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How To Buy Bitcoins Safely and Quickly from Local Bitcoin Website

Open the browser and type localbitcoin.com and hit enter login to your account or register an account on local bitcoin. The link is provided below in the description. If you have enabled two-step verification (Highly recommended) then enter the 6 digit OTP from the google authenticator.

Once logged in choose your options provided in the sort bar I would like to sort sellers of my country only. This will ensure a smooth payment. Choose the buyer who is highly rated. For example, I have chosen the buyer with 500+ transactions and 100% ratings.

Spend some time to read the terms of the Trade as provided by the seller in the right. Click on the seller’s name and check his history of transactions and the feedback given for his past trades. Check the numbers highlighted in green thoroughly. In any suspicion, chose a different seller. Everything is ok about this seller. Now it is time to initiate the trade.

Type how much you want to spend here. The corresponding amount of BTC will show up. Copy the amount of BTC and check how the amount in Rupees from the BTC to INR converter on google. The difference is the profit that the trader make in the transaction. Start the trade.

Change the amount according to your convenience. For demonstration purposes, I have chosen to buy Rs. 2000/- Start the trade and wait for the response to come. Follow the instructions given by the seller. He may, if you are new to Local Bitcoins ask for your ID. The ID gets watermarked.

The seller will send you the payment details. After making the payment. Click on I HAVE PAID button.- Click on CONFIRM PAYMENT COMPLETE Button. NOW WAIT! Got Bitcoins in less than 5 Minutes !!! Now You can send your bitcoins to your preferred wallet.

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