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How Did Reef Finance [REEF] Develop?

What’s up to people, I hope you’re all doing, fine, if you like sharks or cats, then you better smash the like button, because in this video we gonna okay, this video has nothing to do with cats or sharks. As this video is about reef finance, an ecosystem for decentralized finance and, its reef token, no worries you’re in safe waters here. So let’s start the intro all right. So in this video, we are going to explain in a nutshell. What reef finance is about.

Then we take a look at the reef token and its market cap as well as price development and in the last part, we are going to check out what has happened: for reef finance in the last three months. So let’s go so, what is reef finance? The project was launched on Polkadot in September 2020. It’s a pretty young project and it considers itself kind of as a gateway to decentralized. Finance people are often frustrated as they have to interact with a number of different applications if.

They want to take full advantage of all that DeFi has to offer like lending borrowing taking and so on. Reef finance tries to create an all-in-one suite for defy that allows you to use all the DeFi features in just one single app rather than hopping around from one app to another it’s a cross-chain operating system, which aggregates liquidity from centralized and decentralised sources through its smart liquidity aggregator and yield engine. They are hosting DeFi investment opportunities in one single place.

As they allow the integration of any deFi protocol it, should save investors, the hassle of interacting with, multiple apps and make life easier for them so. The main objective here is the combination of various deFi applications in one ecosystem in order to reduce entry barriers into DeFi, especially for first-time investors their ecosystem is growing day by day, which we will further investigate later.

When we look at the development of the last three months and, then there is the reef token, which is the native utility token for the reef, finance platform and general medium of exchange it has several functions like powering.

The governance mechanism and the reward structure of the protocol can be used to pay fees for operations take to interest and yield distribution if. You are interested in reef finance and want to know more about it. You can find the link to the white paper in the video description below which you can check out after the video. So let’s continue and have a look at the market cap and price development of reef alrighty.

Then. So, let’s have a look: how the price developed in the last three months, let’s go not the best development for Reef, but the market is down in general. So nothing else was expected so. Then, let’s check out what’s new for reef finance and have a look at the last three months and how to refinance developed all right, so guys that’s it from me today I hope it was interesting for you. If you did like it, then please smash the like button comment share.

Most definitely subscribe, if you haven’t already. We are the small channel. And it really helps us out a lot so that’s that, I’m out to see you in the next one peace.

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