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Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Make money [, Music, ] the market’s range bound right and so what’s happening. Is that every time the market goes to like forty eight forty, nine thousand, everyone thinks again it’s a it’s, a breakout and they’re all geniuses and then it’s going to a hundred thousand and then the market goes back down to like forty seven thousand. Everyone thinks it’s going back down to ten thousand dollars, that’s basically where we are in the market, but at the same time there are some tokens like the one that you see on your screen that are performing very well. So i think today we should be looking at those tokens. What do you think?

Let’S do it brother and you know what we can keep seeing it keeps getting to that 49 and then keeps coming down to 47


keeps going up we’re ranging buddy we’re calming down. This is great. Okay, then, i’m also going to show you guys something today, which is, i think, insane, i’m going to show you guys how you can make free crypto tokens in an a grade project with a grade founders. Um, it’s when i say free, you don’t have to invest a single cent. You don’t have to pay gas fees, you don’t even have to put your metamask address and you have to do nothing.

I’M going to show you guys how to get free crypto in an a great tier one project. As soon as we get 5000 likes, it’ll be the best giveaway of your life. I promise you guys that let’s get the show on the road, wait! Kyle, don’t play a song there’s a new song in town bro, there’s a new song in town there’s a new song in town, okay for her. Well, it’s not mine, and it’s not yours.

Okay, okay watch this bro watch this song, [ Music, ], [, Music, ] better than the bit of sniper [ Music, ], [, Music, ], that wonderful, goth, ballad and random man can change a diaper like the sniper, [ Laughter ]. I think, since they love luke. More than they love random man, i think luke should do the show today. I agree: it’s gon na be a really quick today, um [ Applause, ], [, Music ]. That was pretty good um and i got ta, say uh, so you just you’re just crying, you don’t know what you don’t know what’s happening.

You just can’t mean [ Laughter ]. I love this song. I love this song guys welcome back. Welcome back welcome back. So i’m kryptoman run you’ve got uh sheldino tentino sitting right over there.

It’S kind of weird cause. It’S actually sitting on that side. Sheldon. What are you wearing dude? I decided in bear market.

I think banter should open a christmas sweater brand and i’m just sharing their love and just showing some of our new samples any chance and get for you, of course yeah yeah. Okay, so we got three choices: yeah, okay, this one’s a little bit feminine. So i don’t think this one. We got this one and we got this one over here, which is like a cage, and then we got this one which i think will just be fantastic. I think this one’s yours, that’s the one, that’s the one.

I want. Okay, that’s the one: okay, okay, okay, small small, welcome back guys, i’m kryptoman! That is sheldino tentino and we are the crypto banter fam. Together we bring you crypto, love and crypto wisdom every single day, but today is our second last day of the year. Uh we’re gon na have a show today.

We’Re gon na have a big banter today and then there’s gon na be a show on monday, where i am with uh ryan selkis, i’m going to discuss trends for 2022 and that’s going to be an amazing uh. An amazing amazing show, if you are new to the channel, subscribe to this channel right now and like this content, because by subscribing to this channel, not only do you become part of the family, but you also get a chance to win the banter bags. I don’t talk too much about the banter back today, because today i’ve got another another um. I don’t want to call it a giveaway because everyone can have it. Everyone can have it.

It is getting money. Free crypto in an a grade project really really really getting free, krypton and a great project. With a grade founders, um tier one project, you i can give you free crypto, you don’t even have to there’s no gas fees, there’s no catches, you don’t have to send any money to get the money nothing, but when we get to 5 000 likes, that’s what I’M gon na do today um anything else before we get on with the show. That’S it brother and i think yeah obviously obvious, obviously we’re going to take a little bit of a break after this thing. So i think today is a very important thing just to give a nice overview of what can happen the next week or two and just a good understanding.

What levels are breakouts and obviously, where are the levels we can drop to at any point? But rearranging guys – and it’s great so i think we can jump in well. Let’S quickly go just quickly talk about what happened on wednesday. Wednesday was the fed meeting the fomc meeting. They did exactly what we predicted.

They are going to they’re going to taper they’re, going to end tapering around the end of march, which means they’re going to be slowing down their economy. They’Re going to slow down the amount of money that they’re going to put in the economy, then they said they’re going to be three rate hikes in 2022 and they’re going to be three rate hikes in 2023, which is exactly what we said and the market when That happened, the market had a shoot up, bitcoin went back to 49 000 um, and then the market started to digest what this actually means and by digesting what the market actually means. Bitcoin came down and something very interesting happened, so something that happened here was this. I want to quickly show this to you: uh, yes, tech, so the nasdaq or the u.s tech sector, yesterday kind of woke up and thought whoa hold on a second.

You can see there was a big red candle and that got pretty spooked off by the the tapering announcement of the fed. So let me take, let me go down to the daily chart. Sorry, let’s go, this is a four-hour chart, so you can see what happened. We had a good day the day before and then the market digested the news and there we went and the nasdaq went back all the way down. Uh bitcoin followed that because in that sense, bitcoin was acting like a tech stock, so bitcoin started acting like a tech stock and now the market’s starting to digest the fact that the valuations on these tech stocks may be a little high and that when you start Raising interest rates effectively that makes the cost of capital more expensive, and so the prices are going to start coming down, and that is where we are it’s exactly.

What we anticipated uh kind of nothing new under the sun, so obviously chart was why i’m starting to get to like you know, we’re starting to get to interesting levels now, and we know we’re getting near. You know a possible another big move from bitcoin uh is because we’re getting finally closer to that wedge, which i am looking. You know it’s probably in the region of the next three to four days where i really think a big move is going to happen in the markets um. I think the market is very oversold at this point, so i am thinking that it’s going to be a nice move to the upward side. I just still feels another three four days, but what’s obviously very interesting now is we’re starting to get laugh in the markets.

So you’ve got things like avax moving you’ve got iota moving, you know, there’s uh phantom’s been moving now solana had a nice push. Yesterday, train link is starting to wake up a little bit. So the fact that we’re starting to get you know the alts and that’s starting to now. You know, show some sort of reversal, because these coins are really starting to break trend. Um, you know having a look at avax, you know, avax is a broke trend.

Um and what it did was it had the breakouts and beautiful tests, and you know for me: i still think avax right now, between 95 and a hundred dollars in cash in those regions. I think it’s really really good to be stocking up on avax. It’S one. That’S really breaking quick um, but the fact that we’re getting this you know is already showing us that the market’s starting to calm down again and as soon as i go from that and i jump back into the dominance yeah and we know now by now. The fact that we have dominance still tapering like pulling down when the markets are at these specific levels.

It’S showing you that the confidence not lost in the markets and now they’re slowly going back into the alts, and this was the early signs that we had uh in september. I think it was when bitcoin finally broke out of that 30 to 40k region. Solana was a big one that led that. So you know: that’s: when solana really made the strong move where bitcoin was still harboring solana started, breaking avac, started breaking and now we’re getting to that same region again where these coins are starting to break first um and we’re getting we’re in a very oversold market. So it’s quite interesting, so i’m looking at this i’m looking at this and what i’m seeing to the untrained eye is.

I saw a just go back to dominance. I see a bitcoin dominance, breakout and retest. Yes, so if i read that so instinctively i’m feeling that the alts are much stronger than bitcoin, when i look at things like solana, i look at things like east. I look at things like avalanche. We saw that yesterday when the prices of the altcoin started to go up when the price of bitcoin started to go up.

The alt coins absolutely exploded. Yesterday, i don’t know if you were watching it but trader joe’s 30 percent avalanche 30 celina shot the lights out. 18 then bitcoin pulled back the odds pulled back so question so question is this: now? Are you forecasting now that the dominance re-tests this line and then goes up to 44.45?

That way, you saying that there’s going to be a whole lot of bitcoin strength before there’s old coin strength. Or are you saying that this was a fake out and it’s going to go back under the trend line and all coins are going to continue to dominate? So i’m thinking that we’re going to have a selective amount of coins that are going to run with bitcoin, but i still think bitcoin is going to be the breakout, but i think facts like solana, avax all of them are going to run with bitcoin um. So i’m not thinking the whole out market’s going to explode, but i do feel no they’re ready leading like we had them all explode yesterday, and then we had a small pullback today, but all that they did was they really all broke trend got a higher high Implant they’ve just come back to test. You know so they’re really showing healthy, breakouts, healthy tests and continuation.

So i’m thinking we’re not going to have a full alt explosion just yet. I do think bitcoin going gon na, be the one that’s gon na rally first, but i think avax i think ethereum, i think, all of them just because of that ethereum btc charts. I think phantom. You know the ones that have been like really quiet for the last two months, i think, are really ones that are gon na run with bitcoin this at this point um – and you know we can i’m glad we can already start to see the breakouts coming from Them – and you know right now – bitcoin’s the lagging indicator. It’S the lagging one that we’re waiting for for that breakout.

So the market can finally continue. So what i am looking with with bitcoin now guys he’s still the same thing with the range um and what i’ve basically said that let me just jump into here there we go. You know i got these two points of views on where i’m looking at the bitcoin is. We can range all the way until this trend line, that’s perfectly fine um, and then we got the major support which was the low. So at any point, if there was a shakeout or something this would have to come from news or something to just spook the market.

Again, you know this is an absolute i’d, be adding as much as possible to any of good alts. I remember because dominance is not really choosing a side just yet. You know it’s still running with bitcoin uh and not the fact that we get a pullback, nine bitcoin. You know we get a pullback and also it doesn’t have clear direction just yet. So this is my ultimate support, uh for bitcoin that i want us to hold.

I don’t want us to go below that wick at any point to shake down to there. You can see my still big buying stock up zone for bitcoin is between 43 and 47

Anywhere in those zones, i’m topping up on alts, i’m dollar costing everywhere in those zones, and then we got the key breakout, which i think is going to happen, especially over christmas time now, and then from that. What we’re going to do is we need to make our way to this resistance. We’Ve got a very key level, which is 53k 53 to 54k is the level we want to break um, but we want bitcoin to get back to 60k and that can finally show the reversal and a higher high in play, and then we can start looking at The momentum move again so right now, it’s still waiting game. It is good time for you to rest and to obviously stock up.

We’Ve got exciting news with the education which i’ll get into shortly um, but rather this breakout is coming and i think you you’re really making a big mistake if you’re not taking advantage of dollar casting into a lot of these old set. These zones now um on, where we’re looking at so so bitcoin same thing, we’re finally ranging love. It we’re doing what we did over here and this usually gets scooped up very quick guys. Remember we still don’t have any volume backing like there’s zero volume in the market right now, and even though we’ve been taping down like there’s no volume we’re in a very low point, and this can get bought up very very quickly in the same way that it Did in the zone here with absolute zero volume and all of a sudden, we get this big spark from the balls to come in that and obviously um. Why?

I’M thinking the big breakout next week is because we do have this weekly. Finally, at the bottom and reset, and it will reset as long as we stay below 49k by the close of this week, we’ve got a full set, rsr, fully oversold market and it’s showing the next month or two really strong strength for the bulls. So so we’re looking good there uh jumping onto eath as well uh, it’s still holding very well and all that it did. Was it’s come down to test this zone again where this long wick is over here guys and that’s the same thing if bitcoin goes and test 46 or anywhere there? You know it’s gon na come test, three, six or three seven again, i won’t.

We don’t want to be missing these bars up on ethan stocking up here, just because of where we’re still sitting on the much higher time frames of the east to bitcoin. You know we really smashed a higher high. We broke out of the wedge. We came to test and i’m really seeing strong strength from east, coming hopefully from the q1 um, as well as east dominance as well, where we had the breakthrough little test knife support and i’m seeing each dominance rally up to 25 to 27 after this um. So i’m making sure i’m not messing up in any of those and last check.

Obviously, looking at the usdt dominance we’re filling a top wick there. We are getting to a point where the rsi on the weekly is getting really at the top. So it’s showing us that there is a big influx coming where people are going to be selling off out of usdt back into the markets, and that will give us a nice strong strength, push from the market in general. So i think that’s looking great um. Just anyone got anything any updates on is anyone here got updates, it did well, it did well, i’m not gon na lie like we had a nice there’s the line.

Oh there’s my drawing stall, there’s my drawing still from two days ago. I told you what you’re gon na do the white line, but doesn’t matter it’s fine, we’ll take it to it. There’S the date. That’S the same one. You can go back in the videos.

I did not touch that. So what do i need in order for you to eat fish on the 1st of january? You need another. 5. 5 is going to be so easy.

[ Music ] is coming. I’M gon na get this i’m gon na get this. I i don’t think it’s gon na be a massive big difference. I think i’m going to win 14 days and there’s four percent focus, so i’m so excited about watching eat fish. What are we doing fish?

No there’s! No one here, kyle’s asking: what do we do for lands on the white line? No one eats fish. Then then kyle eats fish. The garlic produces all egg fish man, speaking of producers.

Have you noticed that freddie’s not around? Yes? Oh god, we’ve got luke james with jimmy. Give me, but no remember. I said i had some urgent business to do with fred.

That’S why we couldn’t do a show. Yesterday, our man, freddy, is engaged hold on brother. Well done brother. That’S amazing! Shame he was so excited.

I spoke to him just now he’s over the moon. So i’m very happy for him. It’S amazing, okay! So seoul is there’s four percent left to go. You still think so.

So seoul, no! No! But so i’m going to be honest here. So i still see east winning the end of the month, but from january like i see seoul absolutely destroying like. I still believe that your soul will will annihilate a lot of the coins next year, like even ethernet at all, at all.

I took it on clearly for the month of december, but solana i think, is going to have a powerful q1 carl watch. This watch us okay, so listen sheldon i’ll! Give you a i’ll. Give you an option now right now you can you can you can cancel the bit now, though, and you can buy me lunch otherwise, on the 1st of january, you will eat fish. Would you like to?

Would you like to cancel the bet and buy me lunch? I can’t do it. Dude i’d rather lose and take mine, i’m giving you an exit. You should take it yesterday. That coin made up eight percent look just look at the chart from yesterday yeah yeah.

Now i know that but uh i can’t i can’t i can’t. I can’t it’s working through my plan. We’Ve just hit the resistance, like it’s working through my plan, i’m going to win this okay, okay, i’m good! I can’t do it. I can’t i’d rather take mine i’ll, take it on the chin.

If i do lose, oh him and craig are going to eat fish together. Craig still thinks bitcoin is doing an all-time high this month, [ Laughter ], you never know you never know um, so jumping out quick guys sold. Definitely um catching this. You know at any point, there’s still no or high in solana just yet, which means i can’t come down and test the one. You know the 160 to the 165 in those zones.

You don’t want to miss these guys. You know where this has come from and where we’re testing now i really think solana’s big iota. We got good entries uh two three days ago. Remember the staking as well uh for some nice air drops as well. If iota does drop into the zones top up there as well, but guys same charts, we’ll be looking at kusama as well, you know, especially even if it goes down to 250 again, like i think it’s really really cheap luna’s gone for now, hey, i’m about to Ask you i was about to ask you luna and ah weeps, i’ve seen all we’ve always gone from forty dollars to thirty nine dollars.

I couldn’t believe it was thirty nine dollars now it is at forty nine dollars. What do you think look at that? Our weave chart, let’s have a look uh, yeah, so luna and unless there’s only any pullbacks on luna, which are getting up yeah. This is great. So if you have a look, here’s the trend – this is breaking very good long-term.

I can see the chain breaking my eyes, become so good right now, right now, yeah. So so what will tend to happen here is we’ll rally up to these points of resistances. Here small pull back here and then continuation, so don’t miss our weave in the region of you know 44 to the 48 dollar region. I wouldn’t be missing it uh, because that’s the our wave moves when this is when it’s time for it to move. It really really moves very quickly.

So i agree with that: uh luna as well i’ll just i rather want to catch it. You know it’s had such a good bounce, so i do think at some point. It can come to about 57 to 60 dollars and i don’t want to miss that. So what usually happens here is we make the sort of flag test done. We just continue to make lower highs at this point and then eventually we got the strong breakout, so luna be catching on those dips as well, and i think you know phantom as well.

That’S render egld’s done very well, since we called uh energy web cardeno. You know rune super matic, theta vet like this just so all updated. All of them are updated on coin panel, guys remember all of them. Now that we are going on vacation and we’re not going to have shows every day we will have some shows. If stuff happens, stan sheldon, obviously i’m standby, but um sheldon uh shelton, is updating all his charts on coin panel.

If you want it, go today and sign up, there’s a two week free trial, which means that you’re, basically gon na get this whole period for free. You don’t even have to pay just get it for free and you can get this whole two week free trial for free, just something that i’m watching here. Look what’s happening to the leverage again creepy creepy creepy, creepy upwards. You see so what’s happening here, because the market hasn’t come down hard. The confidence is coming back in the market.

You see that and you know what happens when the confidence comes back in the market. I’Ll show you it’s weird, how you have the confidence logo, but we don’t really have much growing markets like it’s weird, how they, i don’t know. I think it’s all revenge they all pissed off from being liquidated two weeks ago. See look so it’s the same as look at may down up and flat down and then grab again, so there we go so there’s still, we still need. We still need uh to do that um another one, two things that i saw so donkey.

If i look at donkey finance on coin gekko up 30 today, i don’t know what the charts are saying. I can tell you why i think it’s happening. There’S two reasons why i think it’s happening. One is, if you just go to their site. I went enough and what i saw was the returns they they launched the phantom network 1300 apy, look at the returns on the time token, on the avalanche network.

Okay, now in these bear markets, so to speak, not bear markets but bare phases in the market. You people are going to start looking to get yield on their on their tokens. So remember what i said. I did a show the other day and i said that in this market you got to have a buying strategy, which is easy. You know what you want to buy.

What is your portfolio lack? How much? How much of it you want, then you’ve got to have a switching strategy, so i’ve got too much salon. I need more avalanche. Let me switch some of my salon into avalanche or the other way around balancing yeah.

Then you’ve got to have two other types of strategy, and that is where you want to be earning um. You want to be earning money on your tokens and you want to be earning money on your stable coins and yeah. That’S what donkey does you basically go with one click, so you just go one click you can see who the the this. What the strategy is. I don’t know if i’m connected, let’s see if i’m connected uh you see and then you can go in and you can see how big the pool is, and you can basically invest behind this farmer.

So that’s what donkey does and that’s why. I think that the price is now starting to go up. One is because they’ve got these insane returns on things like that yeah and also because now in in five thousand percent, i mean gets fooled up. They’Re gon na get that’s gon na get down, but i mean yeah. The other thing which i saw today come rain, sleet, hail or snow monday.

Sorry, tuesday, tuesday, 21st of december, is the launch of thanksgiving time. Nothing will stop the trade it’s launching on a centralized exchange and on radium, oh finally, now which centralized exchange is it it could be. It could be by bit because i know bible working on something it could be ftx. It could be kukon if you want to trade, that there are referral links for buybit and kucoin below you can just click them sign up. You help us the channel as well, and you get i am with that said.

Uh coin panels: just integrated bob bits as well, so we’re going to be able to get all the charts as well rabbit, kucoin and binance. Okay, now how many likes have we got? Have we got the 5 000 likes? But if there’s 5 000 likes, i will show you guys right now how to get uh um how to get tokens in an a grade project. Four thousand four: are we there?

Are we there 9285 people don’t want to know how to get so. Here’S how it works! Sheldon! You don’t even know this. I’M going to show this to you because you’ve been away okay, so okay, listen to this you’re, going to be able to get tokens free in an a-grade project with a grade founders.

In fact, probably the smartest founders in the space and the same founders that created the amm dex model. So you know like this or you know, like the uni, the the uni swap dex model, i’m going to show you the same founders that created that dex model haven’t launched a new project and you can get free tokens. You don’t have to connect to metamask. There are absolutely no gas fees, you don’t have to send money, okay and the amount of, and the amount of tokens that you can get is insanely high, okay and and they make it even even better for you, it’s fun amazing: let’s do it, i’m in the Apes arrived. We now have five thousand five: okay, okay, so get this have arrived.

There are two narratives that i think are going to be the best narratives now in the next six months. The first narrative, i think, is east layer, 2 scaling hold on. Let me just shut this email up the first, the first narrative that i think is going to be east layer, 2 scaling. Let me shut this email and the other uh one is, i think, social media. I think that we’re entering a stage of social media uh on the blockchain which we haven’t had before i think to that effect.

There are a couple of tokens that you can invest in. There is the old token, which is now called desso, which is not listed on coinbase. That’S one thing: in the narrative: we showed you guys how to invest in each layer, 2 scaling and now i’m going to show you what i think is the most addictive and the most fun social media platform in crypto. Now i’ll show you how it works, and then you guys can go and sign up by yourself. Do whatever you want to do and you can get and earn free tokens.

So this is how it works. The platform is called bbs.
Market, okay, so what is it? It works and feels like reddit. So this is like it’s a group.

This is the crypto banter group, which is bbs dot market forward, slash banter. We also have a crypto banter charts group, which is a separate charts group, which is bbs dot markets for its less charts, and we also have one called pbs.market for slash, crypto gaming or c gaming. Okay, so we’ve created these communities. Okay, anybody can create any community that they want.

Here’S where it gets fun. Every post is an nft okay. Every post here is an nft and you can buy other people’s posts so in other words, here’s the post by someone who’s. Not me it’s by david crypto. I click on the post and i can buy it: okay, okay, now yeah.

That means that, from that point till the end of time, every time someone gets the post and there’s advertising revenue, then i will get a portion of the advertising revenue. So if i see sheldon’s tweet and i think that it’s a good tweet, then i buy it and then i become a part owner of the tweet or of the of the of the post and then from now till the end of time. When anybody ever sees it, you will get a percentage of the advertising revenue, but now, okay, since there is no advertising revenue yet and it’s a brand new platform, they are doing what they call engagement, mining engagement, mining means they are rewarding people for engaging in the Platform using their tokens so right now, just by using this platform for free, okay, no matter mask no, nothing, no matter mask no, nothing. I’Ve got 22.41 cents in my wallet and i’ve done nothing.

I’Ve done nothing. I’Ve! I’Ve literally i’ve done two tweets yeah. They are. Okay, okay, so this project, i’m not i’ve, got to be blatantly honest.

I’M not invested in this project. Yet i love this project. I’M not investing this project yet, but the one way that you can get tokens in this project right now you just go to bbs.market. You can go to the banter community, which is bbs.

Banter or bbs.market for slash, charts or bbs dot market for slash, crypto gaming. You can post in the forums. Okay, you can buy other people’s posts. You can buy my posts, you can do whatever you want and you will just earn money in their tokens.

It’S called engagement, mining and you will earn money in their tokens. You don’t have to no signing up of a meta mask no putting in money. No sending ease to anyone. Just comment: just go there and comment. You want to post the chat post a chart.

Maybe someone will buy your chart, maybe they won’t. If not well, then you’ll keep earning all the ownership of the chart. You can create your own communities so go and create a community called. I don’t know whatever you want, go and create a community called here. Let me go to bbs.

arket now create a community called i’ll show. It’S really really really. Here we go free tokens community. So i’m going to i’m going to send a starter community called free tokens, i’m going to create them by adding a cover page by adding a banner by adding a thing and then whoever interacts with your community. You make money because they’re interacting with your community.

Okay, so we’ve started on. Crypto bands have started three communities, we have the crypto banter main page, which is forward slash banter. We have the charts, which is, i guess, powered by people like you. Shall you know where you’re going to drop a whole lot of your charts? Every time you drop a chart, you make money because as soon as people engage with it intact, you just get money into your own wallet.

Um hustle will probably drive the crypto banter gaming and together we are going to build this community here now again, the more people that come, the more money goes into your wallet just for interacting with this platform and the money comes in the form of their tokens. So they’re air dropping tokens to people. It’S called engagement mining. You earn tokens by engaging in this platform by using the platform. Okay, we are early.

No one knows about this, yet you know like with all engagement mining. The early people make the most money, except in this platform you don’t have to put money into it, usually to be early. You’Ve got to connect your metamorph and put fees and gas, and this and no no, no, you do nothing. You go. You set up an account and you just start posting.

That’S it. It’S stuck it’s like hello. If you, okay, now who are the founders here, the founders are the team that created bangkok. I don’t know if you remember bangkok, but some of the founders here from what i want. What i hear are the team that created the bangkok protocol.

Those are the guys that invented the amm decks. Okay, they are the guys that invented the amm decks. These guys know what they’re doing that’s, not their first rodeo. They are season season. Season founders.

You are getting this for free, do not send money, do not connect a metamask. Do not burn one cent. Just be there. First, post, post, post, post post, interact into acting tech, join the banter communities and that’s it then you make money, that’s it no, no strings attached, i mean and then and then to like, let’s say, sold those tokens or anything. Do you have to send them to another?

Soon you will be able to sort. I don’t have all the details. Exactly i don’t know. Okay, i don’t have all those details. That’S right.

I discovered this and we we started the banter communities here and now we want you guys to get involved before anybody else gets involved. We have again i’m going to show you three communities. We have bbs forward slash banter, bbs, forward, slash, charts, bbs, voice c gaming, which is crypto gaming. Okay, those are the official banter communities. You can see them.

Um join us post, i mean you can go and you can post and then immediately. Uh people can start buying your nfts and let me tell you buying these nfts is very addictive, so i’ll show you how it works. It’S a different, that’s very addictive, so i saw so let’s say here: we go someone just posted right now he said banter is the holy grail of crypto. I much honor. He says so i think that’s a great tweet.

So what i’m gon na do is i go here and i bid to buy it. Okay, so let’s say i’m gon na buy it for one dollar. Okay, now i’m gon na purchase it there we go now. I’Ve purchased it. So now any engagement on that tweet from now till the end of time, i’m gon na earn money on it.

Just for people watching oh wow, okay, yeah, that’s it! I’Ve purchased! Now, i’m the part owner. It’S me it’s me and, and this guy we’re not part owners of his thing. So as more people more people start posting on this, we yeah people are starting to post.

I would sell my left nut sack for some circus i’m going to buy this. That’S a good one, yeah i’m going to buy it. I bought that one too, that’s mine! Thank you, my that’s my token bought it bought it. That’S it got it got it got it got it.

I just bought it um yeah. Let’S all engage it together. If you’re watching the crypto banter live, show i’m buying that one bought it, i’ve never put one sent in here. This looks addictive. I’Ve never put one cent, i’ve never connected.

My wallet here we go. The live chat is starting to work. People talking about our weave run, will you buy my post sure, i’m gon na give you two dollars for your post, bro yeah. So now you see i’m buying other people’s tokens. You see what i’m you see what’s going on here now, every time that someone views this i’m going to make money because people are viewing other people’s tokens, other people’s tweets.

Bang. You see, i’ve got 53 dollars. I’Ve got 22

Now, in my account again, okay, i’m in exactly it’s uh, come on guys, it’s like a no-brainer, it’s honestly, a no-brainer. It’S a no-brainer like we’re, not asking for money. There’S no money here!

There’S nothing! Just join the three communities start, your own communities. Do whatever the hell you want just do it. It’S you’re going to get free money before anybody else does, and i haven’t seen the admissions schedule, but i believe i believe that the admission schedule is going to first be the early. People are going to get most the tokens and, as more people come they’re going to get less and less tokens.

Now we’ve told you about this first, so you can be early, so you can set up your communities early, very cool. That’S amazing! So look at this! So now on this post, which was just a welcome post that says, welcome to crypto charts people have started to engage. Can you see that that’s that’s the charting one yeah, so people have started to engage, go banter firm, let’s go banter firm, hello!

So now i’ve already earned 1.45, so the price has gone up to 1
45, because people are engaging in this post, so i could have could have bought it at 30 cents five minutes ago, but now that people are engaging in it, the price has gone up to one dollar more. The more popular the post is the more it starts to to grow in value right increasingly, okay, wow, that’s actually very clever, okay, so if you so if you so, if you um, if you post, something which is good, not only will you make money, but if I think it’s good, i buy it and then and then i make money on your good posts, because i saw it early and i bought it. They basically come in as a shareholder okay. So we need to get elon musk on this, so it can be the first guy exactly exactly now.

You’Ve got it now we guys we are here first, we are here first so because we are here first, we will make most of tokens and again it’s free. It’S like no meta mask no pain, gas, it’s free, it’s free, just just go and post it’s free. I don’t know. Where else do you get free tokens like this come on, come on, go sign up and then post something i’m going to buy your i’m going to buy your chart for the day when i think it’s a good call, i’m just going to buy it all right. Amazing yeah, yeah, guys and what’s quite exciting, is we’re obviously going to take a little bit of a break, but i’m dropping some really cool education um.

I do believe, there’s going to be another week or two of slow down in the market and i really think guys. We have been through a fantastic year together, and i really think you should use this time now too to be going through. The education like i’ve. Really gone into my ta in a lot more of depth, i’ve gone through all the indicators. I’Ve gone through, so many amazing things.

I think you guys are really gon na love. It um so use this time. We got a massive year next year and it’s time to recharge and to hit it strong, and i don’t know from your side ryan, but i would love to thank the community for a fantastic year – fantastic, fantastic. 2021. I think it’s been absolutely it’s been life-changing.

For me, thank you again rand, thank you, crypto banter, and i’m just i’m really appreciative for everything and i’m excited for the next year. Amazing guys. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Everybody um sheldon. Thank you. Thank you for being here on your holiday. Thank you for doing all the master classes. I know you’ve worked really hard, we’ll be launching them every single day next week.

Make sure that you get your make sure that you get that you’re here every day and that you use this time to actually become master traders. Um sheldon have a brilliant christmas, have a brilliant new year! I’Ll get yours in your way. I’Ll get yours coming! We’Ll talk we’ll talk a lot, we’ll talk a lot off here, guys love!

You guys, we’ll see you guys again later on for the friday banter, let’s put the friday banter up, show the guys who’s coming. We’Ve got vinnie lingam we’ve got uh daniel cester who’s. I think one of the smartest guys in crypto and jose macedo, it’s gon na, be an unbelievable way to do the last friday of the year and then monday. It’S all about 2022

It’S all about the themes and narratives for 2022. Don’T miss that show uh again, i’m coming in on my holiday to do a show with ryan selkiss talking about the biggest things for 2022.

So until i see you guys again later and until we see you guys again on monday, go and buy nfts, my friends look at this look at this just hold on just look at this. Look at this look at this look at this look at this. So i posted it was: it was worth a dollar a minute ago. You saw it when it was worth a dollar. That post is now worth twenty five dollars.

Ninety five, no okay, yeah people are engaging with it. That’S insane yeah, so this post is not worth 25.. That’S that’s at sweaty x. I don’t think.

We’Ve ever had a call, though exactly go and post your charts, because i promise you. This is the most addictive thing in the world. You post the chart, i’m gon na, buy your chart. You post it, i buy it. You post it, i buy it’s gon na, be fun bro!

Okay, let’s do it have fun. My friends dark market forward, slash banter, you’ve just ruined my day. Right now i was going to go spend i know bbs dot market forward, slash banter, pbs.market, ford’s, less charts, pbs
Market forward, slash c gaming,

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