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Faucet Litecoin (LTC)

Good luck and good health Always have a good day and be accompanied by happiness Amin Still with the IT channel 519 Tips and tricks to make money online. This Time discusses us again, Cryptocurrency-producing sites as before.

Do not forget to subscribe and at the same time activate the notification bells of this channel, so that you do not miss the latest information. This time we share a website for making ‘ a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency Litecoin (LTC) With the exchange rate, at the time this article was made, was 1 LTC (litecoin) worth 104.73 USD, in my opinion, the value is quite large.

And for the exchange rate with the Indonesian rupiah. We look at the indodax market ‘ A cryptocurrency wallet as well as a place to sell, buy the largest and leading Crypto-assets d Indonesia Or even in Southeast Asia For the exchange rate of litecoiin (LTC) 1 LTC (litecoiin) is worth IDR 1,467,000.

Very fantastic value Before we go to the LTC coin free tap website We first look at the age of the site and the IP location of this site We Verify the use of domain tools. For the age of the site that makes litecoin, we can see it here.

Only 74 days old Created on 5 October 2020 Last updated on November 9, 2020, And the active period will expire or end on October 5, 2021, If the active period is not extended, although not old This site is still new, it can be said that it is safe because this site is still a developer with a site we shared before, namely the IP address in Hesse – Frankfurt is Main – Hetzner Online AG.

The fifth-largest city in Germany. For a minimum withdrawal on this site can you Minimum withdrawal that we see here is not too big, namely litecoin 0.01 (LTC) to learn how to create a withdrawal profile on this site if we have subscribed to the main page of this site, you can find the key extraction on the left. Click only and then scroll up.

Enter the number of litecoin you want to withdraw, here are the transaction fee and the amount you have to deliver, leave it alone Later will be filled in by the system automatically Next enter the withdrawal address This is the address of the LTC coins from your respective Cryptocurrency wallets.

The last step, scroll down and click on the withdrawal button Then we just have to wait for the coins to be sent to our respective crypto wallets continue, for how to register on the website it please click on the link registration or registration, we have given in the description of the articles.

Then you will be here on the kesitus web go, please click on strip three at the top right and click on the menu list and scroll down, enter your current email address and here enter words, Password and confirm password or enter the password that only Dan was created. Click register & after the registration process is completed.

Don’t forget to verify your email account By clicking on the verification link you receive via email sent by this site If you have not yet received Email from this site You can request this site to resubmit the verification link.

If the registration and verification were successful, you can already do the task on this site. If you did not receive the email, click on it. And if there are suggestions to change the password save, save it If we forget the password later, OK, the confirmation email is already in. We’re just opening it up.

Then we click on the email confirmation. When everything’s done, we can do the job right away. Here you also get the opportunity to get litecoin up to (value) 300 USD or equal to 27 835 LTC (litecoin)’ A fairly large value How to do the job, after we type the main page like that.

We scroll down. Then click the browse button. We just have to wait until this random count is completed. Here I get 0.00000284 LTC or 0.0003 USD.

They have may need the information in this article. Hopefully, this is helpful.


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