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Faucet LTC part 2

Today We share a website that provides a cryptocurrency, as in our previous video. Do not be bored, we remind friends who have just stopped by this channel. Please write in it And dial the bells to notifikasinya To the friends, do not miss the information.

Latest Of These Channels, do not forget to click your thumbs up, so share our producing sites litecoin (LTC).

Previously, our production sites shared litecoin (LTC) But this time a little different Although But the way the system works is similar to the registration and how it works slightly differently, see this video well too.

To fix errors during registration and allocation of litecoin exchange rate (LTC) at the time this video was made is, to be avoided, is 1 LTC 134.4236 USD and the exchange rate is worth. With Indonesian rupiah is 1 LTC Rp. 1 915 was. 000 Value what fantastic categorized for the exchange rate Before we move kesitus tap-free litecoin.

It is good that we first check the age of the website and the location of the IP address of her. We use the services of Domain Tools To obsolete his website. Can we see here? Already 1131 days old.

Created on 23 November 2017 Last updated on 22 November 2020 And the active period will expire on November 24, 2021. If the active period is not extended, the site is classified according to its age as very long-lasting. There can be said to be safe.

Then follow the hosting provider for IP addresses, namely Derived from Jihomoravsky kraj – Kurim – Zoner Software aS The flag can be seen here. This is the flag of the country of Czech Republic for a minimum withdrawal disitus tap litecoin second review we have, can we watch here is equal to 0.004 LTC for a minimum withdrawal and we will ‘ paid an amount of 0.001 LTC. You can say 0.005 LTC for a minimum withdrawal Then for how to make a withdrawal on this site After the start of the main page of the site, click on the three-strip in the top right corner of this.

Then Click withdraw or withdrawal, it will look like this Up to here please scroll down Previously, friends had to enter your Litecoin address first And here, please enter the amount you want to withdraw.

For example 1 LTC. I will not make a withdrawal because my balance is not sufficient. After we have entered the amount to be withdrawn. Here will appear what to pay or what will be deducted from our balance. Network fees included.

Then we’ll click, I’m not a robot or this Recaptcha code Finally, scroll down and click withdraw litecoin To make a withdrawal just like this Direct registration or how to create an account on this site, first click on the registration link we gave in the description of this video.

After you at page p registration like this Enter your active email address here. Then create a password or password in the second column. Leave this reference or reference code only scroll down and enter your Litecoin address here. You can get it from your respective Cryptocurrency wallet.

Here can you import directly or empty first or follow After everything is done, click on the login button or register Below When all the registration process is complete. You can do the job on this site. First, you need to enter the main page of this website.

Page then down to the bottom Click on the Recaptcha box or I’m not a robot Click on the small box to go with it like this If you checked like this Click on the roll number button Wait for the random score to end and you will have your first tap income Here I managed to 0.00000556 LTC (litecoin) J or If you liked this video, please click thumbs up.

Do not forget to share this video with the people closest to you, because this video can be useful and useful to them. Maybe they need the information in this video. Thank you for watching Hopefully helpful and I end Subscribe to this channel, my friends.

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