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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

HUGE Bitcoin SHORT SQUEEZE – Last Pump in 2021

Do do my eyes are up here. I personally would not advise that strategy how to make money in crypto. Oh you’re killing me ho ho merry Christmas to all the good little boys and girls out there who have held on to their bags you’re getting gifts and presents instead of coal for Christmas uh. This will be our last live show uh last morning live stream before Christmas, so um, i just threw this whole thing on uh tj yeah. Where are you at um there?

It is. I got my headphones on. It doesn’t really work but yeah, I’m down here hanging out, there’s my buddy, my little buddy, the elf you’re right, yeah, you’re, angry elf, but angry elf. No, the things we do for content, it’s all in good fun. It is uh.


To did really did not want to put on the costume. Did it so. Thank you, tj for being a great sport. Today, yeah, you will definitely get your stocking stuffed for Christmas. Oh might do some stockings yeah, it’s very good uh guys bitcoin is um.

You know kind of doing some things we’ll see what happens with it, but uh. You know guys it’s once again time to remember that uh, you know it’s the end of the year. It’S not all about us, it’s not all about our bags. I mean they’re. You know helping people they’re in need during this time remember their people.

This is a hard time of the year um. You know that’s all important stuff for sure and look we love to come in here and talk crypto every day and we’re gon na talk crypto. Today, we’re actually gon na do a little bit faster than normal. A little shorter show we’re like short on people today. I know people are have all kinds of holiday shopping and stuff today, so we’re gon na try to be braver than normal, but uh.

You know just remember the reason for the season: it’s not all about us at all times um. So but it’s been a good year. It’S been a good year for crypto. If you invested in crypto in january, you are up today. If you invested during 2020.

You are up today, uh, regardless of where the prices go, so you got to be count your blessings and be grateful or you’ll end up on the naughty list. Uh guys also. I do want to point out. We do have some jobs uh. If you go to bitboycrypto.

om and then up here, click about and then jobs, it will take you to this linkedin page. You guys can put in applications for uh our social media coordinator right now, uh you still put in applications for streaming video assistant producer. We are also looking for someone to do full-time ta work in-house with us. You will get your own channel um. We’Ve got big plans for this channel, so it could be a really really great opportunity for somebody looking to get started.

Maybe you don’t have a youtube channel, maybe you got a small youtube channel or something you’re looking to do for that one right now we don’t have a job listing just send an email to jobs, bitboycrypto.com all right. Let’S go ahead! Uh bob. Do you want to say that for the q, a uh sure are you going to read that from the first person perspective?

I like that? No, no! I’M not oh, by the way, because if you have any questions for q a you can drop them again. Go ahead and drop those in 1.43 million subscribers on youtube will never move up.

That’S as high as we’ll ever go for the rest of all eternity. 733.6 000 followers here on twitter uh on instagram 395k. You guys can get the segment where i make fun of where people make fun of my green dots right here on there check out my personal instagram, where i take non-crypto related photos, uh dad jokes were the win, updated the profile picture there to include my wife, Uh number one search out there number one search for bit: boy is bitboy, crypto wife, so there you go number two search is uh net worth they go back and forth, sometimes uh, but we showed her on the channel. So you know, mrs claus, as i call her ho ho ho i mean i didn’t call her.

You know, you know you know um all right. So, let’s check out the markets here, uh markets coming in today, let’s see what bitcoin is doing. Oh we’re back. Oh gosh, we were back over 49

And guys i’ll tell you what i’ve been told about this market right now, as we’re seeing here at 2.3 trillion volume notice the volume the volume is extremely down.

It is massively down no coincidence when we are seeing the price of bitcoin sit still and not move. The volume is not going to be very high. Bitcoin dominance, slipping 40.2 percent, ethereum dominance, twenty point: five percent, forty five and a half paraguays, we’ll send you a you, can go market watch will send us an email transaction. It didn’t work, it didn’t save.

Oh, i might try to it’s all right. Just keep going all right, uh we’re gon na try to do three minute topics today, that’s what we’re gon na try to do uh, but you know what i’ve been told about. This is basically a scenario where the institutions have laid off of bitcoin. The institutions are not buying and selling right now, they’ve been basically commanded to take a break. Why well that’s a much more complicated subject, possibly for a different video, but there’s a reason why bitcoin is hovering around this 48 to 50 000 range.

I mean you could really say 40 48 to 52 000, as we were, you know going above 50 just a couple of weeks ago: uh it is hovering below 50 000. There are some larger things in play in the world right now that are taking precedence over this. If you look at what’s going on, for instance, with the hyperinflation or approaching hyperinflation with turkey uh – and you know – i i think it’s the kind of thing where we’re all just kind of bored with bitcoin right now, i can tell you all day, what’s going on With it, but it doesn’t matter right, it doesn’t matter what i tell you is going on with it. It’S boring right now, it’s not super exciting. When the prices are going down or they’re going up uh we see increase in viewers, we see increase in numbers.

We see increasing subscribers when the prices are sideways like this and altcoins aren’t moving on top of it. That is definitely when it is the most boring here in crypto, uh manuel rubin zelis says merry christmas boy ride or die. Well, we certainly would uh. You know. Would hope that you ride and that you don’t die um all right biggest gainers of the day we have sushi swap live, pier near protocol still pumping uniswap and ave icp with a big pumpkin stream.

All right, let’s go and move on to the uh crypto markets. Here with bitcoin: no, let’s do q a actually q a yeah, so guys drop some questions if you have them for the q a we’ll get right into it. First question from michael allen: do you think xrp will be the catalyst that starts the altcoin pump season? Well, bitcoin’s got to go up first yeah and the case settling. There was another question in there, but i assume that’s what he means.

Yeah. Of course, the settlement yeah uh, guys i’ll, tell you the most bullish thing that i’ve seen on this settlement. In the last couple of days, we’ll talk about xrp rallying here in a few minutes, but the thing about it is: is that oh, do you already switched it to three minutes? That’S why it was counting down so fast in there. I see okay, so we’re on we’re on queue now yep.

The thing is yesterday on the show and around the blockchain. I want you guys to think about this now, brad garlinghouse said he believed this would be over in january. Keep that in mind uh. So we do have kind of a marker for when he said he thinks it will be over wendy uh aaron from altcoin daily and also rise from rice tv. All on the show yesterday on around the blockchain all said they wouldn’t.

They do not believe the xrp case will be settled in the next six months. That makes me really bullish when everyone is now believing it will be much further down the line. Aaron erin saying he believes that for max payne purposes, um guys we’re not in a max payne season right now, we’re we’re not in a max payne season uh. If we are then we’re in a bear market. Max payne is psychological idea that you know a coin needs to get to max payne before bouncing up well.

Yeah max payne is in a bear market, we’re not going to see max payne during a bull run. So if, in fact, we are in a bear market, which i don’t believe that we are yet – which i would have told you earlier in the year, if all of these same things were going on right now, i would have believed that we were, but just the Way that things have happened, i i still believe we are not hit the top yet um the whole and here’s the reason for that: we’ve not seen a blow off top if if, if 69k had been a blow off top, i would tell you that we are We’Re waiting for the re, the retail, is still not came into crypto yet believe it or not so uh. You know, i don’t think we’re gon na see max payne for xrp uh unless we are in a bear market. In that case, you know, maybe it would take a year and a half. So all right, yeah there you go um national grappling league.

Why aren’t cardano nfts on fire? In your opinion? Does anybody remember that game rygar for nintendo? I never found the grappling hook in that game. Ever my dad found it once i could never find it very hard game.

What’S your question: where are you ft’s pumping uh, specifically cardano nfts? You know there was a lot of hype. As the nft stuff was going up. Cardano was saying we’re launching nfts, i mean i remember. We even thought you know.

Okay, we’re going to see cardano nfts start blowing up because you know yeah and it’s kind of been a nothing burger. Well great great news on that. I have an interview with crypto crow coming out um. Probably this weekend i guess uh sometime over the weekend, uh, where we talk about the ecosystem development of cardinal own, why it’s going slower than we thought. So if you want to hear my thoughts on that encrypted crow’s thoughts on cardano he’s been in since the beginning, then uh wait to check out that video interview little tease got back to 50.

Do you think got back to 50 um? Where is it at right? Now, um right now, it’s in about 27

I don’t have dot over yeah, i do. Is it 27 28. Almost i mean sure like look guys, there’s there’s this uh there’s this reddit post out there, which once again somebody sent it to me, you know um, there’s a reddit post out there.

I heard the reddit people yesterday they were, they were uh. You know explaining how much they love me over there uh after i said that uh they’re, a bunch of nerds or whatever i said about them, but the fact is: is that there’s this reddit post about all my you know all coin predictions for the year and How none of them came true? Well, some of them did um elrond very close if didn’t hit it uh binance coin hit it polygon, i believe, had there were several that were very close to did hit or were very close, some of them 12 to 15 dollars. For xrp cardano has not hit yet uh, but the whole key to that is we’re not at the end of this bull run, in my opinion. Yet so the jury is still out on all that.

Will these coins hit these prices by the end of this bull run? We have still not seen a blow off top. We have not seen a parabolic alt season, so if we don’t get either one of those things, then of course all the predictions we made will be wrong, but nobody at the beginning of this run would have predicted that we do not get either one of those Two things so you know i i all of the predictions are contingent upon that. It’S not like i say well. Bitcoin tops out at 30 000, then obviously xrp’s going to 1 million, like no that’s asinine, so a lot of people are low iq.

They can’t logically think they can’t derive um. You know obvious things from what is in front of them. They can only you know regurgitate uh like a cow eating its own uh cud, not chub, god chewing its own cut, yeah wan na look at the charts yeah. Let’S go i’m on the chart, i’m waiting for you tj there you go well. We got about five thousand changed people watching under a thousand likes right now.

So if we get that like number up, that would be huge whoa if we could get the likes up. I mean we know a lot of you. Guys are traveling, it’s the holiday season, there’s not a lot of people around right now, but for those dedicated loyal fans and uh friends from the bid squad that are here right now, we could use some help yeah. Absolutely so you do it. A favor hit the like button, if you’re watching on mobile inside of the live chat, hit the like button.

If you’re, watching on smart tv bottom line coin screen three dots just like hoes, just like three hoes ho ho ho three dots it’d be almost 75 more than 75 dollars, click, those three dots and then uh hit the like button. So damon quit mcdonald’s, again good job damon awesome! You made a snapper, that’s dapper, oh so, once again, because they’re always doing the two well he’s, because you’re always doing the two super chats and it looks the exact same well. I thought dame damon’s dapper damon, sometimes so i can get confused. Maybe it’s the same guy.

I thought it was. I don’t. I know it’s not it’s not so uh. Thank you, crypto. Well, i got up here and i said you know.

I said how sad is it that i don’t have to put anything here to be a belly? You know it’s just. This is al naturales. Well, that’s what we said if uh, if everything hits the fan and crypto goes to zero, you know you can get a job at the mall. Absolutely i would love to do that.

I would love to do that all right. So looking at bitcoin here, um, you know kind of what we’re looking at is still the same spot. I mean i mean really: we’ve been in sideways action, that’s not what i wanted to do there. I do not know how i did that on the wrong thing. There, oh there’s damon there he is we’ll have dabber tips.

I have tip too dip drill um. So if you look right here, i mean we’ve basically been sideways action ever since december, 5th um give or take a few thousand dollars, but it has been sideways. Basically, since then, um and what’s really interesting to me right now, is just how perfectly we are hitting off of um. Where did my line? Go?

Okay, delete all of them, but just how perfectly we are bouncing off of this line. There was resistance, and now it seems to be support um during this time, where we are oversold. You know this could be a time that we slowly see things start moving up. Um definitely does not look like. We are getting massive moves before the end of the year or anything like that.

So that’s what we’re looking at with bitcoin right now. It is extremely boring, but you know, as far as our green dots are concerned down here, you know we we, what we usually see is we usually see momentum waves that have upticks like this. I mean, if you look at this. This is probably one of the longest most consistent momentum waves we’ve ever had in the history of bitcoin, i’m looking here at something that looks similar to this, and it just isn’t there i mean when, when you look at the curvature of this one on the daily Chart we’ve never seen one like this, like think about now, since the beginning of buy bit. That’S the chart we use in 2018.

Look how like left to right. That is almost one little bitty move out of it and then curving back up. This is a very slow moving wave and that seems to what i would think be a build up. That’S going to be a buildup to most likely a move to the upside. It certainly could be a move to the downside, but when you are looking at the history of bitcoin since since 2018 and seeing we’ve never had one that has been this long before um, you know most of the time as you guys can see.

These moves are quick, they’re boom, they’re boom boom boom, and then this one over here is boom and it’s not even close to done yet. So you know this is definitely an accumulation stage right now. We’Re going to look at some short squeeze news here in just a second um that could be pretty good for bitcoin, but you know some people are saying we’re just an accumulation and we’re going to be there for a while, and that definitely is not um. You know super exciting. What do you think about carlos funes said feels like alt-season?

Well, i mean, i think he means bitcoin going sideways, for you know not really doing anything. He was questioning. You know we were seeing some alts pumping a little bit, but what do you think? Here’S the thing, here’s the thing! I understand why you would say that, because a lot of the things – oh, what’s that first meme doc dog token on cosmos, interesting, i didn’t.

I didn’t read it out, but thanks jj, i like that thanks thanks for the don’t like meme coins, though um. So why has been silent about the solo airdrop uh, i don’t know, that’s a good question. We should get with tim and figure out where we have to have x our xrp. Didn’T we already miss it, though i have no idea, i don’t know where xrp is. I had to find it.

I don’t know what exchange it’s on or what wallet it’s in. I don’t know, but there’s a big airdrop for solo coming to xrp holders that did the qualifications, but i forgot what they were now so um, but that’s why i’m not doing it, i’m not doing it intentionally. You’Re, not talking about it. You move to the next thing, but just in terms of the all coins, just to finish that conversation up, it’s fitting a lot of the factor, a lot of the qualifications. You would need for an altcoin season right now.

The difference is, there’s no faith in bitcoin support right now, right when we see alts really start moving, it bitcoin stabilizes, usually on the way up, not on the way down, so we can certainly get a mini altcoin run here we may be seeing that now in Near protocol and some other projects plumbing, but overall um yeah. I definitely don’t think that um, you know i. I don’t think that this is an all coin season, so buy bit is doing the solo airdrop, so maybe we’ll get it. I know we definitely have some over there uh speaking of that, our competition by the way uh we are crushing it right now, still um. We are in third place 119.

Is that the latest? Let me double check here. We are nipping at the heels here, um we’re only 20 down 40 from winning it man it’d be nice. If we could get top three i’d love to get top three here, so um, i’m in a trade right now. I need to get some it’s showing negative.

40 percent, but i’m up on a trade right now so we’ll see what happens. I ha i i j. Every time i’ve been longing, it’s been dropping immediately, so you guys know. I have a bullish bias when bitcoin is going up, i’m making money trading when it’s going down or sideways, and these longs aren’t playing out. It’S not doing great.

So i certainly have not been a contribution to my team, but where it shows you what kind of good traders we have here and i’m obviously you got to focus on trading full-time if you’re going to really do it well, so bitcoin holds up on santa rally As fun forecasts a new year short squeeze, things may be boring now, but an increasingly complacent market provides kindling for a fiery market move um data from cointelli markets, pro trading view follow btc. Is it consolidated coming within four hundred dollars and fifty thousand dollars today the seas will be parted, making way for a shot at a higher low on bitcoin? I beg of bears. Please come on the ark come to safety ride with us to the dry lands of 53k, where we can all win embrace the glory. That’S from somebody on twitter um, let’s see here, uh macro queues remain: muted the wall street open.

Meanwhile, a 4.3 jump in tesla stock failed to impact bitcoin performance um, but the funding rate information is very interesting here. Funding rates on exchanges were positive, yet neutral across exchanges. At the time of writing, data from coin glass showed hinting at a lack of speculative activity, and guys i mean that’s what i’m finding right now, i’m really when i’m doing this trade right now, um a crypto face as long as the play right now. So we’ll just see how this trade works out.

Maybe it’ll work out really great for me, but the thing is: is you know every time i’m looking at putting a trade in? I don’t feel real, confident about it. You know, and that should that should be obvious right, because when you go through basically three weeks of sideways action, how can you be confident it’s going to move one way or the other? Now, if you’re trying the five minute chart or the 15-minute chart, you might can be a little more comp, you know confident and and quicker firing trades, but i’m not doing quick fire trades like i used to uh, i’m wanting to sit for a few days and And gain some momentum and not get stopped out, so i think a short squeeze could be in the carts here. Um we are seeing like i said that slow build up on the momentum wave so we’ll have to see what happens.

I i’ll be really interested to see if bitcoin does start moving up and gets above 53k what the sentiment will be like uh around here, because the sentiment has been very low. I feel like everywhere. If it gets above 5253, the sentiment will change real quick. I feel like that’s a key number. A lot of people are watching yeah and they’ll, be right back to you, know 250 000 bitcoin.

It changed so quick, didn’t it it does. People were right back on that 500k bitcoin. You know um and what is xr xrp up three percent. It’S at 98
5 cents right now, um, so bitcoin price flat lines as xrp where’s. My xrp army people at show me where you’re at xrp army and make sure to like the video if you’re in the xrp army and you enjoy an xrp story every single day or if not i’ll, manufacture, one fake news uh.

Where are you gon na say tj nothing? I just said: throw the x up if you’re in the expo throw the x up, amen, yeah, it was a dollar. Last night i was looking at it last night yeah, so not even that big of a correction, bitcoin price flatlines as xrp hits one dollar with massive all coin move, except for 2022

Couraging signs are appearing across all coin charts, uh well, bitcoin offers uh no surprises with a come down from 10 day highs. Uh. This is our michael van de pop.

He says i should delete my account. That would be like the first place, runner retiring before he crossed the finish line. Why? Why would i do that? Also, if i quit making tweets and quit making youtube videos?

What would crypto twitter talk about a lot of these guys? Their entire account consists of attacking me. So what would they do? It’S like when donald trump left, when donald trump left all of the news ratings went in the tank, so good go figure uh. You have to come at me a lot harder than that.

Mr randall pop whatever dumb last name – sorry, no offense. We love people with the last name, vanda pop, but can you get one name you just get one. You have to have three anyways um huddlers busy accumulating uh, as you guys can see here. Uh fueling bets that a short squeeze would hit over the holiday period against declining volatility data, reinforced conviction among investors, with the supply being bought up at roughly three times the rate of new btc being mined uh strong-handed hodlers absorbing supply at more than triple the rate Of new coins being mined each day, uh we had looked at how just run the biggest. Oh i’m sorry, if you have four names, i look.

We love multi-name people. I always thought it was cool. You always thought it was cool yeah, multiple people that have you know, or i two middle names was mine’s a compound word. You know yeah two words, one name, two two names uh, i bet ben, is taller than people with three last names. The only thing worse than people with three last names is somebody with two first names.

Y’All know that, but we love those people too. We love those people too. Sorry, sorry to all those people, uh just saw that tweet over there thing over there on the basement. These people yeah they put some crazy stuff in there yeah. I tell you what i did.

Some of these people, though, on twitter they’ve mastered the art of clout. Chasing they’ve turned their entire accounts into nothing but clout chasing, and they would swear to you that. That’S not what they do, but every tweet you guys aren’t um hey when, when you’re the king, when you’re king santa it feels good, you can take some uh, take some arrows in the back of your sleigh. Take them all day every day, um, okay! So santa rally comes as altcoin simmer: xrp humping, which is good.

We’Re looking at the chart, definitely could look like a a good breakout here, possibly coming for xrp and uh. Let’S see here a nice engagement, tweet 2022 will be massive youtubers and their clickbait 2022 will be massive uh, low iq individuals, scalability or stat, or stability. So lana network outages show work still needed. Guys is solana. Centralized is yes, so, yes, it is yeah.

It’S simple, simple question, simple answer: um solana’s outages could be interpreted as mere hiccups in a new blockchain, but some suggest there’s cause for concern, guys it’s so easy and it’s so great to talk about solana when the price is going up and to say the tech Is great, i’m telling you guys this. I say it to you all. The time we’ve not hit a place in crypto, yet where the amount of usage equals price speculation, that’s why it’s called price speculation. It’S not based on the value of a company or the value of a project or its potential in the future. Well, actually, that is what it’s based on: it’s solely based on the potential for the future, not what’s going on right now.

Everyone is so hot on solana and we’ve been warning you about this all year long we like solana, don’t get me wrong. I’M not saying swan is a bad project. We’Ve been warning you all year. Long do not forget about the other projects, just because the speculation on solana has been extremely high this year and you can apply this to avalanche as well. We love avalanche.

I would take avalanche over salon in my personal opinion, but that’s a whole different. You know story, the the the point here is is that, just because the price is going up that doesn’t make it a better blockchain period, it absolutely does not we’re putting together our coins or our top coins for uh 2022

We did like kind of a way too early top coins of 2022 and one of our top ones was elrond or our number one was our on and then it’s been like the biggest pumper ever since then. So, what’s the potential for elrond to really pump and be one of the biggest coins of next year when it’s already one of the biggest coins of this year, so we’re gon na we’re gon na rework that list at the end of the year and i’m looking At two blockchain projects that have incredible technicals and use case and and great stuff going on they’ve not had the same kind of pumps that we’ve seen from solana or avalanche, but have the potential to do so i’ll. Let you guys try to maybe figure out. If you can guess what those are.

If it was just about fundamentals, then nothing would be close to ethereum. If it was just about usage and fundamentals, nothing would be in the conversation with ethereum right now. Yes, it does have a big problem. We got e2 rolling out right solana had its blockchain turned off very early on here after after you know, some uh projects started launching on it and nft started launching on it. They paused the blockchain.

Think about that. So hold your reindeer here. Don’T don’t forget about these other projects? Remember solana has not faced these scalability problems yet and when they do they’ve already proven right off the rip there will be hiccups. Do you guys just remember that with solana and once again like solana, it’s not a bad project?

It’S it’s been one of our top projects. All years, it’s one of our biggest moneymakers of the year, but just hold your horses. A little bit hold your reindeer. A little bit on crowning salon of the king of crypto, well yeah, i was going to say another term you hear used, a lot is ethereum killer and all these projects are ethereum killers, they’re, fast they’re, cheap. Whatever we’ve seen a lot more ethereum killers die.

We haven’t seen anybody actually kill ethereum yet so just keep that in mind. That’S why everybody people are so quick to say like. Oh, the fees are high on ethereum something’s got to be better and like they don’t understand, the fees are high because there’s a lot of people on the network, a lot of people using it a lot of people making transactions so yeah a lot of these other Ones that claim these crazy speeds and stuff they’ve never really been load tested and when they get that load, it doesn’t really work out that. Well so uh trail grinder said scroll up just a little bit. He said um y’all in the basement, yeah right there.

He said it’s centralized, then they did their own pump. I mean there, you go uh, i’m gon na. Let you guys figure out what i think about that, as you probably already know worked out great for me, worked out great for me in my bags swim with the wheels salon is now our number three bag right now i was looking at it the other day. Yeah uh ethereum number one bitcoin number two solana number three uh, because solana has held better than everything else, but guys who has think about this? Who is the richest man in crypto spf?

I believe it’s spf he’s got to be up there. If he’s not he’s very close um, i think he is, though i mean, i think, he’s now gotten into one of the richest people in the world aside from cz who officially is not, but unofficially we all know is so just think about that guys. Think about all the money behind all that so um all right, so crypto exchanges to toss up a hail, marriott super bowl 2022, which i will be at that super bowl uh, which reminds me that we need to talk about the meetups and stuff. I actually had an idea. I will talk to you about after the show, but okay uh, i i want to do a meet up with wendy and all coin daily on that thursday, before the super bowl in la yeah, we talked about that loosely.

I want them to plan it, and then maybe we can still play in that other one, because we kind of been promising that thing, but anyways, uh, critical exchange, live forumscritter.com and ftx will run advertising commercials during super bowl. Um 56, i believe, is what that is right: yeah yep, on february 13th, both exchanges have been working tirelessly to establish their brands and penetrate the u.s market. Uh super bowl advertisements are known to be very costly, with rates going above 5 or five million dollars for just 30 seconds.

Some sponsors are even willing to pay up to a record high of 6
5 million dollars for the same air time, critter.com uh also announced a partnership with angel city football club um, a soccer team. We know they’ve already got the rights to crypto.com arena very interesting conversation. We were having um and, of course, krypto.

om is a partner of ours. Here on the channel, um and very interesting conversation we have in our c12 meeting this week, cj dj came with me to my c12 meeting he’s in his usual group. It’S a it’s a a board of non-profit, not non-profit, it’s it’s. It is a non-profit board of uh christian ceos, and so we we meet there uh once every month and some of the guys in there who are not very well versed with crypto or obviously that’s not what they do. Uh some have gotten a little more interest since i’ve joined the group, but um you know the number one thing they were talking about was crypto.

om and the staples center. You know these. These marketing moves into sports, for these companies are huge massive massive. I mean everyone who watches sports now knows what ftx is everyone who watches basketball or f1 or ufc is now heard of krypto
Com – and i would say even almost more importantly, these are people that have heard crypto mentioned in the past, never really looked into it, and then they see it that big on nba, nfl and they’re. Like oh wow, that’s that’s really still a thing.

I guess this isn’t going anywhere, you know. Maybe i should learn about it. Exactly. Somebody said when’s, the bit boy, crypto super bowl ad plane, uh, we, you know roll 57. Maybe maybe you never know.

If you’re around certain cities, you might see, see some billboards and uh digital ads on some different uh, apps, absolutely uh, and that’s so. Somebody had seen my billboard there at rc 12 meeting, which was kind of cool too. That was cool, yeah bitcoin worth 15. Quintillion is just another day in crypto, a 15 quintillion dollar market. It’S a huge number bitcoin.

Now, that’s not a quadrillion is a quadrillion. Is it quintillion after a quadrillion, yep yeah that makes sense yeah? So what’s the next one? Sex sex, tillian, mm-hmm, um where’s, miss closet um. They said in the basement, they said, don’t lie, they know.

I’M your mrs claus you’re, my mrs claus. Uh. There was also some comments about taking some arrows in the back of the sleigh. Oh did they yeah? They get some arrows.

Well, there’s a lot of quivering going on for sure. That’S what you that’s! What you pull your arrows out of you know: yeah um, okay, crypto made a giant leave, enjoy joining one expanding well beyond their niche among geeks and redditers. Our favorite people join our bitboy crypto subreddit uh wall street, strengthened its embrace with morgan stanley chiefs executive officer, james gorman, declaring it no fad. I mean crypto, is like a santa suit, never goes out of style.

Uh mayor elect nyc eric adams, the painted bitcoin token mania on pop culture, uh yeah, the industry failed to get the basics right still plagued by some of the same problems of dogma from the start. A lot of this is not crypto’s fault. By the way. A lot of this is social media’s fault, i would say, like all the impersonators and scammers out there. This is social media’s fault.

Facebook can fix this very easy. Facebook has uh has a thing to where it’s much harder to block a page than it is to block a person, and so all these impersonators now they just come up with pages instead of normal people. So it’s like two extra steps to block them. Now we continue to block those people the best that we can. I i pay a company thousands of dollars a month to help us with that stuff because we care about the community, but it is the kind of thing where a lot of this is not our fault.

You know a lot of it is just the organize. The lack of care from social media and big tech uh, but this month coin market cap, obviously had that big error. Um damon carney, said he’s bullish on cuban food in miami. I like cuban food. I like a cuban sandwich.

I, like a more american style, cumin sandwich. I had an authentic cuban sandwich that had onions mixed in with the meat yeah. Well, it was a cuban place we went to. It was yeah. I like a more tame cuban sandwich.

I take the pickle off, of course, but no pickle, no, no pickle, no pickle. For me, i feel like that’s pretty you take a pickle on a cuban sandwich. I feel, like that’s a pretty critical part of the sandwich. Well, i don’t sorry i don’t like pickles. I don’t like vegetables, but only lettuce or tomatoes.

People always say you know what my favorite thing. People say they say. Why do you not like lettuce? It has no taste. Well then, why do i hate it?

No, that’s not true. That’S a lie. Lettuce definitely hesitates. It definitely is one tiny sliver of lettuce and a taco will ruin the whole taco fruit. It actually happened to me just yesterday.

Wow anyways coin market cap had this big glitch. We all know that had a 16 twin trillion dollar or quad – oh yeah quinn, trillion or market cap. Imagine if the new york stock exchange messed up its price feeds and sent a press release out like how did it feel to be beating the s p for once bitcoin market cap said how did it feel to be a trillionaire for a couple hours? A lot of really funny content around that, but nobody would have had the ability to actually sell during that time right. So somebody said my uh taste buds are childish, yes, absolutely yeah, absolutely, and i’m very proud of that.

I prefer chicken nuggets over fancy. Food i’d say: your taste bud goes from the 4 to 12 range, maybe 4 to 10 kind of range, yeah, 4 to 10 years old yeah. I think that’s probably accurate yeah um, i yeah. I don’t have uh sophisticated taste buds in anything. No, i can eat a steak and a hamburger every day of my life and wings chicken.

I love chicken wings. Chicken wings are my favorite, i’m i’m a winged carnism. What the top crypto execs predict for the industry in 2022 regulation and a big tech brain drain. So here’s somebody said it’s obvious. I don’t like lettuce.

Oh that’s really funny um, but here’s what i want to focus on there’s a lot of people they interviewed for this. I want to talk about the paxo ceo, charles haskoria. This is very interesting. Now. Remember i’ve been telling you guys this when you see haxos, you must think house in texas.

Okay, when you see paxos, you must think paypal right. That’S what you should be thinking. The heck is going on they’re having a party out christmas party out there. Apparently. So this is the guy who’s in the know.

Paxos is with paypal. Okay here was his quotes for what he had to say about crypto. For next year. Big tech and finance players like venmo, interactive brokers and mercado libre enter krypton 2021. There will be even more and bigger players joining the onslaught next year.

2022 is the year of the stable coin. Consumer wallets enabled stable coins for the first time this year. Money is a product and it needs to be updated for how people live today. Regulated stable coins, like usdp, are the answer. This is the key part here.

Consumer wallets enabled stable coins for the first time this year, haxos paypal, okay, think about this. We also have usdc and circle. This is all heading to digital dollar. That’S why these stable coins are such a focus. We know why they’re going against stable coin staking okay they’re setting the stage here for the digital dollar.

They want people to understand how to use a stable coin. Um and we’ve been talking a lot. I i i’m gon na make: oh my gosh they’re so loud here. What are they doing, what the heck? Why are they having they’re having a what are they doing?

I can’t i can’t understand these people sometimes yeah, but here’s the thing. Okay, when it comes to these to the the digital dollar, okay, i’m gon na make believe it or not a prediction. I said i’m gon na stop doing this. We know what they had over the uh last couple of months. They had the giant stage.

Cyber attack correct: what were they calling that thing? Do you remember i i don’t remember i don’t remember it either. We know the last time they did a staged pandemic exercise. What did we get a few months later pandemic? I think that we are going to see a cyber attack of epic proportions come sometime in the next two years.

Yeah i agree, and that is going to be the ushering in of the digital dollar they’re going to usher in the digital dollar. It’S going to take over and it is going to start the great reset it was interesting. I don’t know if we have the story, but i was reading today the swift is going to be implementing cbdc’s. You know the swift payment network implementing stable coins, basically central bank digital currencies as early as q1 of next year yeah. Here it is right here, thanks with messaging system, to experiment with tokenized assets.

In early 2022, the interbank messaging network experiments will use a central bank digital currency, as well as established forms of payments playing a series of experiments. They love those experiments, don’t they because you know they’re doing experiments just for fun right right just for fun. Just just why not, and then somebody brought up the uh colonial pipeline as well, that we saw that happen yep. That was a test run. Maybe but it’s interesting they’re testing digital currencies, we’ve got the guy, you know we, i imagine that says.

Central bank, digital currencies and other established market players could be i’d. Imagine usdc probably the paxos dollar yeah um. So that’s the kind of angling those companies are doing to be the major settlement layer across banks and central banks and then it’ll trickle down to the consumers, but they always talk about it consumer facing first, even though they’re doing all this other stuff behind the scenes. It’S fascinating, yeah drill grinder said: can we change the name cbdc to because it’s too close to weed terms? I agree it is confusing.

Um okay nfts are more popular than ever. Despite sour mood and wider crypto market uh, just a reminder, we did buy uh i mean i guess when you buy one of these, you just have to flex it all the time. Somebody also said uh. Why do i keep pronouncing it? 6913?

I i don’t. I don’t have the answer to that question. I did yeah say 6913

I don’t know why should’ve said 6913 or 6913, you got to say 69, i’m all right, of course, so uh this is our crypto punk here uh we bought this yesterday. This was kind of on the heels of this story. Uh the board ape yacht club passed crypto punks, but check this out briefly passed.

So it looks like right now, um at this point. It has yeah crypto here is where we’re at now. The board eight floor is 52.2 eth crypto punx lure has now moved back. Above it at 53.

3 eth, so i predicted that we would see something similar with bitcoin ethereum when ethereum flips bitcoin. Eventually it will briefly pass it, come back down individually permanently pass it. I i said yesterday i thought we would see the same thing saturday. I told you this flipping was coming for board apes. It has now occurred now.

I believe crypto punks will take the lead again for a. I don’t know how long the time period will be may depend on the crypto market, but nfts are kind of saying. You know like a honey badger, we don’t care what the normal crypto market is doing, they’re continuing to be more and more popular, but it doesn’t mean there’s an increase in actual buying pressure from retail investors, which is so interesting. Retail interest in nfts seems to have decoupled from the broader crypto market. I’Ve been telling you we could see this, it’s going to be very interesting when we have an entire bear market.

What that is going to look like, but the search for information isn’t necessarily translating into action. Google trends a tool for gauging general interest means right now. It is peaking at a perfect score of 100 for nfts over the past five years. So i’m more and more people are scanning the web on information, but they’re not necessarily buying um. Let’S see here, open c uh has peaked.

Obviously uh. It was at 67 million dollars um right now. It was an all-time high of 303 million in august uh. All countries all over the world, including the philippines, which makes sense because obviously uh actually infinity, is gigantic there. You may have some news on some stuff coming up with that here in the next uh you know few few weeks or maybe a month, we might have some news that we might be working with um, you know, might be doing some stuff on axiomfinity, not with Them officially, but google trends, we know what that is: yadda yadda, we do know this was very interesting.

Last week, uh melania trump launched her nfts, and did you hear what trump said? No probably still dangerous, that’s funny, and she did it on solana, right solana. Only purchasable with crypto right and donald trump said that um, you know the crypto is still dangerous and bitcoin. You know. Well, he didn’t say bitcoin’s a scam this time, but he said recently, bitcoin is, is possibly a scam, but he did say he expects crypto to exceed big tech um, and he said it’s very dangerous that we could see an explosion of crypto, bigger than big tech.

Ever was so, it shows he’s seeing the potential, but why is donald trump, so negative? On crypto anthony scaramucci’s former press secretary, he said he believed that the bitcoin tweet, the famous bitcoin tweet from donald trump uh that i think came in. I think it was maybe august or july of 2019 was actually crafted from someone else, which i said at the time too. I don’t think donald trump is actually bearish on crypto. I think he’s more he’s bullish on the dollar, because he’s going to be running for president again and you can’t run for president.

You can’t be the president and be anti-dollar. It doesn’t make sense right so we’ll see what happens uh but uh ron, desantis, still the odds-on favorite to be the republican nominee even over trump, which i find to be very, very, very fascinating. So we’ll have to see what happens there. Um you’ve said all along: you don’t think donald trump can run um yeah. I thought he would boost.

I thought if he ran it would just be for publicity and exposure to try to grow. You know media presence, but i don’t think you know. I don’t know if he really wanted to win the first time. You know i thought that might have been played just exposure uh. So if he ran again, i think it would be for exposure, but i don’t, i don’t think he would, but maybe he will.

Who knows? Look you can’t be the president be anti-dollar at this point right where we’re at so you got to expect these kinds of things um and that’s why we’re trying to fight against current system – and that is the current system, so is what it is. Is that if ben is santa t.j is krampus? I like that, all right guys.

I hope you enjoyed the uh short shorter show today, um, you know, i don’t know. Maybe 40 50 minutes might be a sweet spot um. I don’t know we’ll look at that in the future, but uh hope you guys have a merry christmas i’ll be back on around the blockchain later today. Of course, we’ll have videos for you guys during christmas, i’ll be doing phone records, i’ll stay, active and current on. What’S happening in crypto so be on lookout for that, but i hope you guys all have a magical christmas.

Remember the the reason for the season and uh. That’S all i got be blessed: bye,

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