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Goldshell Mini Dogecoin + Litecoin Miner Scam or Legit, Tail Edition Review EP 01

Hello, hello, guys welcome to the newbie miner and today. I have something to talk about Goldshelldogecoin miner, Goldshell, Dogecoin, Litecoinmerger, miner purchase from um goldshell.com and I think i just got scammed, but it probably is not scammed. Probably they did something wrong. But they sent me something that is really funny.

So here’s the story, so I bought Goldshell Dogecoin miner and Litecoin miner on July 15., it’s supposed to be a Goldshell customized power supply that can use up to four mini dogecoin miners. That’S 199 and Vos coin mini Dogecoin miner tail edition, which is introduced by Voscoin and I made that purchase using a Coinbase and you see the transaction here is a 0.4726 ETH sent to this address. I think that’s will be the address and at the end and that’s what I get a power: supply a freaking um.

Well, I shouldn’t say that but okay the power supply and the cable and that’s it man – that’s all I got and that’s the invoice you see 150 150 and as I cross out my address, but that’s all they sent meI hope. That’S a mistake. I even got so.

Excited you can even see my content, even though it’s talking in Chinese, but I’m was excited I’m ready to upload this content man look at this, but besides that, they missed my Dogecoinminer, but their shipping speed is really well purchased on the um. Let me see what day is it purchased on the 15th and they shipped on July 20th, that’s only four or five days after purchase and they arrived today, it’s July 22nd.

It’S only took literally two days top three days to ship from Hong Kong. I mean from Shenzhen china to hong Kong, then shipped to the USA, using DHL and they’re really really fast. There. I give them thumbs up but, they miss my main product, which is Dogecoinminer if they miss my power supply. I wouldn’t like this mess up could just buy a power supply.

Still can mine doge, but they just sent me a power supply without the miner. I don’t know what to do so. I sent them an email with a complaint and. I hope they can correct the problem because. I want that Dogecoin miner.

I was so hyped to try the uploaded content. Now I can’t do it, you know all my content get delayed, which is not very happy about it. That’S why buying something with crypto it’s kind of risky, Goldshellis, good company, big company, but man I don know if see the tracking delivered come on. Man checking code is the same as the order code I think might well. We just have to see, I hope, this is, not a scam.

I see a lot of people getting it but man. My luck is bad. So waiting for the email and we shall see when they send me this Dogecoinresentment and then when I received It, I will still going to do some content and today’s was a complaint. I hope Goldshell sees this and they. Just resend me.

My tail edition from Voscoinreferral come on man. First time buying some stuff from your referral, then this is not good, okay that’s, I hope everybody has a good day and I am still going to play with my ETH miner and my Chiaminer. Now I just need to send me my mineral right. That’S it, man, that’s it for today.

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