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How I Earn $1000 A Month With Brave!!! – (2021)

Yes, guys welcome back to the channel, as always so guys in today’s video, I’m gonna show you how I earn up to $ 1,000 a month each month on the brave browser. Now, basically, I’m with a quick sum. I talked about the brave. I was a lot on this channel, as you guys already know, but in this content, I’m gonna break it down. I’m gonna show you the top three ways you can start earning with bravery.

I’m gonna show you some statistics and analytics day tour on my channel as well and basically run you through it guys and show you how I basically own around $ 1,000 a month at the moment, and you guys can do this as well.

And it’s its great passive, all these great things. Yes, so in this video gonna go for the top view rates, also, if you’re new here guys, please subscribe like the video when you like videos, it makes them go further. I really appreciate, if you like the videos and subscribe, if you’re new here welcome to all the new subscribers and let’s dive into it, guys I’ll see on the screens. Here we go right guys, let’s crack on into the browser I’ll show you the top ways to earn with brave so guys.

This is the home screen really cool home screen. Just a little bit of a back story about brave it has AdBlock, you can get paid to watch ads. I’m gonna show you all the payment stuff in a second, but overall guys, it’s like the private, secure version of Chrome.

The brave browser is built on chromium, which is the same open-source code as Chrome, but guys they happened, like I said, before, AdBlock or all these different tools which make your surfing the web more private, more secure and also they basically don’t force-feed ads in front Of you, the browser’s also built for the cryptocurrency age. So, as you can see, it’s got violence built-in eToro and it’s basically setting up for cryptocurrency and the guys who are behind it is a guy called I think, Brendon, Eric and the guy.

So it’s basically the guys from JavaScript and Firefox the two guys, the main guys from JavaScript and Firefox are building a brave browser, really cool guys and also these are all the ads and trackers I’ve blocked up here. My HDB upgrades as well and I’ve saved myself about 16 hours of time, but let’s go into the earning guys. So the first way you can earn with the brave browser is by being paid to basically watch ads. So, as I said, Google Chrome just throw it all in front of you without paying you. Let me show you how to do this.

So basically you guys, you click the little triangle at the top here and you have a wallet. You have this built-in basic attention wallet. The basic attention, token is what you get paid in and then you can turn basic attention tokens into any cryptocurrency. You 1 say Bitcoin, even USD Teather. That’S basically US dollars and basically what you can do is you can get paid to watch ads and what you do is you click reward settings here.

That will then take you to this page here so guys. What it says is settings brave, rewards history, book Montz downloads and your crypto wallet built-in as I’ve got another video about the crypto wallet. I put a video to the top now to explain that further, but guys brave reward. So you turn it on. He says abs guys.

So what you do is you choose ads? You click Add settings, you put five per hour and then you go off. That is a second and then what it says is estimating rewards pending. So the minute I’ve made about 12 cents. My next payment date is gonna be on the 6th of June.

Add a note: the cases received this one’s only 11, I’ve seen and basically didn’t. Okay, you don’t have to watch the ad. All you do. Is you get a notification, I’m actually another video that shows a notification coming up and put a V at the top? Now, if you want to actually see what it looks like every single time, you get a new vacation, you get paid and basically, it makes it better because those ads are actually more tailored to you as well.

None of the browsing data leaves your browser. The browser itself actually pulls the ad data, so you know it never gets given to the advertisers, your browser actually pulls ads from a pool. So you basically of security, that all your data isn’t being tracked when I kind of horrible stuff, you know what you know happens on the internet, tracking surveillance and bad security where you’re surfing the web.

You can also click auto, contribute we’ll get into that in a second that’s the second way you can actually earn basic attention tokens and earn on the brave browser, but overall guys you can do your monthly contributions. You can do these tips all that kind of stuff, and the way is it.

You know, goes into this wallet here, so you can add funds. You can withdraw funds. Your basic attention will add up here. You can either put it into your cryptocurrency wallet, which is here as you can see, he got a cryptocurrency wallet built and you can store them in here or what you can do is you can actually send them to an uphold account, which is basically gonna. Be accredited to your very browser and then you can actually withdraw it by getting a card and spend those that come to currency and that the other video goes.

This way of earning isn’t the biggest wait. I’m gonna show you some of the really amazing ways and in a second we’re gonna, go through all the analytics and data. So, let’s move on to the second way you can earn with the brave browser, so the next way to earn from the brave browser is that actually be sent tips as a content creator directly from your fans.

Now this is only if you’re a content creator, but if you have a website, if you have a poll or a blog or whatever, it is guys, not a poll, a blog sorry, and if you have anything which is basically tailored to you, you can set up A brave create an account and get sent basic attention tokens, so even you can do is a different form of payment as well. So you know on the website, but let me explain see really quickly guys.

So this is my web. This is my um, my YouTube channel here. Obviously, and I’ve got all of my content and basically, what people can do is they can come on my website? There’S this base YouTube channel. They can go to the top here and then click this little triangle here and I’ll basically say that max that that’s me on YouTube is a brave, verified creator.

What you can do is, I guess he sends a tip. This will don’t come up with this page. It says max dub a little bit of a bio here and then you can actually do a tip amount. So 5, 10, 20. 50 back.

You can send to content creators directly and dies if you earn. Basically, if your own basic attention tokens through watching ads in your brave browser, what you can then do is, if you have your own website or your blog or basically anything.

You can tell it to yourself, and you can basically set that up and then send the basic attention token you earn from your browser directly to yourself. So basically any of the basic Center took in your own here. You can then end up just sending them to yourself.

Anyway, you can tip yourself that’s another way of getting paid on the brave browser kind of little loop there. I know a lot of people who do this because they earn all this money in their brave browser and then they want to just make it easy, efficient and then spacely send it to themselves.

But guys, let’s go on to the biggest way you can earn with a brave rose, and this is the way I earn basically ninety percent of my money through the brave browser – and this is basically through this scheme here. I want to show you now so guys. The main way to earn with brave is basically becoming an affiliate of the brave browser because you can get paid by referring the brave browser to your friends and I’ll.

Show you the data in a second on my analytics, but guys what you have to do to do. This is firstly to download the brave browser so I’ll put a link to download the browser below you can use that link and then like I said, that’s an affiliate link, so that will help this channel.

Thank you for supporting the channel guys if you use the links, but guys what you do is it says, earn more for your content. You publish on the web and basically sign up here. So this you go through the process.

Sign up to be a courier on brave and then you have an uphold account and then you’ll be set up to go. And, let’s let me show you the analytics of my data. I earn through referrals and in the affiliate program every single month on the brave browser, and here we go, guys. So this is basically my analytics data for my brave browser account. My creator’s account – and this is what I earn this month.

So this is not the end of the month yet so right now guys this month, I’ve earned four thousand seven hundred and four-point four-six basic attention: tokens which equal zero points: 1 1 BTC minimum balance payout is 518, so basically earn this month. So far, basically point 1 Bitcoin.

It says here your uphold account, so you didn’t uphold account to be linked to your brave browser account and it deposits it directly to your uphold account and then, basically, you can withdraw the Bitcoin into your own wallet or you can turn it into USD T or Whatever you want to do with it, you can send it wherever you want. My last deposit was a little bit less than 3,800. Seventy-Six basic tension tokens and what happens is every single time.

Someone uses your affiliate link to download the brave browser. They then have to use it for 30 days. So you can see here you got statements, you got referral stats. You can see how many people have installed it and downloaded it so how it works. These guys, here’s my graph.

So if you just got on pure downloads, you can see how many call it downloaded the brave browser through my link. So slowly gradually it’s been growing over the last year or so I think we did about a year and a half now, but you don’t get paid for just downloads. I can see it here. I’ve had six thousand three hundred sixty-two downloads, but you don’t get paid for just downloads. What you have to do is, then they have to install it.

So now you can see how many people have installed the brave browser, so you can see. I’ve had four thousand people who’ve actually installed it onto their system, but again you don’t get paid if they just install it or download it they base, and you can see it’s growing as well, so what they have to do is they have to confirm it, and you Can see here 30 day use period.

So I’ve actually only had 1400 will confirm using the brave browser and that’s how you get paid a bit of a spike clearinghouse during Christmas or something and as you can see guys, it goes up and up and up and Then every single time they use it for 30 days, then you get paid a certain amount of dollars. Let me tell you how much you get paid so basically guys Group one, you get seven dollars. Fifty, that’s! Basically, a miracle thing I think only America is in the top group one.

I don’t even think the UK is in it unless you put something below here. We go see details for the groups, so here are the groups he got group one seven dollars. Fifty United States. That’S it. You got Group two which is six dollars: fifty Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, so I knew yet New Zealand, United Kingdom Group.

Three five dollars got Austria. All the way down so kind of like Colonel. Have some European countries got Spain? You’Ve got places in Asia as well and then group four as well, which is like loads it from countries. You know pretty much and pretty much.

The majority is in Group. Four, oh yeah they’ve got another group here. Group five is basically all these other countries as well, so basically very small jurisdictions. Basically, that gets you one dollar. So, as you can see guys, you’ve got these different groups which pay different amounts and yet obviously you want the most to be improved one and on this channel, I have quite a lot of people.

Yet from the UK, I’ve got people from office Lee America. About thirty percent of my channels, American, to be honest, and we’ve got Australia of Germany all the way, actually quite loved India as well, and as you can see guys, that’s based on my analytics – and this is the way you can earn the most through the brave Browser – and it’s really simple guys all we’ve got to do yet like I said it’s become a brave rewards creator have a website have something like that and basically refer the browser to your friends and family and the more people you gonna get the more you Gonna get paid so really really cool guys really really in the string, and that is pretty much it guys if you’re new here, please consider subscribing to the channel guys also like the video to make it go further.


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