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Get Paid For Watching Ads with Brave Browser

If you’re new to basic attention, token or just trying, to figure out, if the betting token is strong, buy or maybe just a good buy, but then this video is for you, but just think of this with more than 25 million monthly users, 1 million verified creators and millions of wallets Already created on top of that thousands of ad campaigns, with leading brands and all this has been transacted with the bad token.

This achievement makes bet one of the most, if not the most successful altcoin projects to date in case you’re new to this channel, and you want to stay on top of the crypto world. Well, then, please hit like smash subscribe so that you can be notified every time. We upload new videos so that you can protect your wealth, preserve your wealth. Maybe even increase your wealth.

My name is Niko Aragi and, I’m the host of the bitcoin channel live, which is the first global private ad platform advertising is one of the most critical revenue models for most businesses. Online the model has not changed for years and is desperately in need of an upgrade, and this is where the basic attention token is changing. In the game completely you see basic attention.

Token aka bet is monetizing attention by paying users to watch ads the user watches a commercial not only does he get paid, or do you get paid for watching ads you only watch that that interests you and this ultimately leads to advertisers getting a better return on investments. The bet the bat is built, on the Ethereum, blockchain, see.

As always, we have made a conclusion slide, and here we are seeing the lowest lows and the highest highs from those platforms that we have presented in this video hopefully. You can use it for your own technical future price analysis before we end today.

I just thought I wanted to give you my two cents on the dollar, but today I’m actually just gonna give your scales to send on the dollar, because the way that we see it is greyscaled, is the biggest institutionalized crypto investor in the world, and they know something that we until now.

Do not know – or let’s say they got some kind of advantage and just recently they launched five new trusts and basic attention. The token is one of the chain links, the other one decentral and, another on the fourth file coin and the fifth live pier I believe that this is a very, very valid and good indication of where greyscale believes that the bad token is going.

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