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How to Earn Passive Bitcoin with LocalBitcoins’ Affiliate Program? Vlad Explains…

Hi, LocalBitcoins family. This is Vladislav Alimpiev of LocalBitcoins community and partnerships manager. And today I’d like to talk to you about an absolutely amazing feature that LocalBitcoin has, but for some reason is a little bit underused. So I hope you will find out how convenient that feature is and take it into your usage also. The feature is an affiliate program.

Now let me sum it up in just a few words what an affiliate program is. You bring somebody to LocalBitcoins, they trade, you get paid, it’s as simple as that. You bring someone to LocalBitcoins, they trade and you get paid because they have been trading. Now probably your question is how much? And that’s a fairly legit question, of course, we’d like that is something you want to know.

And you would get paid 20% of the fees from the fees that LocalBitcoins takes for the trade. So you would get a 20% commission from LocalBitcoins trading fees. Now, if you bring both the buyer and the seller for a specific trade, in that case, you would get as much as 40%.

But, typically it would be just one party so that’s why we say 20% first. So think about it this way, there’s 20%, 40% this is a little bit maybe like not the most interesting stuff to think about. If you bring a couple of friends or a wealthy relative of yours, and in a year they will trade as much as 500 Bitcoins you know how much you would be getting then you would get a whole Bitcoin.

So that’s quite a nice deal if you asked me. Yeah, so we will give a link in the description to this video on how to join the affiliate program super-easy you will be able to easily figure it out. So join in using the link in the description.

And in general, why would someone want to be using the affiliate program? Super easy, you pump up your Bitcoin bags while spreading the word of Bitcoin. So, you create this so-called network effect more and more people are using Bitcoin.

So you are ultimately benefiting, you’re getting Bitcoins and you’re creating more pump about Bitcoin, making sure Bitcoin’s price keeps on going higher. And of course, there is a perfect, perfect passive income.

Now let’s say, for example, if you’re let’s say an influencer or you have a blog, and a YouTube channel or you also may be organizing some kind of meetups and what is an absolutely convenient feature we will offer you, is we give you customized links and we give you as many as you want. So for example, you can put one link here, one link there and you will be able to see and monitor how much engagement you are getting from each place.

So I hope I was able to get you as excited about the affiliate program as I am. So please, if you’re not registered in it, go to the description, click on the link below, sign up for our affiliate program and spread the words. Spread the words to your friends, spread the words to your family and get paid in the process.

Isn’t that a really amazing deal? So yes, thank you for watching this video. In the meantime, if you feel liked it please subscribe to our YouTube channel of course, like this video, hit the bell button to turn on all the notifications from us and until next time, bye.

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