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Sunday, September 25, 2022

How can $ETH & Major Blockchains Gain Mass Adoption?

Welcome back to daily d5 today is July 20th of 2021. We’Re going to be focusing on the one individual article instead of spreading out this daily d5 episode. Basically, what we’re doing here on out from daily v5 is getting to episode 200, then taking a little bit of break, focusing more on quality kind of longer form, videos with lots of editing, and things like this basically daily d5 from here on out, has been. You know from episode one when I was back in Kosovo through Albania through Bosnia through all these different nations. I’ve been in while recording the series turkey, all these different, crazy places.

Um now currently here in Poland, has just been one cut. One take that’s all, but once we reach episode 200 of daily d5, we will probably be taking a break again. Today’S episode is focused on this Ethereum documentary. Now I wanted to point this out because it’s very very fascinating. I think you know when you look at industries like, for example, I’m I’ve always loved chess since a young kid I’ve always loved chess.

Now, how do you gain mass adoption in chess? Well, this is through media right, so media typically spends their time focusing on things that are not actually worth value versus. You saw something like the queen’s gambit gained a mass adoption for chess right this, this peak people’s interest because they had it wasn’t a documentary, but it was essentially a Netflix series focusing on chess a very interesting uh series. I highly recommend queen’s gambit is incredible. I’ve personally, I love fencing as well.

You know fencing with the swords, um, weird outfits. People probably don’t see those a lot, but I think it’s interesting. You know when you’re looking at okay, all these different industries that maybe don’t have mass adoption when you’re looking. Okay, how can they gain this? It is through media right, so it is through things like a documentary or things like a Netflix series or a Hulu series or an amazon prime series right.

So this is the opportunity that I personally see and when you come combine, centralized organizations like Netflix like Hulu, like amazon, whatever it is HBO any of these uh media organizations with non-fundable tokens. This is where I see this opportunity, so I think this Ethereum documentary is quite interesting personally, so they raised um right around two million dollars via the non-fungible tokens on a mirror. So you can see it here.

A documentary about the development of Ethereum has raised around 1 000 Ethereum from crowdfunding um, that’s around two million dollars. I’m rounding up, obviously, in both of these, the film will feature interviews with Vitalik and the creator uh the creator of Ethereum, I’m assuming they’re, also going to feature people like Charles Hoskinson, the guy.

I can’t I’m drawing a blank on his name, the guy who founded polka dots. All these people essentially branched out, formed their own projects that are kind of competing with Ethereum they’re, more focused on interoperability and Ethereum 2.0 proof of stake versus proof of work versus. You know Ethereum is kind of this lagger that, as you will say, is in the smart contract space, since this is a top dog. Typically, this is what happens.

The top dog in any industry, when it’s very, very an innovative industry like a blockchain um, so Ethereum started out as proof of work versus proof of stake. So when you’re proof of work you’re, not that agile you’re, not that adaptable versus when you’re proof of stake, you can adapt, you can be very agile, like Cardano, like an avalanche, like Solana like Binance right. So all these projects, um, can be very, very quick, word. Uh. Moving and being able to a change in the face of danger versus Ethereum is a little bit different right, so it has yes, it has the network adoption.

I love Ethereum, don’t get me wrong. I hold the theorem. I love what Vitalik’s doing, but when people are able to see open-source code they’re able to adapt to this, for example, I’ve been talking a lot about Richard hart’s version of Ethereum with pulse chain, so I will have a video coming out after this on Um paid network, which is a launchpad ecosystem map series continuation and then, after that it will be a video on pulse chain. What they’ve done after five days, they’ve raised way more than it than a Cardano has done in their video they’ve wave or in Cardano’s ICO. I should say um with uh, with this whole pulse chain, uh situation going on it’s fascinating.

So again you have to realize when projects are open sources like Ethereum and Vitalik, yes, they founded it incredible. I love it great things: forwarding humanity with the crypto ecosystem, but when you realize this, you also understand that. Okay, when this is open source, you can have other people innovate on top of it, and that is only beneficial right, so you shouldn’t get mad about that. You shouldn’t: go: hey, I’m an Ethereum Maximus! No, no!

You should be open-minded right. So, as Abraham Lincoln says, let’s go back to history right, let’s go beyond uh just this past 24 hours and let’s look at the past 10 000 years. Abraham Lincoln says: learn from everybody, even if it’s what not to do so hey, even if you disagree with Richard hart, even if you disagree with Vitalik, even if you disagree with Roger bear, even if you disagree with satoshi, even if, if you disagree with trump joe Biden, whoever it is right, learn from them, even if it’s what not to do right so be curious.

That’S the one thing i want to focus on in this video, so a production company called optimism has raised around 135 000 uh Ethereum for the documentary about the developments and at the moment it’s nearly around two million dollars. According to the filmmakers Ethereum, the infinite garden will feature interviews with Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, as well as Gucci who runs the Ethereum foundation.

I apologize if I mispronounce that name so that’s I mean I don’t want to focus too much longer in these uh daily d5 episodes, like I said, uh we’re basically going to move towards a daily d5 200 and then take a little pause from the series, but I’ve been doing this for a long time, so I did want to cover this article.

I found it very, very interesting and wanted to post it today on the 20th. Obviously, yes, I am recording this on the ninth uh on the ninth, the 19th of July. The night of this day, okay, so what I was trying to say is the nights of July uh. 19Th.

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