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Help Our Oceans With This Crypto Project

Welcome back everyone to a brand new cryptocurrency video. My name is moonlight. Thank you all so much for watching today’s video. Now before i get started here, you guys, if you are new to my channel, make sure to hit that subscribe button down below. Like always so you don’t miss any daily content as well.

If you do enjoy this video or if you do like this project, make sure to smash the like button on your way out. So, of course, you know what helps with YouTube algorithm, and you know i really do appreciate it as well, not to mention if you have any comments. Let me know down below in the comment section and i will do my best to answer each and every one of you now. This is a project. You guys that’s very unique.

It’s got a real use case into the sys into the crypto space and right now i don’t think I’ve really covered a project like this before its whole goal is to clean up and better our oceans, and they currently have a lot of partners. You guys their all-time high was about 17 million dollars and currently anything below that right now is still very early. In my opinion, you’re – probably not going to find this project under 100 million dollar market cap, and that’s honestly just what I’m predicting it could possibly even do much more uh because of everything so far that they have already accomplished as well, not to mention long term. What they plan to do – and it is currently on the binance smart chain, this token itself, so if you guys want to get in it benefits all of you guys know you can get in with as little as 20 30 40 and you don’t have to worry About paying that much in fees, but what exactly is this project? What am i talking about?

Well, as you can see here, the project itself is called a clean ocean. The ocean doesn’t need us, we need the ocean now. Their website looks very well done. You guys and, as you can see here, there’s some little there’s a little bit of information here as well as their social media. Now i do recommend you guys join their social media, follow them on their twitter and everything along the lines of that currently there’s over 17 and a half thousand investors, they have over 22 000 followers on social media and currently over 630 000 plastic bottles removed.

Here is all their social media guys i do recommend you join their telegram. I recommend you guys follow them on facebook, follow them on their twitter as well. If you do use instagram discord youtube. Anything like that obviously youtube, because that’s what you’re watching this on but anyways here is your telegram there’s over 6 700 members. I recommend you guys join that, so you can engage with the community as well.

Obviously, if you have any questions reach out to the team, devs and admins as that’s what they’re there for not to mention here, is their twitter there’s over 15 000 followers on their actual twitter and anything that they plan to do regarding their project. Any updates giveaways contests airdrops anything along the lines of that will be on their twitter as well, obviously, their social media, and this is where you can stay up to date with basically everything that they have coming underway, not to mention here is their actual twitch as Well, as you can see here, pretty awesome, they will be doing live streams as long along the lines of that for what they will be doing in the future, but going back down on into the project, you guys want to kind of showcase you all why you Guys should be taking a look at it. Why you guys should be keeping this on your radar now before i get underway. If you are interested actually by the native tokyo, go over to get involved, you guys click get involved and you will see a list. Come up here, as you can see here and you can directly buy clean on clean, swap as well as pancake swap considering it is on the finance smart chain.

You can look at the investor area for documents, roadmap, tokenomics and i will be taking a peek at all of that. But if you guys are interested click buy now you will be redirected over to pancake, swap where you are able to swap over bnb for their native token. Obviously, if you guys are interested in getting involved in this project again it’s on the binance smart chain, as you can see here, you just import the token clean for clean ocean and you are able to swap over bnb for clean and you guys can directly do That but going back to their website, you guys i want to pull up the investor area for you guys as well, so we can touch base on a little bit about the actual roadmap, as well as the tokenomics of the actual token itself, but going a little Bit further again, i want to show you guys kind of what they are and what their goals are. Now, as you can see, our goal to clean up our oceans and not only saving animals but also human life is massive, but we’re just getting started with all our supporters and believers. We got a chance to make our planet a bit better and the oceans a bit cleaner every single day.

Now we believe in a mix of proven methods, modern technology and our deepest survival instinct through innovations and collaborations. Our aim is to be one step ahead of the catastrophic, not a step behind, while cleaning up is essential to help mother nature recover. It is even more important to defeat the issue at its roots and educate people about this man-made disaster before it’s too late. Never forget the ocean doesn’t need us. We need the ocean.

Now again, i really like that they’re actually touching towards not just the ocean but actual sea life and obviously human life as well. So it’s awesome to see that and, as you can see, there’s a lot going into this project uh. There is a lot of partners with them and i’m just gon na pull that up down below. As you can see here, everything’s on their website pretty open and transparent – and you know i like that about them uh but, as you can see here, they’re currently partnered with quite a bit seagal. Hopefully again, if i butcher the names very, very sorry, but you have seagal, as you can see here, the ocean cleanup sea shepherd ocean kind.

Pretty awesome, in my opinion, actually see that again. That just shows more trustworthiness, in my opinion, they’re doing a lot of donations. As you can see here, their first donation went to the ocean cleanup. We donated a thousand dollars, since we really like the ambitions and new technologies which will help clean the ocean. You can visit them as well and obviously there’s the cleanup ocean.

You have sea shepherd, they donated seven thousand dollars, just a sea shepherd. So that’s a lot. You guys and then ocean kind. As you can see here, they donated 2 000. So there’s already been like over 10 grand already donated, which is awesome, and you know that makes me move on to the actual next point here: they’re getting into nfts as well, which is very unique.

But i want to show you guys the actual kind of roadmap for them in the future. Now, obviously, the roadmap still needs to be updated for this upcoming year and i’m sure that’s already underway. However, as you can see here, they were just basically in the process of getting everything in development and obviously there’s a lot of work going underway with the project. However, as you can see there, you had did have a lot of plans coming underway for the end of 2021 and that’s why i don’t like to touch on road maps too too much, because sometimes things get delayed. Things come out early, that’s crypto!

That’S life! Kind of just have to stay updated with the project, not to mention it did hit an all-time high as well, but moving on to their actual tokenomics, you guys of the actual token itself. As you can see here, uh the tokenomics are at core of every crypto token and put the technical abilities as well as disju distribution of any crypto asset in numbers. On this page you will learn about our unique tokenomics and how we use them to allocate funds. This is merely a rough representation to give our investors an overview of how clean and clean ocean work clean is a 10 transaction fee that will be applied whenever you buy, sell or send clean tokens to another wallet.

These fees exist to fuel our liquidity pool, which is essential for the tradability of any asset. We also use these fees to generate an interest system, usually called the holder, reflections or yield farming. This means you will earn more tokens over time simply by holding them and that’s awesome to see. So there is a reflection based system implemented where, basically, if you just hold their token, you just earn – and it’s awesome to see that i actually like that when, when projects actually implement that it benefits the holders and obviously people that are going to get into the Project now the liquidity and dev wallet are currently locked. So that’s awesome to see that, as you can see from marketing and burn, two percent of transaction fees are used for marketing to help this project grow.

Also, tokens collecting in this wallet is also used for the auto burn. Investing in ocean cleanup, four percent of the transaction fees and profits are used to clean up our oceans and reach our eco goals. That’S awesome to see that two percent of transaction fees are the reflections they got that goes back to all holders. Awesome two percent of transaction goes to the liquidity pool, obviously creating a healthy price for and making just room for price growth. So, very, very simple.

In my opinion, there’s a billion total supply, which is awesome, here’s everything kind of allocated to what it should be. I don’t think i really needed to touch base on it, uh because obviously everything’s allocated to what it should be in my opinion. Now they do also have, as you can see here, they have an appearance for their accessories. They have hoodies shirts swimwear, not to mention they have nfts as well that they’re getting into that’s something awesome and that’s coming soon, as well still under development, but they’re not limit limiting themselves as a project. You guys are actually branching off trying to gain mainstream adoption, and that’s something that i actually was liking about.

This project is they’re not limiting themselves, like you see, with a lot of other crypto projects, not to mention their goals for the future as well they’re getting into a lot – and you know i’m actually very excited for what’s to come, you guys can donate directly on Their website as well i like what the project’s about uh everything in my opinion looks very well done. I would like to see a team info section on their website. I don’t think there is a team info section. I would like to see that just to kind of clarify, because obviously there’s a lot of money flowing in through these crypto projects and things of that nature and obviously i think, that’s still underway, considering they’re still in development, with a lot of a lot of areas. On their website, however, that’s just my personal opinion, just a team info section, at least or a kyc verification where we can view that, but other than that everything looks very well done.

In my standpoint, development, wise graphics, everything about the website looks very well done and obviously, with you know, they’ve already accomplished a lot. That’S another reason why i recommend you guys follow them on their twitter as well as join their telegram group uh. That way, you guys can stay updated with the project engage with the community and obviously they have a lot of partners underway. So there is trust in the project uh. Again, though, i just would like to see a team info section just to see who’s behind the project and what they’re doing uh, because obviously they’re doing live streams on twitch and everything like that, which is awesome to see.

And you know i’m very excited for the future and what they’re going to be donating next, but thank you all so much for watching today’s video. This has been clean ocean. You guys, let me know your thoughts down below in the comment section regarding clean ocean. What do you guys think of them? Are you going to be jumping on board this project?

Are you going to be joining their actual telegram group as well as twitter, as you can see here, their migration has started and is available until the 15th of this month. If you’re currently still holding clean v1, you shouldn’t miss it and then you can migrate now, don’t really need to touch base on that. However, all you guys need to know is: this is a project that i’m keeping on my radar. I’M definitely going to be taking a look at it in the future as well and i could possibly be getting on board as well. So take that as you may, but thank you all so much for watching today’s video, i’m crippling.

I hope you guys all enjoyed if you did smash the like button hit the subscribe button on your way. Out sooner any of my daily content, i will leave clean ocean and other social media down below in the description. I’M moonlight – and i hope you all have a wonderful, safe trading investing week and i will see you guys on my next crypto currency, video

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