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Free Ethereum every five minutes from faucet number two to start to get coins you need to copy the crypto address from your wallet in Faucetpay.iogo to your account in Faucet pay to get the Ethereum address you need to go to the Linkedaddress page, then copy your Ethereum address howto link the Ethereum address with coinbase.com you can watch the other video from faucet number one on my channel.

Now you can come back to faucet-cryptocoins.com where it says faucet number two and free Ethereum you can click start in the new tab you need to enter your Ethereumaddress from Faucet Pay and click on login click to I’m human please enter exactly the highlighted text in the image case and space sensitive click to next again click to next click to verify now click to claim and please click to the antibot links in the following order it free two ten please wait five seconds and click to get the reward.


Eighteen GWEI Ethereum was sent to your Faucetpay.io wallet, let’s go to check the coins in the wallet, now you have free Ethereum in your Faucet pay wallet. You can come back to that page and get free coins every 5 minutes, see you in the next video!

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