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How To Make Up To $366 Daily Trading XRP

Anonymous Analyst here and welcome dear traders. How to make 366$ per day trading XRP USD. And a quick video to show you my new XRP timing prediction for the next 66 days! No price predictions here, I do only time predictions. So let’s get straight into the chart. Firstly you can notice 3 of my previous predictions.

We had a beautiful high, back to a low and back to a high. This was yesterday. So, for now, we are heading back to a low with a prediction date of 19 January. From there we will probably go back up for high on 27 January. How to make 366$ per day trading XRP USD Simple, just take a 10.000$ account as an example.

If we took the 2 previous trades we would have been profiting 16% the first trade and 17% on the second trade. With an account of 10.000$ that equals to 3300$ profit on a time period of 9 days.

3300$ divided by 9 days equals to 366$ per day. This is just an example to show you how easy it can be to make a living from trading crypto. But the only edge we have here is my timing dates.

Without this edge, you can throw the whole profit calculation through the window. For future turning points, I will not predict if it will be high or low since the sequence can inverse.

The timing dates are the only sure thing I am 90% accurate on. So after 27 January, our next timings are as follows: 19/01 27/018/02 12/02 14/02 20/02 23/02 6/03 9/03 22/03 Important!

Understand that these given future dates contain the most important turning dates for the top chart.

My date predictions will hit the highest highs and the lowest lows for the next 66 days. Write it down on paper so that you can profit from these huge swings. 19% swings in the previous example.

I will update with a new video after or during the next timing prediction. How can YOU cash in on these predictions?

COMMENT, LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE (hit the notification bell) so you never miss a video of my future predictions. Anonymous Analyst OUT

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