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How to change your cryptocurrency to Tether on StormGain Web platform?

Once you have transferred cryptocurrency to your Storm Gain account, you will need to exchange it into Tether. To do this, simply click the Exchange button.

Yes, it really is that easy! Tether is one of the many types of stable coin required to execute transactions. Without it, it would be impossible to carry out trades within seconds and with minimal commission.

Also, without Tether it would be impossible to trade using a multiplier, which you can use to increase your profits. Tether’s exchange rate is tied to the US dollar.

So if it helps, you can imagine that you just have dollars in your account instead of Tether and it will be just like normal trading.

The only difference is that the cash-out process is even easier and quicker than usual.

Another reason for using a stable coin like Tether is that normal cryptocurrency exchange rates are extremely volatile.

In an effort to counteract this volatility and ensure our exchange rate remains stable, we want to use a digital currency that is tied to a real currency and backed by a central bank.

So in short, all you need to do is exchange your crypto for Tether and you’re ready to start trading.

We’ll show you exactly how in our next article..

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