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Ethereum’s ALTCOIN Key

London Bridges Falling down, falling down. Did I mean Ethereum bridges find out why cuz, its time for Chico Crypto! Ethereum, as we speak, more and more bridges are being laid to connect to its financial and blockchain developer kingdom.

Bridges from the decentralized blockchain world, bridges from the consortium blockchain world, and even bridges from finance 1.0. So, where are the bridges being laid to bitcoin? As of today, many blockchains are 1st laying their bridge to Ethereum, even though its market cap and liquidity are 6x smaller.

And the other blockchains who are laying their bridges to Ethereum do they have any being laid to them? No, they sure don’t. So I don’t know about you guys, but the one who everyone wants to connect to, the central hub of it all, that is the one that peaks my Interest & that is Ethereum.

So, let’s get into what makes Ethereum special compared with the others & this will lead us to those altcoins, which are tied to the hip with the Ethereum big dogs.

So activity, it all comes down to activity on a network, and from the development side it’s on ethereal from all angles, why do you think those bridges are being built? Last months app radar industry report on apps said this in the key takeaways Ethereum daily active wallets increased by 14% in October month-on-month. Ethereum transaction volume surpassed $47 billion in October.

99% of the total Ethereum transaction volume belongs to DeFi. TRON and EOS decreased in token value, daily active wallets, and transaction volume. Ethereum, ethereal, ethereal while other blockchains its only bad news.

Although the last thing they say is the best of the rest goes to finance smart chain. I wonder why? Well, like last Friday, I showed, they have a functioning ethereal bridge.

And then going to the state of the app’s data, we can see there are now 3,757 apps, and 3009 of them are on ethereal and over 80 percent, and daily active users of those apps there are 116.8 thousand, out of those, about 102 thousand are on ethereal, or 87 percent. So blockchain development, DeFi development, and app development it’s so HOT on Ethereum right now.

But what about outside of the blockchain world? Where is that development happening?? Is it still on Ethereum?? Well, a good place to check this is Microsoft and their visual studio marketplace. This is for the most part for app development outside of the blockchain world.

Let’s just search by the term blockchain and see the most downloaded products, sorting by the most installed blockchain pieces offered, its Ethereums solidity, then hyper ledger and IBM blockchain, but look at the downloads, Ethereum has twice the number of those enterprise solutions, combined 231 thousand to be exact.

Then the next 10 downloaded blockchain components are all Ethereum and finally, we get to another blockchain…NEO then more ethereal, then enterprise solution Corda, and finally another blockchain we have heard of..Waves.

So development dominance across the board for ethereal even more so, on the enterprise side than IBM blockchain or hyper ledger, who have had the funding of global conglomerates yet devs are still choosing ETH for some reason.

And even those founding members of IBM blockchain & hyperledger fabric. We all know Johnny Wolpert, but his history? Global Product executive for IBM, and what did he do? His LinkedIn says One of a handful of leaders that created IBM’s Blockchain business unit, which led to the formation of a brand new division of the company in 2016 & he helped create Hyperledger.org, one of the fastest-growing open source communities in the history of the Linux Foundation.

He helped create both & now, he is on the team ethereal, connecting enterprises to the public mainnet with the baseline protocol. Enterprise Ethereum that is why you go to the EEA working groups page, EEA as in the enterprise ethereal alliance and look who is in the ethereal manner working group, John Wolpert along with others, from Microsoft and Ernst & young.

So a lot of this I have covered, I just needed to reiterate it for any newbies & those who seem to have forgotten now, let’s get into the good stuff to the EEA have a certain conference coming up, which runs from December 2nd through 3rd for the US, called Ethereum in Enterprise Asia Pacific 2020.

Massive speakers including Hester Pierce of the SEC, Joe Lubin Ethereum co-founder, and founder of Consenys, there is John Wolpert but the one, but this is the Asia Pacific region, so the one I’m actually interested in is the speaker from Samsung, Joshua Ha, head of global strategic alliances for blockchain.

Now remember, Samsung has been hush hush on blockchain since their phone’s integrated wallets and keystores So going back in time. Samsung, in 2017 they became the first Korean enterprise to join the EEA after this, that same year Samsung, built announced their own offering to the blockchain world, that hasn’t been covered much on my channel, Nexledger.

A Distributed Ledger Platform for Enterprise Well Samsung I think they were trying to compete with Ethereum, as Nexledger was not ethereal compatible & as we can see from the EEA member website, no Samsung SDS anymore they dropped out.

But here is what’s interesting 2019 they released an updated version Samsung IT Subsidiary Releases New Version of Enterprise Blockchain Platform Contelegraph covered it was called NexLedger Universal and as we can see from the website the blockchain core is made of 3 blockchains their nexledger n, hyper ledger fabric.

From John Wolpert & Ethereum. And remember, this is the Ethereum in Enterprise conference so what is Joshua Ha of Samsung doing there? Could this be a re-kindeling of Samsung & Enterprise Ethereum.

Looks like it to me and maybe more. So the session Joshua is speaking in is called open innovation, and there are some interesting co-speakers Ken Naganuma of Hitatchi, Yang Zhao of NTT Data & Atsushi Ishii of Couger.

Each of these speakers work for companies that have vast development in the big data & AI sector. So 1st Atsushi Ishii of Couger going to his twitter, we can see he is of course apart of Couger, but also blockchain exe now scrolling down, we can see he was tweeting about ocean protocol meetups, and then below we can see the two were having meetings all the way back in 2018 and even cougar the company tweeted about the ocean meet and collaboration, saying they really love them. So, how about Ken Naganuma of Hitachi?

Well, coincidentally he is also a part of blockchain exe, with Atsushi, and here is KEN at a conference put on by them and none other than Ocean protocol, there is Ken with Oceans CTO Mike Anderson.

So what about the last one? Yang Zhao of NTT Data? Well, no direct connection to the ocean with Yang, but Donald Gossen co-founder of Ocean, was the business development manager at NTT before ocean working there for over 4 years, doing global accounts specifically in the Asia Pacific regions. Now let’s dive a bit deeper So Couger what do they do and did ocean partne those tweets were just meeting tweets? Well, Couger they create AI assistants, virtual human agents for smart cities blows my mind, but the partnership, yes it happened. As we can see here, $OCEAN and Couger partnered to enhance Connectomes ability to store and share unlimited data in a safe and secure environment.

Connectome? What is that? Well, it’s the big thing behind it all going to their website, in the about us it says Connectome is a technology platform to realize human-like AI assistant, Virtual Human Agent (VHA). By harnessing the Artificial Intelligence (AI), Game AI (human-like intelligent NPC technology), blockchain and human sciences, VHAs can, amongst other things, be personal assistants, the cornerstone of productive organizations and companies, assist in healthcare and be the future of human-technology interaction.

And connectome? Well, going to their tech paper, we can see it says Moreover, a variety of data will be required to train the VHA Brains AI model. To do so, we will connect Connectome to Ocean Protocols data marketplace and implement Token Curated Registries (TCRs), a registry of listings generated by token holders.

We will have a list of data for each use case (e.g. receptionist, car guide, friend), and developers can utilize them to create a better AI model. Now isn’t this interesting too, back in 2019, Microsoft, Connectome, the EEA and ocean protocol gave a talk together…hmmm.

Now, I personally don’t think anything is getting announced at this EEA event regarding ocean protocol, as they are not there. But if at this event, this specific group of people is speaking on AI and data, we know it’s going to lead right back to Ocean Protocol eventually.

Why? Well, Samsung also has a virtual assistant, Samsung project NEON, it was hyped to be the next big thing in AI and was released almost a year ago, January of this year At release, NEON got slammed, as not AI & just digital avatars that’s why in June of this year, you saw Samsung promote, Dr Sebastian Seung to head of research, to strengthen its AI competence. Now guess what Sebastis Seung has been working on for years, mapping the human brain to AI, the human connectome, he has even written a book called connectors and is a part of the human connectome project.

Now back to Couger, their AI assistant, VHA is actually AI, more than just an avatar has their been collaborations behind the scenes between Couger, Connectome and Samsung? Its highly, highly possible but, if so, why would this be big for ocean?? Well, Couger is kind of Ocean beside the announced collaborations we went over, Kazuaki Ishiguro is Cougars Chief Blockchain Architect.

As we can see from this Stanford talk him and Atsushi gave, they said this in Kazuakis profile At Couger, he currently leads the blockchain development of Connectome and has given a speech at Blockchain EXEs event and Ethereums global conference, EdCon.

He is also a contributor of BigchainDB. The scalable blockchain database, from Bruce Pon and team, who are also the founders of the ocean protocol. And Kazuaki?

He is the now the regional head of the EEA for Japan and he is also speaking at this specific conference, and as we can see is one of the conference organizers. Hmmm???? Cheers Ill see you next time!.

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