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Insane BAT Price Prediction

It might have been a minute since you left the house, but trust us when we say this— people are still addicted to their phones. You know, wouldn’t you? Since you’re watching me on it. Right now, I see you and so do the people in the corner in the camera. But we’re a generation of people that spend a considerable amount of time glued to digital screens, surfing the infinite pool of content the internet offers.

Whether you use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, or other platforms, did you ever wonder why you never have to pay for it? It sure is food for thought. Facebook has more than 2.8 billion active users and thousands of employees that ensure each one of them gets a seamless service. Why don’t they charge anything from us for using the platform? Is their service free? Well, not really. We’ll get more into that in a minute. But however, with BAT token and the Brave Browser, users now have the ability to get more control over their data.

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You can get a 7-day trial for less than $5. Just make sure to visit bitboycrypto.com/deals and scroll to the Token Metrics section. In today’s video, we will take a look at how data privacy can be handed back to the users through the Brave Browser. Advertisers pay on our behalf. As a famous saying goes, if it’s free online, you are the product. The reason so many online platforms don’t charge you a fee is that you’re already paying them without realizing it.

You’re paying them with your attention, something that’s hard to get these days. Does that fund their operation and pay their bill though? Certainly not. For that, they’ve got advertisers. If you scroll through Instagram, you must have realized that it shows you an advertisement after every four posts and every three to four stories. Similar is the case with most platforms.

They have an advertisement-oriented business model and make a majority of their revenue from advertisers. Advertisers pay the platforms for the attention of their users. You know it best if you’ve ever clicked on a sponsored story or post and made a purchase or followed a page. The problem with the existing system is even with so many privacy violations and skimming user data, these platforms very often show ads irrelevant to us.

There are numerous other flaws with the current online advertising marketplace. The Basic Attention Token backed by privacy-focused internet browser Brave aims to solve that problem. What is BAT and what problem does it solve? Well, Basic Attention Token is a cryptocurrency token based on the Ethereum blockchain that is a major part of the privacy-focused internet.

And, of course, the browser is called Brave. The co-founder of one of the most widely used internet browsers Mozilla Firefox Brendan Eich developed the Brave Browser and BAT on top of blockchain to solve the online advertising challenges while offering maximum security and privacy to users. In its whitepaper, the BAT team describes that the online advertising marketplace is no longer dominated by advertisers, publishers, and users.

Everything about it has turned against the users. Online platforms violate user’s privacy to obtain their data and feed their advertisement algorithms for audience targeting. In addition, users waste a significant amount of internet data on viewing ads and experience slow page loads alongside reduced battery life. This has forced over 600 million users to install ad-blocking plugins and software on their devices. The impact? Well, publishers have lost 66% of their ad revenue over the past decade, while advertisers are paying higher than ever for their ads.

All this clearly indicates the inefficiencies of the advertising model that’s being used. Brave Browser and BAT together lay the foundation for a better online advertising marketplace. The project is developing a decentralized and transparent ad exchange that leverages the Ethereum blockchain. The way BAT reimagines online advertising is by blocking trackers, third-party ads, and malware from ruining user’s browsing experience and creating a more focused and rewarding system.

Whenever a user views content on a publisher’s website on Brave, BAT’s blockchain solution assesses the user’s attention and rewards the publisher accordingly. This allows advertisers to pay only for the actual attention of users and helps generate a better return on investment. Even publishers are adequately rewarded for quality traffic. Brave also rewards BAT tokens to users for the time they spend viewing advertisements. In doing so, it creates a system that truly favors the publishers, advertisers, and users, rather than ad exchanges.

Another specialty of BAT is that while using Brave, all the tracking information of a user and their activity log are anonymously stored on the user system. Thus users enjoy full privacy in the age of the internet when nothing is hidden from Big Tech firms operating major platforms and browsers. While BAT’s usability is currently limited to Brave Browser, the BAT team is working rigorously to expand its initiative and spread the new online advertising model across more platforms. Basic Attention Token launched in 2017 where its ICO raised $35 million in less than a minute.

At launch, BAT was priced close to 15. It has gone way up from there. There are a lot of reasons to be excited for BAT, both for what is under the hood and the more visible token performance. When it comes to the price of BAT, I think it has more upside to fly to. I would say, by the end of the year, it will hit $3. – You’re sure? – I’m positive. Only fools are positive. – Are you sure? – I’m positive! I fell for it! So that’s it for the video.

What do you guys think? Drop your comments and BAT price predictions down below. And also, let me know what you guys think about privacy. Do you want me to do more privacy-focused content? Smash the likes if you want to see it. That’s all I got. Be blessed. BitBoy out.

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