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How To Register Your Binance Account

Hello, my friend, Caleb Wright here from Bitcoin Lifestyles Club and today I’m going to guide you through the process of registering and securing your Binance cryptocurrency exchange account.

Binance, based out of cryptocurrency-friendly Malta, is one of the top three cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. And the top exchange that focuses on the trading of a large list of altcoins against Bitcoin.

As you can see here, at CoinMarketCap.com, it’s the cryptocurrency exchange with the third highest trading volume out of the top 100 cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. In the past 24 hours, it’s done over a million dollars worth of trading volume. In the past 7 days, it’s done over $6 million dollars.

In the past 30 days, it’s done over $31 Billion dollars worth of trading volume. There are 379 markets of altcoins that trade against Bitcoin, Ethereum and USD Tether. And they also have markets that trade against Binance’s own coin BNB, Binance Coin. The other two exchanges that rank higher on its focus mostly on margin trading and trading against USD Tether. BitForex and BitMex. So Binance is the top exchange out there that trades in altcoins against Bitcoin, Ethereum, and US Dollar Tether markets.

Binance has been such a success, that there was an article earlier this year at CCN.com detailing how Binance has become more profitable than Germany’s very own Deutsche Bank, and in the article, it states that so far in 2018, Binance has profited to the tune of $200 million dollars, which is $54 million more than the $146 million pulled in by Deutsche Bank.

Being the top altcoin exchange on the market, you’re definitely going to want to register an account at this exchange. They even reward their members, so there’s all the more reason for you to get started as soon as possible.

Just deposit a little bitcoin, and after you make your first trades you will also start receiving promotional airdrops of various cryptocurrencies that launch on Binance. There’s nothing like FREE crypto! Being that it’s also the highest volume altcoin exchange, it means that there will be excellent liquidity for most of their trading pairs.

Binance has also proven to be one of the best exchanges out there in terms of their security features and their active efforts to thwart the efforts of hackers. You can feel comfortable leaving some money on Binance for trading, as long as you take advantage of the security features and setup two-factor authentication.

Which I’m going to show you who to do today, after I take you through registering your Binance account. To get started, I’d recommend that you use the link right underneath this video in the description area and follow along with the video, step by step to complete the registration of your crypto trading account on Binance.

Just to let you know in advance. I will receive credit for the referral of your account registration. I thank you in advance for using my link as it will support this YouTube Channel so I can keep producing FREE training videos that help you profit with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Once you have clicked the link, it will take you to the home page of Binance, where you can begin the process of registering your account.

On the upper right-hand corner of the page, click Register. On this page, just fill out this form with your email and password. For your cryptocurrency exchange accounts, it’s recommended to use a new email address for that purpose instead of using the email address that you would use for everything else in life normally.

This will increase your security. And when you make a password, but sure to make it long and include numbers, upper case and lower case letters and symbols so that it’s impossible to guess. Then click the little box to agree to Binance’s terms and conditions.

Then you can go ahead and click Register and we’ll just have to solve a little catch puzzle they have set up to verify that we are human and not a bot trying to hack into the exchange. So just click the slider and slide the puzzle piece over until it fits. BOOM, that’s done. At this point, Binance will send you a confirmation email. You need to go to your email and click the link within as directed, in order to confirm your account and login for the first time.

I’m just going to take care of that real quick so that we can login. Okay, having just clicked the link in my email. We have the account activation successful page, and we can click the little link to go log in. And we can go ahead and enter our email and password. And click login. And solve the puzzle again. And we’re in! When you first login to your new Binance account, you will get a bunch of safety tips in regard to using the exchange and keeping safe from being hacked and having your crypto stolen.

It’s important to follow the rules of thumb when it comes to protecting your account. Because there are a lot of scheming hackers out there who you should not underestimate. Instead you can take the proper precautions to thwart and ultimately prevent their efforts. Lets review real quick. Make sure that your visiting Binance.com when you login, so whenever you’re going to the exchange to login, check the URL before you type in your login information and make sure that it’s Binance.com to prevent yourself from falling victim to any phishing attacks where they steal your login information. Secondly, never install any browser plugins that claim to be associated with Binance. Except Netcraft anti-phishing extension. Never call a phone number from anyone claiming to be a member of Binance support. Never tell your password or 2FA codes or keys to anyone, including Binance support. Don’t even tell support. And never send funds to anyone claiming to be a member of Binance support. Okay, so now that we’ve gone over each of those, we just have to check off the box acknowledging that we understand each of these points.

And then click continue. Next, you will be presented your options for setting up two-factor authentication to protect your account. This is not a recommendation, this is a required step, do not even think about clicking the ‘Skip for now’ button. You absolutely need to set up two-factor authentication to protect your account before you even think about depositing money to your exchange account.

And I recommend that you steer clear of the SMS text authentication because that is actually fairly easy to hack if the hacker can ever activate your mobile phone account on another phone to get through the security features. So I recommend you go with Google Authentication. Just go to the app store for your smartphone, search for Google Authenticator and look for this logo.

Download and install the app so you can complete setting up two-factor authentication on your account. And don’t worry, if you ever lose your phone or delete your app by accident, you can work with support to get back in. Accidents do happen to the best of us, I’ve done it before myself.

It’s a pain in the rear but it’s not a fatal mistake and it’s worth having this extra layer of security that will keep hackers from getting into your account. So now you should take a moment to pause this video and go download Google Authenticator so you can continue following along and secure your account. Once you are set up with Google Authenticator you can then click the Google Authenticator option from right here.

For step one, since I’ve already advised you to go download the app and install it on your phone, you’ll have it by now, so we’ll go ahead and click ‘next step’. Then for Step 2, you’re going to open up the Google Authenticator app on your phone and you’re going to click the ‘ +’ button on the app. Then you are going to click ‘scan barcode’ on the little menu that pops up on the bottom of the app on your phone.

And you’re going to scan the QR code that you see on the screen right here. So I’m just going to take a moment and do that. Now once you’ve scanned this QR code, then a six-digit number is going to end up showing up on the app on your phone, and it’s going to change every maybe 30 seconds, and it will also say Binance.com on your app.

And so at this point, I would also recommend that you copy down this series of letters and numbers and save it because if you ever lose your phone, you delete the app by accident, you lose your access to your 2FA codes, this is a one-time code that will get you back into your account, and then you can turn off the two-factor authentication until you get another phone, or until you find your phone in order to reactivate the two-factor authentication.

So next, now that we’ve scanned the code and that we’ve saved our backup code, we’re then going to click ‘next step.’ Please save this key on paper so it’s just making sure that we save the key that I recommended to you in the last step to save. So then we’ll click ‘next step’.

Now we have to enable Google Authentication. So we have to enter our password. Then we have to put in the 6-digit code that shows up on our phone. And then click ‘enable google authentication’. Succeed! Now that we have successfully secured your account with two-factor authentication. It lands us back on your account settings page, where we can leverage one last option to maximise your account security.

And that would be the anti-phishing code, you just click here under the setting. And then you just think of a number, any number you can remember easily, and then click submit. And then you’ll also have to put your Google Authentication code, so I have to go get that 6-digit code.

And so the point of this anti-phishing is that whenever Binance sends you an email for anything, you will know that it’s a real email from them if it has this number that you set if you get an email from Binance and it doesn’t have this number, then you’ll know that it’s a phishing scam by a hacker that’s just seeking to gain access to your account and rob you of your crypto.

So definitely take the time to set up your anti-phishing code. From this page, you can also change your password if you need to. Every now and then, like every six months, it’s not a bad idea to change your password. And you can turn your two-factor authentication on and off from right here, on the right side of the menu.

And there actually is one more thing you can do to secure your account. There is one last really cool feature called ‘Withdrawal Address Management’ and you can use it to add a whitelist of wallet addresses that can be withdrawn to. This way, if your account was ever to get hacked, the hacker would only ever be able to withdraw your funds to your wallet for you.

Pretty funny, and a great idea actually. Looks like I should go about setting it up sooner than later. This is actually a newer and quite clever security feature. And if you scroll down further, you will also be provided with some data on the devices and IP addresses that have been accessing your account.

As well as a login history. You can monitor all this information if you are suspicious of any account activity. I’ve personally never had a problem with that because I properly secure my accounts and take the recommended precautions. But it’s good to have this info available in case you ever needed it.

So at this point, you should have a newly registered and secured Binance Account, Congratulations! With your Binance account registered and secure you are now officially ready to deposit some bitcoin and get started with trading. You are going to want to check out my next video, where I will provide you with a walkthrough of the features and functions of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

I will help you understand what each section is for so you don’t have to waste time trying to decipher it yourself. If you found this to be helpful, I would really appreciate your support. And all you have to do is click the LIKE button right underneath the video and leave a comment below with your feedback or any questions you may have. You can also share it with your friends on social media who might also be interested in getting started with a Binance account.

If at this point you have only watched the video and you still need to register and secure your account. You can always restart the video and follow it step by step, pausing it as needed.

And if you do still need to do that, if you’d like to support my YouTube Channel so I can keep producing FREE content that educates and empowers you to become profitable with bitcoin and cryptocurrency, please use my link to register for Binance, which you can find right underneath this video in the description.

And by the way, if you want to get started on the right foot with cryptocurrency trading and investing so that you maximise and get the best results possible. You should take a serious look at my Cryptocurrency Trading, Investing & Mining Mastery Course and my 24-7 running Mastermind Chat Group on Slack.

You can get more info about all of this at my website www.bitcoinlifestyles.club. And if you’d like more information, you can find a link in the video description below, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Caleb Wright, signing off from Bitcoin Lifestyles Club. I wish you much prosperity and will catch you on the next training video, where I will show you around the features and functions of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

Stay blessed until then..

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