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How To Buy Safemoon and Price Prediction

Hi, welcome to cryptogems in today’s video we take a closer look at the safe moon and study what. It is all about how you can buy it and all that fun stuff. So, let’s get into it! Please donut forget to check the links in the description box below to find more information about this coin this is not financial advice. This content is for informational purposes only so, as per the coin gecko, the safe moon has a symbol of SAFEMOON, and this is what it looks like and right now.

It’S priced at zero points: zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, four one four over the past 30 days. It has decreased by 54.9percent and over the 24 hours it has increased by seven percent, and this was probably because the bitcoin crashed and everything happened so all the currencies also started crashing. At the same time – and here we get a good idea about how this coin is performing over the span of 24hours. So let’s take a look at the span of max so since the time it was launched so as you can see that it did not do anything significant up until.

This point uh 15th April and then it did a little spike and um on 20th of April and then another spike. That happened was on the 11th of may and. That was the highest that has been seen so far, and this is the market cap that we currently have uh. The market cap dominance is 0.14and, the trading volume that we have right now – is around 20 million dollars.

The all-time high that has been seen, was zero points: zero, zero zero zero one zero, nine four and the all-time low that was seen – was zero points: zero, zero, zero zero, zero, zero, zero. Four four: three six zero and: this is the official website of the safe moon it looks amazing. I mean among all the websites that I’ve seen. I feel this is actually pretty cool so. As for the website, the safe phone protocol is a community-driven fair launch d5 token um three simple functions, occur during each rate.

Reflectionlp acquisition and burn uh. You can click over here just to see the live chart that they have and yeah. Here you can get a good idea about how this coin is performing, and you can click over here to buy this safe moon, you can buy it on a pancake or you can go to the markets, so this is the current price that we have, and these are the number of holders which Is approximately two million people so as per the website? It is community-driven, and fair to launch the development team, burned all of their tokens and participated with everyone.

Else every trade contributes towards automatically generating liquidity that goes into multiple pools used by exchanges, and also there is something called RFI static rewards that the holders get so holders earn passive rewards through static reflection as they watch their balance of safe moon grow indefinitely.

So the first thing that happened was that protocol was initialized, so we, have successfully onboarded and confirmed a dodge coin trading pair with bb palm. We have also successfully, began the integration process with white bit and began legal paperwork with bitemark our team size has doubled and our marketing campaigns have begun. And then there was the initial push so. The whitebeard tokenomics integration will be completed, along with the completion of the SAFEMOON, app wallet and game. The bitmap integration with economics will also be completed in this quarter.

We will begin architecting. The NFT exchange, as well as the video game, integrations we will, be integrating safe moon with African markets In addition to setting up a charity, drive and charity award, we will be exploring other exchanges that are by nance and began architecting the SAFEMOON exchange. We will be expanding. The team by 35and establish a UK and Ireland office. We will also be architecting crypto educational apps.

Well, like onboarding new partners, then there was something called holding the line and for that uh the project plans to finish the crypto educational app and begin the own begin, their own charity project, and they say that we will begin a community listing donation race for several exchanges, like coinbase Binance And so on and they will finish, the NFT exchange and release our first video game with safe moon integrated, we will be expanding the team by 25 and do a community.

So when you take a look at the Twitter page so right now it has a following of 909.7k, which is amazing it’s very, very close to having a million followers, which is a beautiful sign and also they make regular posts and updates about what they are doing with this project, which keeps Everyone engaged and informed about the future or speculate about.

What’S going to happen with this coin in the future, please don’t forget to check the link in the description box below to find more information about this coin, so, overall, in my opinion, all cryptocurrencies carry a certain amount of risk but SAFEMOON is one of the riskiest in order for any cryptocurrency To survive over the long run it needs to have some sort of intrinsic value. So right now safe moon doesn’t really serve any real purpose.

The vast majority of businesses don’t really accept cryptocurrency as well. And the safe moon is still very new, so that uh, it’s very unlikely, that it may gain traction anytime, soon so without any real-time utility. It will be kind of tough for the safe moon to succeed over time but.

Also, I feel that safe moon UH uses finance matching, which is the key difference from the decentralised ecosystem that was used by bitcoin and Ethereum, with decentralized crypto. There is no central authority, in other words, it’s not controlled by anyone company government, or country and Binance – is a centralized ecosystem.

And it has full control over its blockchain. Technology means that it has the power to change anything about its system at any time. Well, that’s not really a bad thing, but it does require that SAFEMOON investors trust that finance will do what’s in the cryptocurrency’s best interests considering.

The fact that decentralization is one of the key advantages of the crypto-safe soon centralized system could be a disadvantage when you think about it. In addition, security companies like certain performed an audit on the safe moon and found.

A major error ability, whether you choose to, invest in safe mode, depends on your personal preference and how much risk you are willing, to take, and if you have some cash to spare and are willing to take a little bit of gamble. You may be able to make a bit of money with it with the investment in SAFEMOON because it’s getting more and more hyped and popular in the market but.

Again, I would say that SAFEMOON is, very risky type of cryptocurrency and, considering the fact that it does not really have real-world utility and security issues again at the same time, a lot of these uh things are based on speculation. So if uh this currency gets more and more popular, it’s almost like the word of mouth marketing, that’s gonna hype, it up and more people will be willing to put money in even if it does not have like any utility and eventually. You may see a rise in price and you may be able to make some money, but this is just me sharing my opinion over here, um, so yeah that pretty much it.

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