have two sort of scenarios here with bitcoin again is the is the app down? No, it’s just to go through the dominance, ethereum and then everything is ready for you guys here, it’s all yeah. It’S all.

There is a link in the description below sign up with that link in the description um, and now they have the watch list, which means you can see exactly the list that i have so you don’t have to scroll through all the coins to see which ones I’Ve charged, you could see my lists and, as i create more lists, so what i’m going to actually do guys. You must keep eye on that is i’m going to make long term lists and short term lists for either so whoever wants, if you want long term trades short term, it’s all going to be there for you. So the big thing that we had around was obviously smashing that daily um resistance trend line we’ve been talking about that trend line. Yesterday, we finally were fighting at that break and we finally broke through, and you see how volume comes in, look what the ethereum has absolutely destroyed it since that, and we knew that the big part of that was this dominance now. This is where it gets quite tricky because if they don’t go through with the tsunades, i see a alt-pump galore, because what will happen yeah when right now, when the markets are turning bullish, what is happening dominance is falling right.

This is why ethereum is killing it. Everything is starting to move now we literally bounce beautifully on support with dominance, and now we’ve come back and we’re literally on that point of view. Now now, if the markets, we have a strong pullback, i do see those dominance going up reason being the alts are growing faster. They are going to have the bigger pullback, now impacts ethereum and the alts. The build doesn’t impact bitcoin as much as it impacts, ethereum and alts it.

It’S a it’s very much a d5 bill. They want to text d5, which means, if you read behind the lines read between the lines. You realize that this is big banks paying and lobbying to protect themselves by creating a big threat buddy exactly if that’s a huge threat, hey does that mean like you’re, your wallets on that or they’re looking at figuring? All of that, like let’s say, you’re, really uh sure so the bill as it currently reads, anybody any business who sends any crypto to any person must be kyc and not only that they need to fill in forms called 1099 forms. So for every appropriation you have to fill in a form.

Can you imagine that sucks? That’S not good that! That’S that’s defeating! So it’s quite. I think it’s quite interesting.

You know what time it is tonight. Do you know what i don’t know what time to vote, i think they still negotiate. So i don’t know what time the vote is exactly, but it’s not good. It’S not good for the us yeah now what happens if it gets rejected now, and what do you think people feel like bitcoin just broke 40 Ethereum just broke three thousand dollars dominant’s about to collapse. Now it doesn’t go through.

You know what i mean. What do you think or the amended bill goes through if the amended bill goes through? I think we’re going to 45 46 000 in a spike. I think ethereum goes to three three agreed we’ll go so it all goes through. Ethereum goes down to twenty seven.

Fifty twenty seven hundred, let me see what the chart say: [, Music ]! I want that. That’S i want that rand indication where’s that round indication. Well, what indicator you’re using there around is that your beautifully literally 2 700..

I don’t know you guys, i only just logged onto stream yard now, so i don’t even know how rand even knows that, but well done buddy um. So let’s play the two scenarios. Archer now so bitcoin we still have these big resistances. We have not touched yet. We have smashed.

We’Ve basically just touched this resistance point over here and we’ve touched the 200 moving daily average. Now remember guys, majority of normal retail traders take this 200 daily moving average. Very serious, so a rejection of that a lot of people. I would probably say a lot of people – are shorting right now, they’re, probably looking to short the mark, especially with the news coming up um, which makes sense because we can get rejected at that point. As we did hit that now, if that does happen, bitcoin come back down to test trend, come back down and test all of these zones, so you can see that i’m not expecting bitcoin to break back in just i i don’t see it just yet with all The momentum that we’re moving right now, let’s look at volume volume – will give us a big clue here, because if this breakout of the yellow line was on volume, then we then we can trust it.

If it was on low volume, then we’re probably going to get a re-test, but what you don’t understand round is the volume won’t come until this is sorted out once the decision is made on the 200 moving average, then the volume will come exactly that. So if it goes negative today and it doesn’t go well, the volume can come in and we can have a nice strong volume bar that can take us straight back down to 37 38 39 in this region over here. Just basically fighting all of these supports again. So that is a definite scenario and that can bring a nice big volume candle in the next two three days. You know what i mean.

We can literally have some good volume in the market now if it goes well and they don’t implement – and this doesn’t happen and we smash through this, then i see tremendous volume and i see 49 when i see 52 Exactly but today or tomorrow we have to, we can’t sit here too long, because that then creates you know a lot of people start looking the longer we take here. We actually need to continue this big move that we’ve been where everything’s just be moving moving moving. We have to keep that momentum up because chart wise. This was one wave and i would expect a pullback and i’d expect the second wave. I expect a pullback and i expect the third wave in that sort of that’s how i would want it to play out now and reason why you’re saying volume is not there just yet is because no one knows just yet.

No no people are still this. As a retail, it’s a big indication and they are not holding, which means that if it goes well – and we crack through that, because i see bitcoin damn exploding, because how how many times and how many people said when we were sitting at 30k. That bitcoin is going to 10 Now, all of a sudden, it’s at 40. everyone’s saying go guys. This market could turn bullish so fast and you’re, starting to see it.

No, no! No, but now i’m talking majority. I want to show you something. I know you can’t see your screen, i’m going to read it out to you. This is a tweet about look there.

We go. We like we like crypto well, but he says this bull trap is working flawlessly as the herd is back to predicting unrealistic targets from a hundred thousand to a million dollars, plus [ Music ] um, oh crypto. Well, let’s just learn how to teach people a stop loss because who cares you know what i mean we’ll make sure we protect it. It’S just that! That’S it’s, but you know that makes sense.

This is how everyone’s thinking but end of the day, i don’t care what anyone’s thinking. What is the chart telling me and the child’s telling me a big decision is making now? What does this mean? Now? It means that we have some negative news.

I still don’t think it’s going to be a massive effect chart-wise on bitcoin, like you just said, run. It still shows me that we can just come back down to the 39 38 39 anywhere in the zone hover there for a while and then continue. I still feel we need to come test these resistances in the next week or two, and then we can possibly see how we react, because i still want to see bitcoin smash to there. Then i pull back down here and then the continuation up to that. So i still see a big pullback coming at some point, not large that takes us out of the bull territory again, just a normal retracement for big um impulse wave to the upward side and then a small pullback.

So, where we’re looking at now guys main thing is matthias: one of our guys is asking: do you think we should take profit now? It looks to me like you, wouldn’t take profit but you’d put a stop loss yeah. So what i would do is long term to so to to make it someone sweet long term. We want this decision and we want to see how the market reacts to this decision. Uh with stop losses.

You know under the previous lows makes sense. We don’t want to come back in here. We know that we don’t want to come in there so anyway in these regions for much investor point of view, because if we do come back in you know, the sad reality is 30 can be the target again and maybe even those 20. We don’t know just yet so as an investor, i’m not worried just yet as a short-term trader and that all the trades and all the profits we made this week, i’m definitely taking some profits and i’m going to get into that. Why?

Because there is still going to be some sort of pullbacks along the way. Um and profits are stop loss, yeah yeah, exactly stop loss exactly that. The only thing is. If you know that you’re going to get stopped out, why would you get stopped out? So there’s two different ways that you can sort of look at it so first thing guys if bitcoin can close tonight anywhere tonight tomorrow, above 45.

500. That’S a good good, good, good, good sign, even if we have another small pullback. What that means is a push up another small pullback test support and we’re going to basically just ladder our way slowly up we’re getting projected. Let’S quickly, just explain to the guys what um, let’s explain to guys why that 200-day moving average is so important. So there are a lot of algorithms and automated trading bots and institutions that believe the market turns positive when the 200-day moving average is crossed, that’s their indicator, so they say look until we cross the 200-day moving average.

We don’t believe this is a bull market. The moment that 200-day moving average is crossed, algorithmically the computers start to buy because they’re saying, okay, we’ve broken out of the bear market and the algorithms automatically start to buy. So you start getting these very, very, very aggressive run-ups, because everybody is going after the same everyone’s looking at the same indicator. Exactly now, what happened? The last drop last year we held were above and all of a sudden, we dropped 200.

Look how we had big acceleration downward side. We had the big dump off like we did now. We slowly made our way back up and look what happened. This is why it’s so important, because, as uh, what is your friend uh, mr ivan, who was showing that previously? Yes, i still got some of my drawings here, but anyway, do you see what happens when you don’t break the moving average?

We come up. We hit rejection, we come up, we hit projection, so the 200 moving psychologically is a big one for the traders. Now what happens when we do break above it, though look. What happens? Look how it changes the whole segment of the market, where this last year was one of the biggest drops that bitcoin has ever seen.

It was huge, i think it literally 63 down on bitcoin and as soon as we managed to slowly make our way back up. I kind of feel this is where we are right now. I feel this is very similar to where we are right now in the market and it’s a crucial thing that we get above that 200-day moving average. I think it’s just a big psychological thing: um for a lot of retail traders majority to the market. They fall off that big.

So i feel we are there. Now we break that 50 000 and then a possible pull back back down to 42, but i still feel if we get above there today, we are on the road back to getting back to that all-time high in this year. Definitely definitely definitely if we fall back into that trend, we fall back into that trend. We will start then, obviously looking and looking for the investor side and all of that now. What is that looking like with ethereum ethereum’s, the big one guys you know he has the wedge for ethereum to bitcoin and you can see how we have broken and we are accelerating.

This is still my main target that i want for that. Obviously, we need news to go good for that um. Otherwise, my tinglies are going off i’m starting to get those those tingles tingles, tangles tingles, don’t judge those tingles these tongue. Tingles are wicking. Well, i have to say you’re not laughing.

Now. Are you rand? Please never get rid of that. I love that. Please, please, never!

Never it’s brilliant um! So if it does go and we start getting a pullback a little bit earlier, you know i do see ethereum coming a test, i’m still very confident that eutherium is still in. I still feel it’s bullish, because reason being is look how we are about to smash this high on that ethereum dominance we were talking about. This ran the 20. We smashed that remember what’s next 25 and still looking at that ethereum to bitcoin, it’s looking big.

So definitely investment wise for ethereum, i’m still holding strong and all that i’m looking at for you theorem is. We have hit a very key resistance, which i wouldn’t be surprised that we are going to get some sort of rejection. So remember we have two sort of guys out there, some guys that already have their long terms filled and they got some cash they’re playing with i’ve started, taking a little bit of profit on my alts for my trading portfolio, because i just want to buy back Support the same way that we bought that support over there the same way we bought the break of that trend and that test on support over there is the same thing: that’s natural for your ethereum to have a pump like that small pullback and then continue to The next one, so your theorem is at a very key resistance point now um. What i do love about your theorem is viewers, look at the community, the communities back here today, because we’re doing a weekend stream. I think we should do these weekend streams when the market happens.

We should do these things more often guys, we’ve taken time out of our weekends time, away from our families to come and stream. All we want from you guys is to smash the like and share this. That’S it that’s all we ask for share the love guys. Let’S start this again, can you see how we’re catching rhythm you see how the communities are flowing? People are starting to trade against.

Let’S make money, keep it going, let’s help each other, let’s protect each other, so ethereum, i’m still good, i’m starting to take a little bit of profits over here, definitely yeah and e185232 level. Right! Yes! Yes! Yes!

Yes! Yes! Yes, just because you know this is still a huge. I can’t believe this wave from ethereum that’s a strong wave uh and just a small pullback. I would like to catch it again over here, even if it goes so anywhere between three one.

Three two. I do think it’s gon na go touch it again. I kind of feel the market as this news is coming up. I think it’s gon na creep close to that 200-day moving average and a decision is going to be made and it’s we’re definitely going to see some other big, strong acceleration. But that shows me a possible balance in dominance.

Bitcoin going up we’ll see from there, but for now you know having a look at the alts and we’ll be looking at guys. This is your part now that any good trades you made this week we had killers. This week we had 60 trades, 80 trades, 30 trades. We had a lot of them and with a lot of the alts. Now, if you’re, looking at your trading portfolio, i’m looking to take some profits and i want to buy back on those supports.

And if you haven’t got into the market yet or you’ve still been scared for a little part, you know you need to start capturing on the coins that ran is giving you, because it blows my mind that when the market finally turns bullish, what these damn fundamental Coins do grand, i don’t know how you how you evens, you know solana, all of them luna look how these coins react in a whole nother way, so just make sure on anything to buy when i told them to buy you laughed at me. Well, i have to say, you’re not laughing now. Are you no one’s laughing now if you look at luna, if you look at a weave, if you look at um affinity network, which is another one that you called polkadex, which was in our report, remember polkadex, where we spoke about the dexas and polkadot polkadot itself, I’M just looking at all the ones all the calls that we’ve made in the last couple of days um. So what next? This is what we need to talk about now, guys we are look at some of yours and then i’ve got a whole lot of.

I’Ve got a whole lot of things that i’m looking at, which i want to talk to the community about. So let’s go through your charts on coin panel and remember guys we do have a partnership with coin panel. If you want to see sheldon’s, charts, live and remember, sheldon charted all these coins before the show. So you would have got this before anybody else, just sign up with a description below uh with the link below and you can get all of this yeah exactly that and obviously, as we approach to the the key area, sonata we’ll be updating them all, but guys What this means now is we on this next pullback. You need to be getting into the right coins, especially long term and obviously for the short term, guys you can’t say no to profit.

Remember you are not using those trading portfolios of yours to love the or date the coin you’re using it. I made 30 percent i bank, my thirty percent, i go by bitcoin, i got ta buy ethereum and i’m ready for the next ones. That’S all that! It’S about buying more bitcoin, more ethereum, more bitcoin, more ethereum every time now, which ones should we be looking at chart wise to be buying? Now i know you’ve said you sort of said around that not too confident just yet, but i still feel bnb is gon na have a catch-up.

I do chart-wise, it’s done. Absolutely. Zero may not be the greatest fundamentals right now um, but i still feel that let’s talk about b, let’s talk about bnb for one second, okay, so two two aspects to bnb: there’s the exchange, which has a burning mechanism which is great for a token, and then There’S the bse smart chain which uses the bnb token. The exchange is at a very pivotal point in this life cycle, where it is going from a growth business to a financial institution where they’re putting in all the law, all the policies and the regulations. Now, when a business that is so decentralized has grown so quickly, it’s very hard to then slow down and start putting in laws, but they have to put in laws – and i don’t know if you saw this today – i want to see if i can find this Piece of news for you, but not good news um at all – and that is i want to find the news for everyone here we go um ceo brian brooks, who was recently appointed to as the ceo of binance in the u.

and he’s a former regulator in The he was, he was the guy that uh put through the legislation that bank to settle in stable coins. Well, he left finance after three months on the job: okay, wow, um yeah. So again i do like binance and i do like bsc chain, but i just think that if there’s a dart and a cloud and there’s so many other amazing options, then why go into something that there may be such a high risk on rather there’s so many Well think of one like ruin: this is what i’m saying right. You think of something like that. Did i say it right say: roon, look at roon, okay, that got hacked to us.

Anyone at that point would be like whoa, but it was one of the buying. The best buying opportunities you could have got remember that, even though it’s taking time, you know if you can still get this just get back to coin panel, these coins that have done nothing eutherium is already sitting up in these levels over here. I still think in the next two years i still think bnb. I still think it’s going to be a powerful coin. I still think they’re going to get through what they got to get through, and i do feel that that’s i think it’s a clever man.

I really think it’s going to move, so i still feel long-term, i’m still taking advantage with the cheap prices with bmb whenever we get some decent dips, so any dips to 300 dollars anywhere that i will buy up a little bit, i’m not selling it! I’M just not adding to my position, but i’m not selling the ones that i’ve got. I do have a bag of binance, i’m not selling the ones that i’ve got. Okay, great so bnb definitely won so guys what i’ve started to look at now with a lot of the the the coins right now is i’m seeing a 10 to a 20 percent drop. I am i don’t have if i can go to 20 just yet.

Now reason why, just before i go back, there is bitcoin small pull back to that trend and we can look percentage-wise anywhere from here just to come. Test supports 10. 11. I know if there’s any pullback in bitcoin dominance is going to bounce. How do we know that we can already see that we were pumping the whole of yesterday?

Dominance was working in favor of the alts falling, but as soon as there’s a lot of pullback in the market, we can really see how that dominance is bouncing, which means the quicker drop is going to come from the alts. So if i’m seeing a 10 12 drop in bitcoin – even if i don’t know, if we’re going to break it tonight, i hope we do, but even if a small, pullback and then a break, i still see that 10 percent drop coming with majority, especially with ethereum, Especially with all of them now with ethereum and all of them, all of the alts are all showing me a 10 to a 20 drop a little bit bigger than bitcoin’s drop. And that’s where i want to capitalize the one that i still think is good, which we caught and for anyone you know atom hasn’t got going just yet um chart wise it hasn’t. We got the beautiful entries, we should be at least ten percent or eight percent in profits for those guys who did take it. I personally myself, i took some profits on it because we haven’t smashed the higher height just yet.

We are at a very rejection point for bitcoin and i know we can catch it exactly where we bought it previously. So i’m not going to give away those so chart wise here. Cosmos atom is looking really good. I’M adding to this on the dip. Sundays are usually dump days like 8 out of 10 times.

Sundays are usually bad days and those are the days i want to be getting in another one. Having a look at is obviously cardeno making its way in, but i do see it pulling back to this range here again: testing the 200 daily moving average, and if we see i have set tp points, i don’t see them hitting it yet. I first see the pullback, so you can see what i’m seeing with kodano a 30 pullback. I wan na punch. We look at.

Let’S get it same thing: let’s go to theta after ethereum, let’s go to say it’s after ethereum great, so same thing with ethereum yeah. I still think we’re going to crunch up a little bit more. I think we’ll still get our target box again, which is a 3100 two, but same thing here: ethereum small pullback into the zona viacom test: 13 15 pullback on ethereum. So a lot of these are looking at for the shorter time frame, guys that taking some profit is not scary right now, because reason being especially for the short term, guys investment, wise, i’m still very comfortable, is if we break we test, doesn’t matter if you sell Here and you buy here, you’re buying the same damn thing but you’re buying oversold rsrs. You know you’re actually doing it the right way, so uh same thing with ethereum.

Let’S just get back here is a 13 drop. Having a look, you want to see theta, we can have a look at later see our weave because there’s people in the comments here who bought our weave on our recommendation, um and then i’ve got a whole lot of ideas which i want to bounce off. You and i want to see how the charts work i’ll tell you fundamentally, why i like them, and then you’ll tell me if technically it’s the right time to get in great brilliant, so later guys, we’ve just hit the 200 daily moving average. We are starting to get rejected. I still see theta hitting eight to ten dollars in the next few weeks.

Next me week, two weeks month, uh anywhere in that range, but i do see the pullback coming now short term. I do see us coming that candle was just a little bit too big, so again, much upside! No! No! I agree.

So what i’m saying is for the guys i got in here. I’Ve just put my stop loss just under um my entry. That’S all that i’ve done put it under here and if it does come back anywhere here, because this is just uh, this is if bitcoin has a ten percent pullback. Okay, maybe i know that does go against, but i definitely do see small pullback here. If it does happen and then to the target so for those who are holding theta stop loss just under entry, if it does come with anywhere near six dollars to 6.

, i’m definitely adding a bit more um and i think, let’s just go through these ones and Then you can bring me your coins around is dot dot’s been going, but this is still nothing for dot, yet dot hasn’t even started. Really the volume is waiting waiting, waiting waiting so same with that. If we get a small rejection from bitcoin now uh small rejection, 10 percent pull back in the market, just catching dot back here, so not a huge drop just coming and testing support. All we are doing 16 bucks. If you can get that at 16, bucks 16 to 17 to 17, exactly exactly that’s the number um that one over there.

Let’S look at chain link and then you can see the target. So i see all these targets being hit, but just after so same with channeling chaining slow down and when we start to slow down, we know uh, you know it needs to yeah. It needs to continue as soon as it starts sideways. We know it’s running out of steam, so chain link the next pullback investment, wise and trading. Wise is good 19 to 20 dollars.

20.4. That’S good! Is there any other? You see on the list.

I want to go into full dj in mode, so let me go into full dj mode. How about that? I have a look at the charts, but if i think about matic, i think that layer, two hasn’t performed as well as layer one has performed. I think matic, if i haven’t seen the chart at all, but i think fundamentally, matic should be a buy and if matic is a buy, then quick swap and define are immediate buys what does the chart say so the two scenarios now we had a very key Resistance now great, so if we get the rejection on the 200 daily moving average matic back between 90 cents and a dollar and that’s a buy, definitely definitely definitely if bitcoin goes bullish and we break through the break of this resistance trend over here. So the break of 1 2.

Okay. 1.2. I see a strong acceleration to the 1.5 1.

remember when we have these big candles. This side we usually catch up very quick, so we have two bars here. News is good. Tonight we buy the breakouts of resistance on matic news a little bit negative and we have the pullback we catch it on this bar zone over here, but still chartwise, and it looks really really good okay. So if matic is good, tell me about quick, swap or define, i’m not sure if you can call those ones up here, but let’s see if we can get quick swap or define because again celsius.

What do you think of celsius right? I love celsius celsius. Is the most big coin in the world? The only thing like i love celsius, i’m just asking: where is it going to go? Is it going to go to i’m looking for things that can double celsius?

My next target’s eight to nine dollars is my next target for celsius. It’S a great, it’s a very, very, very, very, very good long-term hold. If you buy celsius in a long-term hole, you’ll never lose money or you can never lose money. It’S as simple, as that. Um, while you’re buying it at a good time yeah so for anyone that does want to add some.

I wouldn’t say this is on a massive part of your long term, but a good. You know good on the smaller caps or the smaller parts. I think celsius is a. This is a good long-term investment entry. So you’re saying remember: we are quick swap and then i want to look at oh nice job.

That’S not what you want. That’S what you want! That’S what you want all the way from the down. The grades come from in sideways consolidation phase. This is good because you remember that even this percentage-wise would be quite shocking.

Just to that little resistance, eighty-four percent hundred percent, almost two thousand dollars – and it’s not 375 dollars – i paid a thousand and then seven hundred dollars for it. So my average is about eight hundred dollars um, but i’m holding it long-term uh. Let’S look at um trees. All laughed at me. Well, i have to say you’re not laughing.

Now are you laughing? It went look at that everyone laughed at me. Yesterday, yeah there we go boom, how’s that double your money, man in the house, um so yeah. This is obviously we can’t buy. This round we got ta wait.

So what we do? It’S very simple guys. We don’t know how to charge you. You look at a coin like us, you’re like it’s very simple. We have two lows: you draw that trend and you buy it on support.

That’S it at some point: it doesn’t matter if it keeps going now at some point, we’ll come back and test support and anytime we test support and you’ve got a good horizontal support with it go for it so treat us a bit more pain. Would you take profits on the thirty chain, uh er or on coin panel [, Music? ]? There we go. There’S your answer!

Look at that for accuracy. Yes, that was quick okay, so we literally got that look at that for sniper accuracy in idiot, [, Music, ] dude. We are coming back ryan, we are coming. The the tingly is the flow we are about to do amazing things as the rest of this year. Uh, it’s exciting so, and you know what i love about it.

We have at least 50 60 000 more experienced traders. Now with us in our community, we’re my opinion. We have the smartest community out there. Definitely all the teaching we did for two months. We have definitely the smartest trading community out there definitely um eternity chain, i’m definitely that’s a six one.

Eight take some profits here, leave some in for the longer run. If you want, but i’m taking some time i see carl is on the stream. I don’t know. I think it’s the moon call, let’s see carl, is that the moon call. Are you on the stream?

I see there’s a call on the stream and he was here a minute ago. I wonder if that is the call he said into me. Okay, let’s see we are here, let’s see, let’s see if it comes on um, okay, let’s look at um. I’M scared to talk about this one because it is a small cap, but it is one that i think had the majority of its dump and we’re long-term investors and it’s a highly speculative, highly risky token and that’s donkey. So it’s it.

I i think it feels to me like it’s starting to gather momentum um that was uh. It was a serious special to be honest because that absolutely went. I remember last time, fibonacci lee last time he was on, he was saying: he’s buying donkey uh. So, let’s see uh donkey. I think that i think this just be careful the eye.

There is a fake donkey token, but let’s see which one comes up for you: don usdt, 22 cents yeah, that’s the one! Is that the right one? Okay, let’s have a look higher time frame, let’s see where we’re looking at wow. That’S crazy! We’Re literally catching this yeah yeah, that’s good!

So where we’re looking at here is obviously we are getting to resistance so anywhere. I would say, because we can’t come to support any point, so anywhere in this range is good as long as it’s a long-term hold. Remember where you are buying it you’re buying it completely completely completely on huge special um so anywhere in the zone: 19 cents, 23 cents good for donkey smaller part of your portfolio, guys it’s a one that can make a lot of money in the future. But smaller we love the token, but it is risky all right, i’m going to do one more and i’m going to give it i’m going to give it over to the community. The one that i want you to try is icp, which is internet computer, which is uh.

It’S it’s dfinity must say, i’m not a big fan of it fundamentally, but the charts look like they’re doing some amazing things: okay! Well, let’s have a look yeah. It’S literally come off. Mooncall is this? The moon call carl, are you there, it must be.

Who else would have the link yeah? I didn’t give call the link. That’S uh, that’s why i’m surprised. So this is interesting guys. This looks good, like we are literally catching it now right now on the break of this resistance over here and what’s lovely about that is the next resistance is only all the way up here.

So usually, when we have a big gap in resistances um, then we usually have a big acceleration to the upward side. So this is good. We’Ve just come out of a bit of accumulation phase a bit of a sideways market in the zone over there, and this is good, so uh for the short-term traders. Obviously, investor you’re still catching it way off from from the top that’s good, but for the short term this looks like a good trade. You guys looks like a good 30.

40. 50 percent trade quite quickly. So this is looking good. Let’S give the community one or two i saw someone say: polkadex, pedex polkadex, let’s have a look at pokedex. Is this also on decks tools, though peters polkadex yeah polkadex?

I think i actually still got this guys. Let us know if you do love it, where we, where we allow you guys to give us charts as well. Please we would love to add that into the shows every day take some shots from you. Guys. Definitely just help okay, so we had.

That was the bar zone. I remember when we spoke about it the other day um. This is good. This is good, obviously, looking at higher time frame, it’s good uh. The only thing is we do know at any point.

Push here, pull back so anyway, yeah. It’S good right, it’s you know anywhere in the zone. Uh. Let’S have a look 8.5 to ten dollars longer term hold six month, hold that’s good.

Okay, i weave and then we’ll do one more afternoon: okay, cool yeah and then uh as we do ended. I just wan na simplify the whole session for everyone, so you know what to do a bit later, so obvious just hits off the 200 daily moving average, so that is quite a rejection candle that we are getting on our weave now and we basically have hit This previous resistance over here as well so buy no bite just yet um. Obviously we were calling it quite low if you did get it between eight and ten. It’S still good holds, but i’ll be waiting for this more or less area to be catching on it again between ten dollars. Eleven dollars is where i’d rather i’d be more comfortable buying it.

There then right now, okay! So, let’s quickly you wanted to give a summary. I wonder if this is carl that wants to come in, i’m not sure if it is called, but let’s see anyway, let’s go. Let’S go into the summer. You want to summarize yeah.

So quick summarize guys we have a big news of internet and we have two big moves that can happen in the market. Bitcoin news goes well, i do see 50k if we smash that 200 daily moving average. I see 50k. If it does go anywhere near that it is going to steal a little bit from the dominance, which means the else have been performing the last few days, they might drag and just grow slowly with it, as we can see, link is doing you know, lincoln dots Are pumping but they’re not really really pumping the way ethereum’s pumping any of these? Now, if it goes positive, you know eutherium, and i think it’s my child still showing that around uh.

I can get it up for you, um yeah, the the crazy thing with your theorem. If it does, and your theorem smashes through 33 200, it can go to three. There is another resistance at three six, three seven. So it’s quite interesting to see how it’s going to basically play out, but if we break through bullishness bitcoin easy in the next week, 40 to 50k is my target. If we get rejected, i see us going to 38 39.

I don’t see a reversal yet to make big warnings to say we’re going to go to 30 just yet. We still have our major trends. By monday we will have, we will know, we’ll, be able to update uh with a lot of the alt skies. We had a rejection level trading wise, i’m taking some profits and i see all of them just coming down to test support same the way i see thermia, i see a pullback coming in the market, a short term pullback, 10, 20. So anyone that has made good gains this week do me a favor and get into a habit of just taking some of them.

It makes you feel good that, even if it went a little bit more, there will be a pullback and we get back in um and just get into those good habits, so i hope this has helped run. Definitely definitely has i want to show you something interesting. This is a chart that shows what would have happened if you would have bought crypto punks on june 23rd, 2017 versus if you would have bought bitcoin versus if you would have bought ethereum on 23rd of june uh 2017, when crypto punks were minted, you got 100 Times better return by holding crypto banks. This is the world we live in. This is the world we live in, huh, isn’t it if it makes sense insane all right guys?

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