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In this video we’re gon na talk about ethereum pumping to the moon in an endless sea of green, just taking us to the promised land touching almost three thousand dollars, as the entire market is in absolute euphoria. So what is up welcome to the crypto fomo we’re covered the hottest news in crypto so include the term analysis, bitcoin cardano chain link like coin beach and polka dot, and everything that you need to form into crypto. The right way so make sure to smash the like, subscribe and turn the notifications, so you get the hot stuff in crypto before everyone else like now, i’ve been saying over the last week, it’s been really crazy. Everything that’s going in the space right now. The bull market is definitely back, it didn’t stop.

It was just taking a break as a lot of people were saying like oh no, it’s going to zero right. We saw the entire like going to zero shenanigans and look where we are today if theorems up 7 on the day 21 of the week, who wants to buy real estate bro. What’S the point of buying stocks never going to hold stock in my life ever again, i’m semi kidding sell my truth in there and then also you can see cardinals up. Four percent of the day. Bitcoin is up six point, two percent on the day up four point: three percent on the week: polka dot is up 30 on the week uni swaps up 27 on the week.

Some of my other bags are pumping as well. That is always good to see and you can see that ethereum is currently trying to break above the crucial level over here, and this is going to be a big deal if ethereum could have a daily close above three thousand dollars. That’S going to be very, very bullish, but honestly man we’re already seeing it starting to break out of this range. It’S too early to say, because we didn’t have a daily close year. We had a daily close just at resistance at the top of the range, and this could be, like you know, like kind of like a bearish deviation before kind of wicking back into the range.

But overall it’s still looking bullish. I mean dude just look at this. Can you imagine i’m missing out on this beautiful rally again, we called it on this channel, as this rally started actually right over here after the first pump i said yeah this is looking really bullish, but i didn’t think it would go this high, but hey, who Am i to complain open some leveraged trades over here, uh 2x leverage, i’m not a dj gambler, but that’s been paying out pretty nicely and uh right now. It’S crazy man. We had like 17 days where we had only one day in the red i mean.

Can you imagine all the bears everyone were kind of like calling for it to go to zero? Can you imagine like missing out on this rally must be painful and look if you missed out on this rally, just learn from it and realize that you probably don’t know what you’re doing, and you probably should just buy and hold honestly man. This is coming from a place of love. I had this moment of realization as well too, where i missed out on rallies, and i was like man if i don’t know what i’m doing, i’m good as an investor, but not necessarily a short-term trade or maybe i should just stick to my investing thesis right. So that’s what i done when i got started and that worked really well and then i kind of put in my dues right, uh paid my dues, but to learn this better.

But even if i did and just staying an investor would have you know, work really. Well, as well so ethereum on the daily it’s starting to break out to a new range over here, this is really bullish. If we’re going to break above 3 000, i really say like the next range – would be kind of like some resistance over here. Around 3 700 bucks that would be like the next level. I’D look at depending on where you go right.

If you also look at the weekly yeah, that will be kind of like the weekly close over here, 3 500 So this will roughly be the next level of resistance, but right now ethereum is just pumping in the beautiful seat of green. Let’S look at the four hours see if we can see anything interesting yeah, so we’re seeing here like the four hour close and then it kind of got, pushed right back down below resistance and then gon na push right back up. So this is actually looking pretty good and also if the weekly close is going to close like this, it’s going to be very, very strong. Also when you look at bitcoin the lower time frames, it is also pumping 43 300 for one single bitcoin, very nice, sir. We have another higher low bounced, actually in the middle of the bowling bands.

If you look at it on the daily, which kind of flipped it into support um, you can see it over here, pretty much touch the middle of the boiling bands and then got shot right back up from there and it actually retested it twice like once over. Here once over here, i guess you could say here it’s a little bit far away, but you can see where the clean retest over here flipped it into support and then went higher. So i could definitely see this move kind of like extending even more than we would expect. I mean i’m pretty sure we had something like this over here where okay, so in this case we broke out of twenty thousand dollars. You’Ll see that we actually never retested the middle of the bowling advance, but you can see that we had a small drop here and then just kept going up right.

We did have technically like a recess of the middle of blowing events like right over here and it shot back up and then continued even higher right. So just something like this is what i’m expecting. I am very bullish on btc in the coming months. As i said of this channel again and again, and we’re just in free magic, internet money mode for everyone um, you know – and people are just like on the sidelines. A lot of people are really salty right now and i totally understand where they’re coming from so right now bitcoin is clearly breaking out of the range.

I mean we pretty much flip this area here into support and i’m pretty sure this was also the point of control on this range. If i look at it, if you see here yep, that’s there you go so if you can see here this level, pretty much flipped it into support right. So the point of control for this range flipped it into support and then bounce from there. So this is actually pretty bullish to see that kind of like having like a clean, um bullish like retest and then continuing higher, so yeah, i’m pretty much expecting bitcoin to go. I would say, like 47 thousand dollars, something like that at least could go higher for sure.

Ethereum versus bitcoin is continuing to impress. We did have a bearish daily close over here which we covered, and then we since continue to drop the next day, but nothing too special. I mean down two and a half percent on the day. Overall. This pattern is very bullish to me.

I’M bullish on it too, and i think that ethereum is going to create a lot more millionaires this year and i mean yeah, you could hold bitcoin and become a millionaire, but you could hold the theorem and become a multi-billion multi-millionaire you’re not going to become a Multi-Billionaire, unless you do something really special but yeah, also in theorem on the lower time frame, it’s just like bro. This is just beautiful, just pumping to the moon, not too much to say um. You can just learn from this for next time. You can see that we had like the bands getting narrower the bullish divergence, the reversal sign on the daily on 12 hours, just pumped like covered on this channel bitcoin. Oh excuse me, this is ethereum versus bitcoin still looking strong um.

I don’t think this move is over yet um. Also, you can see that we have a bullish divergence here in the four hour on the one hour. It’S still looking like the move is intact. Bitcoin, lower timeframes is still pumping as well and uh yeah, i’m not sure it will outperform it. There are many times soon it might, but i think just holding it down here is definitely the best bet if you’re looking for risk reward now also something a bit concerning is that we have a lot of liquidity, a lot of longs that actually opened on this Move up so they could get liquidated if we push the price down so historically, bitcoin does tend to correct to that.

So you see that on bitcoin and also on ethereum. We actually have a lot of longs that open at those levels so not be surprised to see us dropping to those levels, but at the same time this move is so strong that i definitely wouldn’t short it trying to take out that range. But um i’m not really sure we’ll get it, because this move right now is just really really strong. So, just something to be aware of that, like you’re kind of standing in front of a moving train trying to short this right. So just be careful of that and we already had like the retest of 2500.

We already had that drop over here. So i’m not sure we’re going to take out those longs, but we probably will at some point also the market right now is greedy, which is bearish as well. So there might be like some more chances we’re going to take out that longs. 69 out of 100. You can see that the market sentiment has been pumping to the moon very quickly, as the price has been pumping very quickly kind of funny.

How that works, right, people changing their mind, left right and center and then also the funding rates are negative across exchanges. So we’re seeing some mixed signals here, right, you’re, saying that the market is greedy you’re, seeing a little bit of sentiment of negative funding rates, which is bullish, liquidity sitting below which is bearish. But i think for me definitely sitting in spot right now and enjoying the games and a little bit of leverage, nothing too special and then also we got an awesome update from primex bt with their co-vesting platform. We got here new people that pop up to the scene, co-trade for people and then actually make out insane returns. So you can see here we got chamel x, which has been active for 40 days.

So a bit uh like around five weeks now and he’s actually made like 131 x for his uh followers, since he gets started, he’s currently managing 1.1 million dollars of people’s money, and it’s actually really cool to see that. So you can see here, his profit over time has just started and compounded ever since june 29th. It just really crushed it with you know, with leverage and all that it says come back king and you can see that it has definitely done very very well. You can see it had some days here.

They doubled this money one day that they lost 40. So there’s definitely some risk with the co-vesting feature, but overall they’ve really crushed it over the last 30 days. He did like 13 and a half x and i think that co-vesting feature is very risky. You should definitely be careful with it, but i think that it has potential, especially if you’re a good trader. If you can go – and you can trade like this, you can get results.

You can get a lot of liquidity from people that want to follow you and copy trade automatically with you, and you can make a lot of money with that and let’s take a look at the margin over time. How much risks he took? Okay, so you can see here that he took a lot of risks many time and he was close to getting liquidated. So i would definitely say that this is considered like a risky person to follow so far. He’S doing it really well but be aware that there’s definitely a lot of risk involved, because you can see that the margin like this is not the best.

So he’s using a lot of margin, and also we got here ifman that since we covered him, has actually went down a bit, you can see that it has like a losing streak. So just be aware that, like this platform is really exciting, there’s all the possibilities, but there’s also risk with that. So you can see here that he had kind of like a losing streak. I guess he was probably trying too short going against the trend and uh yeah. I mean the dude’s made a lot of money, so i can’t really say like he doesn’t know what he’s doing, but i think going short at that point was definitely very very risky and if you guys want to sign up to primexp, you can use my coupon Code below cryptofomo and use my affiliate link to sign up, i’m going to link to it below and lots of potential with this.

I think right now, i’d like to see a lot of really good traders join the platform. I’D like to see some really good results over time that are consistently performed, i think that’ll be fantastic like for example, if you look at bitcoin’s app like you can see that he’s been trading consistently for 300 days and he did roughly like a 5.2 x for Followers, so this is the something that i like to see: kind of like the slow and measured approach and he’s actually done very well for himself and his followers and then also we got ethereum network burning, 12 million dollars in e first in the first 24 hours. Since ap1559, who said that ethereum is going to crash once the ap 1559 is going to launch? Who said that they’re not going to make it happen, they did screw the haters man.

Hating is not going to get you far in life honestly, something that i’ll tell you i used to be a hater. I used to be a skeptic and it didn’t work out for me that well and it’s really hard but being an optimist and seeing why things will work and supporting them instead of criticizing it’s harder than to criticize. But it’s also much more rewarding financially and also just for you doing what you love supporting those projects right like ethereum, i’ve been really happy to support that, and so far it’s looking really bullish. Man burning 12 million bucks. In one day i mean that’s insane.

You multiply that over 365 days i mean that’s like four billion dollars worth of, if that’s being burned a year right, you look at the total supply right now. This is around 3.8 of the total supply or something crazy like that burned every year. That’S absolutely insane, and this is really bullish for ethereum, and i think that the best is yet to come, and also we got tetra note saying that he was careful with uh. He the leverage, basically because he was concerned with congress, where he’s going to take the bills right, he’s going to pass some bills about regulations.

It could be negative for crypto and he was 100 spot in ethereum and he said after thinking about the possible scenarios, even if the amendment gets passed by congress, they’re still going to be uh, protracted, fighting the house of representatives, sorry, i’m back in fomo longing ethereum And uh yeah, so he’s back with the leverage and yeah i agree. It looks pretty bullish here and we also had some people talking about the regulations. Some of you asked me that on twitter saying about the laws, what’s going to happen, if it’s going to pass and all that is it going to zero, is it now the time where they finally bank crypto and oh it’s? No, it’s all going to zero right and we got eric sharing something about this that follows interesting. He’S saying i don’t care how many laws are passed.

Ethereum and d5 are going nowhere. That’S literally the effing point of all of this, and i think it’s worth keeping in mind that crypto is natively built to be censorship resistant. Now we have a lot of american investors. We have a lot of american entrepreneurs in the space and if the us is going to crack on crypto, it’s not going to be fun, the prices will crash, but crypto is definitely going to succeed regardless. I think ethereum and bitcoin are decentralized enough.

They’Re going to succeed, regardless of what the? U? S government’s going to do and it might suck short term if they do something negative, but overall long term, it’s not going to matter like if there’s going to go to a million dollars, regardless it’s going to succeed or fail, regardless of what the government does. It doesn’t have to do anything to do the government at this point and uh. Maybe i’m naive, maybe i’m wrong with this.

Maybe i’m open to that possibility, but honestly, just look at the war on illegal substances right, look at how they feel they’re doing this. Look at how hard the government cracked down on that and right now you know a lot of people that are addicted to the substances and – and you know that um yeah like it’s everywhere. Basically, so i’m not concerned if they’re going to crack down on crypto. So that’s kind of like my two satoshis on the matter and then also we got an update from ben finance that they’re closing an oversubscribed private sale round of more than a million dollars. Numerable reputable vcs have contributed to their ongoing success and they’re sharing here.

How they’ve been kind of growing over time? They have a lot of demand for it, and it’s really exciting for me to see that it’s an all-in-one community launch pad right, allowing you to research, a plan invest in early cardinal polygon projects, so really exciting features, because cardinal and polygon are very quickly growing, especially Right now, cardinal is still lagging, but we still see like very big numbers from polygon right. So if ben could capitalize on this, it could do really well and it’s a simple way to manage all things. D5 kind of further building the define infrastructure, making it more exclu accessible to a lot of people, get the vent up their launch pad the vent swap their decentralized exchange and the vet commerce, which allows you to securely transfer transact with providers, will help your project succeed. Kind of like a decentralized way to um, you know kickstart companies and all that so pretty interesting things and they’ve just been continuing to do really well they’ve been oversubscribed five times i was actually thinking like that’s a little bit.

I was thinking like there’s going to be like oversubscribed by at least five times, and i’m not surprised it’s a great project. We got a lot of known names like down maker and all that kind of involved in that as well, and a lot of projects that downmaker have worked with have done really well, and i’m expect the same from that finest as well, and then also we got Pintoshi saying one of the wildest charities ever seen for ethereum, you can see ethereum had the bullish support resistance flip over here, and then he just kept pumping and pumping. So he pretty much had like this entire, like pump and dump over here for a theorem. So it kind of had like this deviation, like over volatility, pretty much correct to the mean just like we said on this channel pretty much back to this ascending uh, the channel kind of structure, and then we pretty much had the double bottom and then we rallied Higher right so pretty bullish, uh, looking really really good and then also, let me see here. I think he had another thing that he covered.

I can’t find it right now, oh here over here, so ethereum just one year later, um. He thinks that it’s still going to outperform bitcoin as for its time as it has for some time at the macro level. This is gorgeous. He thinks that the next major dip is potentially the last one. Before we see things get crazier than before.

I agree, and he was also talking a year ago, if you guys want to learn about technical analysis. He was talking about how ethereum had a lot of bullish banks coming for it right, so we had. If 2.0, we had higher high and higher low on top of 715 day range breakout right so and he says that um this was really bullish chart. So basically ethereum went sideways for 1715 days in accumulation right and then we saw like the higher high and the higher low kind of breaking out of that range, which was a really bullish sign, and then it continued pretty much with the big move to the upside.

So, looking very, very good for more magic internet money and you’re. Also sharing here the bitcoins now breaking the downtrend line dating back to all-time high. Is the new range porn? So yes, i agree. This is actually looking really bullish and i forgot to cover that.

But basically, if you look at this trend line over here, bitcoin pretty much had a clean breakout out of this trend line here, and this is pretty bullish. Once you see those breakouts from those trend lines a lot of the time you are going to see some upside, so, for example, if you look at e versus bitcoin, you’ll see that once we broke out from this uh trend line over here, this descending trend line, We actually saw ethereum really take off versus bitcoin, so i would expect the same right now for bitcoin versus the us dollar, so he’s kind of targeting right now: 47. 000, 49, 000. Bitcoin and i agree and then also did you know about nfts. We have some really bullish things about them, so world of warcraft have over 12 million users at its peak, and people were actually starting to trade, their digital currency in game.

So it wasn’t really like a currency, but it was like an in-game item. It was like an in-game currency and then people were starting to farm it right. Basically, it was called gold. You were starting to farm gold, growing it to a 900 million dollar industry while employing millions of players. So this is kind of like the precursor to nfts and digital in-game items as nfts right, unique coins inside games that are fungible.

You can get out of the game, freely trade. We saw that for world of warcraft, so this was really a big deal and also after the fact, gold farming actually became so popular that it was banned in china. Ironically right, oh, no, it’s going to zero right. We saw that – and this was like a really good sign – that gaming and blockchain go hand in hand and once we’re gon na have decentralized networks like we have now really hit mainstream adoption. The price of those items can really go to the moon and then also we got um the founder of star tara sharing.

Here we got pen sharing, tell me tara. Money is not a unique chain, so they have four, but it made it to the top four chain in terms of value capturing with over 4.19 billion dollars in total value, locked only with anchor mirror protocol pilot protocol and spec protocol on board it, and they said They didn’t need to use a lot of projects to reach that, so we got tara, luna, actually hitting some really big milestones, and this is really exciting for star terra as they’re launching their launch pad to be the go-to platform um to be the go-to platform on Terra luna so very exciting things and now imagine what’s going to happen when orion money, loop, finance angel protocol, starter and many many other incredible protocols will come to the stage. So some very exciting things. I’M really excited for start tara, because they’re going to be at the core of it.

So like we said this is the gamified launchpad platform for terra they’re, going to have their sales soon they’re going to get listed soon. They got some really nice design and artwork with their different tiers for investors for participating in their launchpad project. They get some really interesting features with their token, it’s going to be deflationary, going to have staking utility governance and some more features. The team have a lot of experience. They got the founder of tara luna as an advisor with some really nice laser eyes across the board.

So if you guys are interested in checking more about them, then make sure to check them out, i’m going to link to them below this video and then also we got face banks which is a known influencer. I don’t know if you guys know him saying they bought a crypto punk two days ago and sold it for a profit of quarter million dollars. There is life-changing money in nfts. If you know what you are doing, he bought it for 136, 000 sold it for 380 000 and he made a lot of money. Man, that’s really crazy and then also next up, we got cyrus foundation sharing some updates here.

What is cyrus kind of sharing everything about the product market, their platform, turning your data into cryptocurrency, using it to open the doors into d5 and other web 3.0 earning revenues and kind of sharing? How they’ve been building over the last three years? How they’re trying to create a more free internet where consumers like you and i can get control over data? We can make money selling it.

We don’t have to have other people take it from us, and this is like a really valuable commodity, that we are creating. 24. 7. They talk about their product viability in edtech, blockchain hardware and all the technologies that they’ve been using. They got 4 000 devices, they’ve been deployed into live household for sandbox testing and the result have been stellar so really exciting to see them continue to grow like this.

I’M going to link to them below this video they’re going to have an upcoming idea that i’m really excited about as well. So that’s it for this video hope you guys enjoyed that much love! Thank you! So much for watching liking, subscribing turn on bell notifications. Sharing.

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