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Ethereum, Solana, & Polygon, Going To The MOON!!

Hey welcome back everybody to altcoin daily take two seconds smash the like button. We come at you on a daily basis, news perspective, opinion top projects in the space top coins making news we put these projects on your radar. Keep you informed it is my opinion that projects like ethereum projects, like Solana, projects like matic medisi, am ma x talking about quality, l1s and qualityl2s. I’M talking about projects that havereal activity going on on the protocol these cryptocurrency projects are going tobe explosive this year. Why do i say thatit is because the amount of activity weare seeing in the nft space, the defy spacejust, continues to go parabolic over one millionusers have made at least one transaction on opencnfts are not a fad.

They are here to stay i’m curious. If people in our audience are into flipping or holding nfts, obviously you know it ‘shard to evaluate some of these projects. You know what, i think nft collectors look for in crypto artversus what actually sells out on the marketplacebut. What i want to convey to you today, becausewe’re going to go over the latest news andthere’s. A lot of big news today is that theseprotocols these companies are just upgrading andbuilding like crazy.

For instance, nft marketplaceopen c buys ethereum wallet maker dharma labswhat is the takeaway. Well, this acquisitionwill help the marketplace grow in 2022 andimprove, the technical reliability of its productswhich are currently prone to outages and withover 1 million users. Now, having made at least onetransaction, i mean you can see, this is only goingto get bigger. Now i was actually part of an nftspaces last night and i got gifted this societyof derivative ape custom nft, pretty cool. I thinkthis is pretty cool the bigger picture here isthat.

I don’t think you all appreciate how much ofa mad house nfts are right. Now. Look at this lookat this and the crazy thing is the entire sectorcould 10x from here and still be a blip comparedto. The rest of the industry. Nfts are just a 12billion dollar industry right now, total cryptomarket is 2 trillion.

I would bet a lot of ouraudience hasn’t even made. You know a transactionon opencv have yet to buy an nft, not that you haveto, i’m just saying. I think this is only gettingbigger now, of course, anything could happen. I’M ofthe opinion that this is going to get much biggerbut. Many people are saying this is the top get outand.

I just want to put this into perspective foryou last year, at this time. In 2021, many people aresaying – this is the top for nfts many people. Sayingthis is the top for nfts all the times that nftcritics were saying: this is the top and eventuallyit will top, and the market goes and ebbs. Andflows bull markets bear markets that happens, intraditional collectibles as well. You know baseballcards, but when i see stuff like this, i know thatthis is only getting bigger and cryptocurrencyprotocols that are directly integrated like thebase layer of this, i think, are going to do wellcoinbase nft marketplace, which has yet to launchwill support mastercard payments, coinbase haspartnered with mastercard In a bid to usherin mass nft adoption, so what you can buy jpegswith mastercard, who cares?

I think this is a bigdeal, because they’re addressing the pain, pointsof purchasing, nfts, we’re literally seeing theinfrastructure and building get built up beforeour eyes and some people are saying it’s a fadit’s, a fat, it’s a fad. This is how adoption happensyou’re going to wake up one day and realize thatnfts are just a part of life, multiple friends ownnfts, whether it’s play to earn nfts through gamingwhether. It’S you know, profile, picture nfts whichis, like the board apes or the crypto punks. I thinkthis is a pfp nft, i’m just putting this stuff onyour radar, my friends, i think it’s going to get awhole lot. Bigger.

For instance, michael jordan, andmulti-coin back solana, nft firm metaplex in a 46million dollar round. Money continues to flowin the protocol that powers millions of solananfts finds prominent backers as it looks, towardsthe metaverse and beyond puma. You guys know pumafiled several trademarks to join the metaverseand, sell their own virtual clothing line, soadidas and nike and puma and the gap it just keepsgrowing time magazine time magazine has integratedcryptocurrency wallets, you can go to their websiteand connect your metamask to this. This is crazyand. Even the l2s continue to just build they’reonboarding users like crazy and they’re continuingto, try and upgrade and get better polygon.

Maticactivates eip-1559, like very similar to what wesaw, with ethereum eip1559 on polygon, is estimatedto burn. Point 27 percent of the medic supply everyyear, and this is why i say, in my opinion, thisis only my opinion, not financial advice. I thinkquality l2s matic meatus. What else you know letme know in the comments and even l ones. Wherethis is happening.

Ethereum, solana, cardano, maybecardano. Now smart contract capable launching theirdecks very soon, i think you know this spacehas. I think we’re gon na see another leg. Upin. Other news, hugely bullish for bitcoin intelset to reveal energy efficient, bitcoin, miningchip tech giant intel is releasing a new ultra lowvoltage bitcoin mining chip, starting with a revealat an industry conference next month, really goodfor bitcoin, really good for green energy, bitcoinreally good for the bitcoin narrative, so Peopleunderstand that bitcoin, you know incentivizesclean energy in other news, thor chain, introducesdogecoin support before we get to that my questionto, you is have you gotten a credit card that givesyou bitcoin back on every purchase, yet the bestin, the game, in my opinion, is our sponsors.

Cardblock fi earn an unlimited 1.5 back in bitcoin onevery single purchase, zero annual fee hugedifferentiator, no foreign transaction feessee. If you’re pre-approved with zero impactto your credit score. This is the card to havei like it. Many people in our audience have thiscard use it every day.

Chipotle buying bitcoingroceries, dry cleaning, anything bitcoin back onevery purchase and this opportunity will not lastforever 3.5 back during your first three monthsof using this card 1.5 back on every purchase. 2Back. If you make big purchases forever and ifyou trade in a block, fi account, you can earnpoint two five percent on all eligible tradesthis is the card to have my friends block fi.

omaltcoin daily cc, zero impact to your credit scoreuse. The link in the description check it out. Nowthor chain introduces dogecoin support, greatto see this happening with thor chain; thisis, probably pretty good for dogecoin binancecontinues to be the leader in exchange coinsin, the industry and binance burns 792 millionin bnb, it’s probably great. If you hold b, btaking a supply off the market. The token burnreduced the binance coin, supply by 1 68 millionb b and in other news speaking of cardano, they dohave their decks launching very soon and they arepushing out their plans to scale in 2022and.

Cardano is doing very well. Let me knowwhat, you think, in the comments. Belowi hope this video provided you withvalue info perspective. You know this is what’sgoing on in the world of cryptocurrency my friendsand we’re at the forefront of this. I hope you’retaking advantage.

You can only really be earlyfor a short amount of time. The internet, boomthe tech boom of the late 90s. That’S over youcan’t capitalize on that anymore, but we’re atthe forefront of this and it’s really excitingsmash the like button. If you got value subscribeto the channel, if you’re new see you tomorrow,

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