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How Much Vechain VET Do You Need to get RICH?

Today’s topic is Vechain and a thought experiment that lets us know how much Vechain you need to have to be rich for the rest of your life. Are you wondering what the answer might be? Then you should watch this video to find out.

Can you even make enough profit from Vechain to be rich for the rest of your life? And most importantly, what the hell even is this Vechain? Those questions will be answered by the end of this video. A couple of investing tips will also be deployed during this video.

You can subscribe to our channel and join a giveaway in which you might win different cryptocurrencies such as Cardano, Chainlink, and a couple more. So subscription to this channel is technically the direct investment in your future, depending on how lucky you are of course. And now let’s get to the fun parts of the video. Oh and don’t forget that this is just my opinion and not financial advice. Our loyal viewers already have an understanding of what Vechain is.

For those of you that are new, Vechain is a blockchain platform that specializes in supply chain management. What they do is that they make supply chains run smoothly, quickly, and efficiently. Those are achieved by using various things. Smart chips can be mounted on many different packages and they can do things like checking the temperature in the package, the location of the package, and many other things.

All that information is then sent directly onto the blockchain. So the person that ordered medicine for example from Japan can see exactly where his or her package is, in what condition it is in, and when it arrives. This is a simple example but it gets the job done. So it is needless to say that Vechain has very big potential and because of that it can grow quickly and exponentially.

That is why its coin is the protagonist of this video. From Amazon to McDonald’s, to Tesla, to basically every company that makes something out of different materials. Every company can use Vechain to make their supply chains more efficient. Efficiency literally means cutting the time that supplies need to reach their destinations, and time is money. And money is a big reason why many companies already use Vechain and why many more will start using it in the future.

This means that Vechain has a lot of ways to grow, from small businesses to big international corporations, and as we always say, the more people use something, the more valuable it becomes. Now that you are up to date on what this Vechain is, we need to start thinking about our future. Everybody wants to be rich right? At least financially free, and the right investment in the right cryptocurrency can get you there. So let’s now go do the thought experiment.

First of all, let’s try and define what rich means. Here we are talking about richness in a financial sense. Many people, including me, think that money is not all that necessary to be rich. Having great relationships, doing what you love and a couple of other things are what make you rich. But in a financial sense, we can make some guesses and build some boundaries. So, the definition of rich in this way is to have a lot of money and/or assets. Let’s say that 100 thousand dollars a year or more are qualified as rich.

So if you make six figures a year, you are qualified as rich. Because we are talking about an investment experiment, we need to make a scenario. Let’s say that we, a hypothetical investor, are 30 years old. So on average, we will live for another 45 years. Now we take that 100 thousand a year that we put up there as the qualification of being rich, and multiply it by 45.

Let’s use a calculator because I don’t want to make any mistakes and that gives us a magic number that is 4 million 500 thousand dollars. So hypothetically, if we had that much money in our bank account, and we only used 100 thousand every year, we could safely be rich for the rest of our lives.

By that estimate, we can safely set our goal. Our goal would be 4.5 million dollars with Vechain. At the time of writing this the price of the Vechain is low, just 6 cents per Vechain. Let’s now assume that at some point in the future Vechain will reach 1 dollar, this just makes it much easier to calculate our goal. So if each Vechain is valued at 1 dollar, to get 4.5 million dollars you would need 4.5 million Vechain coins. See?

I told you it would be easy to calculate. Now we take that 4.5 million and divide it by the current price of Vechain. That is 6 cents. Right now if you want to become “rich” when Vechain reaches 1 dollar, you need to buy 270000 dollars worth of this coin. Yeah, that is a lot of money. So is 4.5 million dollars. Here is your answer, to become rich you need to buy 4.5 million Vechain which if bought right now will be 270000 dollars worth.

Then sell that amount of Vechain the moment it reaches 1 dollar and there you go. You have your 6 figure income for the next 45 years. Now, of course, this is a very funny estimate. We didn’t consider the inflation of the dollar. Who knows, in ten or twenty years 100 thousand dollars might be an average salary in the US. if they keep printing money that is all but guaranteed.

But as a mind-opening experiment, it works. 4.5 million dollars is more than enough to live off of. If you are an experienced investor you can significantly increase that amount over the years, so that not only you but your children can be rich as well. I would assume that you don’t have 270 thousand dollars.

If you had 270thousand in your bank account you would already be qualified for the Rich status and this video would be really funny to you. But if you don’t have that much money, What can you do then? Well, you should make your main asset as productive as possible.

Your main asset is of course your brain. You can start with little, invest in promising but cheap crypto, double your money, then do the same. As time passes you will accumulate enough capital to do what is necessary to be rich.

The key to being rich, or as I call it, financially free, is to earn more money than you spend. If you repeat this “trick” enough times, you will reach a point where you are earning a salary that is more than 100 thousand dollars. Now let’s ask the real question. When is Vechain going to reach the 1 dollar mark? It is hard to say. As every prediction is that is connected to the crypto world.

The most mediocre prediction that I read was that Vechain will reach 1 dollar and 36 cents by the end of 2022. So if I had an extra 270 thousand dollars lying around in my basement, I would invest all of it into Vechain and wait to see what will happen.

I don’t have a basement, let alone that much money, so don’t take advice from me. What is fascinating about this small but interesting experiment is how reachable that “rich” status is. Yeah, 4.5 million dollars is a lot of money. 270 thousand dollars is a lot of money. But those are both numbers. And the potential of how much money you can make is dependent on very few things.

Those are how hard you work for the goals you set for yourself. How much time do you spend working for that goal? And most importantly the strong will, perseverance, to not give up even in the harshest of circumstances. Jeff Bezos was working at Mcdonalds’ at some point.

Elon Musk was living in a one-room apartment with his brother for a long time and so on. Believe in yourself, do your due diligence, and work until you reach the point where you can sit down, relax and watch the sunrise on the grateful universe.

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