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Gifting Cryptocurrency – The right way

What are the worst ways to give a gift of crypto to my friends? One of the worst ways to give crypto as a gift is to give it to people who absolutely did not ask for it did not want it, and even worse, to give it in the circumstances where it really should have been a tip, a donation, a form of charity, where other people really depend on that money.

That is terrible, don’t do that. Second, I don’t think it’s funny to give someone one of the bottom 35 forks of bitcoin. I don’t think it would be funny to say, “I got you some bitcoin papaya which is a fork of bitcoin. It’s kind of like bitcoin but it’s only worth 23 cents each.

“That would be annoying as hell because they would spend every day looking at the ticker going, “I have bitcoin, I have bitcoin!” and think they’re very very rich until they discover that it’s actually bitcoin papaya not bitcoin and that would suck.

The other thing is to give gifts with strings attached. So to give a gift of crypto and then demand that they hold, it demands that they spend it when you tell them to spend it, demand that they don’t spend it, demand that they spend it only on the things that you want them to spend it on or use it in a way that you want them to use it. Again all of these things are not gifts.

These are you just being annoying and obnoxious and don’t that. It’s not nice. Hi, thanks for watching the video I’m Andreas M. Antonopoulos, I’m the author of Mastering Bitcoin, Mastering Ethereum, and The Internet of Money series.


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