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Get Litecoin on Coinbase – Its the Best Time To Buy

Hello, everyone, this is Petko Aleksandrov and today is 20th of October, so I’m recording just on the next day where I have another set up to buy some more Cryptocurrency. You can see where is my new Counter Trendline. After the impulsive break of yesterday, the price formed a lower high and then we had a failure of this recent low. OK, so this low is a failure of this low and this high is a failure of this high.

Or in other words, we can draw a Counter Trendline and we have the higher low, which I am looking for. However, after that, the price broke, not really aggressive. You can see that the candlestick didn’t close above the Counter Trendline. Let me zoom in so you can see.

So there was a break, but the candlestick closed below the Counter Trendline. Then there was another negative hour and then we had an impulsive break, which we are looking for. And you can see it’s a long candle closed on the extreme.

More of the candlestick is above the Counter Trendline. And I used another alert crossing the level of 11 775. Or basically, I just wanted to see the price breaking this level where this candlestick stopped and I got my alert on the phone.

And now I am about to buy another piece of Cryptocurrency. And I will tell you what I’m looking for at the current moment. I am looking at 2 Cryptocurrencies. So yesterday I took Chainlink. If I go back to it, you will see. Here it is. So I have Chainlink for 600 EUR at the price of 927.

OK, and I did that because it was a good time, according to me, to buy the Chainlink and I wanted to lower the average price as I’ve shown in the video, how to calculate it.

And today what I’m looking at is the EOS and as well I’m looking at the Litecoin. So I’ll go through them very quickly and you will see what we have. The Litecoin is about 80 of Bulgarian Lev, which is above 40 EUR. If I go to the monthly chart, or especially if I go to the yearly chart, you will see that the Litecoin is very close to its bottoms. Or after March, after the crash of the market, you see that it didn’t really fall below the levels of 70, 72. It went to 110. And again, this is in Bulgarian Levs.

And now, it’s about in 80, OK, which means that there is much of a potential to go. And I’m happy to see that it didn’t fell below 70 and here we have 72 to 71, 71 again. And the maximum it went in March is 44. So I cannot draw on Coinbase.

But imagine there is a line here and the price is not far from that support line or that support level of 70 where the Litecoin didn’t drop since March 2020. The other one that I’m looking to buy is EOS. So if I have monthly, yearly, you will see what the price is. It’s about 2 EUR, it’s 427 Bulgaria Lev and very similar.

You see that it didn’t fail below 4. It’s right about a 4 and reaches it to 6. And now it’s again at this level at 4. So it’s not a bad moment to buy it if it’s close to this strong support level.

Very, very similar to what we have one more time with the Litecoin. So now, I’m planning to take a piece of Litecoin and if we have another opportunity that I will be looking for the EOS. So it’s kind of the same thing for me at the moment.

Which one I will take. I will take the Litecoin now and I will buy Litecoin but using the wallet. So I will pay a smaller fee, as you already saw in the course, as we said that the entry amount that I’m using right now is 600 EUR and I will click on the preview to buy.

Right? Everything I think is correct. You will see the Coinbase fee is 8.81 because I’m using the wallet and if I am using my Debit card, it would be more. OK? So we will have a price of 41.11 EUR. This will give me just above 14 Litecoins, OK? And I by now click on the button.

It takes a few seconds, as you know. And here it is. So for the moment, I’m looking at the Ripple, the Chainlink, EOS, Stellar, Tezos and pretty much that’s it. But one more time, most importantly, as I have shown already, is that I want to buy any of the Cryptocurrencies that are cheaper than the last few months and they are close to a support level or to levels where the buyers didn’t allow the price to drop lower.

And ideally, I’m looking for, let me go back to the Chainlink, ideally, I am looking for trends to see on the yearly chart, just like what we had yesterday with The Chainlink. OK, a small uptrend formed and if you are buying on the next low, just see the price going up.

What you see here, that is even better. All right, guys? So this is how I’m looking at the Bitcoin at the moment. We’ll see how far it will go and if it will reach the first target that we have at the 12 585.

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