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How To Transfer Assets From Ethereum To Polygon

Hello everyone, In this content, we will discuss, How to transfer our assets from Ethereum to polygon blockchain. The assets can be transferred with the help of two bridges, the first one is the plasma bridge and the second one is POS that is a proof of stake bridge We will see how to transfer token using POS bridge and maticJS library first.

since Matic-Mumbai-TestNet is the child chain of Goerli TestNet we will use these test networks for token transfer. To do this on mainnet you will just have to replace some variables, that’s it! To transfer tokens, that particular token should be mapped first.

Here is the list of mapped tokens you can get on both mainnet and testnet. We will use a dummy erc20 token which is already mapped by the thematic team for testing purposes.

Our next steps will be, -Adding Matic Mumbai test net on our metamask -Getting some test ethers on Goerli testnet -Adding dummy ERC 20 token in metamask.

So, for the first step we will configure metamask wallet with Matic-Mumbai-TestNet For that we will need some parameters like RPC URL and chain ID in order to add Mumbai testnet in metamask. You can find those parameters on polygon’s official documentation The link is provided in the description below.

We will also need some test ethers on our Goerli testnet to process this transaction You can get it from goerli testnet faucet.

And you can get a dummy ERC-20 token from the Matic faucet Both the faucet links are given in the description below.


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