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How To Safely Upgrade A Wallet

Upgrading the core wallet software any cryptocurrency is easy. And comes with many benefits such as improved security, speed and overall performance. As well as sometimes including new features. However, An important note before we start: Never download a wallet from anywhere That isn’t an official trusted site, as it may contain malware or nasty junk that could potentially steal your coins.

You have been warned! With that said, let’s hop to one of our official sites: litecoin.org. The wallets often come in one of two versions of a 32-bit and a 64-bit. If you don’t know which one you need you can do a simple search for Control Panel system and security then system. Here, you’ll be able to see your system type.

litecoin.com is also an official site run by us where we can download the update. It’s just exact same process: select the version we want and download it. Bitcoin users, similarly, can head over to bitcoin.org introduction getting started and choose a wallet. There is one last thing we need to do before we begin.

That is to back up the wallet just in case anything were to go wrong. Yes, as unlikely as that is to happen, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Now that that is done, we can close the wallet and open the newly-downloaded file. From here just click ‘Next’. ‘Next’ again, and let it do its thing. And just like that, it’s done! Click ‘Finish.’ and we can see if we have successfully upgraded our core wallet.

Just allow it access to private networks and. There we are. If anything did go wrong during this process you can restore the wallet using the backup. Just do a search for: %appdata% and open the Litecoin or whichever coin name folder you’re using and drag the backup over. When prompted to replace, just say ‘yes’.

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