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Ethereum Event Guide For Eagle Genesis

Hey: what’s up everyone, I’m jack and welcome back to the iso investor today we’re going to take an in-depth look into the genesis event for Ethereum eagle following my previous video, which covered the details of the project as well as the participation through coin list for those that, want to participate by themselves And take their funds into their own hand, this guide is going to be perfect for you, but before we get started to make sure you give this video a like and consider subscribing to help support the channel youtube likes the gatekeep cryptocurrency content so.

By turning on the bell notification, you’re able to stay updated every time I release new content for those that didn’t see it. My previous content will allow holders to vote on optimal gas limits and participate in reward pools, both miners and voters who work together to try and adjust the gas limit.

Making it more desirable for all contributors, instead of, a typical content or token cell they’ll beholding, a genesis event which will consist of pulling funds into a smart contract which will then get deployed as a balance and liquidity pool so. In this content we’re going to go through exactly how this will work and what to expect as were any risks and some methods to calculate your returns I’ll, be posting a number of links in the description that will help you with this so make sure you check them out to start off.

Any participants will need to stake. Ethereum in the genesis contract to participate in the launch for ease, Ethereum eagle will be creating a frontend on the website. You can see behind us. Now you have to connect your wallet to the contract and. There you’ll be able to stake.

Ethereumand you’ll have between the 7th of august and the 13th of august. To do. So you do need to bear in mind that there is a hard cap of 25 000 Ethereum, so this is reached before the 13th of august, the contract will close when you interact with the smart contract, you will have to pay a gas fee now its impossible to say exactly how much this Will be as it will depend on the price of gas, which is what gas is measured in on the Ethereum network good way to check this is using gas now I’ll post a link to this in the description. Below once the contract closes. All funds will be moved into.

A 50 50 balancer pool will be matched with 750 million Ethereum eagle tokens when this occurs we’ll be able to calculate the price per theorem equal token. However, it’s impossible to do it now as there’s no telling what the value of a theorem will be when the funds are deployed to the balance of the liquidity pool you’ll be able to view the state of the pool via a balancer exchange.

The link would be available. Through the smart contract on Ethereum eagle for this video, I’m using maple finance and USDC as an example at, the top of the screen. We can see the total value accrued in balance at pool tokens or BPT.

This is what you’ll be given to staking against earning Ethereum eagle tokens to view how many balance of pool tokens you have. All you have to do is interact with the liquidity button from here you’ll be able to see the value of the assets deposited.

So in the Ethereum eagles case, you’ll see the amount of Ethereum that you’ve deposited and the number of Ethereum Eagles tokens against this worth as it is a straight 5050 pool you’ll see your original Ethereum deposit against the same value in Ethereum Eagle tokens. You will then have a BPT amount shown. At the bottom of the window where there will be a separate contract for the balance of pool tokens.

This varies between liquidity pools, so for, Ethereum, eagle, the balance pool token will be known as Ethereum to eagle BPT to help calculate the number of theorems, eagle tokens, and balance pool tokens that you should be awarded you can use this calculator here.

As an example, all you need to do is swap around the values. You can see in blue, and this will then allow you to calculate how many balance pool tokens you should have. So here we have at the top50 000 Ethereum contributed. However, we know that it will be limited to 25 000 There’Llbe 750 million Eagle put into the balancer pool against the 25 000 Ethereum and to calculate it.

All you need to do is take the amount you staked in Ethereum and time it by the Ethereumto balance, the pool, token ratio. This will then give you your entire value of balancer pool tokens. The main benefit to participating in the genesis event by yourself and not doing it through the coin list is that you are able to vote on a regular basis and receive Eagle rewards for those votes. There’Ll be a total of 500million Eagle available for voting which accounts for roughly two-thirds of the balance of pool liquidity. This means there are a lot of rewards available.

If you vote, however, there is something to weigh up here those who participate early on in Ethereum eagle will have their tokens vested over a longer time period, which means they will not be able to have a heavier weighting in voting as others who contributed later as their tokens are released. Faster this means you will be able to receive fewer bonus tokens for voting once all the balance support tokens are unlocked.

Users will be able to go back to the balancer pool and take out their original Ethereum stake and the Eagle that they have accrued in the equivalent value once again to calculate this. The best thing to do is use the calculator so the main difference between contributing via coin list and contributing yourself is that you need to interact with a number of different contracts with coin list. All you have to do is send your funds and then you’re good to go however if.

You won’t, however, if you want a country by yourself: you’ll need to interact with the original smart contract. You also need to interact with the balance and liquidity pool however, as I demonstrated it is relatively simple to use and, there’s very little information on the main page, so it’s impossible to get lost and everything else, including voting staking bets, will be done via the smart contract, on the Ethereum eagle home page and As this is all in one place, it is really simple to use and doing some simple calculations.

It is quite easy to see that the 10 coin list fee will be more expensive than paying for the gas fees. You yourself which is why I believe contributing to Ethereum Eagle using your own wallet is far safer and has better potential for profit than using the coin. List the main risk for participating in the Ethereum Eagle genesis event is a permanent loss, through the balance of the liquidity pool to calculate the impermanent loss.

You can use this simple, and permanent loss calculator, I’ll, put a link to this in the description below as it’s very useful all you need to do is enter the initial prices that you entered the pool at the moment. We don’t know what the price of Ethereum eagle will be, as it will vary as to the value of Ethereum at the time that the pool was created however just to explain this video I’ve decided to set the price of Ethereum at 2500and, the price of Ethereum eagle at one dollar.

Let’S say the price of Ethereum goes up to four thousand dollars in case the ball run, starts up again and let’s say that the price of Ethereum eagle also follows this trend and goes to three dollars would be subdued to an impermanent loss of 4.74this means if you’d held 500 of Ethereum And 500of Ethereum eagle, you would have accrued a value of two thousand three hundred dollars, however. If it was in a liquidity pool with the exact same figures, you would only have accrued two thousand one hundred.

Ninety dollars where Ethereum Eagle, does vary from this is that you’re being awarded Ethereum eagle, token son top of the balancer pool. So this means this four percent would be offset by the percentage or number of tokens that you’re being awarded through staking the balance of pool tokens and gaining rewards from voting we.

Do not know what this rate will be, however, it will most likely be higher than this percentage. Or whatever percentage comes from your calculator so yes. Of course, a permanent loss is a risk, but I do not believe it will be as big a risk as people may think.


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