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Faucet Gratis LTC

Hi, How are you? YouTube friends around the world? Good luck and good health. May your life always be fun and blessed with Amen. In this video, we will share it again. A website that uses crypto-currency generate, which is a free Litecoin Crane Manufacturer is.

For your information, we previously had two videos shared with various sites, which also manufactures Litecoin. Consult our channel for friends who have not watched it. Or in our channel playlist, of which we provided the link in the description of this video.

And for friends who are not subscribed to this channel, you must first subscribe to get the latest information on this channel, because this channel will always discuss tips and tricks to make money Internet-only online using an Android Mobile. And you can also use a laptop or computer.

Make money stores, dollar producers, gold producers, Cryptocurrency producers and more. Thank you for signing up on the Litecoin exchange rate when this video was made, namely 1 LTC (litecoin) is worth 154.96 USD (US dollar) And it rises again to 155 USD.

Very fantastic value. If the exchange rate in rupiah is 1 LTC, it is equal to IDR 2,190,000 Very great value For the age of the site we will share, it is quite long, ie 501 days old.

Created on 23 August 2019 Newsletter updated on 1 August 2020 And the active period will end on August 23, 2021, If the active period is not extended And the IP location, we can see it here. Coming from Hessen – Frankfurt is Main – web rental Netherlands b. V. This is the flag of Germany. Hesse is the fifth largest city in Germany.

And for a minimum withdrawal on this site, we will share. We can see here, the minimum withdrawal is 0.165 LTC.

And how to withdraw After entering the main page of this site, click us These three dashes in the top right corner Then we click on withdraw or withdraw Then we scroll down Then we automatically withdraw click, because on this site for withdrawals using an automated system, that is, every LTC is sent to our Cryptocurrency wallet every Sunday when our lite balance reaches the withdrawal limit to enable the auto to withdraw.

We click this small box click on the small and to enable withdraw we automatically need an email address which we click on the profile menu and give then scroll down and we enter our email here then click on the button to change it then back we are going to withdraw to the menu again Once our team enter the email address, we can only enable automatic withdrawals.

If the email is not entered, we will not be able to enable automatic withdrawals. And if automatic withdrawals are not active, it means our litecoin balance will not be sent. How to play on this site, first copy the Litecoin address from your respective Cryptocurrency wallets. Here I use the Indodax wallet. And just for information for my friends, though my balance is 100% I got from the tap for cryptocurrency has.

My balance comes from playing on cryptocurrency-producing sites, not too much because I do not play regularly on this site or rarely Cryptocurrency-producing websites open. Okay, to get the Litecoin address. I use the index.

We open the portfolio menu. Then we are looking for LTC coins here. We scroll down. Just click on the coin symbol. Click here please on copy or copy. Then we enter the site. For this third revised litecoin-producing website, this time click on the link in the video description.

It and we enter the Litecoin address here. Therefore, we must first have a wallet of Cryptocurrency. We paste it or paste it here, then we click on the claim button. We scroll down. Then click on Check I am not a robot or Recaptcha code.

To check it If you checked like that, click here on Claim I managed to get 7992 LTC And can we get another bonus, just click on this how to play it’s just like this so we can click the tap again after the countdown is over and get more revenue on this site just like getting Litecoin Good for free So far our meeting was in the video It If you like this video, click thumbs up.

And do not forget to share this video with the people closest to you, because it can be so useful and useful to them be. They need the information in this video.

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