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How to deposit Litecoin (LTC) Into A Wallet

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to deposit Litecoin to your NiceHash wallet. First, you need your own Litecoin wallet. Now, this can be any wallet that contains some Litecoins.

Open that wallet and click send or withdraw then go to your NiceHash wallet and open Litecoin wallet, click deposit because what you are doing is you’re depositing Litecoin from your wallet to NiceHash wallet.

Click show Litecoin address and copy this Litecoin deposit address. Now paste this address into your Litecoin wallet and decide on the amount you want sending.

In my case, I will just send the entire wallet amount. I click continue and because I am using a hardware wallet I have to manually confirm this transaction by pressing the button.

I can see that the transaction has been successfully sent and now if I navigate back to NiceHash and refresh this page I should see this transaction under open transactions section and as we can see this transaction will require 12 confirmations from the Litecoin network.

After all, confirmations are done you should see your transaction as completed and if you click on this transaction you will get all the information and all the details about this transaction.

As we can see 12 confirmations were completed successfully and this transaction is also completed.

So this is how you deposit Litecointo your NiceHash wallet.

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